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Queen Sugar - S2E11 - Fruit of the Flower

Previously on Queen Sugar, “Drums at Dusk”  

Whenever folks would be gossiping about a couple’s relationship, I remember hearing my mother say, “No one knows what really goes on between a man and woman but that man and that woman.” As I got older, I understood what she meant. How many times have we shared only the positive parts of a romantic relationship because we either didn’t want to hear the commentary on the negative aspects or because we were embarrassed? Or perhaps you only tell a certain friend the negatives because she always has the best advice. Would anyone blame that friend for thinking the relationship isn’t healthy? Our relationships are often defined by another’s perspective whether it’s true or not and whether we like it or not. This is definitely the case with Ernest Bordelon’s two marriages. This week, with insight from his living widow Lorna Prescott (Charley’s mother), we finally get the full story from her perspective. Not sure how this changes the audience’s opinion of Ernest — most people had come to believe he was a adulterer from the bits and pieces we were given over the past season and a half — but it certainly had an effect on Nova in more ways than one.

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An unexpected visit from Nova finally brings her face-to-face with Lorna. She’s cool and only slightly cordial, but Lorna stops Nova from leaving by revealing: “On our first date he told me the woman he loved didn’t love him enough to marry him.” The details of how their relationship began is clearly news to Nova and Charley. Trudy, like Nova, was a free spirit who didn’t want the traditional relationship Ernest desired. Unaware that she was pregnant when she broke up with him, Ernest joined the military and met Lorna in California. After they were together, he learned of Nova and confronted Trudy who still pushed him away. The part of him she fell in love with was not the man he was willing to be all the time. So, she let him go, and, in doing so, gave Lorna what she wanted: a life and family with Ernest. While we still don’t know why their marriage ended, it’s clear Lorna did not break up a happy home.

This causes Nova to do some serious soul-searching and question what she knew and what she thought she knew. She realizes she never heard Trudy talk ill of Lorna; it all came from Aunt Vi, who admits that what she felt about Ernest’s wives was based solely on her perspective. She also confirms Lorna’s version of events. None of this leads to some big hugs-and-tears-and-apologies for Nova, Lorna, and Vi; that would be too corny. It ends on just the right note with Vi admitting to Lorna that seeing her makes her think of Ernest at a time when she’d rather not — it’s too painful — and acknowledging Lorna didn’t intentionally cause their family pain and that it goes both ways. It also prompts Nova to commit to Robert which I’m less here for.

More Tea

Vi has fibromyalgia, which isn’t fatal, but it will make it more difficult for her to run the restaurant and her pie business. Still, she did accept the contract to sell her pies in the supermarket and I’m happy that she told Hollywood and Nova about her condition without it being a “thing.”

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Lorna’s brief visit provided much clarity on the past and Charley as a character. She arranged for Charley to meet a farmer with 10,000 acres (and a grudge against Landry) during an afternoon of golf. Now we see where Charley gets her business savvy. “Reel ’em in, baby girl. Reel ’em aaaall in.”

I’m going to stroke out from rolling my eyes so hard at Ralph Angel. I think the biggest thing I get from his storylines is that it would be way too easy for him to just screw up his entire life if he didn’t have so many people in his corner.

Photo credit: Photo by (Patti Perrett) © 2017 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. / Courtesy of OWN.

The marriage counselor looks like he’s going to make Ralph Angel and Darla put in the work and that should make for some interesting conversations. That is, if Ralph Angel doesn’t stomp out the first time it gets uncomfortable.

Kudos to this show for always handling delicate and dramatic family situations with a steady, adult hand. The resolution between Remy and Ralph Angel, and the conversations between Vi and Nova, Nova and Lorna, and Vi and Lorna is Queen Sugar at its finest. Also, for unapologetically addressing that some Black folks of a certain age just don’t want to be bothered with White folks in their personal lives. Speak your truth, Vi!

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"Fruit of the Flower"

Starring: Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle Durrett, Nicholas L. Ashe, Greg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Bianca Lawson

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11 Comments on Queen Sugar - S2E11 - Fruit of the Flower


    Lorna spilled all that delicious, piping hot tea and I was here for every last drop. Come thru, white mama!! It left me feeling a little bad for how ain’t shit I said Ernest was, but on well. It was interesting to see that Ernest’s comments about Nova’s life is because of her mama. Yup, she just like her mama.

    I don’t know what to feel about Vi and her antics, RA need a to push that chip off his shoulder, and I’m upset that Charlie gotta lose her mom when she needs her most. Can’t wait for the podcast, your thoughts and the thoughts of your black ass co-hosts.

  2. For the podcast

    RA ain’t shit! Darla can do better! Hell, even Remy can do better!

    Charley’s mom wasn’t as shady as we were expecting. Plus she dropped some serious knowledge. No wonder RA ain’t shit cause Ernest wasn’t shit either!

    Poor Nova is all tricked up and DuBois is coming off kinda stalkery. Not feeling him.

    Keke & Micah remain adorable.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!


    RA please stop being a winey bitch ass!

    Nova you gonna be okay?

    It’s good and bad to see in action that Charlie gets everything from her momma

    Lastly Aunt Vi this story you told trying to protect your nieces and nephew might bite you in the ass…..

    Love the podcast!

  4. For the podcast
    I don’t know how to feel. Lorna spilled AWWLLL da tea! She was around before Nova was even born?!
    I’m here for Aunt Vi’s “reverse” racism.
    I’m also here for Darla’s boundaries. I’m falling in love with her more and more.
    I can’t knock Charley for wanting that 200 acre money.
    I can’t tell if Nova was happy or conflicted at the end.
    RA - see the photo below for my official denouce-ment of Ralph Angel. Its true i was trying yo ride for Angry Mumbles, I held on to hope for so long. Last episode he found my last good nerve. I loved Remy’s talk in the restaurant, deal with your baggage man!
    Poor Hollywood he is a good black man with a good job and the racist ass white man gotta ruin it.
    Kiki is #BlackGirlMagic I love She.
    That’s all for now.

    1. WHY THE FUCK IS LUNAR ECLIPSE ALWAYS SCOWLING. Even when he smiles, he scowls. I’m surprised he was even in a classroom learning. From typing on a calculator to a college class. Who knew? Were we supposed to think this was going to be a “moment?” Ralph Angel’s ass hasn’t seen growth since becoming 6’2. Clenched jaw ass nigga will never learn and will constantly oscillate between “nigga shut the fuck up” and “nigga who is you?”

    2. I love him now, but Micah is going full Christoper “Kid” Reid isn’t he? This little nigga’s hair is getting taller than a top hat. ChchchChia!

    3. Can they super impose people’s heads on pics better? Lorna’s head looked like it was sliding off that body! Also she a bitch, a charming, busy body bitch. And I’d say she was the biggest bitch I’d ever seen but Rematoid Arthritis is the biggest bitch. We need to banish his Bob the builder ass to the shadow realm.

    4. I appreciate Strong arms taking time to hear Lorna out and learning a different perspective of her mother. Nova was harboring so much anger toward Lorna and now that’s been blown up. So I want to know where her story is going. However, DuBlah is not even apart of this story. Y’all know it’s okay if he happens to have his face meet white Calvin’s fist. I ain’t on no MAGA shit, but make this storyline messy again!

    5. If y’all answered this (y’all probably did) skip this. Do you think there is really an issue with Vi and white folks? I mean Prim and Proper and Mr. Mullet are turrible people. I don’t trust the wights either; so do you think there is something deeper or is that ole auntie senses tingling?

    Thanks for the podcast!

    Good episode!
    RA - His whiny ass is still exhausting
    Darla - Sis is clearly over RA’s exhausting ass. Has ole girls atmosphere all disrupted dealing with his emotions. Run Darla Run!
    Charley- Poor Charley, having to grow up feeling like the black sheep of the family, when it turns out she was actually born in wedlock, and that Earnest and Lorna actually had a real relationship.
    Nova - Learned the “Real” truth that went on with her parents. Crazy to think her whole idea of Lorna was warped by Aunt Vi, and the things that SHE wanted. Why didn’t Aunt Vi just tell Nova the truth. Years of anger and resentment built up of Charley’s mom, when things didn’t even go down like that.
    Micah and Keke - Still cute. Keke has a real passion for art.
    Remy- Was decent this episode, had more strength then me with how he delt with RA’s baby ass. Just told him the truth and kept it moving.
    Aunt Vi- She really spent all of Nova’s childhood planting seeds of lies, and discord about Charley’s mother. Real kicker wasn’t because Lorna was a homewrecker, but because she was white? Not cool Aunt Vi.
    Love the Podcast! 💙

  7. Yeah, Vi does not come off looking good here. At all. I can understand Vi, being from a generation that survived Jim Crow, plus the constant struggle against assholes like the Landry’s ( them hanging her family), being naturally distrustful of white people, but that doesn’t justify treating people badly based on the color of their skin. Being wary is understandable, even if its not a nice emotion. Its how you actually treat people where you can rise up or fall apart, and it seems like Vi rather fell apart. Like, the guy watching the game with Hollywood wasn’t bothering anyone, and even if she is an old fashioned woman who doesn’t like strangers in the house, acting like he was some kind of trespasser, when he was clearly invited over by Hollywood, is very rude. She should’ve just cussed Hollywood out after the man left. And her past treatment of Lorna is just awful. It seems like she just hated that her brother was with a white women who she felt interrupted the epic love story that was Trudy & Ernest despite knowing that Trudy had sent that shit into hiatus to go be a free spirit with a gut full of Bordelon (can I just say her & Ernest produced some gorgeous but hot mess ass offspring ).She was so angry about that that she basically made up a story about some evil white she devil tempting her brother from a good black women. Worse, it made Charley feel unwelcome in the family, like some living reminder of a past mistake, and made Nova and RA feel resentment towards their sisters mother, all because of her race. From what we heard, there wasn’t really a “bad guy” in this situation, and Lorna isn’t perfect, but she didn’t deserve to be made out to be the bad guy. It also had a lasting effect on Nova’s relationship with her father that lie was the root of why she never felt like she was enough for her father. In her mind she wasn’t enough of a reason for him to choose/marry her mother but Ra was.

  8. Every time I try to muster sympathy for Ralph Angel, he reminds me he’s a complete idiot. His dig about Charley was totally uncalled for, especially since Charley has constantly come to his rescue and is still paying his ungrateful ass. Plus how do you get mad at the teacher for teaching your ass. You gone really quit school fool, the very school that was the only plan you had when Charley asked your ass how you planned on running the farm with out her. He is going to run that farm in to the ground. Darla better run from him as fast as she can because, baby father or not, he’s totally gonna crush her spirit. An since he caused her to bump in to a wall during that trust exercise that’s my proof that she can’t trust this nigga and he’s going to be fucking Becky from class by the end of next episode. I’m know it was meant to be seen as them being cute and funny but he still can’t be trusted.

    That said, Remy is an ass. How the fuck you let that idiot insult not only you but your lady? The woman you been thirstin after since you heard stories from her daddy about her. Not only do you not defend yourself but you apologized to that over sized baby for doing your job. I’m all for black men helping and loving each other but that was not the scenario for them Iyanla Vanzat ass words of wisdom all he needed was to call him beloved at the end of that speech. Mind you he still ain’t apologized to Charley for using her dead fathers words to call her a calculating bitch but he apologized to Ralph-Angel’s ass.

  9. Do y’all think Black Sheep Landry’s great grandmother is the one who gave the bordelon’s the deed to their land that the ain’t shit Landry’s was trying to act like didn’t exist. That could explain why racist Landry 1 &2 don’t like Black sheep Landry or any of the family that come from her line.

    Lorna what in the hell kinda daddy/self-esteem issues yo ass got to not only go on another date with, but marry Ernest ass after he told you on y’all first date that he was in love with another woman.

    I’m side eyeing Trudy a little bit because how did she let Aunt Vi’s opinion/perspective shape Nova’s view of her,Lorna,and Ernest relationship instead of her own. You can’t tell me that Nova as a child/teen didn’t make it known or show signs that she hated Lorna for breaking up their family and resented Ernest for cheating on her mother. She supposed to be a spiritual healer like Nova right so why didn’t she sense the pain her child was in that stemmed from how she thought her parents relationship went and in turn help ease some of that pain with the truth.

  10. For the podcast:
    This was a truth bomb episode!!
    1. Lorna/nova/Charley confrontation scene was so intense! .when Lorna spoke her truth re her & ernest, I was like Whoa! This revelation was a twist on the narrative of Lorna being the other woman & Charley being the break baby. So is Trudy considered a baby mama? I felt for nova learning the truth after believing a lie for so long.
    2. I guess aunt vi don’t like white people especially in if they’re in her personal space or coming b/t family example her reaction to Hollywood’s co-worker & projection of her dislike for Lorna into nova. Aunt vi wasnt fair but I guess her feelings are a reflection of her experiences. Aunt Vi knows when she may be wrong & will make amends (sort of to Lorna) but she will be who she is!
    3. I liked Lorna imparting her business acumen to charley but I found her overbearing with her proverbial “but’s” when charley was suggesting ideas 4 the festival. I thought remy would take moms side (I’m thinking keep your shut up remy) but he kept quiet & was supportive of charley.
    4. RA this week…waaah I’m not going to counseling/;waaah….remy embarrassed me in class…. just waaaah!!! Words of advice: Grow up son!

    That’s it for me this week! Great episode !!

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