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Queen Sugar - S2E14 - On These I Stand

Previously on Queen Sugar, “Heritage”

While it’s easy to guess what Ralph Angel is feeling after Darla tells him there’s a possibility he’s not Blue’s father, he doesn’t actually give words to his feelings this episode. Darla wants to talk, but Ralph Angel drives off instead. When he finally answers her numerous calls and begs him to come home, he responds, “What home?” Devastating words to a woman who so desperately needs their family to work. A few months ago, the commitment was a possible threat to her sobriety, but she later admits to her mother that the home she has built with Blue and Ra has been good for her recovery. Now, one vital aspect of her sobriety — honesty — threatens her home.

Charley and Remy’s good place seems to have been very temporary when he questions her decision to go into business with Martin Bennington (Shawn Parsons), a relative of the Landry family. Remy has a habit of forgetting all that Charley accomplished before she met him. I found his “Are you sure you know what you’re doing?” to be condescending. He’s not completely wrong in being suspicious or jealous as Bennington does ask Charley out on a date, which she declines. Still, it would be nice if he didn’t feel the need to second-guess all of her decisions and make snide remarks about her cunning. She’s already losing farmers who buckled under the pressure and threats from Landry.

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Nova’s split from Dr. Dubois is definitely final as she sells the pearls he gave her. At a party with some local friends and activists, Nova is called to task for her Zika story. Another activist basically accuses her of selling out and alarming the community for her own gains. Seeing as how the story helped fund a major project, Nova sees it as a win. Yet, Nova is still trying to figure out what type of activism is the most effective so the woman’s words sting — especially as they come on the heels of Nova being asked to serve on a board when she feels she belongs closer to the people.

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I know we’ve put Hollywood on a pedestal, but that brother know better than to snoop through a woman’s purse. He suspects Vi is keeping a secret and when he’s busted sorting through her meds, she finally comes clean about her Lupus diagnosis. She does that thing where she offers him an out because she doesn’t want to be a burden and he’s all, “Girl, stop playing.”

Micah’s experience being violated by that police officer has him viewing the world with new eyes, and that includes his school. Nova may not be the only activist in the family as Micah seems poised to take action against his school’s Civil War/Confederate display.

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"On These I Stand"

Starring: Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle Durrett, Nicholas L. Ashe, Greg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Bianca Lawson

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4 Comments on Queen Sugar - S2E14 - On These I Stand

  1. Hi guys! Welcome back! I missed the podcast these couple of weeks.

    Charley better not date that Landry relative! You can’t trust them at all! And he kinda looks like Sam too!

    RA didn’t annoy me too much this week only cause his anger is justified and he did the smart thing getting away. If he had stuck around, he might have said something horrible to Blue & that’s unforgivable.

    Keke gonna get Micah expelled from school! Is he the only black kid in that school?

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  2. Great episode!!
    vi/Hollywood made this episode 4 me -I luv this couple. They are so real!
    Hollywood is THE man! He’s so loving, supportive & helpful to Vi in dealing w/her illness. He’s not perfect but u don’t throw a good man away. And Vi praying & pleading to God to “take it back” got me so into my feelings that I was praying w/her..
    What a performance!
    So is charley ready to put a little cream in her coffee?? Tantalizing thought but if she’s smart, it’s best to stick to the mocha that is Remy. He may be bland but he’s sturdy & has her back.
    Seems Nova has met her match-I liked how she was challenged; will novas new project bring dr d back in her life?? And where’s Calvin?? Is he gone 4 good?
    Micah has awakened! I’m waiting 4 next shoe 2 drop w/this issue.
    RA usually taps on the last nerve but this week he really needs a hug!
    Nice to see Darla & her mother connecting.
    That’s all I have for this week

  3. Skip anything that might have been covered if this is too long.
    Darla and her beige & bougie parents need have they asses whipped by Aunt Vi, Nova, and Charley for keeping that paternity secret this long. However I can’t really muster up a fuck to give about how this news made Ralph feel due to him showing his complete ass multiple times this season. His character has become that character for me that even when they are right or have been wronged I still just don’t give fuck because they ain’t shit. The only people I care about this secret hurting is Blue and the rest of the family.

    Remy needs to sit his ass down somewhere and let Charley be great. Just because he didn’t hit it don’t mean she’s gonna just sling it at Diet Landry.He also needs to work out whatever issues he seems to have with the fact that Charley doesn’t need/ask for his help for everything. Anytime she doesn’t immediately do what he thinks she should his go to is to in a roundabout way insult her (I.e the story about her daddy saying she was thoughtful or his shade filled “compliment “ about her mind). It seems like he really wants the Charley he created in his head from Ernest’s stories and not the real Charley.

    I don’t trust Diet Landry but I do want Charley to get some dick from somebody besides Remy. Remy said he ain’t had sex since his wife so this fool probably going to be a 1 pump,2 pumps,3 pumps for what I got my nut ass nigga the first time they do the deed. After all the shit Charley done been through these past two seasons she deserves a good stress relieving back cracking and born again virgin Remy might not be up for the job.

  4. How can the farmers all of a sudden quit doing business with Charley if they have signed a contract with her?

    Part of me was thinking “yes, get it!!!” when the Landry cousin came through with the business and dinner offers while the other part was like “don’t trust it girl!”
    To some degree, I understand Charley’s dilemma. She’s biracial and came from money, making her too black for the whites and too white for the blacks. Remy doesn’t understand her totally in this regard while a white man like the Landry cousin won’t understand that she’s still black.

    Even-though I didn’t agree or like woke party guest # 1 it was nice to see Nova get Nova’d she stay going off on people the way that girl did her.

    Ralph-angel just ran off to drink his feelings with his shrimp boat money instead of stopping at Walgreens to pick up a do it yourself DNA test I see.Also how Darla Mama suddenly feel like Blue should be in DC getting to know them when she and her husband made no attempt to get Blue (who they knew might not be RA’s) while Darla was still getting high and Ra was in jail. He was just fine not knowing them and being raised by Aunt vi while they daughter was still on drugs but now that Darla clean she think they should move.

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