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Queen Sugar - S2E16 - Dream Variations

Previously on Queen Sugar, “Copper Sun”

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Excuse me while I twerk in celebration of the end of Charley’s romance with Remy. No more of his wishy-washy ways, no more of him doubting her at every turn, and no more watching him talk himself out of getting some. Unfortunately, there seems to be a connection with Nova on the horizon, but I’m getting ahead of myself.

In happier relationship news, Hollywood proposed and Vi said yes. It’s a bit of a TV trope that when a couple is engaged they’re most likely not going to be the next ones to the altar. With Darla’s confession to Ralph Angel, and Vi’s recent string of bad news, her and Hollywood’s nuptials should have been obvious. Yet, it was still a pleasant surprise when Hollingsworth (yes, that’s his government name) delivered one of the most romantic and heartfelt proposals. Here’s to hoping season three goes a bit easier on the couple who’re goals.

Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

And their story is the last bit of sunshine in a finale that left most of Queen Sugar’s players in pretty sad and precarious circumstances.

The most frustrating part of Charley’s story is how rushed it all feels. Yes, she’s spent much of the season having to reassure the local farmers that grinding with her was a good thing, but the sudden bailing of all but a few makes little sense because it’s all done based on worries that her mill isn’t operational. That’s something they can verify in less time than it will take them to cancel with her and go back to the Landry’s mill. Perhaps if there had been some sabotage on Landry’s end that made the mill actually unreliable, this would make more sense. Though, I still maintain it’s brilliant that Charley has found herself in a position where to take legal action against the farmers would actually do more harm to her cause.

Still, it’s done. And Charley is forced to tap into that cunning Remy has often held against her. She instructs Ralph Angel to grind with Landry while she enters into a business agreement with Boudreaux. Charley plans to annihilate them from the inside. Remy is against this, of course, and it forces him to admit that he doesn’t trust Charley — something we’ve known since the beginning of this season. He trusts Charley as long as she’s following his advice, which she has. I hope Charley’s plan works because I’m not looking forward to any gloating from Remy in season three.

To show Ralph Angel that she’s truly on his side, Charley informs Ra that she fired Darla. He’s still hurt and angry, but he understands how this (on top of everything else) could push Darla to relapse. He hits up her meeting and every known drug spot he can think of, but he doesn’t find her. A lesser show would send Darla back to the pipe, but Queen Sugar is showing no signs they’re interested in drama for drama’s sake. I’m sure I wasn’t the only one who let out a grateful sigh of release when Ralph Angel found Darla swimming away her stress.

Photo Credit: Skip Bolen / @2016 Warner Bros. Entertainment Inc. All Rights Reserved

I’ve been one of the character’s harshest critics, but Ra showed more maturity than he has in two seasons when he breaks up with Darla after allowing her to explain. He loves her, he doesn’t want this break up, and he damn sure doesn’t want to be without Blue, but it takes a lot of strength for him to be honest now and say that this isn’t something he sees himself getting over. Maybe that will change — and I’m not sure I want it to because I was never 100% on them as a couple — but for now, this is what’s best.

It also led to one of Kofi Siriboe’s best schemes of the series. He’s finally able to pick Blue up for Violet’s and though he’s not aware of the problems between his parents, Blue has realized he hasn’t seen much of his father in days. Ralph Angel assures him he’s there for him and always will be. And he tells his son the story of his name; a name that is unique, his, and associated with everything good and true. With so much uncertainty facing the Bordelons in season three, the season couldn’t have ended on a better note.

More Tea

Nova’s activism has always been the least compelling story arc for me, even though it was responsible for some of Rutina Wesley’s best scenes. I’m curious to see what direction she takes next season as she dips her toes into more personal writing and it’s positively received by her editor.

It appears that Micah’s assault served to spark his own activism and not much else. Hopefully it will be explored more next season.

Nova and Remy shared a moment and a long-ass hug. I’m not here for that at all. Fix it, Jesus and Auntie Ava.

What did you think of the finale? Leave your thoughts below or on the Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on the podcast this weekend.

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"Dream Variations"

Starring: Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle Durrett, Nicholas L. Ashe, Greg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Bianca Lawson

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5 Comments on Queen Sugar - S2E16 - Dream Variations

  1. For the podcast:
    I enjoyed the finale; I wasn’t “wowed” however it was a very good episode.
    My thoughts:
    Remy-I like remy, I’m team remy but I do agree w/those who say he ain’t ish! 😡 The way he went off on charley for having to do “whatever means necessary” 2 save her business…Who knows if Charley’s plan is the right one or whether it will work-he came off as judgements, self absorbed & self righteous-boy bye!
    Not feeling that moment b/t he & Nova either-they r too opposite for my taste.
    Darla/RA-two broken souls. I think RA will be ok; it’s Darla I wonder about-all the shade from the family (understandable)-I give her props for not falling apart w/from all the drama but I wonder -will there be a scenario where she goes back to DC, has a fatal relapse then her family comes 2 claim blue since they don’t think he’s RAs son.
    The final scene in the car bt blue & RA was beautiful. At some point, blue will need 2 know the truth but when? And what if RA is, in fact, his child? Even Darla doesn’t know for sure (hint get DNA test to ease the mind)
    Vi/Hollywood going 2 chapel & they’re gonna get married-yay! I imagine getting there will be a journey 2 get there cause nothing goes smoothly 4 this family.

    That’s all u have-I really enjoyed S2, eagerly looking forward to S3 and most Importantly, more entertaining podcasts from Nina & her fabulous black ass
    co hosts!!

  2. The saddest thing about the farmers turning on Charley was how much of an effort that she made to prove herself trustworthy to them.This is a woman whose central flaw is her constant need for control, in all aspects of her life, yet since moving back to St.Joe’s she’s taken constructive criticism.When Remy condescendingly lectured her about “living among the people?” She moved herself & her son into her mill. When the farmers teased her about her bougie manner? She threw on some jeans and helped with the whitefish infestation. When the Sugar Cane Society put an immediate kibosh on her choice for Princess? She threw her own festival to honor black farmers.Yet, even with all of that, it’s still not enough for them to trust her genuine commitment to their shared success. Or at the very least drive they asses to the mill and see if them fucking machines were really broken.

  3. Thank you Charley for finally telling Remy’s ass to kick rocks. Remy is too shortsighted and small time for her. Beyond that, he doesn’t see her. She’d always have to prove herself to him, and who has time for that? Really, what’d he expect her to do? If she didn’t come up with something, she’d end up having to close Queen Sugar. And he can miss me with this community shit. As Charley said, where was the community when she needed them? They all bailed on her. Didn’t give her a chance, nothing. So it is what it is. I guess he’ll be dressing a blow up doll or Nova’s ass in his wife’s clothes.

    If Charley’s plan really does work out the way she wants it to I want her to tell all the farmers who left her high and dry on the word of known dirty dealing racist white men in her best Big Sean voice “I don’t fuck with you You little stupid ass bitch, I ain’t fuckin’ with you “. I mean it ain’t gone happen due to her probably needing their business but I can dream.

    Remy you better think long and hard before you go trying to dive into Nova’s Hocus Pocus I put a spell on you punani them problems is not what you want because you ain’t about to get no marriage or babies out of her. If the show does go there I do hope that we at least get Nova vs. Charley storm fight 2.0
    bet you that forgotten about 10 thousand would be brought up then.

  4. I️ was so glad when Charley said to Remy that after all she had done, the Black Farmers left her anyway. Yes girl! I️ mean I’m going to be so pissed if next season the farmers are giving her side eye for going into business with the very people they left her for! You can’t run a business without any business! (You can skip this next part if it was previously read from last show’s feedback) I’m wondering if it would’ve been better for Darla to have gotten a paternity test in secret first. So that way she could’ve known one way or the other if Ralph was Blue Daddy before telling him. Or if Blue turned out to be his, to just keep it to herself. If it turns out that Blue is Ralph’s I’m almost wondering if the hurt that the reveal has caused would be worth it? So for the male black ass cohost, if you were RA and it turned out Blue was yours, would you have ever wanted to know it was possibility that he wasn’t yours? This whole situation makes me think of this horrible saying I️ Heard growing up, “Momma’s baby, Daddy’s maybe.” How do y’all feel about Charley firing Darla? I️ didn’t like it. Regardless, Blue is going to continue to be apart of their family and having his momma with addiction issues unemployed is not going to help Blue. Especially when they are going into their first harvest. She needs all the help she can get at the office. But I️ guess she did it out of respect for RA.

  5. If this is too long, feel free to skip stuff.

    For the Podcast

    I enjoyed the finale tho my boss was pissed cause it didn’t feel very finale like to her.

    Aunt Vi & Hollywood are #relationshipgoals and there betta not be any more trumped up drama to separate them!

    Nova didn’t really do much this episode. And unless they do a 180 on her character, ain’t no way she’s getting with square ass Remy!

    This is the least angry I’ve been with RA in a long time. He very maturely dealt with everything. But why is no one understanding that Darla was gang raped? She was too high to give consent! What is the next step for both of them? And Blue remains the cutest little boy on tv with a beautiful backstory to his unique name.

    What you doing Charley? Yay on getting rid of Remy but what is this Godfather shit you’re up to? How dirty is she gonna have to get to take the Landry/Boudreaux family down? If she commits a crime against them, she’ll end up in jail cause they own that whole parish! Hope she knows what she’s doing and doesn’t lose a piece of her soul doing it.

    That’s it! Thanks so much for podcasting this black ass show with your black ass cohosts! Hopefully it won’t mess up your schedule next season. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

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