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Queen Sugar - S2E15 - Copper Sun

Previously on Queen Sugar, “On These I Stand”

For a penultimate episode “Copper Sun” was fine in moving pieces into place for a dramatic finale. Ralph Angel has rallied the family to his side after Darla’s confession, and Charley’s first harvest is tainted by Landry interference. The problem with the latter is that the obstacles feel poorly manufactured. Sam Landry bullying farmers into abandoning Charley is one thing — it’s a brilliant move because it then forces Charley to be the one to take legal action and look like the bigger bad guy — but spreading rumors that her mill isn’t up and running shouldn’t be enough to have farmers, once again, stop doing business with her or threaten to do so. Charley is, once again, forced to reassure a farmer at the High Yellow. Despite her honest transparency, he doesn’t believe her. Despite the fact that they have more access to her than they surely had to Landry, another farmer also panics when he can’t get Charley on the phone to address the rumors. What is stopping any of these men from going to the mill themselves to see that it’s operational? And why isn’t Charley, as business savvy as she is, answering her phone?

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It’s particularly frustrating once Nova warns her that a story will run in the paper that alleges there’s all kinds of turmoil at the mill. We’ve seen Charley in spin mode, yet here she’s shook even though nothing has yet happened that warrants going radio silent to her clients and not offering up a tour of the mill so they can see for themselves that everything is fine.

This continues an annoying trend with Charley’s storyline. She’s an outsider, the sugar business isn’t her forte, and she’s a woman. So, yeah, resistance (even from the Black farmers who knew her father) and hesitation is understandable since even among the Black farmers it’s been made clear the business is a boys club. But every few episodes? She keeps getting called to the High Yellow to hold nervous hands when everything she has promised to do has been done. If blatant threats from Landry weren’t enough to get most of them to bail, why are rumors that can be easily squashed doing it?

The fact that all of this comes after Jacob Boudreaux (Lea Coco) makes a surprise offer to go into business with Charley and she turns him down feels like an opportunity for her to either change her mind or make him think she has, and yet another opportunity for Remy to question her capabilities with a side of jealousy for good measure. I’m really over it.

There’s an important distinction made when Ralph Angel finally gathers the family to tell them about Darla’s confession. He says he’s not Blue’s father. Full stop. That’s not what Darla said. Now, does it matter in terms of how devastated they all are? Probably not by much, but enough that the distinction should have been made. Darla lied and she’s wrong for it, but not disclosing that she’s uncertain if he’s Blue’s father robs everyone of hope. Whether Ralph Angel did this because he’s so devastated he’s not thinking straight or because he truly believes he’s not Blue’s father is unclear. The outcome would most likely have been the same: Charley fires Darla and Darla has to stay with her sponsor. I truly hope this doesn’t lead to a relapse.

More Tea

Micah posts an open letter to his school’s administration on all the lockers in school. It works in getting the sword and other Confederate displays removed, but it earns him a 30-day suspension from school.

Understandable that Vi wouldn’t want to tell the family about her illness under the current circumstances, but it’s a good thing Nova figured it out. Vi’s going to need all the support she can get as she’ll undoubtedly continue to put the others first during their drama.

Give this precious baby all the fried chicken wings, rice and beans and shrimp that his little belly can handle!

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"Copper Sun"

Starring: Rutina Wesley, Dawn-Lyen Gardner, Kofi Siriboe, Tina Lifford, Omar J. Dorsey, Dondre Whitfield, Timon Kyle Durrett, Nicholas L. Ashe, Greg Vaughan, Ethan Hutchison, Bianca Lawson

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3 Comments on Queen Sugar - S2E15 - Copper Sun

  1. For the podcast:
    Another great & emotional episode. Theses characters are so real for me-they feel
    like family.
    Tina Lifford continues 2 bring it as Aunt Vi! She deserves recognition during awards season. The scenes with her & Nova were heartwarming yet heartbreaking.
    Darla got that strong shade from the family. I loved aunt vi’s reaction 2 the news-“what did she do to that boy!”-I guess vi didn’t believe Darla changed 4 the better. After all that, I thought it was sort of nervy on Darla’s part 2 show up @ work as if nothing happened. That look charley gave her-cold!!! But I can’t hate on Darla too much-better she spoke that truth now rather than after the marriage.
    Blue is too adorable-the scenes w/family members were sweet $ touching-blue describing his fav meal 2 aunt vi had me salivating because I know aunt vi can “burn a pot” as that old saying goes. RA is a broken man & the family is in shock but he’s that boys father & they are his family. my ? Is when , if ever, will they tell blue the truth? It’s possible RA is the biological father.
    Micah-did the principal state he was charged a serious offense, not for what was written, but because he posted it on lockers? I know charley not going stand 4 that!
    That’s all I have-eagerly looking forward 2 the finale!

  2. For the podcast:
    I love this show even though they try to break me every week. This week I’m just angry.
    Darla thought everything was going to be cool after she dropped a bomb on the family.
    I know folks were harping on RA for ignoring “MIGHT not be yours” but since Darla led with “I went to a party in DC, yada yada yada, Blue” RA didn’t hear anything clearly. Plus his mind probably went to how light Blue is just like we did. It all made sense just a week ago.
    Aunt Vi was/is/ and will always be ready to ride for that baby.
    Charley is definitely book smart and street dumb. STOP TALKING CHARLEY!
    The farmers? Living up to the Men Are Trash reputation. If y’all would go and grind your cane you’d know there were no issues. But y’all want to be punk ass cowards and let the DaWhyteMan use you.
    I thought Micahs principal was going to go full 53% but I guess she was neutral. I wonder if that 30 days will be ammo for teachers to hurt Micah. He just needs to go to school with Kiki.
    Blue is everything good and pure in the world! Love y’all can’t wait to listen.

  3. For The Podcast:
    Darla - Girl is going through it! Although, I don’t know if I was the only one who caught this, but with that talk that Darla had with her mother, it sounded like Darla may have been raped at the party that she went to when she was in D.C., maybe even gang raped (shudders) 😢 With her saying she couldn’t remember anything and saying that she was high, she doesn’t even no how many men their were! Along with the fact, that Blue could be a product of that rape. I hope that Darla doesn’t relapse, and if anything her and RA are able to make peace AT LEAST for Blue’s sake!
    RA - It would also help if ole RA got himself a q-tip and cleaned out those ears of his, Darla said “might” not be his, and ole boy just went he “ain’t” mine. Now I’m not saying the outcome would have been different, but if anything they could have all came together and said lets get a DNA test and figure it out, saying straight up he “ain’t” mine, just puts the nail in the coffin. Of course the family ain’t gonna give a damn about Darla now.
    Hollywood - I like that Hollywood extended his hand towards Darla again, that was nice to see. But his advice to Darla, was hilarious. Him telling Darla that she should have kept the information to herself is funny, considering he himself, had a whole wife, that he did not tell Aunt Vi about, until the ex wife literally drove up to the farm and the secret came out. Like come on Wood, that advice ain’t gonna fly. So, Wood would have been straight with Darla not telling the truth, until Blue got hurt, or sick, and while RA was giving blood or was about to head into surgery, that would have been a better moment to tell the truth. Like nah wood you can go somewhere with that. The truth could have come out earlier, yes, but Darla needed the one to say the words.
    Aunt Vi, Charley, Nova - I understood their shock, and heartbreak, and them wanting to take up for their brother/nephew.

    Love the Podcast! ❤️

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