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Saga #37

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Saga #37 | Written by: Brian K. Vaughan | Art by: Fiona Staples | Letters + Design by: Fonografiks | Publisher: Image Comics

Nothing about young Hazel’s family has ever been normal, and this is never more apparent than in this issue where she settles into life with her parents after being separated for years. At this point in the story, Hazel is now five-years-old and completely unaware that she’s soon to be a big sister. Alana wants to tell her with the hopes of preparing her for yet another drastic life change, but her father, Marko, remains hesitant since they’re not completely sure the warnings about birth defects for their offspring weren’t just war propaganda; this, despite Hazel being perfectly healthy and adorable.

Hazel’s new extended family now includes the transgender escapee from the detention center (where Hazel’s grandmother remains), Petrichor, her ghost nanny Izabel, and Prince Robot IV. The disgraced royal is hitching a ride to Squire where he hopes to reunite with his infant son. It seems that though he once wanted to kill Alana, Marko, and their child, he’s softened on the family - or one member in particular. IV cannot masturbate successfully without picturing Alana. Awk-ward.

A fuel emergency leaves the rag-tag crew little choice but to attempt a landing on Phang, a comet and massive source of fuel that’s inhabited by several species in conflict thanks to the war. The stop is almost definitely fraught with danger thanks to a bit of info we learn from catching up with three familiar faces:  Gwendolyn, Sophie, and Lying Cat.

Though Gwendolyn insists she holds no ill will for her ex, Marko, Sophie is determined to punish him for the hurt he caused Gwendolyn when he ran off with Alana. Sophie also blames Marko for Gwendolyn’s stalled career within the Wreath High Council. Still, Gwendolyn’s current position means she’s privy to information, and she warns Sophie that she might want to make sure none of her family remains on Phang. Something bad is on the horizon.

This issue wasn’t my favorite of Saga, as it served mainly to set the table for events to come. I was hoping for more interaction between Alana, Marko, and Hazel. They’ve been apart for much of the series, and the reunion was a long time coming. Not only did we not get to witness the first time Alana sees her daughter, the trio spent little time together in this issue.

Even so, it did leave us with interesting questions: What’s up with Prince Robot IV’s dirty thoughts? What trouble is headed for Phang? And who are those adorable, hungry creatures the crew encounters?

Saga #37 = 9.2/10
  • 8.5/10
    Plot - 8.5/10
  • 9/10
    Dialogue - 9/10
  • 10/10
    Art - 10/10
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  1. I really like this issue. I thought it was great set up for the upcoming arc and I love the return of Izabel. I do need BKV to give a sista a penis warning though. I was reading on the train and suddenly there’s wang

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