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Vikings #4

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Vikings #4 | Writer: Cavan Scott | Artist: Staz Johnson, Andrea Mutti | Color Artist: Rodrigo Fernandes | Letters: Rob Steen | Art Cover: Peter Snejbjerg | Publisher: Titan Comics


“Hearing songs sung of wolves in foreign lands. Of gods, old and new. Of loyalties, fragile and fleeting, held together by a man who became king. A king who will become legend. A legend that will one day die.”

We finish “Godhead” with a reminder from the seer of Kattegat, touching upon the complexity of religion and faith in any society combined with the simplistic nature of humans to grasp the full knowledge of the questions they ask. As an example we have Floki’s unerring belief in the gods and Ragnar’s more pragmatic nature guiding their actions. That duality asks the question of whether people believe to reinforce what they already know or because they truly are in search of a greater understanding.


The Northmen’s accord with King Ecbert is fulfilled upon their return with Felman, who will stand judgement for his crimes. This brings its own complications for Ragnar, propagated by Floki’s vehement display of hostility towards all things Christian and inevitable betrayal. Although victorious in battle the ever burdensome mantle of King and its politics continues to play a factor in the line he must straddle in order to provide an opportunity for his people to make it through the lean years to come.


Reminded of why we cheer for Ragnar while also forgetting how cunning he can be, we get a glimpse of the man he once was during a conversation he has with Lagertha. The simple farmer fighting for his family then is now a hardened King thrown higher than he would ever imagined or wanted.

Using Ethelwold’s treachery in issue #3 allows Ragnar to leverage Floki’s betrayal in his favor much to the chagrin of King Ecbert. (Although his betrayal also seems to have been pushed along by Ragnar and a dose of mushrooms.) Allowing him to silence those who would doubt his commitment to the Viking way of life while also keeping his oath to King Ecbert. Often his actions come across as inadequate with us as the reader becoming more like Floki, wanting more in the way of Ragnar’s actions. But, as usual, while everyone is looking at the obvious, Ragnar patiently waits, already coming to a resolution, but many times the challenges to his plans lie with those he calls friends.


In Kattegat, Siggy continues to go for friend of the year with Aslaug, perhaps a reflection of who she innately is or a greater desire to achieve a solidified level of status now that she is no longer queen. Regardless, she continues to go above the call not just for Aslaug, but often times the ungrateful subjects of Kattegat. One being Jaska, who proves herself a risk far too great to have around Ragnar’s family.

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