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Scandal - S4E15 - The Testimony of Diego Muñoz

Previously on Scandal, ‘The Lawn Chair’

In this episode, Vice President nominee, Senator Susan Ross, snorts like a pig and Huck (a.k.a Diego Muñoz) squeals like one.

First Impressions

In Susan Ross’ first appearance in front of the national press, she flubs her cute anecdote about her daughter and then busts out in a giggle and pig snort.

Cyrus immediately calls Olivia, who is sitting on the floor of her apartment in the dark, drinking and holding a gun. He needs her help with Susan, but Olivia isn’t back. The lawn chair guy with the gun was different. She’s not back.

Lois’ friend, Rose (Marla Gibbs) is still looking for Lois. Of course, Olivia can’t tell Rose what really happened to Lois: she died when Olivia was kidnapped, but Olivia does get OPA on the case of finding Lois’ body so Rose can have closure.

David takes a meeting with a woman he first assumes is a crackpot, until his assistant says the woman is there to talk about B613. Now she has David’s attention. She also has some of his highly organized, color-coded B613 files. It’s Huck’s wife, but David doesn’t know this.

Damage Control

The White House brings in Leo to help fix Gigglegate, and polish Susan Ross so she can be confirmed. He trains her to say what people want to hear, and not what she really feels. Leo is so brash and mean. It’s hard to watch.

Cyrus gives Abby a bit of shit for dating Leo, and the up and down “I see you, girl” look he gives her is everything. Abby snaps at Leo to take it easy on Susan, and he claps back on that ass and tells her to stop micro-managing him. They’re both turned on.

David meets with Huck and Jake at OPA and he’s freaking the fuck out. Jake wants to know who Diego Muñoz is so he can kill him because Jake is bae. Huck comes clean that he’s Diego and swears he’ll take care of it. David still looks like he shat his pants. Quinn walks in and everyone clams up cause Quinn is the worst. Oddly enough, though, she’s not really concerned with whatever they were discussing because she knows Huck will tell her when he’s ready. She’d rather focus on the fact she’s located the abandoned ambulance that transported Lois’ body.

After Leo’s relentless pushing, Susan quits. She no longer wants to be VP.

Huck visits Kim and tells her she needs to back off B613 because it’s dangerous. She doesn’t care. When he relays this news to Jake and David, Jake advises Huck to testify, but claim B613 doesn’t exist. Huck’s not down for that because Kim will never speak to him again. David’s answer is basically: “That’s better than being dead. Then she really can’t speak to you or anyone else.”

Abby and Leo have a lover’s spat over his treatment of Susan, so Abby fires him. She visits Olivia and asks her to help them get Susan back on board before the Senate committee hearing in 3 hours. Olivia agrees. After she works her magic, Susan does well before the committee, but she still won’t have enough votes.

Olivia reluctantly meets with Fitz, Cyrus, and Abby to discuss it in the Oval Office. She tells Fitz: Susan isn’t the problem. His wishy-washy way of going to war is. When he gets up in Olivia’s personal space, Abby and Cyrus look as if they wish a hole would open up in the floor and swallow them all to hell.

When Rose visits Olivia with an idea on how to track Lois, we learn the two were lesbians. Using the serial number on Lois’ fake hip, Huck and Quinn are able to track her body to a morgue in Maryland where she’s been listed as a Jane Doe.

White Hats

Kim pressures Huck to testify. Huck tells Quinn to tell Charlie to burn all of his B613 files and finally tells her what’s going on. She warns him this can blow back on Olivia, and he says he’s already chosen Liv. David questions Huck with Kim sitting there - which is ridiculous - and at first, Huck goes along and says he doesn’t know anything about B613. Kim pushes, David threatens to have her disbarred, and then Huck finally tells all. His details of what it was like in the hole are heartbreaking.

Fitz falls on his sword and meets with the Democratic leaders, then boom! Susan is confirmed. Abby makes up with Leo. He likes it when she’s feisty and firing his ass. And Kim gives Huck a deep kiss when he drops her off at home.

Olivia tells Rose that Lois died while sitting on a park bench. She had an aneurysm and didn’t suffer. As Olivia describes how peaceful it must have been, she flashes back to her time on the beach. Then kissing Jake. Then kissing Fitz.

Score | 7/10Olivia goes home and tosses the damaged pillow, then settles in for some wine and popcorn. How the hell is she going to replace just one cushion?

Jake tells David they need to shut down Huck going forward with this B613 stuff. David refuses. This is their chance to bring down the bad guys. Jake reminds him they are the bad guys. “Not anymore,” says David.

Huck and David ’bout to get so many people killed. And Jake better not be one of them!

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6 Comments on Scandal - S4E15 - The Testimony of Diego Muñoz

  1. Huck was breaking my heart in this episode. He wanted his family so badly that he put them in danger. They gonna all die! Papa Pope is gonna call up Charlie to do it too. Smh.

    Rose was breaking my heart talking about her & Lois. I’m so glad she got closure but it’s so sad. All that time they couldn’t be together. So sad.

    I like Abby & Leo together. But he definitely wasn’t the right one for handling Susan. And I love the look Cyrus gave Abby. Lmao!

    I like that Susan is now Fitz’s vp. But somehow I really think this is gonna backfire on Mellie’s future presidential plans. She’s so freakin likable. She’s an everybody kind of person that I think will hurt Mellie’s more polished appearance.

    I can’t even be mad at Liv for having that gun everywhere. She’s still dealing. It’s gonna take some time for her to get over this. And y’all, I know you all hate Fitz with a fiery passion but Olitz still has chemistry for days. Just saying. They don’t even have to be touching for it to heat up the screen. Just saying.

    Can’t think of anything else right now. Very curious to hear the podcast’s thoughts on this one. Scandal’s not as must see tv for me anymore. But I’m not hate watching. Just feeling like something is missing.

  2. This episode was giving me 752 feels …a little bit. I loved the secret reveal in the show title and then the damn near smack in the face later from Kim. I like that this time Huck is doing something crazy for the person he loves instead of Olivia. His love is justified and doesn’t have any unacceptable baggage like everyone else’s. He had a life and a love and it was taken from him when he tried to get out of B613.
    Olivia curled up in the corner does not make sense after last week. You were right Nina. They had to throw in a line from Cyrus to explain how she jumped back into Pope mode last week but is hiding out and carrying a gun around now. (SN: I think that last week wasn’t Scandal doing a show it was “Shonda a black mother” doing a show. I thik it was a heartfelt attempt to shine light on our issues no mater how much it stuck out from the show’s MO. The intent was good but the execution was on par with their usual ridiculousness)
    Abby can’t have a non-aggressive relationship to save her life. Is that suppoesed to be how she copes from her initial abusive relationship? Either way she needs to stop getting it in where she gets her money.
    Quinn was back to being whiny and annoying after a few weeks of being chill. You can’t say “I’ll wait until you’re ready to tell me” and then get mad cuz Huck ain’t ready to tell you!
    I hope the New VP gets to stick around for real. Scandal likes to forget to mention that a VP exsists until it suits the story line. hoping VP giggles doesn’t fade away too soon. i like her.
    Nothing much for everybody else. We all know David rosen never wins so this could be the end of Josh Malina’s contract.

  3. I would say I love the recap but that Quinn shade WONT STAND Nina P�rez!!!

  4. ok, so they gave us the PTSD ep of Liv & i have to say that i didn’t hate it. KerryW is a fantastic actress — i’m totally over OLitz, but in the Oval when Fitz stalked across the room to stand in front of her & she just stood & stared at him … Laaawwwd … I felt that intensity

    ok, so Marla Gibbs was fantastic — i loved the way her insistence on finding Rose & her spewing the mundane details of their lives gave us a better picture of the woman who was tragically murdered for Liv’s triflin

    David & Huck’s scenes were incredible. “Diego Munoz”‘s details about creating a life to survive inside the Hole was so dark & fascinating.(SideBar: Do yawl think the writers wrote the entire speech or was some ad-libbing involved?)

    Mellie is setting herself up for heartbreak — I can see the public falling in love w/ that new VP

    I also see a “Tragic Kim” & a permanently beast-mode Diego/Huck in the near future — u don’t just put B613 on blast & get to live

    …that is all…

  5. I felt a real sense of sisterhood with Olivia last night. As I sank into my couch to watch: juice to my left, gun to my right. How else does one go about their daily routine?

    While I don’t want Liv to have Huck as her war buddy, Imma need her to talk to somebody. Why not confess at the altar of Jake?

    Last night didn’t hold my interest much ( I blame Empire!), but a few things that stuck:

    Susan Ross is alright! As long as she doesn’t go licking any envelopes with old adhesive, she should be good to go.

    Huck is crazy as fuck. I must be a cold, cold bitch because I didn’t cry when he described the hole. All I kept thinking was: everybody going down because of you and your dumb ass wife! Where the hell is this story going?

    Florence lost her lady love. Now that made me cry! I felt so bad for her and Lois.

    Fitz: once an ass, always an ass. Why can’t he admit going to war was a mistake?

    Abby: I didn’t know she and Leo were like THAT! Get it!! Although one would think with some live-in lovin, she would calm her ass down a bit. And her thinking she’s a big dog? They have to know your name for you to be in the club, Boo.

    Can’t wait for the podcast!

  6. Mizzez Weeks, I kept thinking of her as Florence too. Heartbreaking with her and the Huck story.

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