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The Fall - S1E5 - The Vast Abyss

Previously on The Fall, ‘My Adventurous Song’

“You fucked up. And we’re on to you.” - Stella Gibson

The Fall, while not an easy watch (due to violent graphic nature) is an important one. Not just because the writing is terrific or because the actors are killing the scripts they are given, but also because it’s a commentary on life as a woman in today’s world. It can be beautiful and scary, tragic and wonderful, and I cannot think of another show that illustrates this as well as this show does, and with female characters as rich as these. As good as this show is, it left me wanting so much more than it showed.

This was an episode full of twists and turns. There was Paul’s confession to Sally when forced to reveal himself to the police. Sally’s confrontation with him once she is asked to lie.

The highlight was Stella and Paul’s first conversation in the last few minutes of the episode – showing how similar they really are. Although I had hoped to get a conclusion of his crimes – it seems this season one finale was more about a beginning than an ending.

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