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Silk (2015) #6

Previously in Silk #5

Silk has been on fire for me, and this issue didn’t disappoint.

Cindy has taken on so much in her roles as a double agent, Fact Channel employee, and concerned sister, dark truths she’s been ignoring are finally coming to the surface. During her debriefing by Mockingbird, Cindy seems to be softening on her feelings for Black Cat. Together they freed the teenagers from the Goblin King’s control and revealed him to be none other than Phil Urich (any relation to Ben?). Could someone capable of that be all bad? Mockingbird warns Cindy that Black Cat isn’t her friend and can’t be trusted.

While everyone, including J. Jonah Jameson, is concerned for Cindy’s well-being, she is still seeing her therapist and making strides. She admits that when she threw Urich off a rooftop at Cat’s command, the thought of hurting him made her feel good. And this haunts her even when she’s out with her friends, supposed to be having a good time.

Silk (2015) #6
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There were several powerful moments in this issue, but the two that stand out are Cindy’s reaction when she thinks both Mockingbird and Jameson have locked the doors to the rooms they’re in when speaking with her. We’ve seen Cindy have adjustments to sleeping outside of the bunker - and even returning there because it felt normal. I like that they’re still exploring the trauma caused by what happened to her. I suspect a lot of her anger is directed at her parents whether she knows it yet or not, so I’m also glad that’s being addressed.

The other panel that blew me away was Cindy sitting in silence with her therapist as the weight of her confession fully hit her. What does it mean that she likes causing others pain? And was she telling the truth when she said she knew Phil would not die when she tossed him?

Now that Jessica Drew (bae) is about to enter the picture for the limited Spider-Women run, I can’t wait to see what happens next.

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