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Silk (2015) #5

Previously in Silk #4

I’d said in my review for issue #4 that it had been awhile since I’d enjoyed an issue of this series. Silk is on a roll with me because I loved this issue. 

Silk #5 Cover

First, I’m loving Veronica Fish’s style. Her faces are so interesting and she makes some really cool choices like the panel below.

Ripped Photo - Silk

It was an interesting way to reveal that Black Cat is Silk’s target. In full Goblin mode, Silk takes off to kill Black Cat under the Goblin King’s command. Meanwhile, Cat is hearing Killer Shrike’s version of what happened to Silk. She doesn’t appear to buy it, but they’re interrupted by Goblin Silk.

After a brief fight, we finally learn why Cat had been stealing all that tech: she was working on an antidote to the Goblin serum. She tests it on Silk, and thankfully it works. Silk has finally earned Cat’s trust and now her new boss is ready to take on the Goblin Nation once and for all.

I’d wondered how Cindy’s absence would be taken and this issue gave us a brief look at the friends/co-workers worried about her and covering for her with Jameson, who surprisingly was concerned about “Analog’s” well-being. The best part, though, was seeing Mockingbird and Spider-Woman (Jessica Drew) at a bar and discussing whether or not Cindy is taking on too much. Again, Fish’s work was a joy to take in and I’m looking forward to seeing more of it in the new Archie series.

Mockingbird and Jessica

I liked Cindy realizing that all of the anger she’s had inside erupted when she was under the Goblin influence. Hopefully she’ll find some healthier ways to let out her aggression when things settle down.

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