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Supergirl - S2E22 - Nevertheless, She Persisted

Previously on Supergirl, “Resist”

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“A Hero’s Journey”

Okay, so silver kryptonite is a thing. It affects Kryptonians in a way that makes them see their worst fear. Thus, Superman attacked Supergirl at the end of last week’s episode; he thought she was General Zod. What follows is one of the best action scenes from this season.

After an exhausting battle, Supergirl is able to defeat Superman. Thanks to Alex, the super cousins wake up at the Fortress of Solitude and there the effects of the silver kryptonite have worn off. After some light reading on Daxamite customs, Supergirl decides to basically challenge Rhea to a trial by combat and the winner gets Earth. Rhea accepts and they agree to meet 4 hours.

Meanwhile, Lillian Luthor partners with her daughter Lena to create a device that will make the air uninhabitable to Daxamites, including Mon-El. The Luthors meet with the Kryptonians and decide to use this as a fail-safe if Supergirl cannot defeat Rhea. During Rhea and Supergirl’s battle, Mon-El, Superman, Martian Manhunter, Miss Martian and her squadron of peaceful white martians have their boots on the ground and defend National City from the army of Daxamites. Even with their help and Kara defeating Rhea, the Daxamite invaders are too overwhelming and Kara has no choice but to use the Luthor’s device. It works; it kills Rhea and sends the rest of the Daxamite fleet back into space.

“The People We Love, Are Our Secret Superpower”

With the battle over, the task at hand is trying to save Mon-El. Since there is nothing they can do on Earth they send him back into space on the Kara’s spaceship. Unfortunately for Mon-El, once he gets outside the Earth’s atmosphere he appears to be sucked into a black hole. Back on Earth, after hearing mini pep talks from Superman and Alex, it is Cat Grant who drives home to Kara that even though she is hurting now she is strong and will continue to power through any obstacle that comes her way. The scene ends with Kara flying up, up, and away into National City, to continue fighting for truth, justice, and the American way.

Supergirl S2E22
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"Nevertheless, She Resisted"

If you’ve made it this far through this season of Supergirl, then this episode was a fine ending to the season. It addressed what turned out to be the major storyline for this season, which was Mon-El Rhea, and the Daxamites. It also set up a decent amount for next season. I would like to think that Mon-El would be back next season in some form since there was no need to show him going into that black hole if he isn’t coming back.

Is this the first time the show has come out and said that Cat knows Kara is Supergirl? Lillian being given credit for defeating the Daxamites and what kind of effect that will have on her quest to protect Earth from aliens felt like a throwaway line. Star City and War World were named dropped this episode, and I would love to see Kara get to interact with the inhabitants of both places at some point next season. Maybe this Earth’s Green Arrow is a bit more welcoming than the Green Arrow Kara met this season. It was an absolute atrocity that with all these super-powered heroes who were fighting street level Daxamite soldiers, the writers couldn’t be bothered to put Mechad Brooks in the scene. It’s what he has done all season when he got the screen time. Not only do we not see him until well past the half way point of the episode, but they couldn’t be bothered to be given one speaking line. This is ridiculous for someone who was the co-star last season to be forgotten this way. Hopefully they will use him in a more effective way next season. It looks as if they have their antagonist for next season pretty much set up with their flashback to the day Krypton died; a third Kryptonaian after Clark and Kara was sent to Earth. You can tell they are supposed to be evil because the infant had a black swaddle blanket!

If any of you ProFans are Kryptonain scholars and want to guess who this mystery infant is, knows what symbol that was on their building, or want to wildly speculate, let us know in the comments.

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