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The Flash - S3E23 - Finish Line

Previously on The Flash, “Infantino Street”

So much of this season has been a mess that I’m seriously considering not podcasting it next season. Where to even begin?

Okay. Here’s what happened. H.R. died in Iris’ place as I predicted a few weeks ago. He used the shard from Savitar’s suit to find him, freed Iris, and then switched places with her right before Killer Frost caught up to them and knocked H.R. (really Iris) out. By the time H.R. (really Iris) arrives, Barry is devastated and holding a dying Iris (really H.R.), Tracy feels like crap, and Joe is shook. After the reveal, everyone heads back to S.T.A.R. Labs to confirm that Iris West lives to write that story; she does.

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Savitar made off with the speed bazooka (for fuck’s sake) AND Cisco. He wants Cisco to do some science-y shit to make it so that he (Savitar) will exist in all points in time at the same time. I actually just stopped typing for a moment, closed my eyes, and tilted my head back. I’m so over this convoluted storyline.

Julian comes back with a cure for Caitlin — when he was suspiciously absent last week he wasn’t stealing Caitlin’s VCR; he was with her mother working on the drug. Now that Barry knows Caitlin can be saved, so does Savitar and he uses that to force Cisco to help him.

Alone with Iris, Barry realizes that going dark isn’t going to defeat Savitar. He takes Captain Cold’s advice, but really Michelle Obama’s, and goes high when Savitar goes low. That’s right. He’s going to offer Savitar a Pepsi. He meets with him and convinces him to come back to S.T.A.R. Labs so they can figure out a way to stop him from disappearing when the time paradox (Iris not dying, Barry not creating time remnants, etc.) catches up with him. Savitar reluctantly agrees after Iris sprinkles some Black Girl Magic in the air.

They need Tracy’s help, but she’s not feeling so charitable and doesn’t want to help the guy who just killed her boyfriend. Harry’s gruff whisper changes her mind.

Savitar, seeing up close how he was able to stunt on these fools all season.

But, oops, just kidding. Savitar’s still evil AF and sets off the Philosopher’s Stone and a breach (or something) to blow up S.T.A.R. Labs. We spent the entire season trying to save Iris, and for some reason she’s the last one rushed to safety before the explosion. Savitar basically accepted the Pepsi, shook the can, and opened it in Barry’s face.

Gypsy rescues Cisco, but it doesn’t matter to Savitar because he already has his Cisco-enhanced bazooka. He uses it to open a breach and finally reveals why he needed Killer Frost. She deals with Black Flash (Hunter Zoloman), who shows up as Savitar knew he would since Black Flash doesn’t like when speedsters mess with the timeline. Why he hasn’t shown up before now is anyone’s guess. Eobard Thawne couldn’t stop him, but Killer Frost did it in five seconds. Okay. Sure. Whatever.

Barry stops Savitar, but doesn’t kill him because that would make him just as bad and lead him to the darkness. But when Savitar tries to sucker rush Barry, Iris shoots him dead because who gives a fuck about her soul. Killer Frost decides not to be an asshole anymore because it’s that damn simple, apparently.

Jay is out of the Speed Force prison, H.R. has a nice-ass funeral, and Iris and Barry mail out save the date announcements for their wedding. But wait; there’s more: Jay’s absence from the Speed Force (without replacing him with another speedster) causes the Speed Force to go the fuck off. There’s earthquakes and lightning strikes and it’s just a mess. It was considerate of it to wait until enough time had passed for H.R. to have a funeral with a fancy headstone. Did it only just realize Jay was gone?

Anyway, Barry decides to go into the Speed Force, escorted by the Speed Force in the form of his mom, to save the world and atone for his shitty life choices. No one really likes this, but they don’t try all that hard to stop him either.

Did Anything Mean Anything?

Why did Savitar make all of those Flashpoint metas? He just needed Wally. Did we ever find out who belonged to each of the husks? There were 5 or 6 and we only know about Clariss, Magenta, and Shade. Did Julian only exist to retrieve the Philosopher’s Stone and be his henchman as Alchemy? I mean, he had acolytes, too. Speaking of, did we ever go back and arrest those fools? Why wasn’t Wally healing in Flashpoint? Jesse coming home or nah? Why are we acting like Barry hasn’t killed before?

Filler Frost

Listen. This had to be the stupidest plot line all season. We never got any reason as to why she’s the only meta-human who turns evil with their powers. None. Just because. The cuffs worked just fine, but she didn’t want to charge them because she was told by Apple Care that Cisco would have to figure that shit out. She was so afraid to use her powers that she hesitated to use them to save both Barry and Iris, but was totally cool with making it snow because that’s important.

I am 100% sure Caitlin Snow voted for Trump.

After spending 15 episodes telling us that once she goes Frost she’s lost, they walked that shit all the way back by having her have moments of sympathy…. except for most of this hour when she was totally about to kill Cisco before Savitar said he needed him; which is something you’d think he’d have told her ass BEFORE she left to fucking kill him. Ugh.

After all of that, she just flips her humanity switch back on and she’s good again. THEN, because this wasn’t ridiculous enough, she didn’t even take the fucking cure. She’s walking around looking like Killer Frost in shitty lipstick, keeping her powers, but she’s not ready to be Caitlin Snow again.

Thanks a-fucking-lot, Caitlin. For nothing.

She Don’t Even Go Here

H.R. told Tracy he loved her with his dying breaths. They just met the other day. This character was introduced late and fast, and I did not care one bit about her confidence levels or her feelings for H.R. But since it appears Caitlin will be off on an Eat, Pray, Love soul-search next season, I suspect she will be our resident doctor until Caitlin returns.

What Did You Expect? 

What would have been better? Well, if networks insist on these 23-episodes seasons, the stories need to be tighter and we they should do away with the season-long villain. Here, Savitar stopped being menacing and became tedious. When they finally revealed his identity, Grant Gustin’s #AllRemnantsLivesMatter Barry was far more compelling than Savitar ever was. The reveal should have happened sooner so we could have had more great scenes with him interacting with the rest of the cast.

We should have spent more time in Flashpoint.

A real commitment to Killer Frost would have been nice. She’s infinitely more interesting than Caitlin, and Danielle Panabaker injects Killer Frost with actual enthusiasm versus bland-ass Caitlin. If you tell us she’s going to be evil with her powers, and she ends up with her powers and no cure, let her be evil, damn it! She never felt like a real threat because we saw that, sometimes, appealing to her inner Caitlin works. She was Killer Frost for, like, six whole-ass episodes and didn’t kill a damn thing, and because of that, we knew she wouldn’t do shit in the finale either.

You know what would have way more interesting to explore? What the hell did Barry think was going to happen with time remnants if it worked in defeating Savitar? Why did Barry’s family and friends reject Savitar? You mean to tell me none of them had compassion for him and just kicked him to the curb? Really? Well, you know what, I say we let Savitar cook ’cause that’s pretty shitty. Also, why was his face like that?

Fuck your time loops, yo.

Can we end a season without leaving everyone feeling like shit?

Whenever DeVoe arrives, if it takes them 22 episodes to figure out the cerebral inhibitor I’m going to flip a fucking table.

Up To Speed

I spent a lot of time ragging on the episode. Here’s what’s good:

The acting from damn near everyone, especially Grant Gustin and Candice Patton.

Barry phasing Savitar out of his suit was cool, as was Savitar slicing down trees to slow down Barry and Wally, who are chasing him.

Iris and Barry at home, happy… for a hot minute.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on the Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

The Flash S3E23
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"Finish Line"

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton

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23 Comments on The Flash - S3E23 - Finish Line

  1. For the podcast:
    Hi PF crew! Since this is the finale I know there’ll probably be alot of comments so I’ll try to keep this short. With The Flash being my favorite DC character and knowing they couldn’t follow the original flashpoint story but had to make changes… FUCK THIS SEASON! One of my biggest issue was Killer Frost supposedly not being able to go back to being Caitlin but at the end randomly she is neither of them she’s “something else”??? All I want is to see Barry create Gideon, have his suit in a ring, and a epic Reverse Flash and Flash battle. Only thing worse than this season is Flash being in a metal suit (thanks WB Justice League movie). Thank you for letting me share my frustrations. I’m sure I’ll laugh at hearing and reading everyone frustrations. Thanks Marion.

  2. I think savibarry face was damaged possibly by the time wraiths trying to kill him like they did with zoom. I don’t understand why Savitar isn’t made just bc iris didn’t die right at midnight. Couldn’t savibarry had just killed her for real to save himself from the time paradox? Do y’all think Caitlin will rejoin the team next season, but now just be able to control her powers through the power of friendship? Is it bad that I wanted iris to push jay into the speed force so barry wouldn’t have to go? I’m thinking maybe they reengineer the speed bazooka so that it will destroy the speed force prison and release Barry. Also why didn’t Barry phase into that suit a long time ago? Yet again, I hated all of this.

  3. Hello guys!
    So.. I just wanna say that
    1) CW is lucky to have Candice as Iris West (-Allen)
    3) there were some cool scenes
    4) They are lucky Iris is alive so I’ll watch next season for her
    5) I think y’all already talked abt, but wtf was that bs about KF? (Redemption) Ugh! These writers kill me w/ the lack of sense 🙄

    Anyways, always enjoy hearing you guys! Love the podcast 💜


    I had a long diatribe. All I can say is to hell with all of this. It was poorly planned, poorly executed, made no sense, and made last season’s Supergirl finale look like high art.

    How does Wally still have his speed? Paradox much? How?

    So Caitlin isn’t evil? Or is she? But do we really care?

    Someone in the group said it best-Joss did this ending better with The Gift from BTVS.

    Tracey-YOU DO NOT GO HERE!

    This show followed Sleepy Hollow’s trajectory going from great to dumpster fire. I am staying with it cause Grant, Tom, Keiynan, Jesse, and Carlos have my love and respect for their skills but do better by our folks!

  5. For the podcast: what the hell happen here? They could have done so much better things this season. I just have to say it now Arrow is king at the CW and now we have proof because I want to scream. I’m so happy one of the producers who co write this episode is leaving because we need someone else to help take over the show because it’s just getting annoying it’s almost as bad as supergirl season 1 and 2 finales. Season 4 better be amazing next year barry better not come back for like 3 or 4 episodes and have this be the kid flash show then barry has a episode he escapes or the speedforce forgives him then somehow he finds snart and they escape together and we get Devo and the rogues as the villains next season. Just give me captian cold back and I’ll forgive this season completely and lump it in with season 3 of arrow ugh. R.I.P. HR you will be missed and if Julian isn’t in season 4 they could had him die and that trigger killer frost to change into the nobody she is now then H.R could have lived. Also my podcast is GuysNightMovies Nina also #teamDonny

  6. For the podcast.

    Hi Nina, Donald and John. I hope you are all well. This finale had so many plot holes, it could have been written much tighter. The acting (excluding Danielle’s) made this episode watchable. The writers had several people making stupid decisions to fit the story they were telling. Why did SaviBarry send Elsa after Iris and HR? He is the speedster. It would have made more sense for him to go. When Barry told Wally to get everyone out of StarLabs why didn’t he grab Iris? If I was Wally my sister and dad would be the first two out. Also what was Barry doing? Why wasn’t he helping? Was all of this so that he could make that cool exit with Iris? If so that was stupid. So Elsa isn’t evil anymore? She literally went from fighting Cisco and Cynthia to saving Cisco from Savitar. I don’t care if she had saved the entire city, she is not redeemable to me. She can go be an anti-hero on Legends or Arrow. How much time has gone by since Tracy was introduced? Why was she acting like he was the great love of her life? She told SaviBarry that he stole her future by killing HR. I guess.

    I predict Barry will be back by the end of 4×01, and that Iris will legally change her last name to West-Allen while he is in the speedforce. That’s it. I’m sure the rest of the crew will cover the 10,000 other plot holes.

  7. If this is too long, feel free to skip stuff. Great recap as always too!

    For the podcast

    While there were moments I enjoyed, the finale felt flat.

    I loved the fight in the park and the fact that Iris is the one who killed SaviBarry. And of course I’m glad Iris lived but wasn’t there another way around that other than killing HR and being predictable?

    The whole ending with Barry going into the speed force prison made sense but felt rather tacked on. Like one minute he & Iris are happy & planning their wedding and the next he’s happily going into the speed force. That felt rushed.

    So what happens next? How long will Barry be in SF jail? While not torturing him with Iris’s death on rotation, he does need to make penance for the damage he’s wrought by messing with time. And what is Iris supposed to do in the meantime? It’s not like she can have him declared dead so she can get the insurance money. Or his pension for that matter. Hmmm.

    Loved Cynthia showing up to save her man! And happy to see KF leaving and finally for once she’s making her decision about herself and not some man.

    Since this is getting long, I’ll end it with while not as good as season 1, it was more enjoyable as a whole than season 2. As always, the acting, except for that one person, is excellent even if the writing isn’t. After all this build up, I feel like the ending was rushed. Either way, thanks for podcasting the show. I hope y’all will do it next year but I understand if you don’t. Sometimes excellent shows lose their way. I’ll still be watching tho. They have yet to piss me off so much that I’d quit.

  8. FOR THE PODCAST: This was some bullshit. But bring on Wallace West as THEE FLASH.

  9. Hey PF! Long time listener, two time commenter here. I know yall hate this episode and season, but give it one more chance as far as podcasting it. Half of season 4 at the very least. There are things that they are setting up for season 4 due to the lightning strikes and Barry walking into the speedforce in the last 5 minutes. Google Flash Lightning strikes. John knows what Im talking about. I think its going to go back to its season 1 fun next season. I say that due to one of the showrunners leaving and a couple of the writers are leaving. That could make it better for next season. Anyway, to this finale…there’s plenty of things we can point to on the bad part of the finale and season, such as 2056 Barry message, where the suit come from, how our Barry is able to vibrate through the suit, but there is some good. Leonard and Jamelle wish of Wally being THE FLASH, West family still alive, and #ByeBart2017. Also, isnt it poetic justice that Iris kills Savitar through the back like he has done to her since, it seems like, November? Barry has now been saved by drunk Joe, in Flashpoint against Rival, and Iris, against Savitar, through bullets in the back. Flash pissed the bed this season, but I think they will make up for it in season 4.

  10. Short and sweet. This was trash! I’ll be back for season 4 to see how they can fuck up even more 😔

  11. I’m probably not going to have had the opportunity to watch the episode before y’all record the podcast but I don’t have to have watched it to know in my spirit that Iris Ann West is alive and well and to snowbarrys and co, congrats you played yourself *insert DJ Khalid gif*. Also, to any “comic purist” who was more bothered by the idea of a black Iris West than the idea of a Barry Allen origin story without Iris at all, y’all are transparent af. That’s it, thanks for the podcast ( PS. My name is pronounced eh-KEHM-eee-knee )

  12. Hi Nina, Donny, and John!
    I feel like I would’ve loved Tracy and HR if it happened much, much earlier. I might’ve actually been sad for them. Seeing Iris’ name on that paper DID make me happy. Happy that this could’ve been amazing shit plot is over. I didn’t care much else about the rest. They, of course, had to mention Devoe again. Where were they supposed to be when all of em were fighting? Whatever, all that was damn cool. Savibar trying to pull a Clara Oswald entertained me for a hot minute but like no.
    Thought for a second that that quaking was the time quake thing from Legends and they were merging plot lines for next season. Oh well. They got me here waiting a whole summer to see how Barry gets out. Am I just having false hopes that they’d have episodes next season of Iris just being Iris with Barry gone? She could be the one who’s reporting on Devoe or something .. (this whole timey-wimey stuff is all tangled and stuff but like wouldn’t the speed force prison become nonexistent cuz Tracy failed to make it work..and if they want us to believe Savibar losing his memories meant Wally lost his powers, doesn’t him being erased do the same thing!??) ugh

  13. For the podcast:
    So, that just happened I guess? I’m happy Iris isn’t dead. Poor HR though. We didn’t even get time to really feel his death (with Tracy doing the very most to steal his thunder). Caitlin-I’m delivered-Frost. What was the point of it all? This selective evil is nonsensical. They should have given Iris a gun ages ago. If only they had just put Savitar back in the speed force jail. & why does Barry get the ‘heavenly speed force treatment while Wally & Daddy-Flash were tortured. Nonetheless I’m looking forward to next season & hope that they try & steal some of the writers from AoS. What do y’all hope to see in season 4. John, is there another comic book storyline that they might do? Thanx for the free 💩

  14. For the podcast:

    Here are a series of why’s:

    1: Why is “Ain’t Shit” Barry trying to help SaviBarr after he killed HR? Bet he wouldn’t do it if that was Iris.

    2. Why is Tracy the only who seems to be mad that HR is dead? Did everyone also only know HR for 3 days?

    3. Why didn’t Cisco make a portal to get out of there?

    4. Why couldn’t SaviBarr just kill Iris anyway, because their reason is shitty? Ain’t no time limit for killing.

    5. Why wasn’t the speed force unstable before Tracy built the prison in the future?

    6. Why does KF look like she stopped being Super Saiyan at the funeral?

  15. For The Podcast: Hi lovelies! We are at the end of the road for the flash and I honestly don’t know how we got here. Maybe I’ll watch s1 along with your s1 recap and try to remember why I fell in love with this show because S3 has tried my patience. The only thing the flash had going for it this season was graphics, but I will always pick good writing over flash. So here’s to hoping S4 will be better, but I am not holding my breath. And I don’t even know what I can add that everyone hasn’t, and i’m not trying to come up with predictions, cause the PF fandom crew came up with so many ways they could have redeemed themselves this season and they didn’t so see y’all on The Strain!

  16. The writers need to utilize Candice and Grant more these two are spectacular together as a couple and a team. I wish we got a whole season of Iris being proactive instead of just a couple of episodes. Also there are way too many plot holes to list.

    So the paradox somehow skipped Wally and he still has his powers to take up the Flash mantel in Barry’s absence? What was the point of Killer Frost and can Frosty the Snow bitch stay gone? I know they won’t have Iris address the fact that snowhoe really wants her dead for no apparent or explained reason, hell Barry didn’t tell Frosty to kick rocks after being an accomplice in his wife’s attempted murder. Anyway I’m going to keep it short. The series could have totally ended for me here because after this season I lost the ability to care what happens next.

  17. FOR THE PODCAST: At the risk of being the lone dissenter, I liked the episode. I also recognize that in the context of an uneven season, this episode in no way makes up for the season’s shortcomings. I liked the SaviBarry/Iris interaction and I think he was right. Barry’s “can’t we all just get along” strategy was not going to work so he had to move forward with his plan to become a god. And I’m glad they got Cat Daddy Flash out of SpeedForce Correctional. Now all that stuff after with Barry having to go to SpeedForce Heaven with his mom after sending out the save-the-dates was a hot mess. Also a hot mess? Julian and Tracey. Y’all just joined the team, sitcho asses down. And Tracey and HR met 5 mins ago. I am not invested in this love story enough to care about her holding his dead body. And I’m so glad Caitlyn Frost curbed Julian right up through the end. Can’t wait to hear your predictions for next season (if you have any) and do you think Julian and Tracy stick around? And how do we feel about Wallace AKA Black Flash AKA Malcolm Flash AKA Dat Brotha Runnin Thangs? Can’t wait to hear you guys next season (if everyone is still on board) 😘 besos.

  18. You ever try to do homework on the bus . Sure you’re getting it done but its rushed, uneven and usually fairly messy. This is what this season feels like. I ve come to the conclusion that this show is for kids like most of the CW shows are now . Nothings Planned out , the motivations are weak , The women are regulated to tumblr relationship fodder . Tracey was on the screen for 5mins and some how was sucked into some weak ass relationship HR for a setup we all saw a mile away . “I’m not helping him He stole my future ?” WHAT?! . Why is this a thing where a new Female character is introduced that they cant be on their own person for a bit . If i’m off based on this let me know its just something that i noticed with this show .
    I guess I’m just too aged out for me to get mad at this weak plot . We got people being Evil one moment then not the next ; characters forgetting they have superpowers out of convenience , and a random threat that shows up just to set up the next season.
    I guess my real question is if you had to live without Ketchup, Mustard, Mayonnaise, or hot sauce which will one do you choose . Dont let me down


    I liked it. I know the storylines this season was kind of shit But i love these characters and their relationship with each other more than any other DC CW show, which a lot of the times makes me look past the Bullshit. Candice Patton was the MVP of this episode because girl was acting her ass off in that final scene.

    Caitlin Snow is the fucking Worst. Fuck that Character, Fuck the Writers for writing such a shitty character And fuck Greg Berlanti and what ever that other guys name is for hiring such a shitty Actress.
    I didn’t care much about the SaviBarry storyline but i am going to miss sexy deep voice Barry.

    Not a great season finale but my love for these characters will definitely bring me back next season.
    That’s my feedback for today, Can’t wait to hear the podcast.


    SUP FAM!!! Sorry I been slacking on feed byke, I was in speed force prison!!! I don’t get all the hostility I LOVED this episode!!! I was so excited I thot OG Wells was whispering while telling me how to phase through a wall!!

    Anyways you know what I don’t like…. the way the wrote iris these last few weeks!! 1. They had her ready to give the nootsie to Amnesia Barry!!! That is cheating and I want iris to be a faithful blyke woman!!! Speaking of faithful 2. She was stroking Burned Barry’s face all suggestive!!! I screamed WAIT A FUCKING MINUTE!!! Barry still in the room!! I did not like her saying she would “help” him through it…. I almost tipped a table!!! If my ole lady stroked a niggas face in front of me, you best believe I’m stroking someone else the same night(I’m joking I’m a faithful blyke man!)

    But besides that I really enjoyed it, I hope Barry gets paroled outta time prison… Oj gonna be outchea before that nigga!!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to 👂🏾 the podcast, oh and I did think they were all pretty cool with HR taken the fall!!! Now that’s it, you’ll always be my favorite NiNina Pérez😘😘 Donald and John aight too

  21. For The Podcast:
    I’ll try and be brief, because HELLA FEEDBACK.
    The season was overall trash, here are my PF Podcast highlights:
    -When Jamelle said Barry’s Flashpoint parents were probably racist Trump supporters, and that’s why he went back in time again
    -When Nina cussed me out for mentioning Petty Spivot
    -When John kept talking about Grant’s chicken chest
    -When yall died at hearing “AlcheFrost”
    -When we agreed that Twinsco-19 was the alternate Cisco, and John was still okay with incest happening
    -The Whole Paycheck debate
    -When Nina died at “Carolling in the rain? That sucks!”
    -“Johndice”, and Iris West something something booty like groceries
    -‎Nonye, The True MVP of the feedback section AND the best person at calling out Duplicity Frost
    -The Beginning of “Hey White Nathan” at the start of each of my feedback posts

    There’s definitely loads more. Flash couldn’t do it, but you guys made 23 amazing podcast episodes, so thanks for the coverage. You lot are awesome, and this group of folks is legendary!

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