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The 100 - S5E4 - Pandora’s Box

Previously on The 100, “Sleeping Giants”

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Be The Last

Starting off with a prayer led by Gaia, Kane and the rest of the criminals fight to the death for their freedom. Even though Kane is the last of the survivors, Octavia refuses to give him his freedom and orders him to fight again tomorrow. It appears Abby stole some medicine, and Kane is taking the heat for it. Indra is helping Kane survive the arena matches by pitting him against weaker opponents, as well as keeping Abby locked away, so she doesn’t spill the beans and let it be known she stole the meds. Kane does not want to fight because it is changing their people for the worse, but Octavia is not here for that show of weakness. Octavia knows Kane didn’t steal the meds, but since he won’t give up who did and refuses to fight Octavia is fine throwing him back into the fighting pit.

When Kane gives Octavia credit for getting them through the dark year, Octavia cuts him off as she doesn’t want him to speak of the dark year. Once Kane is back in the fighting pit and refusing to put up any fight against his opponent because he believes that there is more to survival than just keeping people alive. Octavia is not amused and is ready to kill Kane herself until the ceiling of the fighting pit is opened and Bellamy rappels in and immediately embraces his sister.

Do I Have Your Attention Now?

Bellamy’s plan to leverage Diyoza with the lives of her crew sealed in cryo in return for digging Octavia and the others out of the bunker is a solid plan, however it doesn’t appear that he thought this all the way through. First off, assuming Diyoza will not try to find a way out of this deal she was forced into is a costly mistake. Diyoza immediately puts lieutenant Shaw to work on trying to hack back into their ship and gaining control over her men. Raven can thwart these attempts and succeeds, but since Raven doesn’t immediately pull the plug on her men per Bellamy’s orders, Diyoza sees this as a sign of cowardice on Raven’s part and upped her methods of getting control back.

Diyoza instructs Shaw to open the hanger doors and suck the oxygen out of the ship to suffocate Raven and Murphy. When Raven finally decides to pull the plug on Diyoza’s men, Murphy stops her and instead opens all the cryo sleep chambers awakening them. Once Diyoza sees her men would die also, she instructs Shaw to close the doors, but knows Bellamy has now lost his leverage. Diyoza has her own plan for helping Bellamy free everyone trapped in the bunker. Diyoza needs a doctor to find a cure for something so she tells McCreery they will wait until Abby is free until they turn on Bellamy.

Your Survival Instinct Sucks

Diyoza wastes no time letting Octavia, Bellamy, and the rest know that the deal is off, and they plan on taking the valley as well as Abby. Since Bellamy cannot get in touch with Raven, Bellamy has no choice but to comply. No surprise to Octavia — since she feels Abby is a traitor — Abby surrenders herself and Kane to Diyoza in exchange for the safety of everyone else. Diyoza tells them that if they stay where they are and do not attempt to come to the valley, no one has to die. However, one of Diyoza’s trigger happy soldiers tries to shoot Octavia anyway. Fortunately, a grounder jumped in front of Octavia and died to save his queen as Diyoza and the rest leave. Octavia blames Bellamy for this and tells Indra that their next step is going to war.

I’m really enjoying this season so far even though The 100 is going to their tried and true formula of us vs them. Although, I wouldn’t mind seeing a bit more backstory on Diyoza and her crew. I mean a woman who was a global terrorist and once the most wanted person on the planet deserves her own episode. Hopefully they will bring shed some more light on Shaw and how he came to being part of Diyoza’s crew since he has a level of respect for her, he doesn’t fit in with the rest of her band of murderers. Kane hinted about it in the bunker, but what else happened between the time Jaha died and present day?

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"Pandora's Box"

Starring: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Luisa d’Oliveira, Chelsey Reist,  Lola Flanery, Adina Porter, Henry Ian Cusick, Isaiah Washington 

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