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The 100 - S5E5 - Shifting Sands

Previously on The 100, “Pandora’s Box”

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Call It Protective Custody

We finally find out why Diyoza needs a “good” doctor so desperately. The original doctor Diyoza had was killed, but thirteen of her men, including McCreary, have contracted some type of illness and they need Abby to diagnose and treat it. Kane wants to negotiate the safety of Raven and Murphy for info on Octavia, but Diyoza isn’t in the business of negotiating with traitors.

Meanwhile, Raven and Murphy are being tortured by McCreary to find out how to unlock the missile firing system while Shaw watches on. Funny thing about that — after Shaw finally gets McCreary to leave he confesses that he locked the firing system so Diyoza couldn’t kill everyone at Polis. Similar to Dr. Strange , Raven has a plan to get them out of this predicament with their lives, but we don’t see the whole plan unfold. We know that Shaw lets Murphy “escape” so Raven unlocks the firing system, but Murphy still has his collar on and can be tracked. Raven appears to be betrayed as they take her back to her cell. Diyoza immediately has Shaw plot a course to Octavia and fires missiles into their camp in the desert to prevent Octavia from reaching them. Once they return from the valley, Diyoza summons Kane and she knows that Octavia wasn’t killed in the attack because she saw her warriors huddled in the middle of the sandstorm. After telling Kane how her father was murdered and a bit more of her backstory, Diyoza is ready to listen to Kane tell her about Octavia over some shots of tequila.

Get Ready to Understand

Speaking of Octavia, it’s hard to not root for her. The growth of her character since  Lincoln died to where we are now has been amazing. Once Diyoza betrayed Bellamy, which Octavia saw coming, Octavia was ready to take her army to the Shadow Valley and take it for her people. No matter the obstacle in her way Octavia won’t be deterred from her goal. Whether it be sandstorms with crystalized sand as sharp as razors or sand parasites, Octavia is ready to move through anything in her way and refuses to retreat. When she was ready to put an end to the pain her warrior, who was infected with parasites, was enduring, it does not seem to be out of maliciousness but out of mercy to end the suffering.

Monty radios Bellamy and lets them know that Diyoza will be firing missiles at their position. I love Bellamy, but to question Octavia in the middle of the crisis they were facing in front of her people, for a second time, the restraint the Red Queen showed by not slitting his throat where he stood was admirable. Bellamy and Clarke learned how devoted Wonkru is when they abandoned their tents as a decoy for Diyoza and Octavia’s men created a human tent in the middle of the sandstorm to protect Octavia, Bellamy, and Clarke. The level of Wonkru’s devotion toward Octavia after six years in the bunker is astounding; they are literally willing to torture themselves or die if that’s what Octavia feels must be done.

Once the sandstorm has cleared Octavia commands the armor and weapons of their fallen warriors be taken and to continue to march to the Shadow Valley. Before they leave, Octavia gives Bellamy a warning that she’s happy he’s back, but if he ever speaks out against Wonkru again that he will become an enemy of Wonkru and thus her enemy. You would think the arrival of Monty, Harper, Madi, and Echo would be a warm moment to end the episode on, but no. As Echo runs to embrace Bellamy, Octavia locks eyes with Echo remembering Echo was banished for that stunt she pulled during the conclave as the episode cuts to black.

This show does an excellent job of not holding the hands of the viewers. They don’t waste a scene going back into space and capturing Raven and Murphy we just get right to them being tortured. All the little callbacks the show does with its previous seasons is so rewarding for viewers that have watched and rewatched the series. Everything that has happened is important and it matters to the story they’re telling this season. The admiration that Diyoza is showing for Octavia is done well, but it’s not over the top. When Diyoza speaks on how well trained, determined, and disciplined Wonkru is, it allows us to fill in the blanks. Diyoza learning about Octavia from Kane before her inevitable confrontation with Octavia is strategic as well as a show of respect, and not writing her off as just savages as the Grounders have been labeled in the past. Bellamy has over estimated his ability to sway Octavia about Echo’s banishment. The relationship between these two siblings and how they handle this has me begging for Tuesday night to get here as soon as possible.

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"Shifting Sands"

Starring: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Luisa d’Oliveira, Chelsey Reist,  Lola Flanery, Adina Porter, Henry Ian Cusick

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