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The 100 - S5E9 - Sic Semper Tyrannis

Previously on The 100, “How We Get to Peace”

Is Peace Your Concern?

We have really run through this season; even with all the breaks this season has had. I have a few, slight issues with how quickly certain plot points are glossed over, including the civil war brewing between Diyoza’s people and McCreary’s people.

I don’t think the worst thing in the world would have an episode, or at least most of it, dedicated to what happened with McCreary and Diyoza from the time they left the planet to present day. Though, we may still get that episode within the last 4 of the season. Regardless, here we are on the brink of a civil war of between the two of them sparked by the fact that Diyoza chose not to attempt to save him when she could have. Also, Diyoza planning to keep the treatment away from McCreary until he died of it forced McCreary to make a move once Murphy spilled the tea and told McCreary that the treatment was available. All it took was that little push and a well-placed stone throw by Murphy to start the fight between the two factions. We knew Diyoza was a badass, but seeing her in action was a joy. Unfortunately, she still couldn’t stop McCreary from capturing Abby and taking over the Shadow Valley. Even though Raven, Echo, Emori, and the other defectors escaped into the woods with Shaw, McCreary swore to his crew that once Abby heals them they are going after them to recapture Shaw, kill the defectors, and take the war to Octavia and her savages.

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Will You Do It or Not

With Octavia’s recovery in doubt, Bellamy and Indra decide now is the time to rally Wonkru around the idea of surrendering to Diyoza. Wonkru wasn’t going to hear it because during Indra’s speech to rally the troops Miller lets it be known that he basically outranks her and he’s going to go with the Red Queen’s original order to go to war. Wonkru wasn’t going to unify and follow Miller because he’s originally Skaikru. With all this dysfunction with their new leadership it would be nice to have a true nightblood commander around to get everyone in line.

Bellamy and Indra decide to recruit Gaia to give Madi the flame and make her the commander. As Bellamy tells Clarke the new plan, Clarke is not on board to say the least. She doesn’t want Madi as Commander and thus a target for Octavia once she awakens from the poison Bellamy gave her. Bellamy insists that to save Raven and the others this is the way and is going through with giving Madi the Flame. Octavia awakens and immediately orders Indra to arrest Bellamy for poisoning her. Indra won’t do it and tries to reason with Octavia as the Ascensions horns are blown to signal a new commander taking the flame. After Nylah confronts Clarke about Madi taking the flame and realizes that Clarke did not approve of it, Nylah frees Clarke from her captivity. Clarke uses her freedom to break into Octavia’s quarters to kill her. Octavia’s body may be weakened, but Octavia is able to talk Clarke out of killing her and into an alliance since neither one of them want Madi to become the new commander.

As Madi passes out from receiving the flame, Octavia breaks in and has Gaia, Bellamy, and Indra arrested and orders Clarke to remove the flame from Madi. Gaia warns them that that would make Madi brain dead and Clarke doesn’t remove the flame. Octavia allows Clarke and Madi to leave. We then see the three traitors bound and gagged in the pits as Octavia rallies Wonkru to prepare for war and dealing with the would-be commander Madi. To my surprise Octavia doesn’t have the traitors executed on the spot, but as Wonkru prepares for war and Octavia retreats to her throne we see her and Bellamy lock eyes before she sheds a tear.

Small nitpicks aside, this has still been an entertaining season. As everyone continues to make unwise decision after unwise decision, who besides Monty, will stop the cycle? Octavia’s at a crossroad and will never come back from it should she decide to kill her brother Bellamy, and, for all intents and purposes, her mother Indra. Clarke has just said to hell with Bellamy, Gaia, and Indra since they’ve made their choice and leaves with Madi. With taking the flame and Madi’s knowledge of all the Commanders before her, the mother-daughter dynamic between Clarke and Madi is sure to change. Echo and Raven are close to coming to blows on what to do with Shaw — kill him for the tactical advantage during the upcoming war or keep him alive for his intel — but there’s a bond forming between them. Also, what did McCreary mean when he threatened Abby with not killing her but making her wish she was dead? I hope he doesn’t think taking her “meds” away will get him the desired results.

By the way, after that slap heard around the world can we all come to grips that the Bellarke ship has sailed? Especially after Clarke basically left Bellamy to the mercy of the red Queen, can we stop pretending that they are ever going to be more than good friends? Let us know what you think? Has the ship sailed or are you still holding a candle for what may become?

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"Sic Semper Tyrannis"

Starring: Eliza Taylor, Paige Turco, Bob Morley, Lindsey Morgan, Marie Avgeropoulos, Christopher Larkin, Richard Harmon, Tasya Teles, Luisa d’Oliveira, Chelsey Reist,  Lola Flanery, Adina Porter, Henry Ian Cusick

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