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The Originals - S5E10 - There in the Disappearing Light

Previously on The Originals, “We Have Not Long to Love”

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Daddy Dearest

What do you do when your all-powerful daughter can only find peace by harming people? If you’re Klaus Mikaelson, you indulge her and let her take her pain out on you. Unfortunately for Hope, hurting someone she actually cares about doesn’t help. Klaus finds Roman’s hideout so Hope can mete out some justice. Danielle Rose Russell does a good job at expressing Hope’s barely contained rage but ultimately, Hope understands Roman’s plight. While she was raised by a mom who fought for unity amongst the species, Greta raised Roman to think he was superior to other species and to hate and fear hybrids. And Roman also sincerely apologizes which goes a long way with Hope. Still, a girl’s gotta eat, so Elijah and Antoinette convince the vampire Nazis that they’re on the same side to get them all in the same room … where Hope unleashes the power of the Hollow and blasts them.

One small problem, Declan and a priest were in the backroom of the church when this went down and the priest died in the blast triggering Hope’s werewolf curse. Now she has her super witch powers, and her vampire/werewolf powers at full strength. It’s on!

While all of that was great, they also pulled my least favorite Originals move this week. Instead of Ivy and the other witches dying, the vampires turned them. This storyline always ends in one of two ways, either the person decides to drink human blood and complete their turn to vampire or they decide to let themselves die. Because Ivy is a witch and turning into a vampire would cut her off from her powers (see: Bonnie’s mom, TVD), she wants to die and be with her ancestors. The problem with that is that the New Orleans witches created a purgatory for their ancestors so they could draw on their power after they died. This is another great callback to the beginning of the series when Davina started out as a participant in the Harvest, a ritual sacrifice to the ancestors of the French Quarter witches that allowed them to strengthen their power. Once Vincent shows Ivy the purgatory, they decide to break the bond between the witches and the ancestors and let them move on so Ivy can die and leave in peace. It’s beautiful but we still have to watch Ivy die … again.

And finally, cause this is the last season and we’re killing errybody. Marcel is taken by the Nazi vampires so they can collect his hybrid venom (the only venom that can kill Mikaelsons) and when Josh goes to save Marcel he is stabbed in the heart with a syringe full of venom. It’s a sad end for Josh, who has been with the show since the beginning. The only solace we get is that when Josh crosses over he is reunited with Aiden (guest star Colin Woodell). It’s the least Josh deserves after what Marcel and the Mikaelsons have put him through.

The Good

  • I know she’s afraid of what she’s becoming but watching Hope smoke those Nazi vampires was so satisfying. I was that Kris Jenner GIF. You’re doing amazing, sweetie. And now she’s triggered her werewolf curse!? It’s. About. To go. DOWN!
  • Although I wanted Elijah to be tormented about what he did to Hayley, I still want him to find happiness with Antoinette. He doesn’t deserve to be sad forever and all the Mikaelsons need a little happiness. Which leads me to …

The Hollow

  • Why does Mikaelson happiness ALWAYS come at the expense of every person (of color) on this show? Watching Ivy die for the second time was no less heartbreaking and the witches have potentially weakened themselves. And we lost Josh without any warning or lead up. The consolation of him ending up with Aidan was small by comparison. Josh has been onboard since day one, which makes his death meaningful, but killing him so unceremoniously was pathetic. 

Solid performances abound from all of the cast members but right now The Originals feels like it’s ticking off characters so there will be less guest stars to bring back for Legacies next year. Honestly, the show doesn’t have to kill everyone in order to have an impactful final season. I hope they manage to balance the heartache with some happy endings (and not just for the Mikaelson clan).

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“There In The Disappearing Light”

The Originals – S5E10 – “There In The Disappearing Light” | Starring: Joseph Morgan, Charles Michael Davis, Daniel Gilles, Phoebe Tonkin, Yusuf Gatewood, Riley Voelkel

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