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The Flash - S3E11 - Dead or Alive

Previously on The Flash, “Borrowing Problems From the Future”

Everyone wants to feel like their life mattered. That’s the desire that fuels Iris’ actions this week and what sent H.R. through the breach to another dimension when he knew it was a fatal crime on Earth-19.

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When you’re a fugitive of justice, it’s probably not a good idea to self-publish your Earth-1 adventures into the multiverse. It’s how a vibe-powered bounty hunter might catch up to your ass. That’s exactly what happens when Gypsy (Jessica Camacho) arrives via a breach, intent on returning H.R. back to Earth-19 so he can face execution as punishment. Cisco’s decision to challenge Gypsy (Still can’t believe they went with that.) could have just been comedic relief (and it totally was), but when H.R. presses him as to why he’d risk his own life for him, Cisco’s offer sheds some much-needed light on their relationship. Unlike his prior relationships with the two other Wells, this Wells depends on Cisco more than Cisco depends on him. He feels obligated to protect him; plus, death is pretty harsh for his offense.

“Dead or Alive” also cemented Julian’s place in the group. He’s just as smart as Harry, yet way less subtle. Yes, that’s possible. It’s funny watching Julian learn to play nice with this team, and master the finer points of teamwork like, it’s best to instill hope in each other and not, “Hey, you’re totally going to die.”

The episode title also touched on Iris’ actions this week. Going after Central City’s new arms dealer and putting her life in danger stank of the recklessness that comes with knowing when you’re going to die. Except here, everyone is focused on trying to stop that from happening; hanging their hope on the possibility of changing the future. The last thing they want is to find out Iris doesn’t die in May because she gets herself killed in January. Thankfully, The Flash avoided that nonsense by having Iris want to feel like her life mattered. She’s not dead yet, but is she truly alive if she’s not really living till then? Her work is important to her and not just because she likes to write stories. She wants to make a difference and help people just like the rest of Team Flash. The difference is, she’s the only one with an approaching expiration date.

Enlisting Wally in her investigation after she told Barry she’d let it go still doesn’t sit right with me. Iris has made a big deal - several times - of being lied to, and so far this season she’s opted to tell lies and keep secrets from Wally, Joe, and now Barry. It isn’t always addressed, but it was this time when Joe learns Iris almost got shot while on the story. He’s furious, and Iris gets a lecture from Barry, which I guess is about as close to accountability as we’re going to get. Still, she, nor anyone else, doesn’t see fit to just tell Joe what they know about Savitar and Iris’ future.

But Wait; There’s More

Barry is getting faster, but not at a rate that will make a difference in May. You know who is getting faster faster? Wally. And Barry is convinced that means he’ll be the one to save Iris.

The Flash - S3E11
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"Dead or Alive"

The Flash - S3E11 - “Dead or Alive” | Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton

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7 Comments on The Flash - S3E11 - Dead or Alive

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: This was a pretty good episode. I liked all the Wally stuff, the facr that wr get to keep H.R., and seeing Cisco front and center was awesome. I also liked Julian’s interactions with everyone. I do, however, have one criticism, and I wonder if you’ll touch on this during thr podcast: Iris. Why did tjeybhave her being do damn extra? Why did she lie to Barry about dropping the story, then lie to Wally so she could sneak in the spot? If that’s not bad enough, when she’s talking to Barry about how she wants to make a mark before she dies, he mentions Francine and credits her for Wally being brave yet calls Iris the woman he loves. So she not brave, Barry? Why did the writers make the choice to reduce her to the woman be loved, especially when it’s clear she wants to be known for more than that? It might be nitpicky, but that shit stood out to me.

    Can’t wait for the podcast!

  2. FOR THE PODCAST: I thought Iris walking up to the gun was idiotic. She says she did it because she dies four months from now but they have already proven they can change the future so it’s not like she couldn’t have gotten herself killed. I am wondering now if we will be sticking with this wells from now on since he can’t go back to earth 19. Why is coffee illegal there by the way? I loved Cisco this episode. His ill-timed flirting was hilarious and adorable. I would date him lol. Gypsy is gorgeous and I loved seeing another WOC on the show. Looking forward to the podcast

  3. For the podcast

    I liked this one. Not as much as I did last week’s but I really enjoyed it.

    1) Cynco aka Cisco & Cynthia Reynolds cause that’s apparently the name of the comic book character and I don’t want to offend anyone with her other name. I ship them. I ship them hard. They are adorable!! Plus he’s taller than her. Awwww. 😍 She thinks he’s cute and they’re all flirty and I love them! I wonder if she can visit him without getting into trouble. Cisco needs love too! Or maybe he can visit her. I just want Cisco to have some happiness.

    2) Julius, cause I’m calling him that from now on, is hilarious! He really does need to work on his people skills tho.

    3) Joe: Other than being pissed at them for still not telling him what was going on, his scenes were hilarious! He was legit sweating that he was about to be a Paw Paw! 😂😂 And he & Cecile are still adorable. Hard & fast. I see you Joe! Lol

    4) Brother/Sister Crime Fighting Team: while I’m happy Iris is working on her journalism and whatnot, why the fuck did she interrupt a police investigation? What exactly was she investigating that she had to be there before the cops? How is sneaking in before them gonna help her story? Why wouldn’t you have your speedster brother case the joint to make sure nobody is gonna shoot you? Just cause you’re allegedly dying in a few months doesn’t mean getting shot ain’t gonna hurt! And what if Joe got fired cause they looked in his files? I understand that she wants to leave an impact but that wasn’t the way to go about it. What do you guys think of Wally snitching on her? And if Cynthia hadn’t showed up, would Iris have finally told Joe she’s allegedly dying in May?

    5) WestAllen: Still adorable. Loved the part at the end. So much domestic fluffiness. And when he kissed her hands, swoon. Plus the convo at the paper where you know he knew she wasn’t dropping nothing. But I wish Barry had said something other than “the woman I love” in that one scene when talking to her about her mom. Not that I’m not happy he’s basically proclaiming his love for her all over. But she’s more than just his gf.

    6) Kid Flash: Love how they’re working together. And the fact that Barry feels Wally will be the one fast enough to save Iris is actually pretty good. He’s the only person other than Barry who can see Savitar so it makes sense to me.

    That’s it. Feel free to cut stuff if too long. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! Plus next week looks deep. Will they finally tell Joe what’s up cause he knows something is wrong.


    1. I was trying to figure out who that bish was but after looking at her try hard ass, I realize that is the chick from Sleepy Hollow they were trying to pass off alongside Ocean Waves as important characters. I hate this chick off GP. While San Fran was trying to get them digits I was thinking how we can toss her ass in the breach Eddie slid his ass into. Cisco saying “fine as hell” “ooo girl, you then did it now?” was actually hot. If they gave him a beard? Perfect. BUT THIS IS SOME BULLSHIT. Why is she still alive? Send her through the breach where y’all was at the volcano and 300 kick her. I don’t want this woman back. Don’t bring her portal jumping ass back. I mean Cisco and her leprechaun ass were cute though.
    2. I’m glad HR is here, but he has to up his black long sleeve fitted shirt with black rimmed glasses quota because reasons. Or I’m going to have to write a strongly worded letter to the CW.
    3. Crisp Fade is adorable and I can’t wait to see him save Iris. He need to stay away from unknown white women though. Don’t be taking pictures and shit they can trace back to you.
    4. We got crumpets taking a huge ass rain cloud over Barry’s hope this episode. This is why I believe dynamite heddy’s breath smells like earring backs. I need him to go play in traffic. EYE still don’t like him and would very much enjoy playing wack a mole all over his face. He serves no purpose in starlabs. I am trying to figure out how no one else understands math when they are all fucking scientists! Well not frosty lips but Cisco and Barry who built Gideon should know some shit. This is all to say Mr. abacus is not needed especially because he did not draw any circles!

    Overall simple episode, looking forward to next week.

  5. For the Podcast:


    - We finally got a good villain, and it’s BETTER CISCO.
    - Cisco is still on my shot list tho.
    - Julian is the best, even if he is trying to make the team serial killers through Lego. He can stay.
    - I swear Caitlin only brought Julian on the team so that she wouldn’t have to do any work. Like, all she did was judge him while Julian came up with all the ideas.
    - HR is still the best, especially with his writing
    - Wallace ain’t never gonna be oppressed again!
    - Death-wish Iris is 😻😻😻 Good Lord Candice can act
    - Okay, so did Joe think Iris was talking about a baby, or talking about introducing a third into her swirl? The look on his face.

    This episode was amazing. Legends was amazing. Even Supergirl was tolerable. Shout out to random white assistant from the office, I guess.


    Hey girl! Hey Donald and John! Listen. I’m tired of Bartholomew. He’s like, the worst kind of person. Cisco challeneged Gypsy to a duel and everybody rallied around to train him. Then Bartholomew took it upon himself to say “Okay it’s been 5 minutes of training, he’s not getting any better. I’m gonna go save the day.” Then when he FAILS and Cisco calls him out on him lying about believing in him, this punk ass nigga gon tell him a monument of nothingness (read: excuse) as to why he’s being a dickhead. You did that last week, too, Bartholomew. I’m tired of this shit and I’m beginning to think he’s just a really bad friend. Ol’ hoe.

    Iris walking up to dude with that gun was fire, to be quite honest with you. And I really hope we see Gypsy and Cisco again, she was cool, man. But that was a wack trial by combat. Did she even properly yield? He knocked her down and then she said “Okay you got me.” That’s it? Tuh.

    All I got!

  7. For the podcast

    I loved the episode. It seems like Julian is the new grumpy team member, and Cisco is back to his fun loving, joke cracking self. I can’t wait for Gypsy to come back.

    *Vipsy or Cynco were adorable. The characters definitely have chemistry, plus she is shorter than Cisco. Their figt was cool. It was nice to see Cisco out in the field flexing is Vibe muscles.

    *Barry’s pep talk to Cisco seemed kind of selfish to me. He started talking about his own situation while he was supposed to be motivating San Francisco.

    *Wally is so adorable. I was surprised he hasn’t been blurring his face for photos or video. One of his classmates is definitely going to figure out that he is Kid Flash.

    *I loved the scene at the CCPN from beginning to end. What have Cecile and Joe been doing that’s “fast and hard?” Iris nearly caused Joe to have a heart attack right there, and I loved it. I could tell that Joe was so thrown off by the topic of conversation, he didn’t realize how weird Iris was acting.

    *I liked the Iris and Wally scenes, but I am looking at Iris with the side eye. She stood right in Barry’s face and lied. I would have preferred for her to tell him that she’d think about dropping the story, then to straight up lie. I thought she was going to come clean with Joe when he was chewing her and Wally out. I loved the look she gave Wally when he told Joe and Barry she could have been shot. I think Joe has to find out the truth next week. The longer they drag this out the angrier he’ll be when he learns the truth.

    *Barry and Iris are always on point. I loved all of the WestAllen goodness. The little Iris jealousy was cute.

    *SnowBert (Julian and Caitlin) is definitely happening. That’s all, I don’t want to be too long.

    Ps. I still don’t trust HR or Julian.

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