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The Flash - S3E15 - The Wrath of Savitar

Previously on The Flash, “Attack on Central City”

Now that we’re done with the monkey business, The Flash can get back to everything that makes it great: the team dynamic (even when it’s problematic); the high stakes in facing a formidable, secret villain; the compelling relationship drama that can only be achieved when the characters truly care for one another; and a few WTF moments (even when they’re problematic).

Wally tells the team about his Savitar visions after Savitar attacks him in an alley. Barry is, rightfully, pissed and worries that this connection between Wally and Savitar could lead to Savitar knowing their every move.

In trying to figure out what Savitar wants and how to stop him, Julian once again allows Savitar to communicate through him; Caitlin admits to keeping a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone; Iris learns that Barry proposed as a way to change the future; Wally is tricked into freeing Savitar and taking his place in the Speed Force; and Barry is seriously wounded.

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Why Not Both?

The best conflict is one in which all parties have good points. The team agreed to not keep secrets and we’ve seen them stick to that (*side-eyes Caitlin*). If Wally thought seeing Savitar was just stress, it’s understandable that he wouldn’t say anything. On the other hand, he’s a speedster and knows about meta-humans, time travel, and alternate timelines and worlds - he shoulda said something about seeing Savitar. Barry agrees and lays into Wally.

In Barry’s defense, they’re trying to save Iris’ life so no one should be taking chances and withholding information. But Barry’s treatment of Wally and banishing him from the cortex in case Savitar can spy on them was so harsh it set in motion the events that led to Wally, feeling hopeless, releasing Savitar.

Unsung Heroes

H.R. and Wally have such great chemistry. I could watch an hour of just the two of them doing stuff and thangs. H.R. had some of the funniest lines of the episode, plus a touching moment with Jesse as she mourns Wally. Keinynan Lonsdale delivered with this material; some of the more challenging material he’s been given thus far.

Also, I really like Julian. Can we just kill Caitlin and let him stay? Which brings me to…

Caitlin Snow is a Duplicitous Heifer and She Needs to Go

I’ve been saying since season two that Caitlin is problematic, and this would be fine if she’s written that way on purpose - and I’m not sure that’s the case. She showed some serious classism when choosing the new Firestorm. She’s had to be begged several times to use her powers to save lives. She makes EVERY situation about her. Caitlin Snow has most definitely #NotAllWhiteWomen’d conversations on intersectionality in feminism. Caitlin Snow is totally the type to vote for Trump, and then walk around wearing a safety pin the next day. Caitlin Snow asks, “What about crime in Keystone?” when Central City’s black citizens protest police brutality.

Caitlin Snow is the worst.

She admits first to Julian, and then later the team, that she kept a piece of the Philosopher’s Stone in the hopes that she could use it to stop her powers. The only one to call her on it is Julian. I don’t begrudge Barry his anger at Wally, but I damn sure call bullshit on him not even raising his voice at Caitlin. No one had a problem with her keeping a huge, dangerous secret. Then, the writers made it worse by making it so that it’s a good thing Caitlin kept the piece. Savitar is trapped in the Speed Force and needs the entire stone to get out.

I’m sure there are some delusional viewers - you know, the ones who use Photoshop to remove the black female lead of the show and replace her with a white woman whose character has never, ever been romantically linked to the white male lead, yet swear they’re not racist - who will say that this is a sign Barry truly loves Caitlin and can’t bear to be cross with her. To those viewers I say, back away from the hallucinogens. Go outside. Smell some flowers. Pet a puppy. And reevaluate your life choices.

To the writers: Get some black writers in that room. At least three. Barry stays jumping in Wally’s ass. It’s so damn gross that you basically had Barry Kanye shrug in response to Caitlin’s betrayal. The only way this will be somewhat forgivable is if Wally is Savitar (more on that in a bit). In which case, good. Barry deserves all this hot ether Savitar is about to unleash.

Say Yes to the Dress, Iris

Funny that this is one of my favorite episodes in a long time, and it contains a major speed bump for WestAllen. Again, both Iris and Barry have understandable points of view on this one.

Everyone knows that Barry and Iris are meant to be, and that they will be married. Barry doesn’t think he’s proposing to Iris out of fear; they’re going to get married anyway so what’s the harm? But Iris has a good point: the proposal is tainted because the impetus for it wasn’t a romantic desire to make Iris his wife (which Barry does have), but the fear of losing her. It’s like one more thing to check off the Stop the Future whiteboard. It’s a legitimate concern because marriages that begin based on a rash decision rarely work out.

Once everyone has the full picture, they know it’s not right. Joe couldn’t believe Barry didn’t ask for Iris’ hand, and now it makes sense that he didn’t. Barry, when he’s thinking straight, would remember the importance of this romantic (but antiquated) gesture. He’d do it for Joe. This was a great touch to inform the audience that Joe’s and Iris’ concerns weren’t out of nowhere. They come from the two people who know Barry Allen best.

Now, Barry just needs to ask again and let that woman say yes.

Who Is Savitar?

At some point in the future, Barry banishes Savitar to the Speed Force where he’s been trapped long enough for him to lose his mind several times over. When Barry created Flashpoint, Savitar got the idea to turn Wally into his Flashpoint self, Kid Flash. I’d asked from the beginning why he’d want to make another good guy, particularly a speedster and one who’s close to Barry. Savitar needed Wally to get fast enough so that he could open the Speed Force and take Savitar’s place.

Now it’s clear why they rushed to have Jesse move to Earth-1 for Wally, even though they’ve had no real contact. With Wally out of commission, Jesse will be the speedster help Barry needs. Kinda like how they sent Henry Allen camping for a full season, just so he wouldn’t have cause to make the Jay Garrick connection to his family.

We still don’t know who he is under that Ultron suit, or why he and Barry had beef in the first place. After this episode I’ve narrowed down the options to:

  1. Wally West
  2. Eddie Thawne
  3. Barry Allen (maybe one of the versions created due to messing with the timelines repeatedly)

These are a few clues and how they apply to my suspects:

Though Savitar implies that he and Barry haven’t yet met in Barry’s timeline (the one we’re viewing), Savitar knows things that he can only know if he’s currently working with the team now. (Wally)

Savitar said, “I’m nothing like you, Barry. You’re cruel. You’re selfish. From my perspective, you’re the big bad.” (Wally, Eddie)

Savitar knows that H.R. was a fraud and was trying to find his place in the team. He knows that they’ve been trying to change the future. (Wally)

On why he and Barry are enemies: “Because we had to be. Only one of us could live.” (This season, there’s been a lot of talk of Wally and Barry being in competition, and of Joe having to choose one.)

To Joe, answering what they did to him: “You took everything from me! I never asked for any of this, Joe. I’m only this way because of you. All of you.” (Eddie, Barry)

When asked when he and Barry meet: “Not long now. You’re there when I become who I am.” (Wally, because it’s a paradox and Wally/Savitar is created when he’s sucked into the Speed Force)

Barry asks if he gave Savitar his speed: “Oh, no. I created myself, Barry. Only I can bring out my greatness.” (Eddie, Wally)

Barry: “We got rid of the Philosopher’s Stone.” Savitar: “Did we?” (Wally; why wouldn’t Savitar say, “Did you?”)

Savitar: “But Barry Allen doesn’t kill. He’s the good guy. The boy Joe raised. The man Iris loves. You have everything and deserve none of it.” (Wally, Eddie, Barry)

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

The Flash S3E15
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"The Wrath of Savitar"

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton

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35 Comments on The Flash - S3E15 - The Wrath of Savitar

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: Hi, Nina, Donny, and John! Well see if you cover this on the show, but I have a question: why was Iris so upset about the “reason” Barry proposed? He loves her, always has, would have proposed anyway, and has done umpteen things so far to change the future. Why was this the last straw? Okay, one other question: why was Jessie giving Wally heat about spilling the tea on Barry? Barry has been a grad A, Oliver Queen asshole for weeks, dogging Wally for every little mistake. It’s about damn time he knocked down a peg. I look forward to your thoughts.

  2. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    I hate how they’re writing Wallace as a proverbial whipping boy for Bartholomew to flip out on every time he fucks up (which is GROSS), but when Caitlin fucks up EVEN WORSE, Barry says “Aww well that’s cool. Let’s figure this out together!” Meanwhile, Wallace gets taken and Bartholomew just stands there and asks “Where’s Wally?” AND WHY DO THEY WRITE BARTHOLOMEW AS THE ONLY PERSON WHO CARES ABOUT IRIS’ LIFE? Fcuk Bartholomew, fcuk this show, fcuk Iris and Joe for barely being concerned about Wallace (they NEVER checked on him and only looked mildly upset that he’s gone…long as their precious Barry is safe), fcuk Caitlin’s white privilege, fuck the writers. I’ll still faithfully listen to your podcast, but I’m done with this hoe ass show. My Tuesday nights at 8p just opened up for fitness. #CancelMe.

    Question for you guys: Bartholomew said he asked Joe for his mother’s ring last week, but Joe didn’t know he was going to propose. Did he steal the ring, or did the writers forget they wrote that?

  3. FOR THE PODCAST (Short Version): Mutha fuck Bart Allen. I’m sick of him and his shit. He’s a complete dick to Wallace at all times and I’m not here for it. The way that stuff is written is further proof there are no black writers on this show. If there were Wallace would have said “Who THE FUCK are you talking to????” to him at least one time this season. Black folks ain’t about folks talking crazy to us. You better adjust your mutha fuckin tone!

  4. FOR THE PODCAST (Long Version):
    I don’t even remember if I liked this episode or not. I know that it was better than the last two, but my actual feelings on it as whole have been clouded by the fuckery within it. Buckle up, boys and girls, this is gonna be a bumpy ride…

    1. Mutha Fuck Bart Allen - I am sick of this man and his bullshit. He has to go. And don’t say it can’t happen, because it can. the show is called The Flash, not Bart Allen: The Flash. We’ve seen other flashes on this show. So, for my money, kill this bitch, and let my dogg Wallace be THEE Flash of this universe. That’s first off. Speaking of Young Wallace, the way Bart treats him is the main reason I want his punk ass to die. Week after week, Bart barks on this man. Yes, there are times when Wallace is doing too much, and he’s being reckless with his behavior. He’s still in that honeymoon phase of being a Speedster. He’s still excited about it and relies on impulse more than experience thinking things through. I get that, but this chump Bart isn’t helping AT ALL by being an asshole to him every minute. Look at this episode. I’ll give Bart credit for being right in telling Wallace he messed up, but being right doesn’t always make you right. And there are right and wrong ways to go about letting someone know you’re right. Bart stays jumping in Wallace’s ass, but when he found out Caitlyn was hiding a part of the stone, he didn’t say shit to her. As the leader of the team this bitch Bart should know how to talk to his people. Being a dick to Wallace isn’t the way. You’re shattering this man’s confidence and putting him in the mind state of trying NOT to fuck up more than in a space where he’s confident and feels the support of the team, and most importantly for him, the main speedster of the team (no diss to Jess). But NOPE, Bart has to be an asshole and scream on this man in front of everyone every fuckin day. This is further proof that there are no black writers on this show. If there were there would have been at least one scene where Bart screamed on him and Wallace replied with “Who the FUCK are you talking to????”. Black folks, y’all know, we’re not for people talking crazy to us. At some point we’re gonna check someone and let them know to adjust their mutha fuckin tone. Oh, and shout out to Wallace for calling out Bart on his bullshit after he came back from the future tho. You’re the real MVP. We know eventually Iris is gonna marry this fuck boy, but at least you saved her from the false pretenses she was about to walk into. Bart should have kept it real with Iris during the proposal. She might have been with it too. After all, we’re not supposed to keep secrets, right? He could have said to her that marriage is a step he’s always wanted to take with her, and that while he is going to do everything he can to ensure they can have a long life together, but IF he fails for some reason and isn’t able to save her, he’d like to spend their last few months together married. He also could have said that in the future vision, she wasn’t wearing a ring, so them doing it before that day arrives could be a way to make sure they have a chance at that long married life. But NOPE. He’s a punk ass and couldn’t do it that way. Fuck him and his proposal. Finally fuck Bart for not even trying to save Wallace. He didn’t do shit but stand there. He could have run over there, yelled at Savitar, thrown a rock at him. Something. But NOPE, he didn’t. Fuck him!

  5. Hello Nina, Donald and John.

    This may not be a popular opinion, but I don’t hate Barry. He definitely messed up, but that is his fear and love leading all of his decisions. If I was in Iris’s situation I’d want a Barry Allen who will do absolutely anything to save me. WestAllen is endgame. Wally should have pulled Barry to the side instead of outing him in front of Iris. She was the person hurt the most. Wally better be safe by the end of the next episode. Caitlin is dead to me. The only way she can redeem herself at this point is to sacrifice herself for Iris in the finale.

    1. How long until the engagement is back on?
    2. How did Barry get the ring without talking to Joe? Either Barry’s a thief or the writers messed up.
    3. Do Barry and Iris still live together or will we see Barry moving back in with Joe? I can’t see Barry putting Iris out.
    4. Why did Elsa get a pass, yet Wally got jumped on?

  6. For the podcast:
    Hi y’all. This episode was depressing but good. Caitlin needs to catch some hands. Is this selfish bitch serious? Julian being responsible for people dying isn’t enough of a reason? No it has to be all about you? GIRL!!! You’ve got your damn battery- powered dampening 💩’s. Iris could die girl, DIE!! Why is she? Really Barry? You just let her slide like that? & she still had the nerve to try an ‘I told you so’ in the end. Ugh!! Fix WestAllen now please! Save Wally & replace him with Caitlin in the speed force. She can keep Savitar company. This was depressing, Logan was also depressing. So this day just needs to end. Thanx for the free 💩.


    Sup fam, 🗣MY NIPPLES ARE STILL HARD FROM THIS EPISODE‼️ Next weeks looks to litty too, the flash is trying to make me fall in love I can tell!! The good thing is I’ll bounce back when they do that singing episode bc in sure it will be trash🗑!

    Am I the only one who didn’t understand iris’ issue with Barry proposing…? Y’all Midas 🐳 be married all ready this is just a formality anyways!! (He should’ve asked joe doe)

    Speaking of parents I yelled 🗣 why does Wallace mom sound so evil when she said hello! Then when we noticed it was a vision I started wondering if crack was contagious 😷 (we remember cw). It’s sad that savatar tricked Wallace but man he’s the villain I hoped zoom was!!! SAVATAR IS DAT NIGGA!!!

    Couple of questions 1. That’s totally not the betrayal right? I feel either Cisco or HR will do the “big betrayal”!
    2. Is Jessie and Wallace living with joe..? You can’t fuck the 🐶💩 outta your speed stroke with your pops below you can you…? Inquiring minds wanna know!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear 👂🏾 the podcast ✌🏾


    1. Nothing in those fucking cups
    2. Barry used Biscuits, betrayed Iris, and Curly Fade is stuck in the speed force because of his pissy ass. All that pretty to be so dumb
    3. I was waiting for Joe West to throat punch Barry for that proposal.
    4. Savitar shaded the fuck out of San Fran by telling him he was tech support
    5. Curly locks took Barry to task for his fake ass proposal to Iris
    6. Caitlin gonna cait
    7. Julius Osco repeated what we all knew and said that the vision Wally saw was Savitar. Well no fucking duh. Although I love Biscuits, I reserve the right to demote him back to earring backs.
    8. When we do get Francine, she tricking her kid? We can’t get her spirit coming back for good? I see you CW.
    9. Finally, here is my question. Who is going to keep curlicious the great’s fade on point in the speed force? Is he coming out of the speed force as tapered fro?

    Overall, this episode was cool and Barry is going to get dropped kicked if he don’t get his shit together because I just can’t deal with his moody ass. AND THE FACT HE WATCHED CURLS MCGEE GO INTO THE SPEED FORCE. But y’all did see HR? He was fine this episode!

    Thanks for the free shit

  9. For the Podcast-I’m sure you and others will cover what I’m thinking. Barry was wrong, and irritating and the worse and becoming Rosita on his own show. Later for that and him.

    My question-H.R. is consistently the best on this show, and Tom Cavanaugh brings it every seasons. Do you think we will get a new iteration of Wells next season or do we get to keep this one? Every performance Tom has brought this series has been great, but H..R. is what we need!

  10. For the podcast:
    - Barry choosing Cisco over Wallace as his best man after PettyGate is bullshit
    - Jessica being too focused on the ring to help out and do her damn job is sexist as fuck
    - “Drink every time someone says Speedforce” is back with a vengeance.
    - Barry not ever yelling at Caitlin despite her detrimental and team damaging selfishness is the reason we have Snowbarry
    - Jessica stopping to grab a coat and scarf rather than chase Wally or phone the team was very annoying. Maybe if Savitar forced Wally to knock her out first or something it would have worked.
    - Wallace getting sucked into the speed-force is the first time this show FUCKING SHOOK ME.
    - Jessie and HR at the end was perfect. Joe also killed those last scenes, and my guy feeling is that he’s going to sacrifice himself to save his kids. 😭
    - Everyone leaving at the end is technically a Snowbarry moment.
    - Everyone is arguing about whether it’s Barry in the wrong or Wallace in the wrong. Fuck that. Grant and Keiynan acted the fuck out of this episode. The two characters were both emotionally charged, and both not acting rationally, which only made everything that much better. Yes, some decisions they made were bad, but they only had the best intentions, and, more importantly, SELFLESS intentions. Caitlin is the character that deserves everyone’s ire. So, instead of saying things like “Wallace shouldn’t bring his petty out” or “Bart didn’t give a fuck about Wallace dying, so fuck him”, instead people should focus on the real problem - the audacity of Becky Snow, who got Wallace Speed-Murdered by Transformers and is still more focussed on her own privilege than her “friends”.

  11. This episode fucked me up. It was good but I hated it at the same time. I don’t even know how to explain it. But I will say Keiynan did an amazing job this episode 👏🏾.

    Now for the bullshit. Barry did my head in. Wally fucked up and now his ass is trapped in the speed force. Well played by Savitar. Caitlin HAS to die because it’s her fault Wally is where he is and the way they treated her versus Wally was bullshit. I’m not fond of Wally but they did him bad. Rat face held on to a piece of the stone for her own selfish ass reasons FOR MONTHS and it’s ok because she’s scared/sorry? Naw fuck that, she needs to die. Off with her damn head. I hate her and then the only person to tell her what a dickhead she was is Julian? Fucking ridiculous.

    Joe annoyed me with the asking permission thing, sometimes shut the fuck up Joseph. Why was Joe even surprised about the engagement? What the fuck did he think Barry wanted the ring for? Westallen are no longer engaged and I am hurt. I’m not worried though because this means we’ll get to see another proposal and hopefully her saying yes this time. Savitar is free and ready to fuck shit up so Barry needs to start snapping necks. Like that cult man. Who the hell is that random ass man? How did he even know The Flash was engaged? Does he know Barry is The Flash? What the fuck! Also why is Savitar so pressed about Barry’s life? Maybe he is Eddie.

  12. This is in defense of Barry Allen don’t none of y’all @ me its how I feel 😂😂
    For the Podcast:
    Barry has made some dumbass decisions this season, he needs to be nicer to Wally🙄 and to drag Caitlyn way more and needs to stop fucking with the timeline in the first place. However I Stan. Why? Because this man is descending into desperation because the woman he loves was literally murdered in front of him and he is doing everything (sometimes stupid as shit things) to save her. And you know what I don’t see that shit happening for black women often….really anywhere so if he needs to become a villain to some to save his future wife I’m fine with it. He is caping for Iris harder than Charlemagne caped for Tomi Lahren okay! I literally don’t care about anyone but Iris at this point I’ve got blinders on like Barry does. Go head Bartholomew save your girl I for one am not mad at it. Also I am just going to be frank I don’t like Wally as much as everyone else does Wallace who? I stand with Donnie😈

    Side note: men still ask fathers for permission to marry their daughters 😮 my future fiance bet not is all I have to say on that subject

  13. I’ll be as brief as I can


    Let me just say that I am finally over that bitch ass nigga Bartholomew and his wack ass attitude. First of all he had me all the way fucked up when they revealed he didn’t ask Joe’s permission for Iris’ hand in marriage?! Where the fuck they do that at?! Who raised you?! Oh Joe raised you and your bitch ass still did that foul ass shit even when Joe expected you to know better and this privileged ass nigga talking bout I knew you’d say yes then gonna yada yada and run off. From that point on I gave no fucks about what happened to Mr. Privilege.

    Also he did my homie Wallace wrong the entire episode! Talking cash shit about him in the lab in front of everybody and then he didn’t even try to save him from the speed force! And don’t even get me started on white snow, that duplicitous heifer! Caitlyn definitely voted for Trump ol 53% ass!

    Question for the class. Does Bartholomew even deserve to be with Iris because I’m over it?! #TeamBarryBeingForeverAlone


    Alright Bart Allen was completely right in this episode except when he didn’t shit ok Caitlin for keeping the rock but I’m glad she did keep the rock. Since Caitlin kept the rock it prevented Savitar from returning earlier on when Cat Daddy flash and Bart threw the stone in the speed force because the stone wasn’t completely intact Savitar couldn’t Switch places with Bart and went on a killing spree. Wally is king of petty this episode and so Fucking wrong. He waited a whole week to not tell Barry about seeing Savitar when you have a person like Julian as a example of what happens when he gets into your head. Wally should have said I’m seeing Savitar put me in the pipeline until we figure this out and Bart was 100 percent right going off on him because Savitar can be spying since he was in his head. Petty Wally getting mad that Bart proposed was so Stupid because we already know they getting married in the future and they are basically married already without the 💍 and he only did it because Bart went off on him when Wally knew he was wrong for not telling the team and Bart ain’t changing anything that wasn’t gonna happen he just speeding up his marriage to the women everyone knows he’s destiny to marry because there is No Flash Without Iris West. Lastly if anyone needs to go off on Caitlin it’s must be Julian for lying, Iris because she Fucking with her life keeping shit secret and Joe because She Fucking up and he needs to show her how a black father goes off so she learn to stop keeping Secrets

  15. The reason my feedback is so long is because unlike all the other shows we watch, this is the only one where none of my friends are caught up and can discuss the current storyline with me. I don’t set out to be long ass. I’m much better with my TWD feedback. But I can hash out stuff with others on that mess. So this feedback is hopefully gonna be the appropriate length.

    For the podcast

    I surprisingly liked this episode despite the broken engagement and Wally stuck in the speed force.

    Has Julian been unknowingly helping Savitar specifically with how fast the person needs to be to save Iris? That’s what Savitar wanted all along.

    I love Barry but sometimes you want to knock him upside his head to get him to stop fucking yo! stays fucking up! I need that Tyra Banks I was rooting for you gif! He cheapened the damn proposal! Iris still loves him but he fucked up! Are they still gonna be living together or is she headed back to Joe’s? Loved the convo she & Barry had too. I’m glad she removed the ring. Just because he’s adorable and so extra with the romantic gestures does not mean he gets off Scott free.

    Why does no one on this team communicate!!?? Wally especially! Didn’t her learn from when that dude gripped up Iris & she almost died!

    Caitlin is a selfish bitch! She stays acting shady and doesn’t get yelled at! Except by Jules who can see what a selfish bitch she is! But poor Wally, who’s young and still learning, gets screamed at. FUCK YOU BARRY! Wouldn’t Wally have opened up about his visions if he felt more comfortable talking about it with Barry?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And sorry for the length.

  16. For the info-mercial…. Why is everyone whispering? is this a CW thing ? I just started noticing a couple of weeks ago. . it’s starting to get on my nerves. So Barry proposed early To potentially save Iris life ….it’s not like he was doing it to win the lotto or get a day off of work . I’m glad they ditched he CG and made Savitar into a suit . Cause it’s gonna look way better when we see Eddie under that mask cause that’s Eddie. He said he created himself i.e. Shot himself. And the way he said Joes name was way too familiar. Poor Jessie she’s crying cause she signed a lease a new place …now she’s stuck with this rent . Here’s my question …do you think Tom Cavanagh gets two pay checks since he’s playing multiple characters cause I hope He stays on the show forever .

  17. Hi Nina, John and Donald,
    I hope I made it in time. I see that everyone already said what I was thinking except for one thing…

    Barry is a grown man that is almost engaged to a fine woman and he can’t seem to dress like a grown man. I’m tired of the sneakers and untucked shirt, what is this the year 2000??

    I thought this was the best episode thus far, even though I was annoyed by some of the characters.

    I look forward to the podcast.😘

  18. For the podcast:

    Just your weekly reminder that Barry ain’t shit and ain’t never been shit.

    Also, yall caught Savitar said that Barry was the true villain and when Barry asked who he was he said “The Future Barry” no commas, right?

  19. Let me just say
    I hate Caitlin
    She’s a selfish bich
    She can die or leave the team. I don’t give af
    WA.. Are not engaged anymore 😭💔 but I understand and agree with Iris. But they are still together, right??! Please!! 😭
    Wally!! Bring Wally back right now! 😭
    Love ur podcast! Big fan from Brazil 🤗

  20. I kind of think Savitar is Jay Garrick, he’s the one who told Barry to toss the stone in the Speedforce, he’s the only one who knew the Origin Story besides Julian, plus he pulled Barry out of the speedforce twice. Like how did he know he was going to run back in time again in that moment? 🤔

  21. If Iris moves out I hope that makes Barry realize that he needs to actually put her 1st. He’s so caught up in Savitar, he didn’t even realize she took the ring off until she grabbed his hand. It’s not just about him she’s part of this too it’s her life in the balance and their relationship he didn’t consider her feelings beyond i know she’ll say yes because she loves me.

  22. I’m so mad 😡 that Barry went in on Wally and Caitlin’s betrayal did not phase him at all. Does she even like Iris she didn’t want to save her and then she was talking about I should just let her die. Not to mention her speech to that Savitar lackey about her oath to do no harm please 🙄

  23. Hi Nina, I love your podcast and listen all of the time. However, this is my first time responding so I will try to keep it brief and to the point. I have 3 points from Tuesday Ep. If you only have time for one of my points, go with WestAllen.
    1) WestAllen - While I understand Iris’ pov about the proposal, I’m not sure why everyone on SM is hating on Barry. Barry loves Iris more than life itself. He’s loved her before he knew what the word love meant. She is his heart beat, lightening rod, motivator and happy place (in a world of darkness). Everything he does is for her. He’s renting a beautiful loft for them, cooks, cleans, decorates, I mean damn; I’m married and I still want a Barry Allen! He sees the love of his life get murdered every night (nightmares) and he loses sleep. He is doing everything in his power to save her from this imminent danger. I don’t fault him for wanting to save her or protect her. He should have been upfront w/his motives. But I LOVE Barry and this riff is not that serious. Like Joe said, their love shld be simple. They should have made up by the end of the ep. Hoping it doesn’t last too long, My WestAllen heart is so broken and can’t take much more this riff.
    2) Caitlin Snow - is a sneak, liar and she’s evil. Barry and the team should have gone off on her as well.
    3) Wally - Wally is very familiar with Savitar and his mind controlling tactics. He should have said something. That is, afterall, how he got his powers. They had to lock him up to keep him away from Savitar. He knows his sister’s life is in danger by Savitar. He does not get a pass (Sorry, I know that’s your boy) I agree w/Barry that Savitar was spying on them through Wally. That’s how Savitar knows so much about current events. His lackey even knew about the engagement.

    So much for brief - Sorry (WestAllen gets me going. Had so much to say about them but cut it short).

  24. PS .. It was great to see Barry put up a fight against Savitar as oppose to being dragged all over the city. And he punched the lackey out. Barry was kind of a badass in this ep. Want to see more of that!!!

  25. Do guys think Wally will become Savitar? He did say Barry will be there when he is created, Maybe Wally being stuck in the speed force will make him crazy and Evil, and the reason Wally and Savitar can exist at the same time is because Time Travel. THAT LYING ASS CAITLIN SNOW GOTTA DIE. Let me tag Nina Pérez so she don’t miss this

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