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The Flash - S3E20 - I Know Who You Are

Previously on The Flash, “The Once and Future Flash”

Barry finally figured out Savitar’s identity; something I predicted way back in “The Wrath of Savitar.” And while that revelation will undoubtedly be the most talked about aspect of this episode, I think it did something even more powerful. It foreshadowed a major character’s death, and it ain’t Iris. So, how did we get there?

Killer Lost

Julian thinks he’s the only one who cares about finding Caitlin before she hooks up with Savitar (too late), because Wally is on Earth-3 visiting Jesse and he doesn’t feel as though the rest of the team is doing enough. But Killer Frost finds them when Cisco, Barry, and H.R. visit Tracy Brand (Anne Dudek) at her lab.

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Tracy is quirky, smart, and talks really fast. She’s basically Patty Spivot with about 90% less ugh. Unfortunately, she doesn’t appear to be on the path to creating a speed force prison. Her peers think she’s a nutcase and she’s lost support for her research. Still, H.R. is smitten. Killer Frost arrives to kill Tracy for Savitar, and both Barry and Cisco hesitate to take her down. She gets away, but without completing her task, much to Savitar’s annoyance.

I’ve made no secret about the fact that I find this whole Killer Frost dilemma to be dumb. FOR REASONS, she’s the only meta-human whose powers come with a side of evil and auto-tune. If we’re to believe that something about Killer Frost brings out Caitlin’s dark side, her inner fears, and dislodges the giant stick from her butt, fine. But if this is all connected to feelings, then it stands to reason that reaching the Caitlin deep down inside may be able to change her back. And that’s lame. This makes it all the more annoying that when Savitar accuses her of failing because there’s still a part of Caitlin in there, the look on her face says he might be right. That’s not what we were told when they spent episodes S3E5 thru S3E19 driving home the fact that if she goes full Killer Frost, it’s a wrap. To prove herself, Killer Frost makes several attempts at killing Tracy until she finally kidnaps someone to hold hostage in exchange for Tracy.

Oh no, Joe. What is you doing?

After Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) drops the L-word, Joe gets all weird and puts distance between them. She notices, of course, and tries to get him to open up. Even though he has Barry’s blessing to tell Cecile their secrets, Joe, afraid that their complicated lives will harm her, breaks up with Cecile instead. He eventually comes to his senses after almost losing Cecile when Killer Frost snatches her. Not only does Joe end up removing his wedding ring, he says he loves her too, and then tells her all about Team Flash.

Now, this definitely feels like some “this is too good to be true and Joe gonna die” shit, but I think someone else will die in his place…

My Weird Matches Your Weird; Let’s Hook Up

Despite the whole attempt on her life thing, Tracy isn’t immediately convinced she’s in any danger. She chalks up the attack by Killer Frost to a random act of violence. Since she’s their only real lead on stopping Savitar, the team trail her so they can be there if anything goes down and this includes sending in H.R. to work his muse-like magic to turn her into the person capable of creating a Speed Force prison. This connection is cute and it totally means H.R. isn’t long for this world. And that sucks because he’s 52 kinds of awesome.

Hey, Bare. Nice of you to join us.

It finally clicks in Barry’s head that he is Savitar. He’s a version of himself who somehow lost, or never had, the loving relationships our Barry has. This explains how Savitar knows so much about them and what they’re going to do before they do it. He’s already lived through this.

As I pointed out in this review and on our podcast, the signs were definitely there. When Barry asked Savitar who he was, through Julian, he responded, “I’m the future, Flash.” I predicted that what he actually said was, “I’m the future Flash.” And it would explain the fact that in his very next sentence, he referred to Barry as “Barry.” Why would he call him by two different names in, essentially, the same breath? Also, when Caitlin remarked that they got rid of the Philosopher’s Stone, he replied, “Did we?” We. Finally, when Sad-Ass Future Flash told Barry that Savitar killed almost all of the time remnants Barry will make to stop him, that felt like more than just a throwaway line. He killed “nearly” all of them.

So, Barry challenges Savitar to cash him ousside and confronts him with the truth. Savitar applauds his former self on finally getting it and steps out of the suit to reveal that he is, in fact, Barry with half his face disfigured.

Up to Speed

This was really the best possible option for Savitar’s identity. While I still want an Eddie Thawne return because I’m high-key petty, the idea that something happens to any version of Barry that would make him turn this evil is intriguing. In trying to stop Savitar, it’s likely that Barry will create him. Ah, good old time paradox. But what does this mean for Sad-Ass Future Barry who said he didn’t know Savitar’s identity? Was he lying? Or it because in the last (most recent?) version of these events, Barry doesn’t find out who he is before he kills Iris so this future version of himself wouldn’t know either? While I don’t believe any version of Barry Allen would kill Iris West, I’m invested in seeing this play out.

I’m also happy Barry figured it out instead of having to be told; much like seeing that blue lightning triggered Zoom’s connection to Jay Garrick.

Killer Frost’s ice ramps were cool.

Speed Bumps

I like how it took Barry a whole-ass season to learn, like, four things, but Killer Frost figured out how to ice surf in two days. I mean, I guess.

After she was knocked out, but before Savitar whisked her away, Cisco took a blood sample from Killer Frost. He and Julian believe that they may be able to use it to reverse engineer a cure. This means they will probably either be successful in using to take away Caitlin’s powers for good OR it will take away the parts of the power that make her evil. I’m already annoyed.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

The Flash S3E20
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"I Know Who You Are"

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton

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11 Comments on The Flash - S3E20 - I Know Who You Are


    Metal flash is at it again. All this blah blah my ascension to the throne blah blah die flash is old. Metal flash bores me. Yes, I know who it is and either his name is Metal Flash or Burnt Barry for now on. Also, the only reveal that got me was reverse flash.

    DOME. MY NIGGA! ALL YOU THINKING ABOUT IS FROSTY COMING BACK? Fuck her. Clean suit is just going to continue to fawn over a woman who will get him killed. Team too much. By the way, as froyo was struggle walking down the stairs to Barry with that damn icicle, that wig was screaming at me. It was too much.

    It is pretty difficult to fail a dissertation and in the cases that you do, you get to do it again at least one more time. Why did they make that woman silly? Not silly, but that thing they always do with smart women.

    The only thing that saves this show is H.R. and his opportunistic ass. He will go after every woman that looks that man’s way. I love it. This show has one more season and if it doesn’t shape up. It’s tossed like arrow.

  2. Do y’all think Savitar/Barry’s face got disfigured by the time wraiths like Zoom did if Savitar is an old time remenant Barry recreated? And now Jay Garrick’s explanation of who Savitar is makes no sense. He said Savitar was the first speedster but how is that true if it’s a future Barry? I’m sure this is a time paradox thing, but how does Savitar/Barry know exactly what Barry was going to say in the Meetup exchange of Cecile for Tracy? Savitar is from a time where Barry has fought him already and imprisoned him. The timeline now involves Barry fighting the newly released Savitar from when he made Flashpoint, so shouldn’t the events in this timeline be new to Savitar just like they are to our Barry? And time travel still confusing bc it appears that Barry made savitar in trying to stop him with the time remenant, but then how was Savitar created in the first place? Also since when is Cisco packing loaded guns in his hands? Someone is confident lol


    Need Alert! Salvatore/”The” Future Flash was Barry… Miss y’all but couldn’t really write in for this season. With my love for comic books & all. So I chose to watch the show & listen to y’all guess. & I have to say… It was a fun & hilarious journey. But honestly, I felt like Kevin heart in Go Hard. I wanted to just pop up out of nowhere with drawing board & be like, “Look people! All signs (with my drawing of multiple arrows↙️) are pointing @ Barry. I was hoping for a swerve & the reveal would’ve been Jay Garrick. But then that wouldn’t add up with how much Scare Barry knew. That’s all I got but before I go. I gotta hear Nina fire (🔥) off 1 time. So hear it goes…

    SnowBarry fans!!! Here me! You have hope. Evil Barry & Killer Frost are on the same side. The way he saved her when Vibe knocked her out… Hm, I think I saw sparks ⚡️ IJS #KeepHopeAlive ❤️❄️⚡️❤️

  4. For The Podcast:

    The Good - The Music, Caitlin’s slip and slide
    The Bad - Everything else:
    - Too many people are betraying Team Flash at this point: Barry, Caitlin, Julian, The Other Wells. If that isn’t an example of White Nonsense.
    - Cisco gives a whole speech about them searching for Caitlin non stop, yet she just walks through the lab front door without any trouble?!?
    - I am not here for HR and his freaky ass falling for some Patty-Spivot-Science-Edition-White-Mediocrity-Bullshit. Iris’ life is on the line, but let’s just give Tracy a minute to talk about her fee fees.
    - Edgy Barry is PETTY. “Bish you ain’t even killed no one”.
    - Julian is doing his best to make sure Panabaker keeps that paycheck. These Frosty White Tears are strong.
    - The “one who will fall” is Barry, the betrayer is Caitlin, and Wallace got it worse than death. That means no one is dying this season.
    - Let the Snowbarrys have their win. Then again, you just know some of them are already shipping Tracy and Barry over Iris right now - BrandBarrys.
    - The Next Episode looks like complete filler, so fuck this. How the fuck has the musical episode been the most recent decent episode?!?

  5. Stupid Comcast called at 7:58 so I missed the very beginning.

    And of course cut what you need to. I’m trying not to be long ass. And I have edited it. Lol

    For the podcast

    Ok, in what universe would a Barry Allen ever kill Iris West? I get Emo Barry being this Barry in 2024 but clearly Dwight Barry (and that’s what I’m calling him) can’t possibly be from the same timeline. Barry in this timeline would never! So did Dwight Barry grow up in a world were he wasn’t taken in by the Wests and therefore became an evil fuckboi? What is this dude’s motivation? Is he jealous cause this Barry got to be with Iris? Is he basically what Zoom was trying to create last season when he killed Henry? And how did he get burned? Did it happen before the Particle Accelerator and couldn’t be healed with the speed? Or is it that he doesn’t have the speed without the suit and his speed isn’t connected to the speed force? While we saw this twist coming a mile away, I need them to as plausibly as possible explain this in a way that won’t leave me wanting to throw something at my tv when the season is done.

    HR is the thirstiest dude out there! He had me dying!

    Why can’t the CW write women? Why? This is why we need diverse writer’s rooms because ain’t no way two grown ass professional people are gonna act like they had Joecile acting! Just NO!

    Ok, got long as usual. I’m writing this at 3 a.m. So maybe I’ll be able to editing it down later. Can’t wait to hear what y’all have to say about this one!

  6. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    Hey y’all! No I haven’t started watching this show again but I just wanted to leave feedback on such a glorious episode last week! As soon as you said Barry didn’t have any facial hair in the future, I instantly knew the answer!

    The reason that fool can’t grow facial hair is because he’s not trustworthy! He also ain’t shit! And like you told me last week, something I didn’t notice- Grant Gustin has struggle facial hair when he does try and grow it out!

    Anyway, I’ll still be listening, can’t wait for the podcast!

  7. The pacing this season has been such trash. They should have revealed Savitar’s identity episodes ago and given us little details of his backstory and why the fuck any version of Barry would want to kill Iris. But no, they’re going to cram shit into 3 episodes. I’d love to see how Iris and the other people react to Barry being Savitar but knowing these writers we won’t get that. Savitar is the most underwhelming villain ever, he was talking about how KF needs to kill someone and we have yet to see him actually do anything besides kill Iris in the future. All he does is run his mouth send people to do his dirty work. I’m really starting to hate this show.

    Fuck Caitlin/Killerfrost forever. I don’t care what people say, they’re the same damn person! Cisco pissed me off this episode too, I understand that’s your friend but she’s trying to kill you for fuck sakes!!! Also how is that bitch ice surfing through Central City already? Didn’t she JUST get her powers, how does she know how to do all that? Meanwhile Barry still has to be told when to do basic speedster stuff. They make Barry look so dumb on his own show. Tragic! It’s not realistic to have Barry getting blasted by the ice bitch when he should be able to knock her out before the ice even leaves her hands. This episode got me so mad.


    Heavy Sigh. Boring and anticlimatic.

    Best Things-Frost’s outfit, Grant’s acting, the addition of Tracey.

    Worst-you called it, but it felt like an empty reveal.

    This show is the most disappointing primarily because it’s not fun anymore. Not even Well’s presence makes it fun any longer. If I wanted depressing and emo I’d watch Arrow.

  9. Hey guys!
    Omg! I hated this episode.
    1) Too much of Joe/Cecile in 1 episode. And out of nowhere? Tf? I love them, but it was too much
    2) Basically NO westallen!
    3) Tracey.. I liked her. She’s already better then KKKaitlin
    4) I still hate Danielle P. acting! What’s the problem w/ the old outfit? They changed it to disguise her terrible acting..
    5) So.. Barry’s Savitar? *pretends to be shocked* and why tf would any version of Barry want to kill Iris? Why SaviBarry didn’t just kill Tracey when he had the chance? This show is a mess..
    6) Too much of HR in one episode. I’m not here for it. His relationship w/ Tracey is supposed to make us feel bad when he dies? Failed.
    7) Why wasn’t Iris the one to talk to Tracey abt helping them? I mean, she’s the one who is supposed to die, right?

    Oh! Barry still doesn’t give af abt Kaitlin.
    SaviBarry called KF his child.. So, that’s incest, sNObarries!! ☕

    Thank u guys for the podcast! 💜

  10. Leaving feedback cause I never do.

    FOR THE PODCAST: I won’t rehash what everyone else said but I did enjoy the episode and watching Killer Frost’s ice bridge is the closest we’re gonna get to a decent Iceman (visual) on 📺 so I’ll take it. Question for the crew, are we supposed to believe all this stuff has happened already? Unless Savitar is getting our Barry’s memories in real time, we’re supposed to believe that everything that happened in the episode happened to Savitar already, that’s how he was able to tell Frost what Barry was gone say and where to put the bomb for Cisqo. This confuses me cause I thot they were making changes, like him going to get Tracy has to be new cause she’s about to crack the Speed Prison like 4 years early, this has to be new! Right?! I’m sure y’all talked about this during the recap already but I has questions. Someone draw some science circles to make sense of this. That’s all I got, catch y’all on the air.

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