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The Flash - S3E4 - The New Rogues

Previously on The Flash, “Magenta”

The Flash - S3E4 - “The New Rogues” | Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Williams, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton, Violett Beane

This week’s villain was the much-anticipated (at least according to Twitter) Mirror Master, Sam Scudder (Grey Damon) , a former associate of Leonard Snart/Captain Cold (Wentworth Miller). On the night the particle accelerator exploded, Snart was about to put a hot one in Scudder’s head for being a bit too flamboyant with his share of their latest haul. The dark matter interrupted and sent Scudder through a mirror and gave him the ability to travel through reflective services via wormholes. His girlfriend, Rosalind Dillon/Top (Ashley Rickards), is also affected and can give people a wicked case of vertigo.

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Newly freed from the mirror, Scudder breaks Rosalind out of jail and looks for Snart to settle their beef. He may have been trapped in the mirror for years, but for him it feels as though just a day has passed. With Snart off being a Legend, Scudder decides to take over Central City. Of course, Team Flash isn’t going to let that happen. With Jesse riding shotgun (so she can train), The Flash goes after Scudder, and eventually saves the day by trapping the Mirror Master for good. For all the anticipation, these were pretty unimpressive villains, who felt like they were the Great Value Joker/Harley Quinn. Even the reasons for their powers (he’s vain and she made his head spin whenever they kissed) were a bit lame, and the final showdown was underwhelming.

Mirror Master was responsible for one cool scene which served to give Barry and Iris an opportunity to discuss the latest hurdle in their relationship, and to give Caitlin an opportunity to use her power to help the team.

First, Barry is finally able to admit to Iris that his inability to kiss her in front of Joe (without feeling weird) is a mental block he needs to get over, especially after two awkward conversations between Barry and Joe reveal that Joe is (mostly) fine with their romantic relationship. The relationship between the three of them is one of the most unique on television. Besides being an interracial family, Barry loves Joe like one would love their amazing father-in-law, but in this case, Barry was raised by his father-in-law.

Barry never had a brotherly love towards Iris even though they grew up in the same house. He loved her before he had to move in with her. Once his feelings were known, and Iris was in a place to admit and act on her own feelings for Barry, it wasn’t a huge leap for him to treat her as a girlfriend because he’s always been in love with her, but he never had to act on the feelings in front of Joe. The very first time Joe discusses Barry’s feelings for Iris (back in season one), it’s in a scene where he basically admits he’s always known. But knowing and seeing are two different things, and will take some getting used to. I love that the show found a way to acknowledge that their special relationship is different, without anyone even suggesting that it’s anywhere near incest. In the end, Barry decides that it might be time for him to move out (again) to give everyone some space to breathe and get used to the new dynamics in their relationships.

While Barry is trapped in the mirror, Wells and Cisco come up with a cold device to get him out, but it doesn’t get cold enough to get the job done. With no one around, and without Barry seeing, Caitlin uses her power to free Barry. I don’t like the way she’s keeping this from everyone, especially because I think there are way more positives to it than negatives. However, I do like this development because it might push her to realizing that and coming clean.

Barry and Iris weren’t the only ones getting closer. Jesse has a misstep out in the field that almost cost her her life (and got Barry trapped in the mirror), and requires one of those infamous The Flash pep talks. This one is delivered by Wally, who seems to be over his speed envy (yay) and is totally supportive of Jesse being a speedster. Jesse tried to kiss him earlier in the episode and he pumped the brakes, citing their different Earths and all. He later decides to get over his fear and take a chance on them. Wally West is the sweetest soul on TV. Fight me.


The episode’s only other misfire for me (after the weak villains) was also the source of some of the episode’s best comedy. Not looking forward to the day Wells heads back to Earth-2, Cisco and Caitlin lament not having him around. Surprisingly, Wells suggests sending an invitation throughout the multiverse, to Earths that have advanced technology, and find a Harrison Wells willing to join Team Flash. While watching the hilarious hologram recordings from the respondents was a lot of fun (a mime Wells? Really?), this seems like a plan destined to be a hot-ass mess in the end. It’s extremely puzzling that the idea came from the cautious Wells.

The chosen Wells (from Earth-19) is kind of a hipster, talks even weirder than our Wells, but was brilliant enough to solve the complicated equation containing the invitation so he feels like a natural fit. Towards the end of season one I’d said the show had to find a way to not only keep Wells and Tom Cavanagh around, but to incorporate everything we loved about Thawne as Wells: brilliant, secretive, and dangerous. Harry Wells from Earth-2 fit the bill nicely - and Tom Cavanagh is fine as hell playing him. But this new Wells? Why do we need this? *pouts* I have faith in Cavanagh’s abilities so, we’ll see.

But Wait; There’s More

Caitlin gets a bit too frosty in the shower and discovers she has a streak of grey hair and blue lips when she gets out.

Up to Speed

  • So great seeing Iris be as into Barry as he’s been into her for the past two seasons. Little things like their PDA, her calling him “honey,” and her telling him he’s very handsome just feel perfect.
  • Who wrote that black-ass dialogue at the dinner table? I’m here for it! “Damn. You grown.” and “You feel like you feel.” just made my black-ass heart happy.
  • And we might have some black love brewing as the series brought back D.A. Cecile Horton (Danielle Nicolet), and she and Joe make plans for a date.
  • More Wentworth Miller is always a good thing.

Speed Bumps

  • No Julian? Boo!
  • Were high water pants all the rave in Central City a few years ago?

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast!

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8 Comments on The Flash - S3E4 - The New Rogues

  1. For the podcast

    Very funny episode! I enjoyed it.

    1) WestAllen: so Iris is big on PDA. She kissed Eddie a lot too when they were together. I don’t remember Barry being like that with Linda or Patty Nono. So it’s kinda new for him. I actually understand his nervousness. He knows how Joe is and he ain’t trying to rub anything in his face. Plus they kinda mirrored each other in their awkwardness in a very adorable way. Iris was the only one not awkward. Joe basically said that I love you both but I don’t need to see that shit! Lol. So was the scene hot enough for you? It was definitely hot enough for Barry cause he had to make sure everything was covered by that pillow. 😂 And why do you think we haven’t seen Iris’ apartment? I mean I’m glad Barry is moving out but shouldn’t they have been at Iris’ place?

    2) Joe: he was so adorable this episode. All flustered by Cecile and whatnot! He better ask that woman out! And do you think Joe hasn’t really dated anyone since Francine? I mean, the kids are grown. Why hadn’t we seen him with someone sooner? BTW, family movie night was too cute.

    3) Harry & HR: that was hilarious! Cowboy Wells. Mime Wells. Lmao! And now Hipster Wells. Will he be evil?

    4) QuickWest: I got me some QuickWest and I’m happy.

    5) Snart: we needed more of him! And then bad guys were fun if easily thwarted. I hope they come back. Top was badass! You see her beating the shit out of that dude in the beginning!

    6) Killer Frost: that whole bathroom scene was definitely interesting. But why is it taking her so long to tell them about her powers? Harry picked up on it tho. Hopefully it won’t take Cisco too long to figure it out.

    That’s it. Hopefully this isn’t too long. I can’t seem to help myself with the Flash! I just love it so much! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  2. For the Podcast:

    Hey everyone! Still annoyed I missed the deadline for feedback last week, although it was probably for the best considering I was a little drunk - it shows. The only thing I would add is that, with the name Magenta, I was expecting Barry to throw a colour printer at her at some point, but that’s just me.

    But back to this week though:

    Man, all episode Joe looked like a guy who’s been supporting WestAllen for two seasons only to question now whether they actually have romantic chemistry. “What if the SnowBarrys are right?” Nina be brainwashing people actually on the show now!

    But I’m done with this awkwardness! All week I’ve been preparing myself for Barry to eat Iris’ booty like groceries, and we didn’t even get prolonged tongue. Iris is all for it, but Barry is on the fence?! Then again, I wanted to slap Barry through my screen when he said Iris was “not bad herself”. Not Bad? FUCK YOU BARRY! Appreciate that fine woman, otherwise we’ll recast you and put John there instead!!!

    Meanwhile, Wallace is in there with Jessie. Between WestAllen, Diggle and Lila, Ray and Vixen, and potentially even Jefferson with Power Girl (I saw that “Hey Gurl”. Heart Eyes 😍Motherfucker!) CW really loves their mixed couples. 👉🏻👌🏾👅👉🏾👌🏻😻 (Thank you Ellen!)

    Meanwhile on “America’s Next Top Wells”, Cisco and Harry were pretty great, although I feel like this is going to be really weird. I really hope new Wells isn’t Alchemy.

    On the other hand, does anyone else think Mirror Man kinda looks like a Discount Frank from How to Get Away with Murder? Oh, and goddamn it Caitlin! Can you PLEASE stop flirting with any male character on the show? Just cool it for once! SHIT, now I’m making puns!

    Finally, when Barry said he was like Oliver I actually did slap my screen. Fuck this show for bringing this raggedy ass billionaire back into the limelight.

    PS Gleggie is a thing Nina! I’ve been ripping on it for like 3 seasons now because it sounds like a disease.

    EEEEE. SNART! I love Captain Cold. They gave us a fucking taste and said “wait bitch” and I fucking waited. And I got a fucking hologram. Should I be mad? Yes, but I got a taste of the cold crack and so I’ll be okay until next time.

    Barry was on his “teach one each one stage” with Jesse and it is so sweet! But not as sweet as Jesse and Wally. Do they have a couple name? Jelly? And look at Wally being all respectful and shit. If she was going back home, I would have hit it and quit it but whatever. Or maybe he did dun dun dun.

    Mr. West was checking that black woman out! Watching her walk. I see you! We see you Joe!

    THESE NIGGAS FUCKING PLAYING WITH US Y’ALL. THEY GAVE US A TASTE AND SAID Y’ALL AIN’T GETTING SHIT. I guess we knew this was going to happen, but come the fuck on. But at least Iris said the absolute truth, “we grown so we need to act like it.” Joe was like “y’all grown!” and This means we better see GROWN ASS Barry for here on out after this episode. Also, we got Jelly macking on each other they barely knew each other. SO COME THE FUCK ON. EYE BETTER SEE A CW SEX SCENE I’ll become Mirror Master and whoop the show runners’ asses. I’ll really take them on an ain’t shit tour.

    The Wells try-outs were LIT. Tom is such a great actor. I obviously have to say how fine this man is and of course when I post this, it is his birthday so yay! The other Wells is cute and they both realized their sexiness. So I approve. And finally, I have to do my obligatory EYE ain’t a stalker. I just enjoy looking into Tom’s beautiful eyes and looking at how his clothes cling to his body each week. Y’all gon let me cook!

    Overall, pretty good episode. Thanks for the free shit.

  4. For the podcast:
    Mirror master- boom!!! The best line of the night (other than whatever mime-Wells was saying in French). I really enjoyed this episode. Nina if I hadn’t read your recap I would not have recognized Jenna from Awkward (Top). I guess it was the blond and aggressive bang situation she had going on. The metas were fun, Joe was awesome (though he needs to get some pointers from Wally on how to make progress). More WestAllen please (though I’m not sure how I feel about the awkwardness between them). Their make out session chemistry was on point so I guess we’ll just have to make peace and push through this ‘roughish’ patch. But his explanation made sense. I’m glad that we have a new Wells even though he looked/sounded like a “real world audition tape’ reject. Shouldn’t we worry about how trusting these guys are? Or am I just being paranoid? Oh and Caitlin, its called ‘hair dye’, use it girl. I’m still not sold on this story line but she’s been less irritating this season so I’ll allow it for now.

  5. For the podcast:

    Joe needs to stop playing with Cecile’s emotions, she too fine and sweet for all that. Shit or get off the pot Joe, fuck movie night with your grown ass kids they trying to get some alone time anyway, Joe.

    That’s it, that’s all my feedback. Joe better take the love of this good black woman, with a great posting job and amazing calves. And Berry better give him reduced team flash hours so he don’t fuck this up!

    Hey guys! [John voice] It’s ⚡️ time bitches!
    Giddy. Fun. Excited. I was thoroughly entertained by tonight’s episode. I love watching all my couples booed up. Joe might even get some. 😏

    It would be played if they went there but do you think Earth-19 Hipster Harry is trustworthy? Even Earth-2 Harry was somewhat shady.

    I know the upcoming episode titles so I think this Caitlin thing is getting dragged out. Why you do this Flash?! But so far her secret hasn’t put anyone in jeopardy and Caitlin is WAY more interesting this season. How soon before someone notices she’s randomly cutting her hair off?

    That’s all I have I’m sure the rest of the Crew has it covered. ✌🏾️ Love you guys.

  7. For The Podcast: Hopefully I made it. Hi guys! Kisses to everyone. I’m going to keep this short, and just say I loved this episode of the flash. Just a couple of thngs. 1- Barrys always getting kicked out in everytime line, but he really needs to be gone. No bills he can afford a place. 2- Wallys gentleman game was adorable, I love that their relationship kicked off without a hitch except the living on different planets part. 3- I know we all wang iris west to bag already but im fine with them slowly building the relationship. I love them but I dont want Iris knocked up by the end of the season either. 4- Nina you were right, Dante who? 5- Question for the crew, am I the only one or is the fact everyones speeding with non humans and no clothes are burning this seasons fluke like s1 when everyone used to walk into star labs willy nilly? Anyways can’t wait to listen!

  8. I may be late. But I don’t understand how the villian was trapped for three years in the mirror. Why couldn’t he just jump to another reflective surface? All the construction guy did was stand the mirror up. Also I’m not really feeling this new Wells but Tom is such an amazing actor being able to play different versions of the same character. Do y’all think anyone is going to notice a section of Caitlin’s hair missing? Lol. A point was really brought to light that the meta human prisoners can’t get visitors. That’s kinda cruel but I understand why. Finally, the flash has to have a black momma consultant because joe telling Barry he was happy his grown ass was moving out was so black and so epic

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