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The Flash - S3E3 - Magenta

Previously on The Flash, “Paradox”

The Flash - S3E3 - “Magenta” | Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Williams, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton, Violett Beane

With the introduction of Flashpoint, The Flash has given itself room to tweak character personalities and motivations. That seems to be the case with Wally West this week. In Timeline C (that’s what I’m calling it cause I’m grown), Wally really wants to be a speedster. So much so that he’s pretty salty when he learns that Jesse Wells has the Speed Force from the same dark matter he was hit with. (Click here for an actual artist rendering of Wally when he finds out Jesse has speed.)

At one point, Joe tells him, “I know you want this more than anything.”

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In the original timeline, Wally was addicted to speed (drag racing, not the drug) and flirted with becoming a vigilante as well after The Flash gave up his powers to save Wally’s life. In Flashpoint, he was Kid Flash, but he doesn’t know that. This new desire to be a speedster seems a tad incongruous with the Wally from the original timeline, but I’ll allow it since we know he will most likely end up being Kid Flash again. But how?

Jesse’s powers kicked in when she was about to be hit by a car. Thinking his powers are latent too, and just in need of a jolt, Wally stands in the path of a speeding car. Thankfully, Jesse is there to whisk his behind to safety. He mentioned dreaming of being a speedster, but it’s not clear if they were just normal dreams or Doctor Alchemy visions (like Edward Clariss). If it’s the latter, why hasn’t Wally said anything? He’s an active member of Team Flash and he knows all about Alchemy, the husks, etc. If Alchemy is reaching out to him, now would be a great time to tell the team and ask Barry about his Flashpoint life for confirmation. As it stands now, after receiving several lectures, Wally seems to have accepted his fate, but something tells me he’ll be seeking out Doctor Alchemy soon enough.

By the way, assuming Doctor Alchemy doesn’t know The Flash’s real identity, he does know that in he worked with Kid Flash in Flashpoint. He may not be interested in restoring power to a meta-human that would be on The Flash’s side.

Of course, it wouldn’t be The Flash if Wells and Jesse didn’t bring some of their adorable dysfunction with them. He doesn’t want her to be a speedster and enlists Caitlin’s help in trying to talk Jesse out of using her new powers. When Caitlin tries, Jesse assumes it’s because she’s a girl. Why can’t she immediately start helping people the way Barry did? She totally has a point, but if there’s been one consistent character trait on the show, it’s Wells’ (and Joe’s) habit of being #TeamTooMuch when it comes to protecting their adult children. The two will be sticking around Earth-2 for a bit longer (yay!), which will give Jesse plenty of time to train in her new suit, courtesy of Cisco.

The meta-human of the week was pretty bland. Frankie Kane (Joey King) received her bending/moving metal powers from Alchemy, but there’s a catch: She only uses them when she’s Magenta, a darker side of her that puts their abusive foster father in the hospital with a flying light post. Frankie has to battle to keep Magenta from taking over completely, and she does just that with a bit of help from Team Flash.

Flash Points

  • On the podcast, we wondered if Eobard Thawne taking over Wells’ life actually happened in this new timeline due to Reverse Flash helping Barry reset Flashpoint. The only reason he became Wells was because he’d lost his powers after killing Nora Allen and was stuck in that time. After he dropped Barry off, where did he? I suspect the reveal at the end of the Legends of Tomorrow premiere will come into play when we get that answer, but as it stands now, Timeline C is definitely behaving as if it happened.

Up to Speed

  • Julian’s still a creep, but I like him. It’s nice having a character on the show who doesn’t think Barry walks on water… even though he totally can.
  • Caitlin’s still keeping mum about her powers. Another personality tweak seems to be Caitlin’s lower tolerance for taking people’s shit.
  • Great to see Iris actively being a member of Team Flash and using her journalistic connections and skills to be helpful. It would be such a shame to waste Candice Patton’s talents as just the love interest. Glad season three seems to be utilizing her more.
  • Love that they keep putting Wally in that mustard color.

Speed Bump

  • I know the WestAllen relationship is a central component of the storylines this season, so I suspect they’ll mirror what’s going on in other areas of Barry’s and Iris’ lives. As they try to figure out what kind of relationship they’ll have (Do they keep shop talk in S.T.A.R. Labs? Should Barry turn off being The Flash when they’re alone?), it makes sense that their first few dates would be a bit awkward and unsure. That said, I’m gonna need more sparks, y’all. Just saying.

But Wait; There’s More

Iron Heights tried to keep Clariss’ death a secret, but Joe, Barry, and Julian view the security footage that shows Clariss being killed by something invisible. He does yell out, “Alchemy” a few times and Julian remarks that hearing that name made Barry look as if he’d seen a ghost.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast for The Flash!

The Flash S3E3 = 7.6/10
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7 Comments on The Flash - S3E3 - Magenta


    Hello Donald, John and Nina,

    Another good episode and I’m happy the season has started up again. Even though I left last season feeling very disappointed this season is shaping up nicely, so far.

    WestAllen- I was a little confused by this first date business and after reading some comments in the group, I realize I’m not alone. Why, why do we need this awkwardness? Why are the writers treating us like teenagers? Well I guess this is their best way to have conflict and to prolong the inevitable…I guess. I don’t need it, let’s cut to the chase please. Hey, I’m all for date nights BUT they have been through so much and right now it just seems like the writing is pandering to a crowd that is holding on to the myth of knight and shining armor sweeping the woman off her feet. Anyway, I suppose getting to see Iris be her gorgeous self makes these scenes less cheezy.

    Wally- Oh Wally, I wonder if he will get a visit from Alchemy or if he is going to keep trying to jump start his speed? Side Note: He and Jesse should be the ones going on a “first date”.

    Wells- So much for my “he may be Alchemy” theory. Is it me, or was he super animated and talking real fast? I don’t remember him being this way. Is something up, with him?

    Malfoy- So I really want them to wash his hair. It always looks oily and it makes me not trust him. I keep feeling like he snorts cocaine to get through his days, purely based on his slightly disheveled appearance and high strung demeanor. Maybe that’s just my head cannon going to dark places as usual.

    Magenta- I’m a little disturbed that the gang was like, we’ll ship you off to some other folks and you’ll be ah’ight…have faith and text if you need us. I feel like she needs more than that being a troubled teen who was tossed around in the system.

    Alchemy- I’m intrigued.

    I didn’t have much but as always, looking forward to what ya’ll have to say.


    I’ll be short since I don’t have much to say. Malfoy is awesome. Magenta sucks. “Yes Ramon, she is meh.” They need to do better with villains on this show.

    I totally understand that this show isn’t Arrow, but if we can get that fake ass sex scene with Thing 1 and Thing 2, they could have at least gave us a decent FUCKING DATE. Stop teasing us. Both dates were basura.

    BOY IF THEY DON’T GET! I’m telling you, my brother Wallace better get his got damn powers. Don’t y’all nerf my man! I would be mad as fuck too. Like I’d be kicking shit and knocking shit over in that lab. I want his powers sooner than later. If I get them at the end of the season, I’ll scream.

    YAY it’s Harry! Do we get to keep him? Hmm. SO FINE. Did I tell you he is fine? One last thing, I am not a stalker! Loving the way that man looks and knowing wiki facts don’t make it so. *mumbles* acting like some of y’all don’t find people on this show fine.

    It’s been bothering me but the whole time I was trying to figure out who alchemy reminded of and I did. If anyone has ever played Shovel Knight, he looks like Plague Knight from the game. *see link only if you care to look*

    Anyway thanks for the free shit!

  3. 1) WestAllen all day every day! I’m ok with the awkwardness. They’ve been friends forever but now that they’re a couple, they don’t know how to act. It’s an adjustment. Plus Barry is a total dork and totally overdoes it. Lol Does the gang know they’re officially dating now? Especially Joe, Wally & Cisco. But man, when Joe called Barry his second daughter, I hollered! He is emotional. But I feel original timeline Joe probably wouldn’t have said that to Barry.

    2) Wally: WTF! you don’t stand in front of moving cars! He’s so going to look for Alchemy to get changed. But is the reason Alchemy hasn’t talked to him is because he was the Flash in the other timeline? Will Wally finding out he was the Flash in the other timeline make him mad at Barry and purposely get his powers back? Will it make him a bad guy? Btw, loved Barry giving Wally the parent talk cause he sounded exactly like Joe would. Plus Joe ain’t need to say shit cause Barry handled it. Those black fatherhood lessons from Joe have really taken root.

    3) Jessie Quick: her & Harry were too cute! Such an overprotective daddy! I want to see Joe & Harry commiserating once both kids are speedsters. And if they ever started dating, it’s going to be priceless!

    4) ok. Caitlin actually had good advice this episode. I know. It’s shocking. But why isn’t she telling anyone about her powers?

    That’s it! I really enjoyed this episode! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And I hope this one isn’t too long! I’m trying but it’s hard y’all! I don’t have anyone at work to talk the show with like I do all the other shows. I keep telling them to watch it and they don’t listen to me!

  4. For the podcast:
    Hi guys. This was an ok episode, but it was a little too ’emotions & feelings’ oriented.
    1) WestAllen was super cute, but how’s Iris going to get home since Barry practically left her in the boon-doos (which is Namibian slang for ‘rural bushes far away’. But I’m also going to need them to get it on now. I don’t care who jumps whom.
    2) Wally needs to figure out this new ‘speed-crackish’ behavior that he’s got going on. 👏My 👏dude👏. 👏A 👏CAR😒😒😒😒REALLY? I guess they are setting up why he would entertain some ‘Alchemy action’.
    3) Yay for Wells. I hope they figure out a way to keep him here.
    4) purple-meta. Ok I guess 😒. That whole entire ship was just team too much. Girl, just throw a knife at him.
    5) Malfoy’s a killer ya’ll. That greasy hair & his creepy ‘have you heard of Alchemy’ stare at Barry have convinced me. He’s a killer!


    Sup Fam!!! I enjoyed this weeks episode, it wasn’t groundbreaking but decent flash is better than 83% percent of the other 💩I ⌚️!!

    Can I just say in all respect to John, Iris is now my future ex wife for sure!! When she told Barry that she cares about how much he spending MY NIPPLES got so hard they could cut ✂️ glass!!!

    I also got a kick outta joe saying Barry ass over shares his damn feelings!!

    But speaking of feelings, got damn Wallace was all up in his!(shout out to JJamelle Berry Rone!! This nigga was wyling the entire episode!! It was low 🔑 very annoying!!

    That’s all I got, oh prediction Julian is dr alchemy!! Just a hunch!! ✌🏾️ guys

  6. Shit! I’m a little crunk so here we go.

    This episode was very good, and so far between these three episodes this season is way better than the last. No setting up legends of tomorrow equals good writings and stuff.

    It was good seeing my boi Wells back in the action, although if the writers were going to add “not” as a signature line to his vocabulary I would have preferred if he just slapped the fuck out of people instead. Seriously! He just sound uneducated otherwise!

    Meanwhile Caitlin. We gave you one job, Caitlin, to redeem yourself from two seasons of plot lines involving tethering yourself to a white man and you fucking blew it!!!! I’m going to need Caitlin to start contributing in a serious fashion to this team otherwise she should just become the villain.

    Anyone else notice Cisco was pretty much back to his right old self. Dante who?????

    Also, Barry and Wells had amazing haircuts for this episode. I’m rambling.

    Wally, or Wallace as he should be known (thanks Leonard!!!) looked like a kicked puppy the entire episode. I need this kid to get some speed before he kicks himself ffs!!!!

    Finally, Julian is my everything. He’s obviously been watching The Strain because his petty is one fleek. I don’t care what the rest of you say! He’s amazing!!! Him tearing apart Barry’s “Perfect” shit is amazing.

    Final final note. Fucking Majenta? That’s your name?!? Reminds me of the LA bullshit esque names like “Apple” and “Pear” that rich white folks would name their kids. I was very surprised Barry didn’t throw a colour printer at her at some point - (hey there! Meet yellow and cyan!)

    Final note - Nina you the best. It might be the alcohol talking, but here’s my advice - don’t let the SnowBarrys get you down. They’re just not woke enough to realise yet. Also, John is my bestie after his status update. Gawd, I’m going to regret all this embarrassment in the morning 😂😂.

  7. For the Podcast:

    I was here for all the Barry shade. Everybody kept reminding him how much of a fuck up he was. Especially Julian and Wells.

    My favorite part was when Wells walked in and automatically knew Barry did something wrong. It’s like when your kids are playing in another room and it gets too quiet. You know somebody is fucking around doing some they shouldn’t. Barry is Captain Fuck Around.

    Then Kid Fuck Around wants to fuck around and jump in front of a truck. Look I know the CW is for teens and tweens but they gotta stop making grown ass people do dumb teenage stuff.

    Quick hits:
    1: #TeamJulian he ain’t here to play no games
    2: I got downright giddy hearing Jigsaw’s voice as Alchemy
    3: You really don’t need the Dr. part. Cisco as always doing too much.
    4: First, Candyman now Jigsaw. I like it.
    5: Joe lowkey called Barry his second daughter cause he’s so emotional

    That’s it. Love you guys and the Podcast.

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