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The Flash - S4E13 - True Colors

Previously on The Flash, “Honey, I Shrunk Team Flash”

For Black History Month, The Flash turned a White man into a Black man and turned a Black man into a White woman. What a time to be alive. Can an episode be both stupid and good? I enjoyed “True Colors,” but it was dumb. Just really dumb. Dumb for no damn reason.

If The Thinker knows all and there’s no such thing as a coincidence, are we to assume that every coincidental event is part of his plan? And why didn’t he know that Amunet (Katee Sackhoff) would attempt to buy the bus metas he created and then corralled into Iron Heights? Why didn’t he know that Warden Wolfe (Richard Brooks) had a secret meta-human wing where he held metas he sold to Amunet?

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Conveniently, Cecile (Danielle Nicolet) is with Iris when she goes to visit Barry and she reads Wolfe’s thought as he spins some yarn about why Barry isn’t able to receive visitors. Armed with the truth (he’s going to sell Barry and the other bus metas to Amunet), Iris and Cecile return to S.T.A.R. Labs where the team realizes there’s not much they can do; how do you explain Cecile’s power to Singh? Well, you could have Cecile prove her power to Singh and then set up a sting operation before the sale, but that would be too much like right. I mean, it’s not like they live in a world with super beings or anything.

The team decides on a riskier plan: Ralph, using his newfound identity-morphing powers, will pose as Wolfe, meet with Amunet, and call off the deal. This almost works, but he’s unable to hold up the charade through the whole meeting and has to bail. Thankfully, Barry has rallied his fellow slaves into a revolt and they attempt to leave the prison through underground tunnels.

It all comes to a head in the prison yard when the metas are confronted by Wolfe and Amunet. It’s Becky with the Good Luck (Sugar Lyn Beard) who saves the day as she uses her powers to cause a series of calamitous events that incapacitate Wolfe, his men, and Amunet. She even stops the other metas from turning on Barry when Wolfe reveals that Barry is The Flash. DeVoe was right: Becky’s power may be the most valuable of all the bus metas. Maybe that’s why he kills the others, but inhabits her body after absorbing all of their powers.

Barry refuses to go with Cisco and Killer Frost when they breach in to rescue him. He trusts that they will get him out the right way, and zooms back to his cell. At his appeal hearing, everyone is shocked when DeVoe wheels into the room, alive and well, and claiming not to know what happened. It’s really Ralph, and it works. Barry is sent home.

Marlize is less than pleased with her husband for killing people, including Wolfe. Now in Becky’s body, DeVoe keeps his promise to “erase all doubt from her mind” and spikes Marlize’s drink with The Weeper’s tears. Marlize is suddenly in love and compliant.

Up to Speed

Becky as DeVoe should be a lot of fun, but there wasn’t enough build up to the DeVoes turning against one another. Maybe if the show spent time focusing on them in episodes other than the ones in which they do something big, this would have felt earned. Marlize had taken to hiding her thoughts from her husband. Why?

Nice to see the team FINALLY start to question why DeVoe picked these metas to create and then gather in the same place. Still, why the hell did he need them in prison to begin with?

I’m so glad Barry is out of prison. I couldn’t take another episode like the last three.

Speed Bumps

How many times will Ralph need reminding that the power was within him all along?

For real though, who taught Barry how to do hash marks?

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"True Colors"

The Flash - S4E13 - “True Colors” | Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Nicolet

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6 Comments on The Flash - S4E13 - True Colors


    I was preparing myself to like this episode and I will admit some elements of the episode was good but unfortunately I was totally checked out of trying to be entertained. After that whole metahuman Soul Man Blackface shit I was like fuck this show, fuck the writers, fuck they mommas, fuck they kids, I want them to fall down. Maybe I’m being too woke or too sensitive but between that and Caitlyn self mutilating, and Becky Devoe roofying Marlize at the end I just found the whole episode gross. I had to jump in mentions but I didn’t cuss them them this time!

    Also Barry’s lose morality is frustrating. So he won’t break himself out of prison because he want it to be within the rule of the law but he will break out a convicted felon out and stash him somewhere where he can’t be recaptured or extradited on some circumstantial evidence. And apparently he’s just cool with that little unethical and illegal stunt that Cecile, Iris, and Al Jolsen pulled to spring him from the slammer. That’s all good huh?!

    Lord, The CW done gave us Black Lightning and now they think they can get all familiar.

    Thanks for the podcast tho! Love you guys. Peace!

  2. For the podcast

    While not as bad as that horrible episode 2 week’s ago, it wasn’t that great either.

    I’m sick of Ralph. He needs less screen time.

    Did Devoe actually think his wife would be ok with him taking over a woman’s body? Or killing all those people? Plus he was all kinds of wrong for roofieing her. I’m guessing seeing how Joecile dealt with the mind reading was to demonstrate how that would wear on a relationship.

    Glad Barry is finally out of jail. But it was really the stupidest storyline. And does he get his job back?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  3. For the podcast: Does this show not have any black writers? other than our blasian brother? Because if they really wanted to they could have made a joke on ralph to try to not be too black, but instead they went with frosty Oprah. smh.

    I like the idea of one off characters who aren’t villains. Also, Barry, stop being so stupid with prison folks. Devoe, dammmm talk about to the max, don’t read your spouse thoughts, you dont want that. Someone can be irritated as fuck by you everyday and still love the shit out of you.

    Barrys secret GOTTA’S come out this season right? cause the fact that he’s now known as a meta is problematic as fuck if they don’t Caitlyn is finally palatable this season but that might be because Dibny is now the worst. The way they got Barry out of jail was stupid, and i’m pretty sure Devoes wife is over his body snatching ways so watch that be his downfall. Thats it, can’t wait to listen!

  4. Hooray for a feedback only episode!

    Can we do whitest moments for The Flash? My whitest moment was when Becky got a complete redemption for no reason other than for Barry to care at the end.

    Even Marlene is like “I swear I’ve read a different plot to you, Clifford.” I love how turned off she is to a white woman without accountability. That made my day.

    White people should not be blackfacing, let alone in Black History month. I swear for a swift second I was like “Does Melanin even stretch what dafuq???” I’d like to apologise for the white writers that thought this was a good idea.

    I miss Wallace guys. I miss him so much. He could have made this plot so much better.

  5. So why did Devoe need Becky’s body instead of just absorbing her powers? Needed his white privilege back? Why did he need the bus metas in prison at all if he could’ve just taken their powers like he did the tear guy. Also I’m glad Barry is out of prison but shouldn’t he technically now be charged with attempted murder instead of murder bc Devoe was still seemingly stabbed. And If this show was black like black lightning, then Joe would’ve told Ralph black men don’t say bro when he was impersonating Wolfe

  6. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey, y’all! I just wanna say, shout out to Richard Brooks aka Warden Wolfe. Cleveland born, Cleveland raised, and he went to my high school! I’ont necessarily like what they did with him, but I love him. One question: why would Barry NOT tell Cisco and Killer Frost about what DeVoe did? It makes no sense.

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