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Black Lightning - S1E4 - Black Jesus

Previously on Black Lightning, “Lawanda: The Book of Burial”

This episode was a lot. Best to break it down in sections.

By Any Means Necessary

The danger of The 100 continues to find its way into Garfield High when a student has a violent reaction to a drug they’ve been peddling. It takes two blasts of electricity from Jeff before the student can be contained. Jeff goes to bat for the student — a first-time offender on his way to college — with the board. He saves the boy from expulsion, but it costs him his final say in matters of discipline going forward.

Jeff and Gambi try to get to the source of the new drug, Green Light, but hit a dead end when Jeff fails to track a shipment in favor of investigating an explosion nearby. Which brings us to…

Who’s the Bitch Now?

Anissa’s first night out as a super-powered vigilante taught her a quick and valuable lesson about knowing your strength and consequences. She knocks out two 100 drug dealers she caught selling drugs to her students, but ends up calling 9-1-1 when it appears she may have injured them more than she intended.

Anissa has no choice but to use her powers after a group of men attack her and Grace outside of Grace’s bar. This beatdown is the cause of the noise that distracted Black Lightning. Gambi hacks into the nearby security cameras and sees a woman stomping holes into the ground, but lies to Jeff about what he saw. Either way, Anissa’s secret remains safe — for now — as Gambi didn’t appear to recognize her on the video and Grace was unconscious during the fight.

Image: The CW

Lying on Your Resume

Lady Eve increases the pressure on Tobias Whale by giving him a dressing down about the reappearance of Black Lightning. His entire criminal career was legitimized by his killing of the hero, plus shooting a reverend and crippling a young athlete isn’t a good look.

To keep Eve and her partners off his ass, Tobias calls in his sister Tori (Edwina Findley Dickerson), who suggests a more subtle approach. Since Tobias can’t be seen out and about, why not turn the community against Black Lightning? They’ve already rallied behind Khalil; if they can convince Khalil the shooting was Black Lightning’s fault, the community will side with the injured boy.

Their plan is made easier to accomplish once Khalil is brought even lower by the news his spinal cord has been completely severed and he’ll never walk again. Tobias swoops in with gifts, financial assistance, and an offer to help Khalil ease his pain.

It’s Lit 

Each week, this series peels back the layers to the different powers at play in Freeland. This is way more effective than what’s going on with The Flash. There, we were introduced to the big threat early in the season and now we’re just twiddling our thumbs as they pop up every three episodes to vaguely discuss their master plan. It’s clear there’s a bigger force pulling the strings on Black Lightning; a force we’ve not yet met. Latavius, Tobias, and Lady Eve are just scratching the surface, yet they each manage to be compelling villains as we make our way towards the end game.

Photo: Carin Baer/The CW

We had a fun debate in our Facebook group about our thoughts on Lynn and her disapproval of Jeff returning to Black Lightning. This week had hints of Lynn keeping secrets of her own - the way she rushed Jeff off the phone when he called to talk about Khalil. She and Gambi are both hiding something and each seem to be doing so for Jeff’s own good.


Still not interested in anything going on with Jennifer.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Leave your brief thoughts below, on our Facebook post for this review, or to, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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"Black Jesus"

Starring: Cress Williams, China Anne McClain, Nafessa Williams, Christine Adams, Marvin ‘Krondon’ Jones III, Damon Gupton, James Remar, William Catlett, Gregg Henry, Jill Scott, Chantal Thuy, Skye P. Marshall | Director: Michael Schultz

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9 Comments on Black Lightning - S1E4 - Black Jesus

  1. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey, y’all. I don’t have much because I’m still shook. I have but one question: what the fuck is going on with Lady Eve? Correct me if I’m wrong, but old girl was embalming someone and that was someone WAS NOT DEAD!! The person looked dead and had a Y incision, but that muthafucka opened their eyes!! Is she a necromancer or some shit??? Okay, that’s two questions, but I need answers! Love y’all, can’t wait for the podcast.

  2. Lady Eve in her beautiful pearls going all Tywin Lannister multitasking. Wtf was she doing to the STILL ALIVE guy on the table?

  3. For the podcast

    Another great episode!

    Jill Scott is killing it as Lady Eve. I got chills! But wtf was going in with that person on the table? Zombie?

    Jeff was so proud of his daughter’s defense of Black Lightning. How long until they find out each other’s secret?

    My black ass moment of the episode was Tobias asking that morgue attendant was the body dressed like Earth Wind & Fire. 😂😂 that shit was hilarious! Did he look like Maurice White? 😂😂

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  4. FOR THE PODCAST: This was another great episode of Black Lightning. I am really enjoying this show. I fux with Lady Eve. I have no idea what she was doing to that dead body, but I was here for it. Plus, despite her sweet, Jill Scott ass tone, she is a very menacing villain… I hope we learn more about Tobias and his back story while also being able to see him be a badass… I feel so bad for Jen. That young woman is going through thee most right now. She needs a set of ears to listen to her and a hug. Hang in there young sista… Shout out to Anissa for getting her wish. What wish you ask? Oh, you KNOW she was WISHING a mutha fucka WOULD pop off so she could use her powers, and sure enough those hustlers from the beginning of the episode and those dudes at the end did it… What the fuck is up with Gamby tho? Finally, my Black Ass Moment Of The Week is Bernard’s father getting pistol whipped. Nothing is blacker or more disrespectful that a good pistol whipping!

  5. For the podcast:
    I really enjoyed this episode; we learned more about Tobias (formerly a politician) & he has a equally diabolical sister. My other highlights:
    1. Lady eve/Tobias convo was fascinating; she referred to him as “albino”-isn’t that derogatory? but she got her point across. And Tobias trying that back talk; I was like keep your mouth shut or she’ll stick that tube where the sun don’t shine. BTW she was embalming a living person?!!! She is BOSS!
    2. 1 of my blackest black ass moment was Two Bits pleading to BL not 2 turn him in because it would be his 3rd strike. The selfie bit was hilarious; I’m like Negro please!😄
    3. 2nd blackest black ass moment Anissa’s response when those gangsters called her b******; I wished she kicked their asses right there instead of later that night. 3rd was Tobias asking doctor was the body pulled from the river dressed like EWF/Maurice White😄
    4. I like Jennifer but she comes off as a bit bratty/sassy. I was waiting for Lynn & Jefferson to go into “ black parents” mode on her for not answering her phone/defying her track coach, etc to see Khalil.
    5. Why is Gambi aka fake Alfred hiding info from BL?

    Thats it for this week; apologies for the length.

  6. I have a deadline so Nina, noticing you said “brief” I will do my best.
    yes, Lady Eve is running a funeral parlor but maybe some of these bodies in the streets are her Zombies. Tobias does report to her but now we know there are “partners.” There is so much more on the horizon and I’m betting Tobias might not last that long because he called his sis which means he needs real backup.

    Jefferson zapped in public and dude didn’t remember it. He also showed up to twobits as Jefferson “black jesus” and then Black Lightning shows up and he doesn’t even connect a single dot? Instead, he asks for a selfie & a pardon on his third strike? nah!

    Anissa protected her girl, don’t care what you think she’s not a fuckboi. She might be mixed up but that relationship is about to be sealed even though Grace is Bi.

    Jennifer is straight up lost in the sauce. She wants to be loyal to Khalil but when he didn’t respond to her quitting track and then asked her was she his ride or die I was like girl you need to be out.

    BAM: has to be the Earth, Wind and Fire reference without a doubt.

  7. Black-ass moment - Huggy Bear reference - the most inept pimp and informant from Starsky & Hutch.

  8. For the podcast:

    Not many black ass songs this week
    Golden by Kara Marni
    Green light by Godholly
    Flex by Ingrid & Sevyn Streeter

    Lynn deserves all the shit this week. She’s officially on my nerves now. Let that man vent to you.

    BAM of the Week

    Since everybody is going to the Earth Wind and Fire line my runner ups are:
    - Jill Scott (woo lawd she so fine) talking through her teeth like a frustrated mama.
    - The athlete trying to make it out of the hood gets paralyzed or killed trope

    Love this show, the podcast, and Jill Scott.

    PS I was really hoping for a cameo from the dude who played Black Jesus on the Cartoon Network.

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