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The Flash - S4E14 - Subject 9

Perviously on The Flash, “True Colors”

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Look. I don’t even know what to say.

The ninth bus meta is located; Izzy Bowing (Miranda MacDougall) is a country musician thisclose to her big break so she has no time for Team Flash’s superhero shenanigans. After a run-in with BeckyDeVoe (in which Izzy’s sound-manipulating power knocks the villain on his/her ass), Izzy reluctantly agrees to let the team train her. Barry ends up pushing her too hard because he’s excited that they finally have a weapon strong enough to hurt DeVoe, and he’s also in a rush to get to the final three episodes of the season because we all know that’s when shit picks up. Meanwhile, getting knocked on his ass leaves BeckyDeVoe shook, and he fully embraces his outer White woman and blames Marlize.

Meanwhile, Harry is back from Earth-2 and decides to create a bit of tech that will help Cecile drown out Joe’s loud-ass dreams at night so she can sleep. In the process, they become friendly-ish and the team finally has its cerebral inhibitor Savitar mentioned.

Unfortunately, the inhibitor doesn’t stop BeckyDeVoe and Barry and Ralph have to watch helplessly as Izzy is killed and then taken over as DeVoe’s new host. Ralph is devastated because the two became close in the six whole hours they knew each other.

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"Subject 9"

The Flash - S4E14 - “Subject 9” | Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Nicolet

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5 Comments on The Flash - S4E14 - Subject 9

  1. For the podcast

    Hey guys!
    Didn’t like the episode but next week looks good so..
    1) Yes! Westallen!
    2) They fuckin with me.. First Becky with an annoying voice was Devoe, now it’s this woman with an annoying accent and bad acting 💀 Can the real Devoe stand up?
    3) They really need to stop with the everybody say a little line just to say something 🙄
    4) I don’t want a Ralph show!
    5) Save Marlese 2k18
    6) Where’s Dawn?? 👀

    Thanks for the podcast. Hope you guys have a great week!

  2. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey, y’all. I wish this episode was better, so you’d have something good to talk about. This episode was a train wreck. A train carrying several tons of hot, fetid garbage.

    I don’t even have a question about this shit. If it hasn’t been covered in the “shoot the shit segment”, can I ask John about his tweet session with Tessa Thompson? How’d that come about?

    Oh, and can they stop trying to make Dibney happen?? Blech.

    Thanks! Can’t wait to hear you guys talk about this bullshit episode.

  3. For the podcast

    So did Grant Gustin request time off and that’s why we see Ralph so much?

    I love Cisco! He’s basically the audience being tired of Ralph’s bullshit. Plus Iris is right. Ralph is nasty.

    That’s it. Next week at least looks interesting. But we’re still stuck with the Devoes. I just don’t really care anymore. Can’t wait to hear the podcast tho.

  4. For the podcast hoping Nina doesn’t get mad at me for saying I like Ralph this episode but he’s a good character to have around. Other then that I enjoyed this episode way more then the last couple and hopefully they can keep it at this pace and go up from here

  5. For the Podcast:

    Oh my god Legends was so good this week! I love my man Wallace and I’m sad that he got bullied by the Flash crew into believing he’s not a valuable member of the team. Don’t let those raggedy white folks get you down! Keiynan is amazing and he’s got a great voice! I’m ready for this team up and I’m so happy I stuck with this show, which is the best of DC TV

    Oh yeah, why has Flash turned into Battle of the Beckys?

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