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The Flash - S4E15 - Enter Flashtime

Previously on The Flash, “Subject 9”

Is it unrealistic to expect The Flash to be this good every week? Perhaps. A 23-episode season is a long one and it forces filler episodes and stretching major plot lines beyond reason. But it certainly felt like a lot of season one was this good. “Enter Flashtime” had so much of that season one magic that it both makes the subpar episodes that came before it look worse and sparks hope that season four can be salvaged going forward. *fingers crossed*

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Suicidal activists attempt to steal a nuclear weapon from an A.R.G.U.S transport. When Team Flash foil their plans, the leader activates the weapon forcing Barry to slow down time before the blast can consume the city. Barry is able to temporarily bring members of the team into flashtime by touching them (like Iris in the courtroom), but Cisco is unable to breach the bomb to a dead earth and Killer Frost isn’t strong enough to freeze the blast. Barry, Jesse (Violett Beane), and Jay Garrick (John Wesley Shipp) consider tossing the weapon into the Speed Force (Harry’s idea), but that comes with the risk of wiping out every speedster in every dimension.

Eventually, Jay and Jesse have to stop moving, leaving Barry to deal with the problem alone. Unable to come up with a solution, Barry brings Iris into flashtime to say goodbye. Because nothing trumps Black Girl Magic, Iris comes up with the idea to obtain the quark sphere used to trick the Speed Force into thinking Barry was still in it while Cisco pulled him out, and then chuck it into the blast so that the Speed Force’s lightning will follow, split the atoms, and negate the explosion.

Day saved.

Up to Speed

Wow. This episode was everything I love about The Flash. First, we need to talk about how hard it is for formulaic shows to pull off high-stakes episodes. Unless it’s a show like The Walking Dead or Game of Thrones where you could conceivably lose a major character in a random episode that’s not a finale or premiere, the audience understands that no one is going to die. To sell it, the audience needs to feel as though the worst could happen and to feel that you need great actors. Thankfully, The Flash has that. The obvious standout is Grant Gustin, who consistently acts his ass off, but Patton, Beane, and Shipp shined as well. And it doesn’t hurt that even though we don’t see these characters often, we actually care about Jesse and Jay… unlike Ralph, who’s around damn near every week and his absence from this episode wasn’t felt and actually made it better.

Killer Frost cares for “Cait.” Awww. I like that.

“Enter Flashtime” also looked really fucking cool. The lighting in the hangar gave the whole experience of being in flashtime a dreamlike quality that worked.

The reveal that Harry is a big old grump cause he’s been walking around with unresolved grief over losing his wife was a nice bit of character building and shed light on his recent friction with Jesse; friction that we’d only heard about from him this season.

I’m so burned out with this DeVoe business that it being absent from this episode was a plus. Although, there were a few developments: by tracking the times and places he’s entered and exited his pocket dimension, the team now knows his plan has been in motion for three years (since he became a meta); and though the team doesn’t mention it, retrieving the quark sphere and removing it from the Speed Force has to be part of DeVoe’s plan, right? Also, Harry tweaked the cerebral inhibitor to hear thoughts and that has to come into play for something other than allowing Jesse to experience his thoughts/memories of her mother.

That scene with Barry and Iris in flashtime. Their chemistry is magic. Period.

But Wait; There’s More

The quirky, clumsy server/coffee patron is back, this time dumping a Killer Frost drink from Jitters all over Harry and Caitlin. During her jittery apology she reveals she’s nervous because she’s meeting some people for the first time. After Harry and Caitlin leave, it’s clear they were the people she planned to meet and she didn’t look all that happy about it.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Leave your brief thoughts below, send them to, or leave them on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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"Enter Flashtime"

The Flash - S4E15 - “Enter Flashtime” | Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Hartley Sawyer, Danielle Nicolet

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9 Comments on The Flash - S4E15 - Enter Flashtime

  1. For the podcast

    Safe to say this was the best Flash episode of the season. If only they can keep this up for the rest of the season.

    WestAllen is everything! Iris is his Lightning Rod & she saved the day! It was amazing! And next week looks good too!

    In conclusion, more WestAllen & no Ralph makes a good Flash episode.

    Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And is mystery girl a little evil? Or does she know about some crazy shit KF does in the future and is still pissed? And is she who Jay is gonna train on Earth 3?

  2. For the podcast

    Guys!!! Best episode from this season so far!
    Loved everything in it but I have to be honest. The whole Harry/Jesse thing was a bit off for me at the beginning but it paid off at the end. Was cute to see Jesse hearing Harry’s mind abt her mother.
    This episode really felt a flash episode. I need more of that!! 😩😭
    1)Grant’s acting this episode was wonderful.
    2) Iris being the one calming Barry down and having the idea to save the city was perfect
    3) Loved seeing Jesse and Jay again
    4) But really? Barry didn’t think of Wally when Jay couldn’t handle that speed force thing? Mmkay..
    5) The mystery girl doesn’t like/trust Caitlin.. Same girl same
    6) The episode stretchy dick isn’t in is a really good episode.. Would you look at that..

    That’s it.
    Can’t wait for next week’s episode..
    Hope you guys have a great week! 😘


    This episode was still hot trash! The setup for the bomb wasn’t set up well and our heroes were conveniently too late to stop the villain from slowly lifting her hand to click a detonator! Barry left first but was the last to get there?! OK whatever then… The line delivery was awkward and the acting seemed off. I don’t care at all for that petulant child Jesse, and Wells is beginning to be a bit too icee the top. The only good part were the special effects. Throw the whole Flash away push Black Lightning in its spot!

    I love y’all tho! Peace out!


    My dumbass put this in the wrong feedback post last time. I’m rusty.

    Great episode. They need to cut this shit down to 13 episodes so we can get the glory that is this episode more often?

    This shit was goooooooooooooood.
    We got Cat Daddy Flash, Jesse, and danger. It was so damn good. I’m confuzzled why they couldn’t have found Wallace to throw the bolt. Did I miss something?

    Any who, THOSE TWO (Barry and Iris) MADE ME CRY!!!! God with their chemistry, there isn’t anything they can’t do. I wish the CW would give us more of that. Iris saved EVERYONE. You see, with the love of a Black woman, you too can save the world.

    Thanks for podcasting and I’m not cracking jokes until they have consistency dammit!

  5. Hey guys!
    I skipped out on the last episode planning on just stopping altogether until the season was over and see if it was worth watching.
    But I caught this week’s episode and was very much entertained. Those visuals were amazing and the high stakes was great. It felt very much like a comic book story come to life. Why aren’t more episodes like this!? Honestly don’t care about DeVoe anymore. More of this!!!

  6. For the podcast:

    Was this episode good?? I can’t even tell good TV from bad TV anymore because I’ve literally been watching CW shows all week. I think this was a bit better than the rest of the season, but it still kind of felt like filler. Did the bomb have anything to do with Devoe? I think I tuned out at the end, so I really don’t know. All I can say is that Grant Gustin and Candice Patton are amazing actors that can make really bad dialogue sound sincere and really good dialogue sound amazing.. unlike most other CW shows where the actors can’t sell the good or the bad (I’m looking at you, Riverdale). The WestAllen moments are the only reason i still watch! Thanks for the podcast!


    Why the fuck is this bottle episode the best episode they have had all season?

  8. Hello Nina and the funny colonizers! 😉
    It’s great to finally have a reason to leave feedback for the flash.

    I loved the episode. It was excellent and made use of the actors and their character’s best strengths and got us out of Star Labs and the heart of the show. Also, no creepy white dude.
    I’ll keep it brief cause I expect you to cover all the best bits.
    Best: Candice and Grant are truly fantastic actors. They pulled me right into every moment they shared just like the script. Whoever wrote this needs to takeover and write the entire show with a 13 ep season. Iris really loves Barry a lot seeing as she didn’t mind all that sweat.

    Worst: The lack of Wally when this was the perfect moment for him. Especially when he could have lost his entire family. But the episode was that good, I’m willing to only side-eye them.
    I didn’t care for Harry and Jesse’s repetitive father/daughter drama. Like, why drag up that boring shit?
    Anyways, thank you guys for the entertainment. Wakanda Forever!

  9. I’m probably too late for the podcast, but high point low points for this episode:
    High Points: no Gumby aka stretch. Iris and Barry are amazing. Killer frost cares about “Katie.”
    Low points: it went by too fast. The set up in the hanger was weird. Jessie without Wally.
    I loved this episode so much.

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