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The Flash - S4E2 - Mixed Signals

Previously on The Flash, “The Flash Reborn”

Before Barry Allen took the Speed Force’s hand and walked out of Iris West’s life, he made her promise to keep running, keep living, and be happy. She definitely accomplished two out of the three. Iris may have been motivated by her grief, but that doesn’t make her commitment to protecting The Flash’s legacy and her city any less solid or less admirable. She took charge at S.T.A..R. Labs, and captained that crime-fighting ship like a badass.

Thankfully, now that Barry is home full of vim, vigor, and slightly-annoying enthusiasm, The Flash has seen fit to leave Iris where she was before he got back: in charge. Barry’s new zest for life and joy at being out of the Speed Force causes him to miss the fact that he’s not quite settling into the new world order. As such, as they’re saving a potential victim of a personified computer virus, Barry ends up putting the man’s life in danger because he didn’t listen to Iris.

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At first, Iris brushes off Caitlin’s advice to seek couples therapy, but later convinces Barry that it might help. Their sessions continue the show’s new, lighter direction and it’s a welcome one. Watching a patient try to be honest with a therapist while still keeping a major, unbelievable secret is nothing new, but when it’s executed so well — as it is here — I’m not complaining. Iris and Barry attempting to explain all the deaths they’ve dealt with (Barry’s mom, Eddie, Ronnie, Francine, Henry, Laurel, and H.R.) without sounding like they’re into some shady shit was fun. But things turn serious when they get to the root of Iris’ feelings. Barry left her. He didn’t move away, break up with her, or go off to “find himself” and get “some space.” No; he, in a manner of minutes, decided to walk out of her life forever.

Iris understands Barry will do what he has to in order to keep Central City safe, but that doesn’t make the finality and suddenness of his decision any less painful. And she had to live that reality for six whole months while Barry still doesn’t have memories of what he was doing for the six months he was away. In addition to adjusting to their new roles in the workplace, they need to address what caused that shift in their relationship to begin with. Hopefully we’ll get more insight into why the Speed Force only became unstable long after they pulled Jay out of it, and why Barry just instinctively knew that leaving her forever would solve it.

In the end, Barry understands he’s not a solo hero. Being The Flash, the face of protection for an entire city, isn’t just on Barry. It’s on all of them.

Up To Speed

Yaaaaassss to continuing this great trend where Iris finally (and consistently) gives voice to her own feelings.

The same can be said for Caitlin as well. As sorry as I was to see Julian go, a Caitlin whose storylines don’t revolve around loving, losing, finding, forgiving, or being betrayed by a man is a more tolerable Caitlin.

Candice Patton acts her entire, fine ass off.

Iris and Caitlin running to handle an unauthorized breach is the kind of stuff this show needs to do more often. They’ve both proven themselves to be capable and it’s great to see the show acknowledge it.

The metahuman of the week wasn’t as compelling as most others and the story felt like it’s been done to death, but it did lead to the reveal that there are metas around who were not created by the particle accelerator at S.T.A.R. Labs or the creation of Flashpoint.

Grant Gustin and Candice Patton have undeniable chemistry; their scenes in couples therapy were a hoot.

I love Cisco and Gypsy (though I still don’t love her name… can we please call her Cynthia?), and it’s going to be a shame when this relationship ends.

Speed Bumps

This week’s bad guy was stereotypically bad. In fact, the whole plot line was terrible.

The new suit hijinks pushed the needle a little too close to cheesy/corny than funny. Though it was the impetus for some great lines from Barry and Cisco.

We really gotta figure out a way to have two speedster heroes on the show without injuring Wally every time Barry needs to be the one who saves the day. Last week he got stabbed in the leg and took five hours to heal so that Barry could be the only option when Iris got taken by the samurai, and this week he — a speedster — doesn’t get out of the way in time when Barry loses control of his suit’s functions. He woke up just in time to see everything was under control.

But Wait; There’s More

The bad guy is settled into his new home in the metahuman ward of Iron Heights, which is exactly where The Thinker wants him to be as he prepares to locate the other metahumans who obtained their powers through mysterious means.

What did you think of this episode? Leave your brief thoughts below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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"Mixed Signals"

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale

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13 Comments on The Flash - S4E2 - Mixed Signals

  1. Hi Nina, Donald & John!

    This was probably a good episode, but I have to be 100% honest… I have no idea because I couldn’t get past Wally’s hair. It bothered me all episode. I don’t know who brought in Jidenna’s stylist and let them run that S-Curl through Wally’s head but they need to revert it back to it’s natural state.

    Also, I am glad Iris didn’t let Barry not recognize the NWO and expressed herself early on instead of letting it eat away at her.

  2. Hello PFC fam got to say this was a amazing episode we finally got to the issues barry and iris had and they working things out I’m glad. It was good to see that Caitlin isn’t annoying and giving good advice for once and to see other people with the relationship issues and not her for once. I’m happy we getting more Gypsy also I ship this incest relationship way more then others on other shows. I have to say I’m glad to see there expanding the reach of how people got powers this season because not every villain needs to be from central city or another earth it’s good to see that someone in another part of the world got powers for some reason and that’s a good mystery also shady black warden seems like he’s gonna have his own agenda at some point this season. Also if you didn’t catch it those the symbols barry wrote are shown on the thinkers face so him being the season arc villain is gonna be good. Also where’s my wells I need a new wells on the team I’m still upset HR died and Julian didn’t since he aint on the show anymore.
    Also I like how barry and Wally both got the same hair cut now and one goes to the left and the others goes to the right

  3. Podcast Fandom Crew… Sorry it’s been so long since I last wrote in. Don’t even trip though. You know y’all my favorite podcast group (in my Devin vc)! Anyways, back to what we’re all here for. My feedback… Oh, & the Flash 😒 But don’t let the emoji fool you. I really like these past two episodes. The Easter eggs are great. The storyline is good so far with a side of potential. Everybody has a boo/bae but mine. It’s okay though. Her heart’s too cold for any normal man to handle (I’m not gonna say her name cause I don’t want any shade thrown my way. Shade free zone over here Nina). That’s it for me but before I go. Nina, you know I gotta mess with you a little bit. Just this much 👌🏾 though. & with that being said.. Here we go. Now I know your all in with this whole Barry & Iris thing. Your looking forward to the wedding & how it “may” be leading up to some babies. But what if it’s one of the biggest curves & it’s not Barry’s & Iris’ babies. But someone(s) else who’s close enough to them to get that same reaction out of Barry… Food for thought. Now you do the dishes (Jay-Z lyric) I’m out! p.s. Go back & watch the episode with him running through the timeline then watch last week’s episode when he’s talking gibberish… They tease a BIG storyline coming up.

  4. For the podcast

    What’s up fam, 👋🏾 nina you know you’re my favorite!! Speaking of favorites did y’all hear my nigga Cisco tell his boo shes his favorite… I was so proud!! But that wasn’t the only time I connected with my nigga Cisco, that moment where Caitlin let him know what the tick tock was Bc I was with him and thot everything was cool!! Women always tell me it’s fine then they don’t text me back…. I feel I’ve overshared here let’s get to something more embarrassing like this nigga Wallace and his got damn hair cut!!! Black people love doin 💩 to their hair but this 💩 has gotten outta hand 🤚🏾!!!

    I do wanna say I really loved this episode… I mean Barry had an amazing breakfast 🥞!!! Nigga had cereal and the breakfast sampler from ihop!!! But my favorite part of the episode minus iris at breakfast 😍😍 was when she told Caitlin to mind her whyte ass business!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!!!

  5. Emoji going in: 🙅‍♂️
    Emoji going out: 😝

    Seriously, this episode was super fun! Cisco is clearly the villain of the show, because there was no need for all that tech! In all seriousness, I’m not sure if I prefer KillerVibes to Twinsco-19, because incest is one thing but a Becky is another. Iris and Barry are fucking on another level though. We need this swirl in our lives, although it’s second to Nina and Donny of course. Johndice for lyfe tho. I don’t know where I’m going with this.

    Oh yeah, the villain of the episode was white mediocrity. OF COURSE the Trump supporter is angry at the PoCs for “stealing” his idea or whatever. Fucking white people ugh.

    I’m rambling. Last point, I don’t like Wallace being stomped on, so it better not happen in the next episode. I love the podcast, even if I’m no longer Nina’s favourite. Heck, maybe I’m John’s?

    Love you all ❤️

  6. Don’t think I made the deadline to post but here goes…. this was a good episode. Westallen out here showing us what healthy relationships look like. When they started naming all the dead people in their therapy sessions, I couldn’t help but laugh. I screamed when Barry was like Eddie is dead too. Barry Allen is a petty little shit. Iris is still in charge and I am glad we got her POV about Barry’s absence. Barry might be at peace now but that doesn’t mean all is well for the people he left behind.

  7. I loved this episode better than the last episode. My favourite part was definitely hearing Iris voice her feelings of abandonment to Barry and Barry listening, explaining himself, apologizing and doing things to change. They are indeed the gold standard. I don’t know if anyone noticed but, Joe was not consulted by either Barry or Iris on their problem. They worked out it between themselves and i loved every second of it. I want more of that. The writers are still trying to make us forget that Caitlin unsuccessfully helped murder Iris with no motivations whatsoever and has yet to apologize to her and make amends for it. At least she was kept at a minimum this episode. The villain was weak but i loved the woman he tried to kill. She was sassy and unapologetic about how much of a loser he was. I’m happy he didn’t kill her. I think its weird that the show refuses to call Cynthia Cynthia. She doesn’t call Cisco Vibe all the time. Barry doesn’t get referred to as The Flash by his family and friends in personal situations. So realistically, Cisco should have asked her name and she should have been addressed as Cynthia by him and everyone else by now. It’s so awkward at this point to hear her call him Cisco and him call her G*psy.

  8. Sorry Nina for the broken up post. I just wanted to add that John is wrong. There was nothing wrong with Iris choosing to get kidnapped by the Samurai robot because she believed it would bring Barry out of his speedforce coma. She didn’t just do it for him. She did it for herself too. She was sad and upset about the fact that Barry was back but not really. My girl was acting strong(she is) but she was also very sad and miserable and just wanted her Barry back. She took a leap of faith and chose a drastic measure to get her man back. I think its extremely sexist to reduce her actions to just being about helping Barry. The media does so much of it. It’s like when people criticized Wonder Woman because she was inspired by Steve Trevor a man. Like, a woman is allowed to be inspired by a man and still not be about a man. There is a difference between a woman being made into a damsel in distress(Caitlin getting kidnapped Grodd and Patty getting kidnapped and getting saved by Barry and Jay) and a woman choosing to put herself in peril for her own purposes. Caitlin and Patty’s situations were things being done to them without their consent and they had no agency in the situation. Iris chose to put herself in danger because she believed it would bring Barry back to her. It was self serving and she got things out of it. Look at how happy she was to no longer have to put on a brave face and have her best friend and future husband back. Anyways, that’s my pov.

  9. What the hell is going on with Wally’s hair the episode? Did he get a perm?

  10. I never got any notification this was even up. Stupid Facebook!

  11. For the podcast

    The Flash is back! The first episode back was meh, but this one was so much fun to watch! The show has me super excited again.

    I’m not sure if this has ever been addressed or not, or I could be totally tripping, but is Star Labs shaped like The Flash helmet?

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