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The Flash - S4E7 - Therefore I Am

Previously on The Flash, “When Harry Met Harry”

Through flashbacks and some major stalking on Barry’s part, “Therefore I Am” took us into the lives and minds of the DeVoes. Despite his kind exterior, Barry doesn’t believe Clifford DeVoe (Neil Sandilands) isn’t a threat and isn’t, in fact, the DeVoe Savitar and Abra Kadabra mentioned as one of The Flash’s greatest rivals. The rest of Team Flash chooses to believe the evidence, of which they have none. On his own, Barry interrogates DeVoe, breaks into his home, and earns himself a slap in the face, a restraining order, and a tw0-week suspension from work.

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So, what’s the real deal?

Prior to the particle accelerator explosion, Clifford DeVoe was a history teacher unable to capture his students’ attention away from their smartphones. He designed a “thinking cap” that will help him expand his mind, and his wife Marlize (Kim Engelbrecht), builds it. The only problem is finding a power source strong enough to sustain it. Enter Harrison Wells (really Eobard) and his particle accelerator. The night of the explosion, DeVoe is struck by lightning and almost dies. He’s beyond brilliant after that, but his smarts come with a price. His intellect acts as a parasite, causing major muscle deterioration throughout the rest of his body. Marlize devises a chair, along with the thinking cap, that has prolonged the inevitable, but it’s not a permanent fix. DeVoe hopes to use Barry to either cure him , but how that’s possible is still a mystery.

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Overall, the episode was fine. Serviceable. The Big Bad is less of a mystery and that’s a good thing. No need to stretch it out like they did with Zoom and Savitar.

Speaking of stretching things out, no Ralph this episode! Yay!

And, Wally’s back! Although, it was frustrating to hear him say he has no idea if his time away brought what he needed. I mentioned on the podcast that having his absence mean something was the least the show could do.

Sometimes the episode veered a bit too much into foolishness with everyone doubting Barry’s suspicions, and it didn’t help that he wasn’t making it easy to believe him by being reckless. Thankfully, it’s put to rest by episode’s end after DeVoe finally admits to Barry that he was right about him.

More interesting than DeVoe’s end game is his and Marlize’s relationship. She’s Iris to DeVoe’s Barry; devoted, in on his secrets, and willing to do whatever it takes to see him succeed. They’re like WestAllen if Barry and Iris had less scruples. The DeVoes don’t appear to have a real desire to hurt people, though turning people into meta-humans who hurt people isn’t exactly altruistic.

What did you think of this week’s episode? Leave your brief thoughts below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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"Therefore I Am"

Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Hartley Sawyer

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7 Comments on The Flash - S4E7 - Therefore I Am

  1. For the podcast:

    I really liked this episode! It may be my favorite of the season. Im trying to edit this and keep it short. Barry is lucky his ass isn’t in jail. The Thinker making jabs at the gorilla nonsense had me laughing out loud - he was saying what we all were thinking during every bullshit Grod episode ever. One thing I can’t understand is why Mrs. Devoe fell for Mr. Devoe in the first place. She is so beautiful, and that man is trash ass ugly. Also, where the fuck was Gumby this episode? I guess they couldn’t budget him in since Wally made his return… that wasn’t a very long hiatus, and it just goes to show that the writers excuses for getting rid of him were bullshit. Whatever, i hope he’s back to stay. I’m not looking forward to this crossover whatsoever. They’re always terrible, but I’m also not caught up on Legends, and I don’t watch those trash shows Arrow or Supergirl anymore. I’m going to be so confused, but whatever. Looking forward to the podcast that i love so much!!

  2. For the Podcast

    I enjoyed this episode! I really like Devoe. He’s creepy af and yet he & his wife are kinda #relationshipgoals.

    They straight up had Barry looking like he was insane this episode! As always, Grant Gustin is a phenomenal actor. Now do you guys believe Barry’s behavior was out of character?

    Nina, I missed the part where Devoe said he can use Barry to cure himself. When did he say that?

    Wally’s back! But do they still not know what to do with him?

    Lots of WestAllen goodness! And next week is the big day! I can’t wait! Plus I’m really enjoying Iris bossing everybody around. Lol

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And do you think Microsoft is aware of how gross Ralph is since he’s in all their show related advertising?

  3. For the podcast:
    The only thing I liked about Mr & Mrs Thinker is their authentic South African accents. 👏But👏that👏was👏till👏he👏told👏Barry👏about👏himself 👏. Dit was bie lekker (Afrikaans for: it was very delicious). I just hope they don’t drag this out like they did Savitar. Yay for Wally!!! John does the thinker have other powers in the comic book? (Other than a parasitic brain & knowing all the answers). I’m loving Iris as the boss (& yay for WestAllen). Oh, & no Sleeping daredevil (I need a 4 episode break from him). Thanx for the free 💩Nina

  4. For the podcast: loved it as usual the thinker and the mechanic are like evil couple goals in I’m not even mad at them. Barry is a persistent lil fucker idk why he didn’t put the Flash suit on before breaking into their house like…come on Bar! I do like all the investigating he did on his own tho since they went with the stereotypical no one believes him plot point🙄 one thing wtf was with Iris in at least 2 situations with Barry bringing up the wedding as a reason for him acting out? I didn’t like that. But anyways good episode overall can’t wait to hear your thots.

  5. For the Pod: Holy wow, I think I actually made it this time. Once a year ain’t bad.

    Umm. It was good. Solid (as a rock, jk). I love the villains; their relationship is delicious. But, it was all predictable, which it didn’t need to be. I don’t understand that he could have grown to teach others and move past his insecurities as the Flash, but still not wear his suit or a mask to do undercover work, say the place is probably bugged but not sweep for bugs, confront the bad guy and not have someone listening on the com or secretly video tape the conversation when he does to help prove his point to the others AND his boss (although, they believed him for no good reason when they were so sure he was out of his mind and demanding evidence earlier, but whatever I guess).

    It was fine, and perfectly fine for the new teen generation who hasnt seen this trope before; I just thought we were going back to Berry being smart is all. My bad. Seriously, dude talks in-depth about the Council of Wells and nobody wants to sweep for bugs? We just gonna let him do what he do? Okay, let it all u hang out. He just so happens to be the smartest man ever, let’s let him have more infornation, cause we have spunk.

    But anyway. It was solid and Wally is handsome. I like that they are evolving his look and character. No, the black boy doesn’t have to be a struggling delinquent with a bad attitude and a fade, but can like his hair straighten, building things, and learning different languages, too.

    I hope it’s not too long! (Hella rusty.)

  6. For the podcast

    Hey guys!
    Really liked this episode.
    1)Loved the thinker and his wife (can’t remember her name)
    2)Barry was right the whole episode but acted like a crazy MF that was funny
    3) The s01 Westallen flashback.. My heart!!
    4) Loved the present Westallen
    5) Really liked Kaitlin this episode
    6) Really liked Ralph too
    7) Bich!! Wally’s back!! Finally!!! 💜

    Btw.. The parallels btw Westallen and Marvoe (Devoe and his wife).. I loved it! They are the villains but ship them!! 💜

    Thanks for the podcast. Hope you guys have a great week! 😘

  7. Hello, my favourite podcast. I loved the episode for the focus on the Devoes. Especially Marlize DeVoe who is a new fave. They reminded me of Westallen but the supervillian version. I can’t wait to see them go to battle. What i didn’t like was the show flip flopping. Barry literally hated Ralph for breaking the law in his attempt to put away a guy he thought was guilty. But here, Barry does it because of his guts. We all know DeVoe was guilty but Barry offered us nothing to support him other than being the main character. I wanted him to find evidence. But he never did. In the end, it was DeVoe who revealed himself and the confession would have been inadmissible in court.
    Great flashback storytelling (pilot westallen look so young) and performed but awful in the way it handled Barry investigating DeVoe. Loved the westallen scene in the loft and Iris finally ready to “Make. Them. Twins” as Nina says. I look forward to their wedding but not the Nazis. I hate the writers and the CW for making Nazis forever connected with westallen’s wedding.

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