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The Leftovers - S2E9 - Ten Thirteen

Previously on The Leftovers, ‘International Assassin’

In last week’s episode of The Leftovers, we learned what drove Patty to the top ranks of the Guilty Remnants. She was given humanity through a personal history that taught monsters are often spawned from abuse and low self-worth.

Season 1 never gave glimpses into what turmoil drove Meg to join the GR. We only knew that once she was in, she never looked back. This season, her rape of Tommy displayed a level of callousness that would have made even Patty sit up and pay attention. This week, Meg’s story taught us some monsters are not bullied into existence, but are bred of over indulgence and narcissism.

On October 13th, Meg was lunching with her mother, squabbling over what they seem to consider petty financial matters - like the proper length of time to repay a loan for boots and who should pay for Meg’s upcoming wedding. Mom seems to be enjoying the chat but Meg has to insert an interruption to excuse herself for a quick cocaine refresher in the restroom. Upon her return, she is confronted with the sight of her mother on the floor as a staff member desperately performs CPR.

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The day after Meg’s mom died, 2% of the world up and vanished. The Sudden Departure turned the spotlight away from her mom and her grief, sending Meg on a search for… something. At first, she thought if she could know what her mother was going to say, what her last words would have been, she would feel better. She traveled with her fiance in search of a psychic who would be able to enlighten her. Eventually, she landed in Jarden to meet with Isaac, who was able to give her the information she sought but not the comfort she needed.

Meg sat heartbroken on a bench before a young local tries to comfort her. And this, we learn, is where Evie learned her the knock-knock joke she told her father the day before she disappeared. Between the bench and the bus, Meg develops ice in her eyes. She spits on Jarden and its miracle reputation before riding off into her future.

Modern Meg seems to be encased in ice. She is pushing the limits of even the GR by threatening children and looking at more extreme options for violence. She is called in for a meeting to discuss her methods and you can see the GR leaders are not ready to take her on. She dominates the conversation (a conversation she insists be held vocally) before heading out to continue her rogue plans, which seem to target Miracle.

Meg has recruited other members of the GR and picks up a surprising addition on her travels to Jarden. After visiting Tommy during his Holy Wayne routine, Meg places a final seed of doubt for his current lot in the world. After arguing with his mom, Tommy runs off to ride shotgun on Meg’s path of destruction.

Shockingly, there is one person who is not ready to buy into Meg’s charisma. Matt, of all people, is able to see straight through her innocent demeanor. After chatting outside of town, Matt promises to be her Living Reminder.

Just when you wonder how deep Meg’s devious plot could reach, Tommy makes a huge discovery: Evie and friends are hanging out in a trailer on the farm, members of the Guilty Remnants.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. Also, if you’re a fan of The Leftovers and you’re on Twitter, use #RenewTheLeftovers and tag HBO.

The Leftovers S2E9
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Meg, Meg, Meg… Wow. While we have seen glimpses into her story, there is still very little understanding for her nature. What is motivating her? Does she have any limits? With only one episode left, we have to wonder how many answers we will get in the finale. Will Evie & Co’s story ever be known?

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5 Comments on The Leftovers - S2E9 - Ten Thirteen


    This was a one of the more linear straightforward episodes of the leftovers yet. I loved it but it was a almost a bit too coincidental for my taste but I’ll allow it because of all the good will they built up before it.

    It was cool to finally get crazy ass Meg’s back story and to see that she’s been to Jarden before and as soon as I saw Evie I pieced it together. When Tommy opened that door and saw them I was like I FUCKING KNEW IT!!!

    Some observations:

    Meg is a motherfucking dope fiend! That explains a lot! But also like her mother said Meg is relentless. When she finds a cause she just latches on to it. She ain’t here for this basic GR trolling and turning the other cheek. She got goons on call and isn’t afraid to use them! I loved the transition from the Miracle flashback to present day but that was some seriously fucked up shit with the school bus.

    Issac has been a really interesting background character because he’s been kind of instrumental in the plot. He gives Jon a future reading possibly predicting the finale but a couple years before he gives Meg a past reading which set her on the path leading up to the finale. Issac is key here because if he had given her a future reading he probably could have changed everything.

    They waited till almost the end to give us Lettie Mae ‘Motherfuckiing’ Daniels! I hollered!

    Tommy still lost in the sauce and caught up in the game. I wonder why it wasn’t any think pieces about the way they handled his rape a few episodes ago.

    Matt is woke and out in the camp throwing shade! But Meg been woke!!! I wonder how long the undercover GR has been planning a action in Miracle. At least a few months probably right?

    I can’t wait for Sunday because if it goes down the way I’m thinking it’s going to be lit!!! But hell at this point they can do anything and I’ll love it. I’m a believer!

    Love you guys, take care!


    I missed spitting this hot fiyah last week. So #datass was amazing last week and those suits on him so good. I hate Jennifer Aniston. She gets to fuck this man. Hate her so much.

    Alright this episode was glorious even though out of all of the characters, I couldn’t care less about Meg. It is likely because I am not fond of that woman’s acting.

    I needed Evie to know not to talk to strangers. I know that Regina King taught your ass not to talk to stranger danger. How she felt okay talking to Meg in any capacity blows my mind. Once she spoke to her I fucking knew that she went to the GR. I knew it. I wish I knew why though.

    Tommy’s aggressive “WHO WANTS A HUG” UGH. I do dammit. That aggressive try me bitch to Meg was so hot. I also feel sad about his situation. He is getting used and abused all over the place. Why did you fuck me? Um no, that was rape my lovely tall man and I cannot understand how you are okay with being near this crazed maniac. But I still love you Tommy especially when Olivia Newton John’s Magic came on and he looked off into the distance. That poor thing.

    This season finale is going to be hot fiyah all over the place. I am not ready. I need this show to be renewed! Don’t fail me HBO!

  3. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    First of all, Meg lost her whole entire mind for refusing her mom’s offer to pay for her wedding. Girl, you crazy. And what the hell kind of shit are you going through that you have to use boogar sugar to have a conversation with your mom? She seemed pretty sweet to me. Heartbreaking that she was in the bathroom when she went onto Glory.

    Once I saw Evie talk to Meg in the beginning of the episode, I KNEW they had her! I KNEW IT!

    Lettie Mae Daniels is back as the Guilty Remnant principal! I love how the GR just starts talking when people say “Just talk” now. Guess that code is pretty weak. I know Lettie Mae doesn’t believe that Meg’s giving up her original plan. Read between the lines, people. Didn’t you see the Fight Club-ish flash cut?

    Speaking of reading between the lines, Matt doesn’t have time for your bullshit. I really wish he would have just gone full Family Guy and said “Shut up, Meg.” That was so great. However Matt AND Tommy pissed me off doing all that damn talking about where Laurie & co were. SHUT THE HELL UP!

    I laughed at Laurie trying to turn into Creflo Dollar with the Holy Tommy gig. Tommy told her all about herself and much like the publisher, she couldn’t take it. She slapped the fire out of him though.

    One last thing: Meg, go back to sex ed. That’s not how pregnancy works.

    SO ready for the finale!

    don’t really have too much to say cause the episode was so good as usual. i liked getting a bit more of Meg’s back story to see why she’s so into this GR mess. also, Evie just carries baby carrots around Jardin and offers them to crying women? has she never heard of don’t talk to strangers?
    so Tommy needs to run far far away from weirdo Meg and find his family, right?
    ps: so now we know that Isaac was legit?

    can’t wait for the podcast!


    This episode made me think of Jill’s line from earlier in the season “wherever you go, there you are.” All the Garvey’s and an offshoot of the Guilty Remnant are in place for an epic show-down in Jarden and I can’t wait for the next episode. They have so much ground to cover.

    I don’t know what’s in the box Evie gave her dad on his birthday, but I wonder if her real gift to him is proving that there are no miracles in Miracle by being part of this upcoming staged event on the bridge? And I wonder if it’s going to involve people hanging themselves off the bridge or crossing the bridge, referring back to Kevin’s episode last week? I do think that maybe wrestling with and killing Patty was something he needed to do so he could level up and be ready to confront Meg?

    Whatever happens, Michael’s convinced his sister departed so he’s going to be rocked when he finds out she and her friends are pulling the meanest prank in history.

    Also answered this week: Isaac is the real deal but Tommy’s hugs are bullshit. We spend a lot of time trying to decipher if things on the show are supernatural or rational and the answer is - both? either?

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