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The Night Of - Part 4: The Art of War

Previously on The Night Of, “A Dark Crate”

The Night Of – Part 4: The Art of War | Starring: Riz AhmedJohn TurturroAriya GhahramaniPoorna JagannathanBill Camp, Amara Karan

Not even a burning bed, a sliced arm, or having his commissary card used by a mooch is enough to make Nasir accept Freddie’s help. Instead, he learns the art of war in prison from a new inmate, who suspiciously imparts wisdom on how to avoid conflict, possible prison weapons, and how not to owe anyone anything in prison. All the time you’re wondering what Naz will owe this guy when the time comes.

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At home, Nasir’s mother sinks into depression amid the constant presence of the media outside their home. Not even Naz’s brother Hasan (Syam M. Lafi) is safe as he’s asked to leave school after fighting back against bullies.

Perhaps influenced by new clients who are most definitely guilty and full of shit, or maybe he laments the one that got away, Stone continues to look into Andrea’s death and supplies Chandra Kapoor (Karan) with ill-gotten records of Andrea’s stints in rehab.

Nasir does accept Freddie’s help by wearing the prison greens he provided (over the orange jumpsuit), though this does nothing to secure Nasir’s release at his bail hearing. Still, it’s a step towards a possible alliance/friendship.

Allison Crowe (Glenn Headly) shows her true colors when she immediately negotiations a plea agreement on Nasir’s behalf. He’ll get 15 years if he pleads guilty in open court. The prosecution is eager to make a deal due to the high cost of court cases, plus the anti-Muslim violence that has risen in the wake of Naz’s arrest. Crowe advises his parents to take the deal, and even sends her junior associate, Chandra, to convince Naz to do the right thing. Chandra goes with her conscience, and advises Nasir not to take the deal if he’s innocent. When he does exactly that, Crowe quits the case and passes it off to Chandra, and also tells the Khans they’ll now have to pay for their services.

The Night Of - S1E4 - Nasir in court

Naz eventually asks Freddie the question we’ve been asking since “A Dark Crate”: Why him?

Freddie has all the comforts of home in prison. He has everything except someone who is intellectually stimulating. While most men in prison are reading The Art of War and The Other Side of Midnight (the first for obvious reasons; the latter being a fictional account of using what you have to obtain power), Freddie tells Nasir he should read Jack London’s Call of Wild, but he’s already read it. Whether this is Freddie’s true motive is unknown, but Naz still has to ask for the help before Freddie will protect him.

When Nasir’s new prison friend attacks him with hot water mixed with baby oil and later smirks about it, it’s finally enough to send Nasir into Freddie’s care. Between that and Chandra/Stone working on Nasir’s behalf on the outside, it finally feels like Nasir’s cause might not be so lost after all.

The Night Of - Part 4 = 9.7/10
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4 Comments on The Night Of - Part 4: The Art of War

  1. For the podcast:

    I have been waiting for this all day! Sorry if for whatever reason the comment I made earlier seemed like I was being pushy. I just didn’t want to miss this feedback post. That being said, if stepped over the line, I am sure you would have snatched my edges. Moving on.

    That ashy Larry asked Naz for money and gave it to him! NO. We would have been fighting you ain’t taking one cent from my ass prison or no prison.

    YASSSSS. Alison quit! FUCK THAT BITCH. It’s time for #teamshandra! Didn’t one of y’all call that Stone and Chandra might work together? I am excited and I hope they solve this case.

    And I knew he was going to get hot water and baby oiled. I knew it. But wise on him for not saying shit so that he don’t get murdered by ole dude. I loved how he walked to Freddy’s room and ole dude got scared. When Freddy took a puff of that smoke, I knew it was going down. It’s lit.

    Stone is nasty! That cisco bag was crunching while he was using a chopstick and that was disgusting. But he is smart and I love all of the sleuthing he is doing. I am still trying to figure out what the fuck condition he has because if you have to bathe in Clorox bleach then there is a problem and the possible shrinking balls isn’t too good either.

    Also, he picking up some a sexy natural hair black woman? Okay, Stone I see you. You ain’t above the law because you made her pay for your services with sex so you are questionable. But she wasn’t having it anyway because he seemed like a lousy sex partner.

    When the guy was teaching Naz how to look but not look and said BOOM after each, I cackled. Because not only it is funny, it is true. I’m from the hood of Chicago, I learned that fucking look along with a mean mug.

    Did they shoot this prison workout scene in the same place as Daredevil? I swear that workout area is the same that Fisk was in season 2.

    I cannot wait for the next episode. Thanks for the podcast you all are awesome and I totally don’t say it enough!


    Hey girl!

    Okay so here’s the thing. I’m damn near ready to quit the show. Why? I’m tired of all the feet scenes. Like I’m over it. I hate feet and these nasty Crisco covered shits I have to bear witness to are just horrible. I do not like it.

    Secondly, I love how Naz can’t escape tutoring! I love it! All Omar from The Wire wanted was more knowledge. And who can be mad at that? I love it.

    Charlene’s uncle was such a dickhead. He really lulled Naz into a false sense of security and then splashed him with new age hot grits. But he really ought to wipe that smug look off his face. Which he did. Because Naz marched his lil ass right on up to Chateau Omar and got himself some protection. Now look at you. You got your little half ass revenge, and now you’re probably gonna be dead come next episode. Why? OMAR COMING.

    Love y’all and love the podcast!!


    Love the direction this show is headed, it’s so beautifully shot and directed.

    Naz has the absolute worst jailhouse tutors! I knew that nigga was up to know good as soon as I saw him. That conversion before he made the baby oil napalm was so tense. I knew it was gonna happen, Chekov’s baby oil! Now that Naz is down with Omar tho, niggas gonna start putting some respeck on his name.

    I can go the rest of the series without seeing Stone’s slippery gangrene ass feet ever again! Also things I never want to se again: Him having sad eczema ridden missionary sex! Ol girl was checking her stuff for residue after!

    I love my baby girl but I hate Allison. She was straight up wrong by reneging on the offer to Adnan I mean Nasir’s parents. Just petty! I hope Chandra works out something with Stone to team up and work the case!

    Observation: Andrea was a trust fund baby right?! So who gets the money after her death? Hmm… That scene of the dad yelling at the other guy was suspect.

    Love you guys take care!


    I don’t know what it is about this show. I can’t explain it and I don’t know if it will make any sense. I don’t look forward to it. I don’t enjoy it, yet I’m so intrigued by it.

    I can’t believe that we are half way through this.

    Questions for you:
    1) Do you think that we will get a verdict by the end? Or will Nas’ story continue into a Season 2?
    2) How is that adorable orange cat going to factor back into this story? I can’t imagine that this cat has any sort of trace DNA left on it, especially after spending a few nights in a shelter, but the cat has had four significant scenes already (being put out, being let back in by Stone, bring brought to the shelter and the off-camera scene of Stone calling the shelter and asking about the cat
    3) Stone’s eczema is truly the strangest thing. I struggle with the meaning. The why? I am all for providing characters with texture, but this is too much and all the time. For you, does his eczema add anything valuable to his character?
    I don’t have anything else regarding the episode as I am sure you and the other feedbackers will cover it. I really am enjoying this podcast. I am looking forward to hearing it and your thoughts.

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