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The Night Of - Part 5: The Season of the Witch

Previously on The Night Of, “The Art of War”

The Night Of - Part 5: The Season of the Witch | Starring: Riz AhmedJohn TurturroAriya GhahramaniPoorna JagannathanBill Camp, Amara Karan

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“The Season of the Witch” brought out a new side of Naz and a side of Freddy we knew was there, but was hoping didn’t emerge when it came to his arrangement with Naz. Under Freddy’s protection, Naz gets his very own cell and an opportunity to get a little payback on the man who doused him in “The Art of War.” Naz takes one kick, which seems to satisfy both him and Freddy. But when the man taunts Naz, one of Freddy’s boys has to pull Naz off the guy before he kills him. Then, Naz wastes no time flexing Freddy’s muscle, taking over the common room TV while sporting a new shaved head.

Would Freddy have asked Naz for a risky favor (well, not so much asked…) were it not for this display of a dark side? Probably, but Freddy does make it clear he sees Naz’s rage and his secrets… and he likes it. Freddy wants more than Naz’s intellectual company and enlists him to swallow balloons of drugs brought in via the vagina of another inmate’s mother. Naz has not only accepted Freddy’s friendship and protection, he’s flaunted it. He can’t say no. Despite Stone’s warning that this could jeopardize his ever getting out of prison, Naz completes the task and delivers the drugs.

Chandra Kapoor (Karan) enlists Stone’s help in Naz’s case, which he gives in exchange for $30,000 up front. Considering his investigator may have found new evidence at the crime scene, and the fact Stone tracks down a missing witness, this may have been a smart investment on her part.

Stone definitely has something to prove. His new skin medication has caused erectile dysfunction, a presentation at his son’s school leaves the boy humiliated, his hooker/girlfriend seems ready to dismiss him for good, and his foot condition has spread to his hands. He needs a win and hopes to score one with Naz’s case, even after learning that their client hasn’t been completely honest with them.

Toxicology reports show that Naz and Andrea had the same drugs in their systems except one: an amphetamine in his blood was absent in hers. Despite not having a prescription, Naz admits to taking Adderall, but promises he hasn’t lied about anything else.

While Stone and Kapoor work to find evidence to free Naz, Box goes over the timeline hoping to find something to ensure a conviction. We’ve seen how the system can be very matter-of-fact and devoid of emotions, but “The Season of the Witch” highlights how the same evidence can be twisted to suit the desired narrative. The district attorney hopes to sell the moments after Andrea entered the cab as premeditation to murder. Naz kicked out the two men who’d gotten in the cab, but not Andrea. She surmises it was then that Naz decided to kill her. Box doesn’t seem convinced.

The most disturbing part of the investigation came when the DA sought the advice of the medical examiner: Could the cut on Naz’s hand occurred when he was stabbing Andrea or reaching through the broken glass of the front door? The ME is willing to say whatever the DA wants him to on the stand.

This was the best episode since the premiere and it’s partially due to the series finally diving into the investigative phase of the story. While it has been an interesting dissection of the criminal justice system in New York, the whodunit aspect is way too compelling to ignore. Watching the night unfold from the perspective of the prosecution and the defense should be interesting.

What really sends this episode over the top is the acting. Michael K. Williams and John Turturro were stellar, as usual, and Amara Karan has a nice chemistry with Turturro (I died every time she looked at his feet). Riz Ahmed, though, totally blew me away. He has transformed Naz into a different man - one with secrets, one who has quickly taken on the attitude and mannerisms necessary to survive in prison. One capable of murder? We shall see.

The Night Of - Part 5
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4 Comments on The Night Of - Part 5: The Season of the Witch


    I fucking love this show even though it terrifies me. I think what this show does so well is that it really shows how someone can easily get caught up in the system over one bad decision that will affect them for the rest of their life. It also highlights how people can be institutionalized so easily.


    Naz keeping stuff from Stone is not working in his favor. For someone who believes they are innocent sure is trying to hide a lot. He probably took the Adderall because he was going to a party and didn’t want to appear nervous and hyper. And cutting his hair was a stupid move, he had that innocent look going for him, now he looks like Travis Bickle, get it? Now he out here doing hood rat shit with his hood rat friends and getting caught up in the system. We were thinking that the only thing Freddy wanted from Naz was a friend with above 3rd grade reading level but nope, he turning Naz into a drug mule. Freddy is not going to let Naz get free; he’s like the reverse of Morgan Freeman in Shawshank.


    This turned out to be a win for Stone. He gets to work the case like he wanted and get paid up front by a big firm. But still again with this nigga’s feet! I hope all the new treatments work because he needs to be in that courtroom in some Cole Haans. Hell he should be able to wear some breathable loafers at the very least! I’m so surprised sista girl got back into bed with him considering last time. I’m glad he couldn’t get it up and got curved later on because no one needed to see that again! Yo, how Stone just going to throw my nigga Trevor under the bus like that?! Not cool dude. He should have called Box and let him know that there is another potential witness/suspect and should come check it out. I’m guessing he made it out OK but Duane Reade is long gone now. Nigga might as well be named Wal Green!

    Box/Weiss/Other Players:

    I know Naz has to be innocent now because Weiss and Box are building her case based on circumstantial evidence and lies. We saw how Naz cut his hand, and know that he was going somewhere else. Those undercover cops should be able to corroborate some of that story. I wonder if they will interview Naz’s friend and his teammates as character witnesses or something for that night.

    Closing thoughts:

    Did anyone else think that when that happy music was playing when Stone bought the cat toys, he was going to open the door and the cat would be dead?

    Was it just me or did you also think that ol’ dude’s mama take the longest time pulling those drugs out?! And she wasn’t being subtle about it at all; I thought she was supposed to go to the bathroom or something to do it!

    Chandra is fine as all get out!

    Only 3 episodes left, I wonder how they are going to wrap this up! However they do it, I’m sure I’ll be on the edge of my seat!

    Love you guys, take care!


    I mean if he used the UV light then he must have bathe in that bleach (especially because he had that clorox box) right?

    Stone need to stop using this black woman as his therapist when shit goes wrong in bed. His limp dick ass was looking for some sympathy! Naw.

    Also, he is steady getting fucked over. He is the source of all of my laugher and excitement. One moment he is getting embarrassed for shrinking balls and viagra pills and then he is sleuthing his ass off. But of course, he wants his dick to be sky high so much that he is willing to take random ass pills. That’s crazy to me. But anything for the love of a black woman. And when he increasingly became irate with the other guy at the bar and told him to fuck off I cackled. John is such a great actor.

    He moved to an East side cell in the sky. He movin’ on up! He finally got a piece of the pie.

    He working out (yum), he got a new nickname (Osama though?), and he got his shots in? He has it made right now. And I am kind of turned on sort of like when the Punisher was fucking stuff up. The actor is fine and yeah. Moving on.

    He shaved his glorious locks and then he was smoking cigarettes and I immediately screamed “WHAT THE FUCK IS GOING ON HERE?” He seems a little too happy to be there now that he has Freddy. And he was learning a box. Hmm. Naz is going to have to box his way out of that gang before he can leave. *He-Man voice* He has the power! That whole scene with the drug removal made me gag. I had to skip through all of it.

    Watch. Naz will be innocent but his father will charge him with grand theft and he will be locked in there anyway. FUCK.

    “Had an ass like a birthday cake” Took that took that. I’m the captain now. This phrase is mine now.

    I was not comfortable with the coroner and ole girl talking about the hand wound over a dick. Also fuck those two. See we need an independent report on that wound.

    Also Stone better take some allergy pills and keep that damn cat. He’s acting like he doesn’t want that love. PSSST. Whatever. I love this mini series.


    Hey girl! Okay so here’s the thing. I don’t know if it’s the pushups, or the hair cut, but Naz up and got fine. I was not ready for that. It’s interesting to see him break bad. And Omar was right. Naz has some rage in him. He beat Charlene’s uncle like Michael Bolton did that Xerox machine in Office Space! Good Lord! I’m ready for Omar’s first Literature 101 class with Naz too.

    I know I said it last week but good GOD it’s like the writers heard me and are now trolling me. These damn feet. I just wanna projectile vomit everywhere.

    Stone is either brave as hell or stupid as hell. Ain’t no way I’m following the Duane Reade pharmacy into that rando back alley then another rando room. Hell naw. I guess those Viagra pills gave him a little extra testicular fortitude?

    Love y’all.


    Best episode since the first one.

    1. Fuck Johns feet. I
    The pharmacist (brown-face from Short Circuit) is hilarious. John said fuck these steroids until I can get my dick hard again. Poor baby couldn’t even get his hooker-client at the bar. His dumb ass went running into that dark ass building. He knows his feet aren’t made for that.

    Nas: His transformation from the doe-eyed naive man to a full on baddass was amazing to watch. This mofo got swole, shaved his head and because a drug smuggler within one episode. The baby oil burn must hurt like a muthafucka. We did get to see that he’s. It as naive as we first thought. He’s popping Adderall and didn’t seem like he needed to much convincing to beat the shit out of someone and eat some vag balls. We knew payment from Freddie’s goodwill was going to require more than mind stimulation.

    The Carpenters really?

    How fast did John throw Trevor under the bus when he found Duane Reed. I’ve been wondering where his ass was since the fist episode. He was the first obvious suspect, but it wouldn’t surprise me if it wasn’t him.

    That’s enough for this round. Love the show and apologize if I was too long-winded. I can’t believe this great show is almost over.

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