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The Strain - S3E8 - White Light

Previously on The Strain, “Collaborators”

The Strain - S3E8 - “White Light” |Starring: David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Corey Stoll,Richard Sammell, Jack Kesy, Miguel GomezRuta Gedmintas, Jonathan Hyde, Natalie Brown,Rupert Penry-Jones

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Taking Care of Mama

After dropping Angel off at one of Palmer’s urgent care facilities, Gus heads home to look for his mother. Flashbacks to his childhood, when Gus’ uncles took care of Gus’ abusive father to save him and his mother, are meant to make us understand just how much she sacrificed for him and why he feels the need to care for her even when she’s a vampire.


Everyone loves their mom, dude. Yes, taking some side work for Eichorst helped bring about the V-Poc, and it’s sad what happened to your mom, but let it go. You’re just being reckless. The flashbacks did nothing to make us better understand or agree with his poor decisions all season long.

Show of hands: Who thought Angel wasn’t going to make it out the freedom center alive? Me too. But he arrives at Gus’ and finds the place empty. He pops some meds and settles in for a nap. Show of hands: Who thought those pills were laced with the White? Just me. Basically, I’m surprised Angel made it out of this episode alive. Though, he almost didn’t.

He awakens to find Gus’ mom hovering over him. Before she can attack, Gus arrives and finally puts her down.


It was interesting getting a glimpse of the despair and organized chaos at one of the centers, but how do they factor in to the Master’s overall plan and those harvesting factories? Is Angel being in their system a bad sign? It can’t mean anything good.

Taking Care of Dutch

Eph and Dutch listen to the the black box recording, and hear what they wanted a little too well. The high-pitch signal knocks Dutch out and leaves her useless for much of the episode. Once she’s feeling better, she treats Eph to a sexy dance and then they have sex.

Listen. I know I’ve been shipping these two - they are infinitely more likable together than they ever were apart or with other people - but y’all can’t just be fucking in Fet’s house! Also, I wish the foreplay had been a lot less corny and more inline with the easy, smart banter they’ve established for the past few episodes.

Taking Care of Business

In one of the most disturbing cold-opens ever, Sanjay demonstrates to Eichorst the blood-draining process in one of their facilities. Unfortunately for his associate, Sanjay didn’t take into account that a sand dummy won’t squirm and struggle like a real human, so Eichorst puts the associate on the hook for the error. Literally. He squirms until his body is penetrated by dozens of needles and drained of blood.

Palmer is walking around looking like new money. There’s a fire in his eyes and a pep in his step. He gives Fet and Abe the address of the captain who ordered him off the ship; they hope he can tell them what was in the cargo and where it is. He wants in on the mission, but Abe says he still can’t sit with them.

Though it may be a trap, Eph and Abe decide to go alone and send Quinlan to meet with the Ancients to learn whether or not another Ancient would align with the Master. This isn’t Quinlan’s first choice seeing as how the last time he saw the Ancients he gave them his ass to kiss, but Quinlan is a team player.

He makes it clear speaking with them is the last place he wants to be, but he needs to know if their suspicions about the Master’s plans are valid. They twitch and admit it’s possible, and Quinlan tells them they’ll have to get down off of their U-Haul trollies and get their hands dirty if they hope to win. Even though they don’t want to work with Abraham, they agree. Quinlan promises to return that night with Abraham’s next move.

The captain folds easy enough and takes Fet and Abe to the blood harvesting factory, which is where the ship’s cargo was sent. They finally witness what the Master has planned, and note that Palmer’s company’s name is all over everything. They’re spotted and a shootout ensues, but Eichorst and Sanjay get away with the crate.

Eichorst has been tracking the strigoi hunters the Ancients use to hunt for their food and finally, with the help of the Feelers, thinks he knows where they’re holed up. Kelly is sure they’ll know for sure that night.

Abe and Fet confront Palmer about the slaughterhouses. There’s no shame in Palmer’s game, though. He admits there are 100 such facilities under construction in North America alone. Palmer is now tasked with finding out where the crate was taken. He’s confident he can do it, but I’m sure Eichorst is going to wonder how the hell they knew where to find the crate and why Palmer looks so spry.

When Quinlan returns to the Ancients, Eichorst and his army aren’t far behind. Through Eichorst, the Master informs the other Ancients that killing them is more a mercy than a victorious act. As his strigoi attack the Ancients and their guards, Eichorst backs out of the tunnel holding a ticking briefcase, which he leaves on the ground before making his exit. Quinlan follows, but he’s slowed down by being a badass slicing through the strigoi Matrix-style.

Surprisingly, the Ancients still have some moves and make short work of many of the strigoi, ripping off heads and slicing throats. But it’s not enough; Eichorst detonates the bomb when he’s clear and though Quinlan appears to have escaped, the Ancients weren’t so lucky.

The Strain S3E8 = 8.9/10
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8 Comments on The Strain - S3E8 - White Light

    Overall I like this episode. Season 3 has been a lot better than season 2. Here are a few things that stood out to me.
    1. Fuck Nora – YEP!!!!!! I’m bringing the heat to this dead woman’s chest once again. I just heard Nina mention that I do this on the Queen Sugar Podcast, so I decided to make it my first point for this episode because my petty is on fleek. Rot In Pieces, Nora.
    2. Gus That Ain’t Yo Damn Mama – Come the fuck on, Gus. That ain’t been your mama ever since the Master’s Baby Batter got in her. I’m so glad they finally had him kill her. They really don’t seem to know what to do with this character. But at least we don’t have to see him trying to save the husk that used to be his mother.
    3. Eichorst Makes Me Question Myself – As a black man who knows what time it is, or “woke” as they say nowadays, I really have an inner conflict going on about this character. He’s a fuckin Nazi Vampire who I have seen persecute and kill our Jewish brothers and sisters on this show, and yet I like this nigga. What the fuck, man? HOW is that even possible? I don’t even know how or why I can like a cat like this, but I do. Eichorst is my man 200 grand! His pettiness and snark is so great. Especially when he’s on screen with Palmer. I need those 2 old mutha fuckas to get their own Odd Couple like spinoff show.
    4. Palmer – Did y’all see how this nigga was bouncing around in this episode? He got that magical semen back in his life, and you can’t tell him shit now. His pony tail was bouncing more than Charley’s on the last episode of Queen Sugar.
    5. The Ancients Can Move N Shit??? – Yo, that last sequence was pretty beastly. Quinn Dogg was out there beasting like he usually does. He was out there giving us that Jon Snow, Battle Of the Bastards vibe with that sword and uzi. He was out there for dolo, fuckin those Strigoi up. And then the illest shit was when the Ancients actually got off their hand trucks, and did more than shiver like crack heads. These muh fuckas are pretty beastly themselves. But then again, we know Master Popeye is one of them and we know how gangsta he can be. That said seeing these dudes fighting was pretty dope.

  2. For The Podcast:

    1) Okay so I was originally thinking “WTH this show is actually really good now?!” and then I realised it was because we haven’t seen Geraldine or New Zack in a couple of episodes. So yeah, I’m on my guard.
    2) Abe slapped the white out of that man! although he might need some pointers from Viola Davis after the greatness that is her smacking down some guy on this season of HTGAWM.
    3) Gus needs to get away from all of his plotlines. I’m so glad we’re done with this Mama Strigoi plotline - was a little afraid she’d end up becoming the Master or something XD.
    4) Palmer is back to full pettitude again, but with that comes great privilege apparently. He looked like he was ready to climb all the stairs! I just NEED to see Eichorst’s reaction.
    5) Now I love natural women without the makeup, but Kelly really needs to put her face on. She’d obviously just come back from a day of Zack cause her face really showed that full-custody of that kid wasn’t at all what she thought it would be like.
    6) Okay PF ladies, I get it now. I understand why everyone has the hots for Quinlan, or Quinn Dogg as Leonard is calling him. Him slashing through all those strigoi had me questioning myself almost as much as when I heard Rex’s sultry, honey-glazed voice on the Mr. Robot Podcast! He needs to hook up with someone by the end.

    Cheers for the podcast. I’m just going to be over here sipping my tea and shipping Sarah and Devin all damn day. Sarah’s reaction had me hollering last week XD

  3. For the podcast:
    Hi ya’ll.
    Dutch & Eph- super gross. Was the elaborate seduction needed girl? He’s easy, just ask for some nookie.
    Gus- for a second there I thought he’d do a ‘sorry Angel, but it’s my moms. Let her have a taste cos she’s hungry’. Yay for his mama finally dying.
    Kelly- damn she looked ROUGH!
    Eichorst- good use of your one hand.
    Super awesome fight scene in the end!!!
    Y’all Quinlan cannot be dead can he?
    Palmer- dude, you could at least pretend to at still need a wheelchair? You’re really doing the most.
    That is all 😋

    SUP fam, hey 👋🏾 Sarah! THIS EPISODE WAS LIT!!! I loved it minus the flashbacks!! Stop arrow-ing this show 😒!!!

    Lets get Gus’ dumb ass out da way!!! Thank god I read Nina’s recap bc I smoove blyked out every time they had a flashback!! I was convinced Gus’ moms was gonna be sipping on angel👼🏾 like a fuckin extra large caprisun when he walked walked in and that was gonna be his final straw!!( 1. I kinda wish that happened tbqh 2. I miss xl caprisuns)

    Unlike some of y’all I enjoy Kelly and new zach but damn I wasn’t ready for full strigoi Kelly!! I was like hot damn boo where’s your makeup 💄 and weave at?!?! Did she leave her bag 💼 at the old crib?!?! Inquiring minds wanna know!!!

    Now lets move to Dutch and eph!! I know I wasn’t the only one who said “who FUCKING?!!” When they said sexual situations!! I was all in for Dutch’s fantasy until she said trousers!!! That has to be the least sexy way to say draws!! If a woman bout to take care of me and says trousers I immediately have to ask her to leave, it’s a rule!!

    Lastly is that ending!! I loved seeing the ancients Dick wreck!! There has to be more right?!! I mean they can’t show them being such badasses and then dismiss them so easily right?!? And I’m always here for the master FaceTiming!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Nathan mind yo business *ashley banks voice* ✌🏾️, 👋🏾Sarah!!!

  5. For the podcast
    Good episode-didn’t enjoy as much as last week but it was good.

    😍uinlan’s/ancients vs strigoi
    The best part of the episode for me-Qdog was kicking ASS slicing/dicing/shooting all at the same time. Even the ancients aka husks were throwing down. I liked how qdog threw shade @ the ancients during the initial meeting. I think he got away before the bomb went off but I’m not too sure about the ancients or other day walkers.

    Sertrakian was strong in this episode. He slapped the ish out of “I’m just doing my job” man in regards to the blood factory, his anger/disgust dealing w/Palmer. I love his interactions w/his ” adopted sons”-Fet/Quinlan i.e. convincing a reluctant QDog to see the ancients to further their cause of destroying the master.

    Gus & his mama-this particular storyline was drawn out 3 seasons 2 long for my taste-I’m glad it was wrapped up in this episode. I thought the flashbacks were good and it was time that he faced reality b& did the right thing albeit very painful.
    Does this bring he & angel closer to reconnecting w/the group?

    Dutch/eph-I love their chemistry but the love scene didn’t do it for me-it seemed forced…Or maybe because it happened after she passed out then barfed in the bucket….eww…I hope she brushed her teeth & gargled at some point….following some live tweets during the show-any1 think she may be pregnant? I hope not…..

    Palmer has a pep in his step after a taste of the white with that pompous “respect me” “don’t you know who I am” attitude. When he insisted on going w/sertrakian & Fet, they gave him that “sit your ass down” shade. 😄

    Eichorst was so good this episode yet he was an a-hole-made me angry! that obnoxious smile on his face as he & Sanjay passed by in the truck-I wanted to slap that smile off his face. I do wish Fet had a bazooka to blow up the truck. And u noticed how he got all dolled up to destroy ny w/ that bomb? 😄

    That’s all for me-looking forward to the podcast. 🙂

  6. For the podcast

    So I actually saw the end first because I switched over as soon as that Walking Dead special was off. Tuned in just in time to see Quinlan brought his usual badassery. But I was so shocked at how good the Ancients were. Why didn’t they just get off their asses, take out the Master and call it a day? But Mr. king of petty Eichorst blew up half of NYC! Wtf?! Quinlan, tho that stinger is still gross af, better not be dead! Honestly, unless they’re beheaded or exposed to sunlight, I’m thinking the Ancients may still be alive too.

    I know there were sexual situations in this episode but I took that opportunity to either leave the room or something cause I can do without another Eph sex scene. Just no. For a quick minute I thought the sexual situations mean Dutch & Quinlan after last week. But the minute that stinger came out she would freak out and rightfully so.

    I love the Abe & Fet show. Love it!

    So clearly Sanjay knows what Eichorst and them are about. Why is he helping them? Palmer wanted eternal life but what does Sanjay get out of it. And Sanjay is his name, right? I don’t want to offend anyone or anything. Not trying to be racist. What is his goal? You want to see everyone in the world either dead or turned? What’s his motivation?

    And finally Gus has put his mama out of her damn misery! If I ever get bit by a strigoi or walker, kill me. I don’t want to be walking around eating people. That ain’t showing love to your mama. That’s just stupid, selfish & reckless. Now that Angel is on the list, maybe they can think of a way to stop that Freedom Center from the inside. Maybe. Cause I really don’t want to see Angel and his Members Only jacket hanging from a hook.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!
    Sorry for the length. It’s hard to tell how long it’s gonna be till it’s posted.

  7. For the Podcast.

    Eichhorst continues to be my favorite tv villain with a nonchalant negative fucks given attitude cold enough to just hang a dude on a hook for a demonstration.

    About Gus and his mom…

    Anyway. Why is Abe surprised Palmer is a piece of shit? This is the same guy that caused the Titanic to sink and then he-wait…my bad.
    I’m just surprised at how taken aback Abe was by Palmer’s level of Kung fu treachery.

    Good for you Eph!

    The ending was full badass. Quin straight wuppin ass with a crew of ancient, decrepit, stubborn nude as vampires who’s vamp arthritis disappears when threatened. I can dig it.

    Fantasy Death Match. Quinn vs Blade.
    Ha. I’m done.

  8. Hi guys

    So that guys name is really Sanjay? Cause that feels racist. Anyway— My man Eichorst so petty! He was like “Y’all don’t see the problem? Listen, What y’all need to do is learn the tricks of the trade, and I am gonna show you in the pettiest way possible.” Then he turned into Cool Breeze and showed them why they gotta watch for the hook. I love to hate him, he so good.

    So y’all know them ancients aren’t dead right? I didn’t see 3 red worms crushed so get ready for worms getting all up in people’s orifices with no Vaseline, lube, foreplay, natural moisture or nothing in the coming weeks!

    Gus— I don’t care. He’s the worse he met Palmer and still left Angel at a place with Palmer’s name on it. Fuck ‘em!

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