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The Strain - S3E7 - Collaborators

Previously on The Strain, “The Battle of Central Park”

The Strain - S3E7 - “Collaborators” | Starring: David Bradley, Kevin Durand, Corey Stoll, Richard Sammell, Jack Kesy, Miguel GomezRuta Gedmintas, Jonathan Hyde, Natalie Brown, Rupert Penry-Jones

Western Ukraine, 1941



Constricted to fight in the war by the Russians, Fet’s grandfather, Sergei Fetrovsky (Mike Dupod), and another soldier, Alexi Boiko (Costa Ronin), are captured by the Germans.

In Eastern Poland, they are put to work in a prisoner camp. Alexi is nearly broken and doesn’t think he can make it. Sergei tries to keep him motivated and promises they’ll return home to their families. When Eichorst arrives looking for volunteers for a new work detail, and promising better conditions for those who sign up, Sergei jumps at the opportunity for himself and Alexi, though Eichorst has his doubts Alexi is up to the task. He warns failure on Alexi’s part will result in punishment for Sergei.

Their first job is to execute old Jewish prisoners who are no longer of use. Alexi can’t do it and neither can Sergei - even when Eichorst threatens to kill Alexi. Only when Eichorst orders his men to kill the prisoners, including Sergei and Alexi does Fet’s grandfather do it. Yet, Eichorst still kills Alexi for Sergei’s hesitation.

Just in case you forgot: Eichorst ain’t been shit since way back.

Trip to a Pawnbroker

A pointless trip to another pawnbroker’s shop for silver serves as the catalyst for some Fet and Abraham bonding. First, Fet licks his wounds over the somewhat failure at Central Park. When he realizes he’s near his parents’ house, he decides to check in on them, finally. Abraham expresses surprise that Fet’s parents are still alive (not so fast, Abraham!), since Fet doesn’t talk about them and couldn’t see fit to check on them once in the past month and a half.

They find the building has been attacked by strigoi and Fet’s parents are dead; they were infected and the father killed them both to stop them from turning. Fet thinks this is cowardly, but later, as they pilfer supplies from the pawn shop, Abraham suggests he see it as a noble act.

Later, as Abraham melts the silver down for weapons, Fet tells him the story of his grandfather being a Holocaust collaborator, and how his own father never forgave him for it. He also reveals that his grandfather eventually killed himself because of an act he committed during the war, one he would never talk about. Abraham advises Fet to forgive his father to set himself free.


Trip to the Airport

Quinlan’s back and he’s not really impressed with Eph and Dutch’s Microwave Ultra-Neuro Communication Halting Equipment Rays, or MUNCHERs for short, but when they tell him they may be able to track the Master via his voice on the black box of the plane at JFK, he’s down for a road trip.

Once they make it past the checkpoint, Dutch hops out the car to save a family being terrorized by marauders, or thugs, or scallywags. Bad guys. And Eph hops out the car to help her, even though it’s clear Quinlan would prefer they both keep their asses put.

A super short standoff ensues and ends with Quinlan being the badass strigoi hybrid he is, and then he licks his sword and growls, just in case you weren’t paying attention the first time.


Tumblr: Kylopoool

Tumblr: Kylopoool

The rest of their trip is pretty uneventful. They find the black box and mini bottles of vodka, which they also take ’cause Eph gonna Eph.

Trip to Petty Town

Eichorst cauterizes his own wound, as you do, and slips a leather glove over his stump. He’s in a shitty mood for the rest of the episode, and understandably so.

Palmer is one cough away from death. If he farts, it’s over.

Palmer’s new black guy head of security, Mr. Duncan, tells him the Aurora Cutlass has docked and hands Palmer the manifest, which has his signature - but Palmer didn’t sign it.

They head to the docks where Palmer is turned away like his credit is bad. Even though he owns the ship, he’s denied access by order of the captain. Or Eichorst. Or the other new guy, Sanjay. Or New Zach. Basically, everyone else on the show has more power than Palmer at this point. And since Duncan and his boys weren’t prepared to throw down, they leave. But not before Palmer instructs the guards to not let anyone on or off that ship. And they’re like, “Yeah, we already got those orders.”

At home, Eichorst drops by to ask, “Didn’t I tell yo ass that ship was above your pay grade?” Palmer huffs and puffs, he claims to be the Master’s equal like the Master didn’t drain every drop of Co and Co from CoCo the last time he tried to nuck. He brags that the Master has special plans for him, even though he’s sure the Master has no intention of holding up his end of their deal. Eichorst doesn’t have answers, but he assures Palmer he’s not special. Palmer gets in one last petty about Eichorst’s hand before he leaves.

The elevator door is barely closed before Palmer is on the phone with Mr. Duncan, instructing him to mount up because they’re going to take the ship. But they get there and the ship has already been taken. That’s what you get for showing your hand, Palmer. (No pun intended, Eichorst.)

Palmer meets with Abraham and Fet at night, as you do, and tells them about the missing shipment from Egypt. Abe decides that info is worth a small vial of the White, which he cautions Palmer to take at home where he can rest immediately after. Alone with Fet, Abraham suspects the shipment contained an Ancient(s) who may be sympathetic to the Master’s cause now.


Back at the Stoneheart building, Palmer demands his nurse give him the White drops in his eyes and he immediately passes out. When he comes to, he’s bleeding from the eyes.

The nurse quits on the spot.

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5 Comments on The Strain - S3E7 - Collaborators

  1. For the podcast:
    I enjoyed the “collaborations” in this episode.

    😍uinlan is back with his “bad-assery(is that a word?) ways. He’s like let’s go when eph/Dutch debated going to jfk ;(btw did u notice how he looked @ Dutch upon their 1st meeting) he kicked ass of the guys terrorizing the minivan family,barked @ Dutch/eph u r not getting a thank you(damn!) then led them thrui jfk (I’m like does he know where to gol?). And finally the sword scene-he slowly licked that thing like it was a ice cream cone. I was repulsed (ewwww) yet also found it kind of sexy-anyone else feel the same or am I the only oddball out here?!?😄 what can I say-luv q-dog!😍

    Fet/Sertrakian-the usually bombastic fet needed a hug after finding his parents. I was kind of surprised he didn’t check on them before but realized it’s only been 23-27 days. Enjoyed flashbacks about fet’s grandfather (who I actually thought was his dad) & he knew Eichorst-who in this group or their family hasn’t crossed paths w/this man! I liked that Sertrakisn aka surrogate dad was there to provide comfort &support to fet.

    Palmer/Eichorst or better known as petty/shade-petty /shade-Palmer is on his last leg yet I liked how he went back & forth w/Eichorst about the masters need 2 keep him alive (hey Eichorst what happened 2 yr hand 😄) & Eichorst responding that they r thru w/ him. And when Sertrakisn gave Palmer the white, that look on his face & the way he grabbed it-mine, mine all mine!!!! We know that he’ll eventually have his head of security (fine brother) try 2 find the recipe for the white then kill Sertrakian.
    That’s all I have-looking forward to the podcast

  2. For the podcast

    There were some very funny parts to this episode. Like the scene with Palmer & Eichorst. Or basically all the scenes with Palmer, especially that last one. His nurse was like, “FUCK THIS! I’m out!” Lmao 😂 plus Palmer going up those steps were priceless!
    But apparently he has a new cute black guy working for him. It seems he has a fetish with hiring black guys to work for him. Smh. Hope the new hottie doesn’t die any time soon.

    So we get some Fet backstory. Not sure why it was necessary except at least he knows his parents are dead and not turned. And his granddaddy knew Eichorst and should have done a suicide by cop and taken out Eichorst then before he’s turned. Not that the Master wouldn’t have found another helper. It just might have been satisfying after he shot his friend. Just saying. Still not sure what the point of it was tho. Just so he can confess to Abe?

    Quinlan is badass but that whole licking the sword was 😷 nasty!!! If it was a regular tongue, that would’ve been sexy. But that nasty ass stinger take the sexy right out of it! And what was his “Hmmm” about when he met Dutch. Did Fet talk about her or something? Or was he intrigued?

    Eph & Dutch were ridiculously happy to find some booze. Ain’t enough booze in the world to make up for any of that shit.

    Best part of this episode was the lack of Kelly & the brat! That improves any episode exponentially!

    Can’t wait to listen to the podcast! And I’ll just post my feedback even if I think you’ve already recorded. Lol.

  3. For the podcast:

    Quinlan was on fire this episode. He’s obviously been watching Misfits cause he was channeling some discount Super-Hoodie vibes, and therefore it was only natural that he would be getting his tongue out. 😉 Did y’all catch that growl and Dutch looking at him when they first met? She was all like, “Damn! I know I’m still scarred from Eichorst but I wouldn’t mind this sexy ass vampire having a go at eating the booty like groceries!” 👅

    Eph had the nerve to call out the alcoholics working in the airport when he’s just as deadbeat and terrible. You notice he didn’t mention Zach once? He don’t give a fuck about his son!

    Fet, once again, was changing his accent more times than I could count, but at least he got some father-son bonding time with Abe. Pointless flashback though - another reminder that Eichorst wasn’t shit in every point in time. Surely Fet’s parents are madder that he gave up on his architecture career than because he’s an exterminator - he had like a scholarship and everything, didn’t he! How come I can remember more shit from season 1 than the writers?!?

    Palmer. OH MY GOD PALMER. Palmer is life. His reaction to those stairs had me rolling on the floor. When Abe told him to get white in his eyes I was hollering. Just think about it: Abe gave Palmer the white and it got all in his eyes. 💦👀That nurse was really bad though - ah!!! My patient is alive but might be in a critical condition!! Better Quit tho!!!

    Also, No Kelly, No Zach. Fiesta-Cast!!!

    PS: Had a lot of fun reading up on the ProFandom Lore brought up by last night, especially “Cancel Me”, but can someone explain to me what’s going on between Sarah and Devin?! Every time I leave feedback I feel like I’m intruding on something. o_O XD

  4. For the podcast:
    Firstly, do we know what kind of situation Quinlan has going on down there 🍆? He was eyeing Dutch quite suggestively. Oh, but then I remember this stinger thing licking his sword. Ok, never mind. I enjoyed this episode though I don’t remember us meeting Fets Dad so I wasn’t too invested/interested in that storyline. I’m still not sure what the point of it all was. Eichorst barbecuing his stump is something I could have lived without seeing. Him not killing Palmer makes me wonder if they do still need him. But for what? Why didn’t anyone give poor Palmer a piggyback ride up those stairs? I’m assuming that he pays them well enough. But I guess he’ll be fine since crack-dealer-Abe has given him a taste of the white. Boozey 1 & 2 couldn’t even wait till they got home to start drinking. Let’s hope that more happens next week cos they need to pick up the pace. I’m excited for the potential Palmer petty now that he’ll be feeling much better. I’m here for the 1 handed shade 😎😎😎😎.

    SUP FAM, 👋🏾 Sarah this episode was hot (🔥)garbage (🗑) I was mostly bored, especially by the flash byke!! I felt like I was ⌚️ing arrow!! I guess they brought it all around by letting us know it was Fet’s people but I still hated it!!

    Speaking of hate, I hated I didn’t have new zach and nem to 💩 on this week!! They make my feedback so much easier!!

    I semi enjoyed the Palmer stuff!! I mean his ability to find niggas willing to be the head of his security team is commendable!! Then when his nurse said fuck it ✌🏾️ I lol’d as well!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast! Oh and I’m also 🚢 ing eph and Dutch I need them to have awkward sex! Peace ✌🏾 and 👋🏾 Sarah

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