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The Strain - S4E4 - New Horizons

Previously on The Strain, “One Shot”

No New Friends

I’ve made peace with the fact that Gus’ purpose is to give the viewers insight into what it’s like on the streets for the regular people just trying to survive, and I don’t mind when his storylines are this much fun (unlike his brief and boring romance with the girl from the restaurant).

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One of Gus’ men is attacked and robbed for the goods he was carrying. He eventually dies, but not before telling Gus and Creem that his attackers plan on taking over their territory of operations. Gus tracks one of the attackers to a warehouse and learns that their competition is a group of ex-cops. He devises a plan for a sneak attack, but Creem wants a less subtle entrance. Gus’ plan wins out and they’re victorious in taking down the cops and seizing their product, but this is only after Creem saves all of their asses when they’re pinned down.

The look on Creem’s face when the crew congratulate Gus on a plan well done without acknowledging what he did is absolutely hilarious. He’s not here for Gus’ shine and I’m going to enjoy watching this partnership implode because of it.

Trash-ass Friends

Desai takes his wife out for a nice dinner at a fancy restaurant reserved for trash-ass human collaborators. Being a trash-ass human collaborator is a definite appetite buzz for his wife, but not so for Desai. He just wants to enjoy his steak-at-the-expense-of-human-life in peace, but Eichorst crashes their meal just to tell Desai that he’s shitty at his job. He wants Desai to begin inducing labor for the pregnant mothers at six months, cut their recuperation time, and impregnate them again immediately. This sounds like TrumpCare.

Since the heat is on Desai, he puts more heat on Dutch to be his liaison with the other women being held. Her friend encourages her to do it since it might provide an opportunity for Dutch to snag a keycard needed to escape. Of course, some of the other women now view Dutch as being a kiss-ass, trash-ass human collaborator… and she’s not even getting steak out of the deal!

Dutch is tasked with comforting a pregnant woman who’s about to have a c-section. Despite her misgivings, Dutch does as she’s told and tells the woman everything is going to be okay. When they remove the baby, they won’t even let the mother see her. Dutch freaks out in the operating room, contaminating everything probably, and runs out by taking Desai hostage.

She runs right into the factory operation where people beg for their lives in cages before being placed on hooks and drained.

Dead New Friends

Eichorst wastes no time in tracking Eph and his rebels to their current hideout. Two truckloads of strigoi descend upon them and Alex’s brother is infected. Alex can’t bring herself to kill him, so Eph does it after they promise to “make ’em pay.” Later, with their entire team dead, Eph confesses to Alex the role he played in the start of all the mess they’re in… he admits to spawning the shithead who set off the nuke. He also admits that sometimes he hopes Zach is dead and I was like, “Welcome to the club, Eph!”

They figure out that the “units” being transported out of the city are humans and they’re being shuttled to a beautiful suburban community called “New Horizons” — except that’s probably not where they’re going at all. See human factory above.

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The Strain S4E4
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"New Horizons"

The Strain - S4E4 - “New Horizons” Starring: David Bradley, Kevin Durand,Corey Stoll,Richard Sammell, Jack Kesy, Miguel Gomez, Ruta Gedmintas, Jonathan Hyde, Natalie Brown,Rupert Penry-Jones

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3 Comments on The Strain - S4E4 - New Horizons

  1. For the podcast

    Eph & Alex are so fucking!

    Her cute brother liked my tweet.

    Why did that chick turn on Miranda Dutch? Did it look like she was happy about talking to that dude? Plus she fucked him up too! And his wife is about to divorce his ass!

    Eirchorst doesn’t seem to understand how pregnancy works. Or doesn’t care.

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  2. Hello Nina 👏👏 Sarah 👏👏 and John 👏👏.

    Well, RIP another black guy I guess.

    Are we supposed to believe that Eph doesn’t drink anymore? It literally takes his son to set off a nuke for him to realise, “Yeah, maybe I shouldn’t be drinking 24/7 in the vampire apocalypse.” Also, Eph wishes his son was dead? WE’VE WANTED NEW ZACH DEAD SINCE SEASON 2!! Eph needs to get with the programme.

    I could swear that two weeks ago I dreamed that Gus had facial hair, but I’m gonna be honest, Gus looked strange for this entire episode. I’m not here for this plot line at all tho.

    Why does the only Indian couple left on the show have to be the race traitors?

    And I guess Miranda Sue is gonna get out of that factory using the power of White Woman tears then? (Sorry Sarah)

    Finally, David Bradley had ONE SCENE in Game of Thrones this year. WHERE THE FUCK IS ABRAHAM?!?

  3. For the podcast: Watching the Strain after GOT is like going from 100 to 0 however I enjoyed 2nights episode despite no Quinlan/fet
    1. Eph is the only character to appear in all episodes so far/wonder if this is a clue of what’s to come. Surprise Eph has been sober for months & surprise he confessed to Alex that the his son is the anti christ. He’s on the road 2 redemption.
    2. I liked how Dutch kicked Sanjays ass. What r they doing w/the B+ blood type babies? Being cooped up & impregnated against ones will is bringing out the bitch attitude among the inmates. Those people on the hooks, being drained of their blood, was chilling.
    3. I’m not feeling this current Gus storyline. After the ambush, the way Creen was side-eyeing Gus, something may be brewing there.
    4. How creepy was Eichorst at dinner w/the Sanjays? And he expects women to churn out one baby after another? I have 2 wonder what master race he’s trying 2 create.
    Thats all I have this week

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