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The Walking Dead - S7E1 - The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

Previously on The Walking Dead

The Walking Dead - S7E1 - “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” | Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Norman Reedus, Michael Cudlitz, Steven Yeun, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand

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Negan described the events of the season six finale as “Career Day.” He said he told his followers to put on a show to display just who they are, but more importantly, what Negan is capable of. Rick’s group had already taken out two sets of his people, and he most likely knows that this was done in league with Hilltop. There’s a better than great chance this has been the biggest opposition Negan has faced since becoming the leader of his very own band of Trump supporters. (Don’t look at me like that. You know those people voted Trump.) Negan had to send a message not just to Rick and his people, but the other groups under his control, and to his very own people.

The message was simple: Don’t fuck with me.

Yet, after watching two of his people meet the business end of Lucille, Rick still had the temerity to say, “I’m going to kill you.” Rick was not yet broken. The first forty minutes of “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be” were all about breaking Rick and the audience. And I needed to be broken if they were going to make it up to me for that finale.

I hated the final moments of the season six finale. It wasn’t even waiting months to find out who died that bothered me. I’m literally a professional TV watcher; I know cliffhangers and I love them. My issue was that it wasted all the beautiful tension and terror built up from the moment Jeffrey Dean Morgan sauntered out of that RV. I was sure that I wouldn’t feel the emotional punch I wanted to when Negan made the kill. So, while many people grumbled through the first 30 minutes or so when we didn’t know who’d died, I needed it.

After Rick threatens Negan, he’s dragged off in the RV with Negan, Lucille, and Rick’s own hatchet. Negan proceeds to play mind games to show Rick he owned him now. It’s while Rick takes a moment to remember the carnage he just witnessed that we finally get to see who Negan killed.

Abraham lost the Eeeny Meeny Miny Moe and took his first hit, as Negan said, like a champ. He got out one last, “Suck my nuts,” before Negan connected Lucille to his skull over, and over, and over, and over again. This was sad - I predicted it would be Abraham, but I didn’t want to see Michael Cudlitz go - but not necessarily the devastating blow (no pun intended) the show had promised. But wait; there’s more.

Negan tries to force Rosita to look at the saturated end of Lucille, and Daryl decides he’s had enough. He gets one punch to Negan’s face before he’s taken down. Though Dwight wants to kill him, Negan has other plans. He warned the group if one more person jumped out of line, he’d “shut that shit down.” Since this whole encounter is about showing who he is, Negan’s going to keep his word.

He then slams Lucille on the top of Glenn’s head. Glenn takes another hit before pulling himself upright, gurgling and moaning, and with one eye popped out of its socket, and tells Maggie he’ll find her. Negan finally puts Glenn out of his misery, just as he’d done to Abraham, bashing his skull into pulp.

Not only was this brutal, it was heartbreaking. Most people knew that Glenn is the character killed at this point in the comic books. Steve Yeun is such a fan favorite it would have been understandable if the show decided this was another time to deviate from the source material. By showing us Abraham’s death first, they ignited a flame of hope that maybe Glenn would be spared. Thankfully, the show understood that Negan’s (somewhat) first kill needed to be as devastating as possible. As gut wrenching as it was, they definitely made the right call in killing off Glenn.

Negan sends Rick out into the walker-filled fog to fetch his hatchet (Yeah, he Debo’d Rick’s hatchet), and implores Rick to think about what just happened, what could still happen, and what will happen if Rick doesn’t lose that fire in his eyes. He puts Rick in a situation of damn-near certain death, and then saves his life just to show he could.

Listen, at this point Negan could have claimed Michonne as his woman and took custody of Rick’s kids and I wouldn’t have blamed Rick if he said, “You right.”

Yet, Rick still wasn’t broken. He fetched the axe, nodded his head, and agreed to the terms of the New World Order, but once Negan took him back to the group, he recognized that Rick was still looking at him like he wanted to get froggy.

Negan pulls Carl out of line and ties off his arm above the elbow. He tells Rick to cut off Carl’s arm or everyone will die in front him. Andrew Lincoln completely sold Rick’s anguish and fear. Rick Grimes was finally broken. Negan waits until Rick is seconds away from swinging the hatchet to stop him. Through the tears, sobs, and snot, Rick agrees to whatever Negan wants.

As I mentioned above, I watch a lot of TV. Always have and always will. I cannot think of one other time when the hero of a series was brought so low. It’s simply not done. Typically, after the hero growls, “I’m going to kill you,” the series would find some way to get the good guys out of the predicament. Perhaps the hero’s bravado would impress the cocky bad guy and he’d decide to keep him around because he loves a challenge. Or maybe the hero would have been rescued. Either way, the result would be seeing your hero knocked down, but not out.

Negan laid Rick’s ass out.

Negan gives them their RV, another truck, and a warning that they’d be around in a week to collect from Alexandria, and then he leaves with his crew and Daryl as insurance. Our group is left on their knees, shattered. Maggie wants to fight. She’s willing to continue on to Hilltop alone, while Rick and the rest rally the troops. Of course, this isn’t going to happen.

Sasha offers to take Maggie on to Hilltop and everyone agrees they’re going to take their dead with them. There’s a beautiful moment of grace between Rosita and Sasha, where Sasha says she’s going to “take him with me.” This was a genuinely sorrowful moment between two women who both loved the same man, and had to watch him die in a horrific fashion. Together, they carry his body off with the help of Eugene.

I have no idea what happens in the comic books beyond this point. Though I’m only in volume 8 of the series, I was aware of certain plot points ahead of time: I knew they lost the prison, I knew the Governor beheaded someone at its gates, I knew they eventually ran into cannibals, I knew Negan killed Glenn. Now, this is all completely new to me and I’m fascinated. As I said, I can’t remember the good guys ever being brought so low. This means I have no idea how a series begins to build them back up, and I’m dying to see them do it.

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33 Comments on The Walking Dead - S7E1 - The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be

  1. For The Podcast: Hey guys, just passing by to say hello. *Bruh Man Head Nod*

  2. Since they made us wait, I was not as emotionally invested as I would have been months ago, however-that was brutal 😖😥

  3. I needed an adult to give me a hug at the end this episode.

  4. For the Podcast: That was a great episode, they trolled us at first and then showed all that gore. In just 2 episodes Neagan has reached a Joker level of evil, I am legit scared of that character.

    I think Carl will be trouble for Neagan in the future, do you guys think we’ve seen the last of Angry Rick?

    Thanks for doing these recaps.

    1 brutal, merciless
    2 negan, fine a$$, is a psycho
    3 made cocky Rick his bish
    4 didn’t expect 2 dearhs
    5 thought Rick would cut his own hand off
    5 Carl needs a haircut or something

  6. For The Podcast.

    This episode had me laughing pretty much from start to finish, but I can’t explain it all in one medium-sized paragraph! Gleggie and Sashaham are dead, but DaRito is on the Rise!! It’s weird that it felt like everyone cared more about Carl’s arm than either of the dead guys. If we go by the show history, Maggie will be like “Glenn who?” in a few episodes anyway, just like with Beth. Also, Fuck Glenn for trying to get her killed like Romeo and Juliet. He should have hidden under the dumpster that is their marriage.

    Only watching this show because a) Richonne, and I guess Regan, b) Carol and c) I’m not gonna miss out on the fire that this group spits out. You guys are too funny, both on the podcast and in the group.

  7. FTP:

    1. Where Negan get that brand new axe? Lowe’s or Home Depot?

  8. Still too long so I’m editing.

    For the podcast

    I feel numb after that. I really didn’t want Glenn to die. And they cheapened it with that bullshit last season. So Daryl totally caused that, right? He’s been fucking up a lot lately, ever since Beth died. I am looking forward to seeing how things will be if he’s returned to the group. Poor Abraham. I will miss his abrahamisms. And he gave Sasha a ✌️before he died. Awww. So when is Andrew Lincoln gonna get some awards cause he really played the shit out that tonight. And I hate Negan but Jeffrey Dean Morgan is still freakin sexy! Damnit! That’s it. Hope this is an appropriate medium length feedback.

    DumpsterGate drained my connection to Glenn so his death was not as gut-wrenching to me. It was brutal but predictable.

    During the episode, I wanted Rick to concede to Negan. JDM’s performance clearly convinced me that he’s unmessablewith and my faith in Rick being victorious faded. It will be an interesting season.


    This nigga Negan yo! He was fucking with Rick like: “Bitch, you thirsty, please grab a Sprite. My Crips lurkin’, don’t die tonight. I just want to dance with you, baby. Just don’t move too fast, I’m too crazy.” Just kidding, I wanted to hear Nina to read that! I didn’t expect Abe but I was like that sucks but whatever. Glenn tho! Damn it was brutal but the worst part was Negan apologizing before finishing him off, so horrifying. Those muthafucking writers got us. They trolled us so good but it was worth it! They always start strong but they’ll fuck it up soon enough. So good job Gimple, you still ain’t shit tho!

    Love y’all and take care!

    P.S. Fuck you Daryl!


  12. For the podcast:

    Negan sidekick having a marker in his pocket was a joke! Who carries a marker around in the apocalypse full of zombies?


    They still have a lot of work to do to get me to fully trust them again. Killing characters? Great. Not so great was the cheesy head bashing montage. JDM fine ass licking his lips when he spoke? Great. Not so great, having Andy swinging from a walker like Tarzan. Anyway, this is the last time I’ll leave feedback for this show (until the finale) and stick to the rivers and the lakes that I’m used to for other shows. I am hopeful that they will find a balance between great writing and corn they love so much. Thanks for the free shit.


    I’m sure everyone else will hit on what I thought. I enjoyed the episode. It doesn’t make up for season 6, but it was a good start. Two questions: 1). Was it just me, or did Negan spend this whole episode sounding like someone’s MeeMaw or MaDear (not Tyler’s Madear)? From basically telling Rick to fix his face when talking to him to getting on Carl, I got my entire life from JDM’s performance. I’m done having kids, but would absolutely have his baby if he asked. 2) So they were there all night and part of the day into the early mid afternoon….and only 1 walker came upon their location? I”m calling BS.

    Can’t wait to hear your thoughts!


    RIP my fellow Texan, Abe. I wish it were Maggie instead of him so we wouldn’t have to deal with her “I want to speak to the manager” bullshit. Daryl is dumb as hell and MIGHT kill himself. What did he think was gonna happen after he punched Negan? Glenn’s death is on him AND Maggie’s miraculously healthier ass. Team Saviors!

  16. For the podcast.
    I was still pissed about the cliffhanger but then I approached this episode as part 2 of the finale I was able to enjoy it more. What do you guys think Alexandria can give Negan? They haven’t started growing anything and they only produce stupidity. ❤️ you guys.

  17. For the podcast:
    I didn’t like the cliffhanger, but I got over that a long time ago and I was really anticipating this episode and it delivered in every way. I’ll miss Abe and Glenn, but I’m happy we can move on from the year will Glenn die tease.
    P.S. Daryl is a piece of shit

  18. For the podcast.

    He said he’d shut that shit down. No exceptions.
    He shut it the fuck down hard. Not one damn exception. This was superb acting from JDM and Lincoln. I guess it needed to be over the top and brutal af because Rick an Nem were battle hardened and a threat. Seeing Rick manhandled was demoralizing in itself. Good start, but I expect it to taper off into filler soon.


    How can we take death seriously when you’re suffering from googly-eye? I legit cackled at Glenn’s eye. His death was a non-event after dumpster-gate. And that Last of the Mohicans “I will find you” boy where? Really pissed me off that he tried to provoke Maggie by talking to her so they could be the headless Romeo & Juliet.

    JDM is so fine. I like/hate him. When Negan kneeled (knelt?) next to Rick after Rick’s ill advised outburst and sucked his teeth I knew Rick was going to suffer consequences. The sheer arrogance of Rick claiming he was going to kill Negan after making so many mistakes was mind-blowing. Did he think the Rules did not apply to him?

    Time for Jesus to step up and bring the concept of reconnaissance to the group. You know, when you investigate before you act.

    What did Negan mean when he told his men “try it first” about Daryl…hoping TWD does not go totally rapey like GoT.

    Waiting for Carl to go full serial killer.

    Podcast should be fire!

  20. For the Podcast:

    That first 20 minutes was so unnecessary. I hate Gimple. My stomach wasn’t in knots until I saw Glenn’s face and they lingered. Then Carl’s arm scene put me in full pins and needles mode.

    Was that the melody for Nothing Else Matters by Metallica when Negan’s crew is leaving? At least the I don’t wanna get sued version.
    Thanks bye

  21. For the podcast:

    The episode was great, the deaths ain’t phase me. I knew somebody was dying and I want disappointed it was Abe, I was disappointed it wasn’t Glenn…. Then Darryl got froggy and they ain’t kill him and that put Glenn in the background… I started partying!

    Rick was gonna cut Carl’s arm off, Carl ain’t gonna respect him no more. He about to start calling him Rick and coming home when he feels like it while quoting Negan to Rick.

  22. Y’all already have a bunch of comments so I will be brief. How do y’all think people back at Alexandria will react to the news? Do you think the group will have animosity towards Rick since it was his idea to attack Neegan’s group? How can the group get out of this predicament with so few numbers compared to neegans group? If I was the crew I would just checkout Jonestown style. I’d be done

    Negan can get it.
    Negan can get it.
    Thank god Michonne didn’t die!
    Damn Rick got cut at the knees.
    Bye Glenn - dumpstergate 4 nuthin!
    Abe - u went out like a champ ✌🏾️#SashAbe4ever

  24. I heard there was an opening for a token Asian character?

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