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The Walking Dead - S7E2 - The Well

Previously on The Walking Dead, “The Day Will Come When You Won’t Be”

The Walking Dead - S7E2 - “The Well” | Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand

If you were hoping to see how the folks at Alexandria will react to the events in the premiere, you’ll have to wait a bit longer. This week, we’re introduced to The Kingdom, home to the men who assisted Morgan and Carol in the season six finale.

The Kingdom is a thriving community with crops, a choir, security, cobbler at every meal, electricity, and movie night. It’s ruled by a man called King Ezekiel (Khary Payton) and his pet tiger, Shiva. If you think it sounds ridiculous, you’re not alone. After resting for two days, Carol gets her first tour and sit-down with the king and she is not impressed. Since she’s not in any condition to leave immediately, she bides her time by stealing weapons, perfecting her Susie Homemaker act, and watching for an opportunity to bounce. Carol gonna Carol.

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The Kingdom may look as though it’s running smoothly, but it’s not without sacrifice. Morgan soon learns that the Saviors also demand weekly offerings from their community. Like Alexandria, they don’t have the numbers or the means to do anything but go along. This means delivering 8 hogs one week and fresh produce the next. They do fill the bellies of the hogs with walker meat beforehand. It’s not like Negan will die from trichinosis from eating it, but I approve that petty.

Only a select few in The Kingdom are aware of the shakedown by the Saviors. Ezekiel is worried that if everyone knows,  they’ll want to fight and he knows they can’t win. It will be interesting to see how Alexandria takes the news of their indentured servitude since we know Rick won’t lie to them about it.

There was a question of whether or not Morgan was willing to kill again since saving Carol’s life by killing a Savior. While it’s clear he still doesn’t like, it appears that to him, it’s an easy habit to fall back into. When one of the Saviors tries to start shit at the drop-off, Morgan quickly draws the gun he was given. He says he doesn’t have all the answers, so it sounds like Morgan’s inner turmoil is something the show will continue to explore. Finally, he admits that he shouldn’t have taken away Carol’s choice and doesn’t go after her when he discovers she’s slipped out.

Carol is stopped by Ezekiel on her way, and he calls her on her act. He challenges her and cautions her not to run away from life. Since her mask is shed, Ezekiel drops his. He goes from a guy who stayed at Renn Faire and played a shitton of Skyrim before the ZA to a former zookeeper who admits to living up to the expectations of the people in order to keep them feeling safe. Also, he believes people are less dangerous when they’re comfortable. He uses Shiva as an example. He saved her life at the zoo before the ZA and rescued her from starving to death after it. This is why, he says, she hasn’t shown any aggression towards him.

Carol’s like, “Cool story, bro. Can I go?”

He allows it, and Morgan escorts her out of the community the next day. But Carol is not done being followed by black men trying to save her. She’s settled into an abandoned house when Ezekiel comes knocking with his pet tiger.

Why is he trying so hard to convince Carol not to be off alone? We just have to take his word for it when he says, “It makes me feel good.”

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post with this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

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16 Comments on The Walking Dead - S7E2 - The Well

  1. FTP: Carol about to have some dark meat and I’m okay with that. Its been a minute for Carol.

    You called it, Nina, on the podcast, this episode was dedicated to Carol and Morgan. The medieval themed town is strange. I found King Ezekiel strange and all its townspeople strange. I didn’t enjoy this episode until Carol and Ezekiel sat down to talk, when he finally came clean, and they were just honest.

  2. For the Cast(stab) 😁

    Well. We have a Morgan and Carol episode. Thank goodness we have a Ren Fair addict that can switch from Shakespeare to Boys in the Hood Lawerence Fishburne when he needs to drop some truth on a Mary Poppins imitating, clearly fucked up Carol.

    I don’t get why we have to keep stopping this woman from leaving places, but I guess plot demands it.
    Really. Not a whole lot happened.

    Bring back Solid Snake Carol.

  3. I think the Kingdom is being smart by trying to either turn the Saviors or make them sick with the pigs. They get so much food from other groups I don’t think they will be able to link it to the Kingdom. Rick needs to sprinkle some rat poison over the greens they give them or something. Seem like the show is hinting at the groups to coming together to fight Neegan based off the convo between Morgan and Ben. I don’t even think that the Saviors could even survive without the other groups. Do they know how to grow food or hunt? And after watching Talking dead, I’m like heyyyyyy Ezekiel

  4. For the podcast:
    After last weeks jaw dropping emotional episode, ep2, albeit slow, was enjoyable.
    Did any1 think there was wizard of of oz references in this episode? Is the kingdom the apocalyptic version of emerald city? If Ezekiel is the wizard, who is the scarecrow (Morgan?), tin man (Joseph?), cowardly lion (Benjamin?) The kingdom is very nice-reminds me of a renaissance fair. Carol’s reaction to the scene was hilarious-it was so her!
    Speaking of Ezekiel, I like him-seems to be a cool & benevolent leader. I also liked how he admitted to carol who he really is & what’s he about-he wasn’t a savior but the people needed a leader & he was it. Shiva is beautiful & large! 😄
    So is Ezekiel & co attempting to sabotage neagans group by giving them pigs fattened by zombie meat?
    That’s all I have-apologies for the length.


    I’m tired of all these black folks going out of their way to make this white woman stay put. Let her g’on on! My new favorite character is absolutely King Zeke. I hope Robert KKKirkman doesn’t kill him off, you know how he does with black folks. Plus I’m kinda here for Morgan to kick it with another brotha. Morgan looked at Carol like “Don’t embarrass me in front of my new black friends.” Stray note: that choir director wasn’t shit. My conducting degree was twitching.

  6. For the Podcast:

    Right when this dude told a tiger to chill out and the tiger chilled out, King Zeke and Shiva became my new favorite characters.

    When our group first came to Alexandria I liked the facilities but didn’t agree with Diana and her lack of urgency for defending the town. I already like these kingdom folks because while some just harvest crops other people ride horses and chop walkers. I like the balance.

    After seeing the kingdom and knowing that Neagan’s crew uses them for food, I’m even more scared of Neagan. Not only is every single person in that crew an asshole but even with their horses, guns, and spears Zeke believes there’s no point in attacking Neagan. How fucking big is Neagan’s group?

    I really enjoyed this episode and the new characters (peace Jerry!) I can’t wait for the recap.

  7. Carol and Ezekiel sitting in a tree. I’m totally shipping them.

  8. For the Podcast:

    I get Carol. I would be pretty pissed too if I left the stupidity that is the Alexandria group only to end up at a ren fair with ain’t shit Morgan of all people, surrounded by white folks butchering choir music. Then again, I love her with Zeke. She got him like “Dayum! I’ve been hanging with a tiger for ages, now it’s time to tame this cougar! 😍Motherfucker!” Meanwhile Carol is like “Tobin who?”. They are great for each other.
    Also, I think we’d all follow “Try this fruit then try me” Zeke rather than Snot-Bubble Rick, although for Tumblr reasons Nina doesn’t have to state her opinion. XD

    Finally, Next episode seems to be Daryl focussed, so I think 4 will be Tara Time, 5 is Maggie and Sasha, and thus 6 will be the episode where everyone gets home and lets Enid out of the cupboard. Pacing, amirite?

    • Going based off what Gimple & Greg N. have said in episodes plus photos released.. The episode order seems to go

      3: Saviors & Daryl
      4: Saviors come to Alexandria
      5: Hilltop, Alexandria, Saviors
      6: Tara & Heath and some new group

      Don’t take me on that completely lol

  9. For the podcast: I honestly don’t care about Carol and Morgan, they could both die for me, in fact I’m still mad they weren’t in the line up but whatever. This episode was cute. I liked the introduction to the new community. The Kingdom looked amazing and Ezekiel must be doing something right if these people eat different types of cobbler every day, have pomegranates (the fanciest of fruits), a school with children actually attending, and a freaking choir where they live. What was Deanna doing all this time during the ZA??? I think I would want to live there instead of Alexandria or the hilltop. The only thing that annoyed me this episode was Carol still trying to leave, only to settle in some random house near The Kingdom. Ugh! I guess this way Zeke can try to hit on Carol some more cause they gonna fuck and I ain’t mad. Poor Tobin tho. Do you guys think they’re gonna do the same as last season and just have bottle episodes with certain characters and places? cause next week looks like it’s the saviors and daryl and we still have to see maggie and sasha at the hilltop, the others back in alexandria plus Tara and Heath. I’m just hoping to see more Jerry. Wasn’t he the best? That’s it for me. Can’t Wait to hear the podcast. Deuces. If you need me just holler, I stay within hollering range. (throws up Jerry peace sign while walking backwards). <3

    • Going based off what Gimple & Greg N. have said in episodes plus photos released.. The episode order seems to go

      3: Saviors & Daryl
      4: Saviors come to Alexandria
      5: Hilltop, Alexandria, Saviors
      6: Tara & Heath and some new group

      Don’t take me on that completely lol

  10. For the podcast

    I love King Ezekiel! I’d be requesting a transfer from Alexandria to hang with him. Hang on him. You know, just be with him in any and all ways. I’m just saying. Plus he has a freakin tiger!

    So what exactly is Carol trying to do? Is it that she doesn’t want to be around anyone? And quite frankly, she seems crazier than Morgan if she’s seeing walkers turn into people. Wtf?

    So I think Morgan might be happier there. People Are able to defend themselves but less warmongering. But they still have to deal with Negan. Do you think someone close to that Kingdom dude who got into a fight with Negan’s crew lost someone to Lucille? He was extra hype when they came around. Btw, love the pettiness of feeding “tainted meat” to Negan & his people! You gotta strike back however you can without endangering your people.

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And what should Carol & Ezekiel’s shipper name be? Zerol? Cariel? Ezerol? Zekecar? Carzeke? KingCarol I’m at a loss for a good one but I’m here for it!

  11. Hey guys 👋🏿

    I really enjoyed this episode. The different tone after emotional premiere to me really helped it.

    While I’m one of the people that’s way more accepting or even prefer some changes from book-to-screen, I have to say, when the show translates comic characters or material they almost always do a great job of either making it as good or better. Khary Payton did a fantastic job as Ezekiel and I’m glad they stuck with Shiva the tiger (who looks really good) and didn’t make her into a dog or some shit.

    Loved Carol’s facial expressions and reactions to everything and I can see that Jerry guy becoming a fan favorite down the line.

    I do like how the guy Gavin wasn’t just a complete dick like a lot of the Saviors are. While he clearly wasn’t a saint, he did seem to have some level of respect for Ezekiel and didn’t just want to fuck with them. It was business. I’m hoping to see more Saviors who may have remorse or second guess things in the next episode. I’m predicting either Richard or Benjamin are gonna get killed by Negan or a top Savior like Simon by the end of the season.

    Do you guys think there’s a possibility that Negan actually killed Benjamin’s father and Zeke just gave him that story so Benjamin and possibly others wouldn’t get riled up?

    & finally, did you guys see this ‘alternative leak’ of a Lucille victim?

    That’s it! Can’t wait for the podcast

    Sup fam few questions

    1. Tony the 🐯 gon eat a savior right?
    2. ARE Morgan and Carol going back to Alexandria? Bc they got cobbler every meal and that’s a big joker in the game of the za!!!
    3. Favorite Halloween candy 🍭? Don’t be savages neither and say candy 🍭 corn 🌽

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast ✌🏾


    This was definitely a slow change of pace from the premiere but it was still good all the same. I like the intro of Zeke aka the nigga with the tiger and the actor nailed it. I especially liked the scene with him alone with Carol when he broke character. Do I detect another ship?! Ezekarol & Shiva! By the way Jerry is my new favorite character, he is so fabulous! The Kingdom seems to be eating good and can still maintain the deal with Negan why couldn’t Hilltop just put show some initiative instead of getting our crew caught up! Anyway that’s all I got!

    Peace out!

  14. For the podcast:

    Chris Hardwick a got damn lie, that wig was worrisome. King Ezekiel out her with 1 of the 3 black hairstyle they offer on RPGs and it’s not okay to match the man out their with that caveman exhibit wig.

    Has anyone eaten zombie yet? Will that turn the people who’ve eaten it? I recall people becoming frantic when they ate Bob’s leg and found out he was “tainted”.

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