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The Walking Dead - S7E10 - New Best Friends

Previously on The Walking Dead, “Rock in the Road”

This might have been the silliest episode of The Walking Dead ever.

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The Saviors can’t pick up their produce from the Kingdom without being dicks, so Richard ends up getting in trouble with Ezekiel for yet another confrontation. This also puts an even bigger target on his back when it comes to the Saviors. Oh, and Morgan loses his stick.

Pissed off, Richard tries to recruit Daryl for a little payback in the hopes it will lead to the war Ezekiel wishes to avoid. Daryl is willing because he hasn’t learned a damn thing in seven seasons. Never mind that his family is out there recruiting for a surprise attack; Daryl is willing to go along with Richard’s plan that, should it fail, would certainly bring down Savior holy hellfire on Alexandria and The Kingdom. Well, that is until he learns Richard’s plan involves setting Carol up to be killed by the Saviors in order to push Ezekiel into the fight. Then he nopes out.

Using the excuse that he just happened to see her while visiting The Kingdom, Daryl drops by Carol’s house. He finally understands the toll killing has taken on Carol, and doesn’t tell her about the people they lost to keep her from getting involved. Later, Daryl admits to Morgan that he was right about Carol, but still isn’t impressed with Morgan’s refusal to talk Ezekiel into war. Then he leaves the Kingdom because he.hasn’t.learned.a.damn.thing.

The group who took Rick and crew treat the Alexandrians to a look at Kanye West’s new fashion line. Then their leader, Janis (but I’m calling her Bangs) explains that she’ll give them an opportunity to buy back their lives. She says all this using random words and unnatural pauses.

After Rick sees that Gabe is still alive, he tries to convince Bangs that robbing or killing them is really depriving the Saviors, who will come looking for their offerings. Bangs refuses to get involved, a fight breaks out, and Gabe takes one of the junkyard gang hostage.

He then turns into Alexandria’s hype man, impressing upon Bangs that Rick is a bad motherfucker and that helping them can only mean good things for her people. Bangs decides to test Rick by pushing him down a mound of garbage into a pit. He has to fight a goth walker in order to survive. Rick wins by burying the walker under trash, but I’m pretty sure he now has lockjaw.

Bangs is now a believer, so she says they’ll join the fight if Rick can bring them lots of guns. Hmm. If only someone in their group knew where to find lots of guns. *side-eyes Tara*

Bits & Pieces

Can we meet just one group of regular-ass people with regular-ass names and no gimmicks? No cannibals. No Trump Supporters following a homicidal psychopath with a bat. No Renn Faires. No Mad Max cosplayers who speak like they didn’t pass fourth grade. Just some regular-ass folks trying to survive by being regular-ass folks who might kill yo ass if you try to get cute.

No one in this new group had a “normal” name. The names we heard sounded like constellations, convenience stores, or computer viruses. This is supposed to be present-day; not some dystopian future where everyone who knew better died off. What are the odds that this entire group would be okay with being so damn… weird? Did they pick these new names? That’s stupid. And why the hell are they living in a junkyard and how come Negan hasn’t found them yet? Ugh. This entire thing was so damn dumb.

And what did the test actually prove? That Rick can pull down a mound of trash on a walker? Yeah, you know he and Aaron were creative enough to get the supplies off the riverboat, but what have they shown you that would make you think getting involved in a war with them would end well for you? Bangs wants lots of guns, but then they’ll end up using those guns (and the ammo) in a war that has nothing to do with her and her people. They must think Rick is going to find some guns already upgraded to Unlimited Ammo like Hershel’s season two shotgun.

Finally, I can’t believe they didn’t keep Gabe as insurance that Rick will hustle for these guns.

Got thoughts on the episode? Leave them below or on the Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.

The Walking Dead S7E10
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"New Best Friends"

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

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14 Comments on The Walking Dead - S7E10 - New Best Friends

  1. For the podcast

    It was an ok episode.

    Richonne totally made the episode for me! Love them! The hand holding. The forehead kiss. The ugly cat art! 😍😍

    Kang Ezekiel was looking especially hot in the episode and not just because they had him in a shit ton of clothes and that wig.

    You would think the Saviors bogarting Morgan’s staff would wake him the hell up but of course not. 🙄

    Loved the Caryl reunion. But WTF! Why is Daryl leaving? Dumbass! How soon before he ruins all their plans? Cause y’all know Simon is gonna catch his dumbass at Hilltop.

    So who all from the Kangdom is about to die? Ben obviously. Richard cause he’s crazier than I originally thought. Or someone else?

    I have nothing to say about that new crazy ass new group other than that pit walker looked cool af.

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  2. The scene with Carol & Daryl was emotional & I don’t know if Carol the badass will be back. I finally got what kind of headspace she’s in. She’s suffering. The problem is this show is not that deep. So while that scene alone was deep, I know the writers won’t be able to do justice to really showing the depths of the emotional toll the ZA would take on a person. So while I loved the scene, they have been, and will be, clumsy when dealing with everything leading up to, & after, that scene.

  3. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    Look. If y’all are still denying that Carol and Daryl aren’t a genuine thing after last night’s episode, I’m convinced y’all are just hating! I believe in them; their relationship is real! I’d give receipts but Nina requested us to keep our feedback short. Don’t think I didn’t notice the “Make Zaddy a sandwich” line by Daryl though. Why the hell is Rosita still being an asshole to Gabe? She’s the frickin worst. The Garbage Pail Kids are the epitome of white privilege. Let someone else go through the muck and get all the supplies, only to take them for themselves. Why don’t they use pronouns? Why do they even keep that speared through THING to test people? I hope they have tetanus vaccines because that trash cat didn’t look too clean.

    All I got! Love you guys even though you’re haters! 🙂

  4. For The Podcast:

    Me and Rick were the only two people that knew Father Gabriel didn’t abandon the group and I’m glad we were proven right but I’m not so happy with the junkyard dogs. I know Rick needs these people for his army, but these are the laziest assholes in the Z Poc. At least Negan sends the saviors out to intimidate and kill people for their stuff, these niggas sat around cutting their stupid bangs and coming up with hand signals for the last two years instead of figuring out how to get that stuff off that boat ugh I just don’t trust these new people. Once again Rosita was the worst and since she wants to die so bad I need someone to shoot her and put us all out of our misery, and the same goes for Carol if she really doesn’t want to be around people it’s probably not a good idea to live 10 ft away from a thriving community so just fucking leave already and stop acting like you don’t like all this attention. Finally, Daryl getting to see his mom again was nice and all but why aren’t people mad at Daryl for not telling Carol the truth when all last week everybody shit all over Morgan for hiding where she was?

  5. I didn’t really enjoy this episode. I think because the new group is so weird. Why is Janis acting like she auditioning for the next resident evil movie? How do y’all think Carol will react when she finds out the truth about what the saviors did? Will Richard try to set her up on his own? Why can’t just the dick in the saviors group not come to the kingdom anymore if the guy insists Richard still come? He’s the real problem. How do y’all think Cindy and Oceanside will react when Tara shows back up demanding guns? Do y’all think they will join the fight?

  6. For the podcast:

    I enjoyed most of this episode. I told y’all I was worried about these group dynamics and how they’ll affect our crew. I love Rosita and all but she is being a giant pain in the ass. I don’t understand why she’s rushing into this battle we all know is coming. I’m not worried about her talking slick to Tara or Aaron, but let her talk some shit to Michonne. No ma’am.

    Daryl is being a dick, I understand he doesn’t want to be in a cage but leaving camp by yourself hasn’t been working for at least a season! I’m wondering if Richard will respond to that ass whooping at a later date.

    The garage gang makes no sense but I’m interested in their story, I just don’t want Bangs to talk about it all episode.

    What do y’all think Bangs did before the ZA?

  7. For the podcast

    This episode was straight trash. Here are the highlights:
    - When Kang Zeke rolled up on Carol, I was at least expecting some serenading. Maybe a choreographed dance set or two. He’s smooth.
    - Rick has every disease now, especially tetanus from that garbage cat.
    - Hardwick straight up said people would be cosplaying Janis in the future. If so, people are dumber than I thought.
    - Daryl better start calling Kang Zeke dad now
    - Morgan is the Kanye to Negan’s Trump. There, I said it. I’m done with his trash character.
    - Melissa McBride is once again too good for this show. She had to act through trash dialogue, between trash storylines, and still pulled it off.
    - I’m learning that Jamelle is into incest-adjace relationships between Carol and Daryl and I’m not okay with this. She’s his mom! Don’t date your ZPoc Mom! Get that thought out of your purview!

  8. For the podcast:
    Thought it was a good episode
    1. Darryl vs Richard-need 2 rewatch this scene because I couldn’t understand what Richard was saying but he seems to be approaching crazy Rick level/any1 notice the irony of the truck mural?
    2. Look @ kang exquiezel trying 2 get his groove on w/carol by bringing the pomegranate pastry-she appeared to not be having it this day.
    3. Caryl Reunion 👏🏾👏🏾Witnessing her state of mind I liked how Darryl assured her every1 at “home” is fine though we know otherwise.
    4. Who/what is this new group with their uniquely odd style/language? The leader jades…….that hair girl 😐
    5. We get some GOT gladiator light this episode; that pitwalker was cool.
    6. Rick got cut, stabbed in the hand & partially concussed yet the richonne😍 factor was strong-I loved how she coached him fighting the pit Walker. And when he gave her that cat sculpture….who doesn’t ❤️ that (except Devin😄)
    7. Rosita still bitchy & itching to go yet Tara laid down the law as much as she could-me, I’d be like u r 1 last thin nerve from getting MAJOR bitch slapped!😡
    8. Darryl got his new bow/arrow, made friends w/shiva & now he’s going 2 Alexandria-now all things good with the apocalyptic world…. 😄

  9. For the podcast:

    Hey guys!

    So what do you guys think the group’s Zpoc credit score is, cause they owe everybody something. I’m thinking it’s 327.

  10. For the podcast.

    I hate the trash people.. I have liked Pollyanna McIntosh in some indie horror, but this just stupid. I hate these people. When the Hell did they decide to capture and arm a Walker and keep it for random pit fights?
    Thanks to the “writers” now I’m expecting Lord Humongous, The damn Necromongers, or hell, those dudes from Dark City now. I hate these people.

    I can’t believe Rick & Nem will ever mount a successful attack if none of these people can ever stop having they’re own agendas and doing dumb shit long enough to be productive.

    Ugh. I’m hating so many people. Except Ezekiel. I’ll never be that fucking cool.

  11. in the writers room.
    “You know what we need? A damn zom-walker with swords through his body. Put him in a pit match. Ok, you still wit me? With Rick to earn the trust of this group of weirdos living in a landfill they’ve never seen or heard of in all this fucking time.
    Whatcha think?”

    *shrugs* “Why not? Let’s also have them speak and dress weird. I mean. Do we need a reason?”

    “No. No we don’t.”

  12. For the podcast:

    Just wanted to mention that an underrated part of the show was when Morgan asked for his stick back and Lieutenant Savior said “No, read the room man”. That’s Morgan’s character in a nutshell. The man with the inability to read the room

    Also I think it’s cool that each community has its own marketable quirk. Well except for Hilltop, their quick is that they are the fucking worst. Nobody’s choosing to go there.


    Sup fam, glad we got 2 weeks in a row of the nigga and his 🐯! It’s too bad he now has competition for carol now that my nigga Daryl found his boo( I stand with my homie Jamelle) but you know what I’m not here for is rick outchea in these streets stealing sculptures to give to his blyke woman (I see what’s happening here walking 💀, stay woke) their relationship is 🗑 anyways!!!

    I really hope tits isn’t gonna wait 3 weeks to tell the group about the samoa 🇼🇸 woman’s retreat bc that would be awful!!

    Last thing is stay off my boo rosita’s byke, I don’t appreciate this slander and you niggas are now on my list 📝!!

    That’s all I got can’t wait to hear the podcast ✌🏾

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