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The Walking Dead - S7E9 - Rock in the Road

Previously on The Walking Dead,Hearts Still Beating”

The Alexandria crew are on a recruiting mission. Gregory is still himself so he’s not willing to get involved any more than he already has. In fact, he’d really appreciate it if anyone who’s ever stepped foot in Alexandria would just take their asses home.

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With Jesus as their guide, they next hit up The Kingdom to see if King Ezekiel and his subjects are down for a little Savior-killing. King Ezekiel is not, but he does offer Daryl shelter since the Saviors can’t enter their walls. Daryl doesn’t want to stay because he doesn’t hang with pussies, but Rick convinces him to get out of his feelings and do the smart thing.

Without the numbers, they need something that can take out as many Saviors as possible, all at once; something like explosives. Conveniently, they come across a Savior booby trap in the road meant to take care of a herd that might get too close to their compound, and it’s rigged with dynamite. Also, Rosita just happens to be an explosives expert because no one blinks or questions her when she starts fiddling with wires.

It’s great that Rosita continues to be useful and capable (minus the single bullet incident), and I’m going to take their word for it that this ability was already universally known. However, would it have killed them to devote some time to actually developing Rosita as a character (beyond Abraham’s girlfriend) so that we knew she was capable of this? I don’t know, maybe cut back on just one of many “this is the way the world is now” scenes.

Once it’s diffused, the Alexandria group carefully carry the dynamite to their vehicle. Nothing is ever easy, though. Via a stolen Savior walkie-talkie, they hear Negan send some men to Alexandria to look for Daryl, so Jesus and Sasha hotfoot it back to Hilltop. Then, a herd comes moseying down the road because of course. We get to the bottom of this convoluted, self-imposed problem: it was all a setup so we can see Michonne and Rick drive on either side of the herd with a steel wire attached to and between their cars. They slice through walkers like a As Seen on TV set of knives.

They only just make it home before Simon arrives with other Saviors, looking for Daryl. They search the subdivision, taking special care to smash the dishes and vases in case Daryl’s hiding behind or in them, and then leave with a warning: we find Daryl here, that’s yo ass.

The search for Daryl did reveal one thing: All of their food and weapons are gone. And so is Father Gabriel. Some of the group, like Rosita, are like, “I knew we couldn’t trust his bitchass.” But Rick knows Gabriel has changed and despite the damning evidence to the contrary, he doesn’t believe Gabe would betray them. A cryptic message from Gabriel (“BOAT”) suggests Rick is right and they had back to the area where he and Aaron found the riverboat to look for Gabriel.

Still, Rosita is like…

After their narrow escape with the explosives, Michonne told Rick it’s okay to smile, but he didn’t. However, when they’re surrounded by a new group while looking for Gabriel, and with guns pointed in their faces, Rick smiles.

Cause Rick is still crazy.

Bits & Pieces

When considering Rick’s request, Ezekiel asks Morgan for his thoughts. Morgan, of course, is all for a way to get rid of the Saviors without killing anyone. Morgan didn’t see Abraham and Glenn get their heads turned into slushies, nor did he see Spencer’s insides on the outside. While I admire Morgan for sticking to his convictions, his way is getting so old. And the synchronized eye-roll from Rick and Michonne tells me they feel the same way.

Rosita sure is being gully for someone who just fucked up so bad she got poor Eugene taken. She aggressively tells Morgan about the people they lost to the Saviors, she tells Sasha they ain’t friends just cause they both slept with the same dead guy, and she really ain’t here for giving Gabe even the smallest benefit of the doubt. Her cranky-ass days are numbered.

Also not long for this world? Aaron’s boyfriend, Eric. He had about five lines of dialogue, which feels like four more lines than he’s had since we met him in season five.

No Negan this episode, but via the walkie-talkie we did get to hear his hilarious eulogy for Fat Joey. (“Without him, Skinny Joey is just Joey.”) Though, why wasn’t he questioning Joey’s death? Unless he has other prisoners, it should have been clear it was Daryl who killed him, yet he sounded surprised a bit later when he puts out the order that Daryl be found.

Another young boy is trying to be Carol’s friend, which means his ass will be dead soon. And Morgan kept his word and didn’t tell Rick and Daryl where Carol lives. He just said he saved her, she was healed, and she left. You know Daryl gonna run into her ass because despite being told NOT to leave The Kingdom, our group don’t listen for shit.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.

The Walking Dead S7E9
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"Rock in the Road"

Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

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14 Comments on The Walking Dead - S7E9 - Rock in the Road

  1. I’m so happy to have The Walking Dead back and even happier that this episode was enjoyable and not the chore that most of 7A felt like. It was so nice to see more Rick, Michonne, and the rest of our main group and less Negan because as much as I like JDM 7A felt like the Negan show and everybody else was a guest star. I like Rosita but I’m done with her shitty attitude and if I was Sasha I would’ve punched her in the throat but whatever. I was bothered by Rosita’s seeming expertise in explosives after my second watch I’m giving it a pass because it wasn’t some professionally made bomb it was the trap Fat Joseph came up with to deal with that herd. The one thing I really didn’t like was Father Gabe being kidnapped because I’m just tire of everyone being abducted, but it was nice that Gabriel mad enough progress in the group that they didn’t think he just reverted back to his former punk ass self. I’m writing this on my phone and it’s starting to look long so I’ll just stop here, later gator.

  2. For the Podcast:

    We back y’all! I was smiling for the first half of this episode but that turned into a frown once I realized how many ways our crew can fuck up this good fortune.

    I was hoping we’d get Kang Zeke and his army to join but Morgan had to open his all lives matter mouth. I thought Sasha and Rosita would team up like seal team six but na, Rosita doesn’t want any new friends. Rosita is about as angry as Carl, which isn’t good. I’m worried the social dynamics of these groups will tear people down quicker than the walkers or Negan’s crew.

    I have one question, did anybody else see a person in the passenger seat as Father G pulled off into the night?

  3. For the podcast

    I liked it.

    Richonne is epic, badass and the best!

    Rosita is still salty. And apparently she’s also a demolitions expert. Who knew?

    Tho he made the wrong decision, for now, Ezekiel is still my boy. Plus he’s teaching the youngins about MLK. And he is so fine! He’s so fine I made it thru the whole episode of Talking Dead.

    WTF Morgan? Just 🙄😒😡

    So how soon before Darryl finds Carol?

    Gregory still ain’t shit. But Hilltop don’t care. He’s a figurehead. Maggie is the real leader.

    Who the fuck were those people at the end? Did Gabe run off to them? Kidnapped by them? Is that the boat dude’s people? Why did he take all the food?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And I hope this is short enough.

  4. For the podcast:

    Quick question: was it just me or were they really overacting in that scene with Gregory? Like Rick, Michonne, and Gregory weren’t talking loud but they were projecting like they were on stage. And Rick with all the exaggerated movements were really throwing me off. It got back to normal afterwards but it was just weird.

  5. Gregory is not wrong , these guys came to him saying they could fix his Negan problem by taking half of their stuff. Now they’re coming back with more problems . If someone tells you they’re gonna fix your car and they come back with your car missing it’s front axel you tell them to kick rocks . Yea Gregory’s an asshole and a coward but he wasn’t wrong .
    You guys better leave Morgan alone . King asked for his opinion he gave it .. When you go to war people are gonna die those are hard facts and he needs to know that. Not just just a bunch of Spencer’s ….people the king actually likes . Tho I can’t argue if you truly want things to change you gonna have to fight for it .
    “We’ll have to move the cars back” why …how …….with what gas ? If they’re on a time table just come back another day for the dynamite. this whole scene was just an excuse for the obligatory action scene quota . What was this herd doing ? Just chilling out . “Now everyone shamble forward on three” . Why did they choose that moment to walk forward .
    My theory Gabriel is a werewolf ….Moon was at its height he felt the transformation kick in and was going away to protect everyone . ….. or he was taken hostage by the beyhive …God rest his soul.

    My thoughts:
    1. Both Gregory & Morgan the should be locked away until the war on negan is over-their passivity ain’t cutting it in the new world order. At least some of the hilltop are woke re upcoming battle.
    2. Were richonne & crew giving king Ezekiel the WTF 👀?!? King E wasn’t hearing ricks story especially when he decided to make his decision at morn. Btw shiva looks so fake yet so beautiful
    3. My duh moment of episode-why r they leaving Darryl behind??! He escaped-duh/can’t return to Alexandra duh!
    4. Rosita aka the eternal pessimist w/that funky attitude-can’t blame her in a sense but when she went off on Sasha my reaction was B****H! I give her props in handling the TNT.
    5. Richonne😍 luv them-their teamwork is amazing/fav part was the wire slice/dice of zombies then blowing up rest-drops mic👏🏾👏🏾👏🏾
    6.i was about 2 go off on father Gabriel then realized he was kidnapped/ yes or no? So ithis new group: The female led colony from earlier in season? Thought crazy Rick was starting 2 surface when he smiled.

    Overall, i thought it was a good mid season premiere.

  7. For the podcast:

    Hey y’all. I’ll try and keep it short because you’ve probably got to be places and I don’t need Nina in my mentions again after last half season XD

    - Zeke has got Carol in a Spice Girls song, because apparently if you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends, and that means ALL of my friends.
    - I could feel Nina side eyeing Jesus from across the pond. Jesus knows everything and everybody, sure….
    - Rosita is so angry that she missed that shot she’s taking it out on everyone else. I can’t even. She needs to go.
    - It’s a shame that they didn’t find a way to give the bomb disarming plot to Eugene somehow. You know, instead of Rosita getting that plot convenience magic. Maybe they could make Eugene useful? Nah.
    - Richonne cutting through walkers is RELATIONSHIP GOALS.
    - Olivia is still bad at keeping all the supplies in check from beyond the grave.
    - Eric got lines, so he’s gonna die.
    - Negan straight up mourned the death of Fat Joseph. Meanwhile Rick hasn’t given anyone a funeral. I know who I’m supporting, just saying.
    - Everyone looking forward to Bethisode Part 2: Eugene Boogaloo?

    That’s it. Hope the podcast is 🔥🔥🔥


    Rosita is the hugest dickhead ever. Either that or the writers forgot she and Sasha had a “Waiting To Exhale” moment last episode. I doubt they’re even going to bring up the fact that she tried to shoot Negan and got them into all this bullshit to begin with. SOMEBODY should have told her “You need to STFU, since you got Olivia killed and Eugene taken.” I also know she better leave Pastor G the hell alone. I loved how when she tried to say he didn’t leave a note, Rick more or less said “Yes she did, bitch. Now go sit down.” I can’t stand her ass.

  9. For the podcast:

    Hi guys! 💞

    Ezekiel quoting MLK and ignoring all the pretense before the I have a dream part of the speech as a precursor for him being nonviolent? You can tell some white men wrote this. Also, Morgan been in the Kingdom a hot 2 weeks and he already the king right hand man? The king passing off major decisions to Morgan and he don’t even remember everybody first name yet? Yeah… okay.
    Rick’s Story was dumb, and he shouldn’t give motivational speeches anymore.

    I thought Gabe wrote down BOA, as in Bank of America. I was so confused until I hit rewind. I thought Gabe got his emergency funds out his savings and got low!

    Loved the action, didn’t like some of the weird camera angles.

    Did y’all see the assassin’s Creed character in the new group?


    What up fam?! This was a decent premiere not bad but not all that good either it’s just there doing the bare minimum kind of like Adele’s live show. In some ways it feels like they hit the reset button and something seems off I can’t quite put my finger on it yet.

    Random thoughts:

    Shout out to Rick trying to White Man to White man reason with Gregory. I mean it’s just about the economy right. That shit didn’t work on Ezekiel Luther the King tho!

    Morgan still on All Lives Matter he gotta die soon right?

    How long are they gonna keep Carol on the bench?

    Rosita is straight basura! I’m so tired of her now!

    So Aaron’s boyfriend is gonna die right?

    I’m bout tired of these large random ass groups popping up out of nowhere. How convenient of them to find a well trained formidable army.

    Hope that was succinct enough love you guys take care!


    Y’all-this episode was so boring. Even when they were trying to defuse the bomb I was bored. It took everything in me not to turn it off and just rely on the recap.

    Rosita is being unencessarily extra (it ain’t Sasha’s fault you didn’t get chose, keep that bitter mess to yourself); Gregory being Gregory, Morgan being Morgan…I swear…

    We didn’t need 60 minutes of this. We just didn’t.

  12. For The Podcast: Glad you guys are back and can’t eait to listen. I will keep this short by just saying. Fav moments - When Morgan found out about the people who died, Rick with his beard back on was sexy as fuck, that salt and pepper beard just works coupled with that story he told ezekiel about the rock i the road. I’m not sure i’m willing to buy the scene with the wire cables but it looked cool. Rosita needs to chill and yay we finally saw aaron’s boo. Thats it, can’t wait to listen. Besos!

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