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The Walking Dead - S7E7 - Sing Me a Song

Previously on The Walking Dead, “Swear”

The Walking Dead - S7E7 - “Sing Me a Song” | Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

The Walking Dead could have had a Negan problem. When your introduction to a character involves him brutally killing two main characters, that is the definition of someone who did not come to fuck around. That also makes it hard to believe that he’d tolerate any pushback or nonsense from Rick’s group, but that’s exactly what he’s done. Daryl should be dead, Rick should be dead, Olivia should be dead, and Carl most definitely should be dead after this week.

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“Sing Me a Song” answered why they are not. Negan is most definitely capable and willing to kill at a moment’s notice, but it’s clear he’d much rather have you work for him while putting you through embarrassing mental anguish. And let’s face it: It’s not like he has anything else to do. This is a man who literally doesn’t have to do anything to ensure his survival, so he can take a day off to torment poor Carl while he makes sure the young man gets the full measure of his power.

While I’ll never agree that if you followed the series from Negan’s perspective only, Rick’s group would be the bad guys, Negan had to come out swinging (I know. I know. I’m better than that.) after Rick and company killed several groups Saviors: the outpost, the group that caught them at the outpost, some of the group with Dwight when he killed Denise, the group that got a rocket up their asses, and the men who Carol took out when she was leaving town. Extreme measures and all that. Now, Negan can do what he so clearly enjoys: keep them alive and make their lives a living hell.

Carl pulls a fast one on Jesus and remains in the truck headed to the Saviors’ compound after Jesus jumps out. Carl wastes no time in taking out two of Negan’s men unloading the truck, and then holds Negan at gunpoint until Dwight overpowers him. Negan employs one of his favorite tactics: he threatens Daryl in order to get Carl to follow him around. He shows off the egotistical hold he has on his group, his collection of wives, and the hot iron to the face he wields when someone in his group breaks the rules.

Later he makes Carl remove the bandages over his eye and sing him a song. Surprisingly, his apology when Carl begins to cry felt genuine, but that didn’t stop him from giving Carl a lift home so he could scare the shit out of Olivia and spend time holding Judith until Rick returns… because he can.

Meanwhile, Spencer scavenges a ton of supplies for Negan, much to Rosita’s annoyance. She still has no intention of going along and accompanies Eugene outside of the gates so he can make her a bullet. She’s also sick of Eugene’s defeated attitude and cowardice so she lashes out only to deliver an unaccepted apology later.

Perhaps she should be teaming up with Michonne, who also made moves to resist Negan’s control. Unable to let go of the sheer audacity it took to burn their mattresses for no damn reason, Michonne captures one of the Saviors and demands to be taken to Negan. Of course, Negan isn’t there, but she might provide Daryl’s access to escape. He received an anonymous note in his cell, and it told him to leave now. Also, we also have Jesus lurking in the area.

I know Negan isn’t for everyone, but I’m having entirely too much fun watching Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s performance and laughing at some highly inappropriate things as he struts around Alexandria like he owns the place… since he kinda does.

Final Thoughts

  • Spencer is doing the absolute most and I can’t wait for him to die. You know you’re fifty shades of poor decisions when Father Gabriel refuses to ride with you.
  • Didn’t I tell y’all Rick was going to come home one day and find Negan taking care of his kids?
  • Aaron and Rick found a possible cache of weapons - too bad they’re on a boat on walker-infested waters.

The Walking Dead S7E7 = 8.2/10
  • 8/10
    Plot - 8/10
  • 8/10
    Dialogue - 8/10
  • 8.5/10
    Performances - 8.5/10
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12 Comments on The Walking Dead - S7E7 - Sing Me a Song

  1. For the podcast

    I still haven’t watched the episode yet. I plan to watch it Sunday before the mid season finale.

    However, I have seen some gifs on Tumblr. Michonne is still badass. Rick is still emotional. Spencer still ain’t shit. Carl wants a new daddy. And Negan betta not harm one hair on that precious baby’s head! Plus he’s kinda feeling Olivia after she smacked him. I think that’s basically the 90 minutes, right? Oh, and Jesus tucked and rolled out the back of the truck. My daddy would be so proud. He always told us to do that when dropping us off. Lol.

    That’s it. I’ll still probably listen to the podcast before watching it. Lol.

  2. I absolutely cannot stand Carl. Wannabe bad-ass. That or he was on a suicide mission and failed. Putting people in danger.

    And, if Darryl don’t STFU. Opening up his mouth, asking questions like he just didn’t get Glenn killed for that same crap.

    Other than that, I enjoyed this episode.

  3. For the podcast:

    Hey peeps! I liked this episode but one thing is bothering me: Dwight. I would love to hear your thoughts/predictions on Dwight’s purpose in the narrative.

  4. Due to Neegan’s commentary, this episode was very enjoyable, but there were still somethings that bothered me. Of course we know plot wise why Carl was never going to actually kill Neegan. But I hate this trope that is used in TV shows all the time where someone announces what they about to do something instead of just doing it so they can’t be stopped. I just wish the writers could have had Carl coming out shooting and he just ended up missing Neegan or something instead of him just standing there with a gun and an empty threat. Also, I appreciate the badassness, but again how much sense does it make for Michonne to go alone to Neegan’s lair? I just don’t buy these storylines of our smart/survivor characters being this stupid and going on a suicide mission. I love how Neegan thinks he’s not a rapist but presenting harm or death to your family members or marrying him is really not true consent. I am wondering what the initial threat that was given to Amber that made her leave her husband and “marry” Neegan. Also, what Banana Republic or Express did Neegan scavenge to get all those “little black dresses”? Who do yall think gave Darryl the note? If it is Jesus, then I would think he has been lying and he has been to the Savior compound before, because how could he possibly know that quickly the entire layout of the place to know it was all clear for Darryl to escape? If it turns out to be Dwight, then I call bullshit because the show has given us no indication that he would go against Neegan and definitely not for Darryl of all people.

  5. For The Podcast:

    Did anyone feel a disturbance in the force? It was as if all the PF ladies as a collective suddenly all bought black dresses and heels just so that they could get in formation with Negan’s wives.

    This episode was fine. Judith finally got let out of the cupboard, AND got a new daddy. That montage of Carl and Negan was the best because it was the worst. Michonne is still a badass. Can anyone explain to me why Rick, the leader, has abandoned everyone to go Brokeback Truckers with Aaron?
    Olivia almost had it all, Eugene still ain’t shit. Spenser is dead next week.

    Last thought, has anyone seen Tobin at all this half season? This is a literal “Tobin whooooo?!” scenario now.

    Deuces yall.

  6. For the podcast:

    I’m surprised baby Carl looked so relaxed at the end of the episode. I know if I was sitting on the porch waiting for my daddy to come home and find me chilling with Negan, who’s got his hands all over Shane’s daughter because I didn’t stay in the goddamn house. No, instead I stole a car, wrecked it, snuck in the enemy compound to try to kill dad’s boss and then didn’t even take the shot when I had it.. Shoot I’d be sweating bullets.

    Oh and did you see Judith’s face when she met Neegan? She’s like “Nah, you ain’t my new black daddy!!”

  7. I loved this episode. There’s so many good stuff from this Negan arc in the books that fans want to see played out on screen. Whether it be the Lucille bashing, the “dick down your throat” line or the iron.. but for me and many others, we were most looking forward to this Negan / Carl relationship that plays out throughout the comics. Everything at the Sanctuary, the stuff with Carl & Negan, and even the stuff with Olivia was perfectly ripped from the comic and put on screen and I enjoyed the hell outta of it.

    I’ve seen some people give Chandler Riggs a lot of shit but I thought he did really good in the episode and I feel he’s been good since S3/S4.

    I know you guys still find Jesus suspect but I think he’s cool as fuck lol. God bless White Jesus 😂🙏🏿. I know a lot of people think it’s him who slipped the note to Daryl but the more realistic choices are someone on the inside. Amber, Dwight or Sherry (my main choice).

    Spencer gotta go. I don’t care by who and I don’t care how. He just gotta go.

    I predict next week that Rosita tries to get a shot off at Negan but somehow that causes the death of someone else.

    Can’t wait for the podcast.

  8. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    What the hell happened to “I had to watch Abe and Glenn get their heads bashed in so when it came time for me to kill Negan, I wouldn’t hesitate?” Carl had his chance and what did he do? HESITATED. I guess he just tripped over a plot device. And Carl was really excited about his acceptance into the Savior Internship Program. I also feel a way that Olivia just started boo hooing because Negan called her fat. Something tells me she’s dealt with fat jokes before. I feel like she should have just rolled her eyes at that. C’mon, writers. You had a decent opportunity right there to give Olivia a damn backbone. Also…I feel like Daryl should have yelled out “I’m not leaving without my vest!”

    All I got for now…farewell!

  9. For the podcast
    For me, overall episode was okay-i liked that they incorporated more storylines.
    1. Anyone creeped out by the Negan/Carl relationship? I realize neagan has a soft spot 4 Carl but his behavior made me cringe especially when he took Carl to the bedroom, forced him to expose his damaged eye, made him sing while swinging Lucille & taunted him throughout the encounter. I loved how he got all comfortable In ricks house until he found Judith-the way he was cuddling/holding her also gave me the creeps-eew!! How soon b4 negan moves to Alexandria/move into ricks house/or take Carl & Judith back to saviors compound?
    2. After Olivia slapped negan, she should’ve said u can’t handle this!😄
    3. Spencer is cute but a s***t as father Gabriel stated. I was surprised he was capable of finding supplies (cause he’s a nyuck) w/the realization that he’ll give all that plus his soul to the saviors.
    4. Eugene needs to develop a backbone; rosita need to make her own damn bullet!
    5. Michonne , forever a bad ass, showed the female savior who’s the boss.
    6. I’m tiring of neutered Rick-need the bad ass Rick 2 to return w/a pinch of crazy.
    7. So who freed Darryl-sherry/Dwight/perhaps Jesus?? And is it a trap?

    I can’t believe it’s already mid-season finale-looking forward to it. I hope not to be disappointed.

    That’s all I have for this week.

  10. For the Pod.

    Hi guys!

    Where is the Nigga with the damn tiger? I usually don’t care about Morgan or Carol but they with a nigga with a tiger and the writers refuse to revisit that.

    Why was Negan talking about seeing all up in Carl’s eye when I could’ve sworn he just had play doh covering his eye?

    Why is Carl acting like this man didn’t just kill 2 of his homie? Why did he have some sort of Pavlovian response that stopped him from shooting his shot? Negan should be dead. Dead!

    Why can’t the lookouts see Jesus on top of that white truck?

    What are you gonna do with 1 bullet?

    Is the cast too Big? Or are the writers just unable to introduce things build anticipation and then keep us interested?

  11. For the podcast:
    This episode is the book come to life. I really enjoyed it and Negan gets better every episode. You can really tell JDM is in heaven playing this character.

    Quick questions: if carl kills Negan, do you think the Saviors would actually kill Carl? I figure (if no gun is trained on carl at the time), the saviors would be too busy fighting over who the leader is to kill Carl.

    Y’all know the black “wife” was there of her own free will? She looked so unbothered while everyone else was cowering.

    Why didn’t that walker who fell by Spencer, wake up and bite him? He wasn’t shot in the head.

    Do you think Olivia will take Negan up on his offer he asked again? Because there are two things we know, Negan likes people who cower to him but he loves when people stand up to him. She gone get the bat 😄

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