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The Walking Dead - S7E8 - Hearts Still Beating

Previously on The Walking Dead, “Sing Me a Song”

The Walking Dead - S7E8 - “Hearts Still Beating” | Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Sonequa Martin-Green, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

Rick and Aaron retrieve supplies from the abandoned boat, and also pick up a mysterious shadow. Michonne’s hostage has a dire warning. Maggie and Sasha continue to make Gregory uncomfortable. Carol has more black men looking after her than baby Judith. Spencer tries to join #TeamNegan. And none of this needed 90 damn minutes.

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Carol’s residing in one of those living room sets from a 1970s The Price is Right showcase showdown. You know an old person used to live there because I could have sworn I saw a smaller TV sitting atop a broken floor model TV. Somewhere, Carol’s purse sits with peppermint hard candies in it. Morgan is caught dropping off some fresh produce, but Carol’s larders are full because King Ezekiel has been calling with gifts of his own. Richard pops by with even more supplies (everyone loves Carol) and asks for Morgan’s and Carol’s help in convincing Ezekiel to fight back against the Saviors. He has figured out that they most likely belong to another nearby community. Carol just wants to be left the hell alone and Morgan still ain’t ’bout that life. Richard goes to his secret man cave to cry.

Rick and Aaron traverse the walker-infest waters to reach the riverboat. They tried to make us think Aaron was going to die when he fell out the kayak, but there was no way that was going to happen less than 20 minutes in. Later, Aaron gives his support of Rick’s plan to go along with The Saviors’ demands.

Gregory really hates that everyone at Hilltop likes Maggie and Sasha on account of them saving their lives. Maggie Debos Gregory’s apple simply because she can. Enid confronts Sasha about keeping her deal with Jesus a secret. If more people were willing to fight Negan, maybe Sasha would say something to Maggie, but with the odds against them she won’t risk Maggie wanting to fight as well. This would be a good time for Enid to tell Sasha about Carl sneaking off to Negan’s compound, but that would be too much like right.

Gabriel tries to talk Rosita out of her foolish plan to kill Negan with one bullet. I’m not sure this talk worked and if she’d have given up on it were it not for Spencer’s death later, but when Spencer asks her to dinner, she’s definitely a lot lighter than she’s been all season. Guess we’ll never know.

Daryl escapes the Savior’s compound thanks to his mystery helper, but first he eats up all of Dwight’s peanut butter and flips his table because Daryl is petty and Dwight is The Worst. Oh, and Daryl also beats Fat Joey to death and retrieves Rick’s gun from the dead guy’s pants. Jesus was there, looking all shady and shit. #StillDontTrustJesus

Michonne’s captive shows her just how futile her resistance is when she points out one of Negan’s compounds and that the Saviors’ enemies are outnumbered. She advises Michonne to kill her, dispose of the vehicle, and then go home. Michonne obliges.

Spencer is a whole bitch. Up in his feelings because Rick and ’em left his house looking the Feds went through it, and being an overall shitty person, Spencer puts on his First Day of School clothes, slicks his hair with pomade and privilege, and practices his Big Boy voice before heading over to see Negan. Over a bottle of Spencer’s dignity and a game of pool, Spencer proposes that Negan put him in charge of Alexandria because Rick is a big old meanie. Negan sees right through this and guts Spencer in front of the entire neighborhood, getting intestines all over Spencer’s best pair of Dockers.

Rosita knows it’s a bad idea before she does it - you can see it in her eyes - but she fires her one shot at Negan and hits Lucille instead. For some reason, Negan investigates the shell casing and realizes the bullet was homemade. He demands to know who made it, but when Rosita takes credit he doesn’t believer her, and orders Arat (Elizabeth Ludlow) to kill someone. She shoots and kills Olivia because we all know Arat didn’t like her ass from jump.

Eugene confesses, and his knowledge of bullet making convinces Negan he’s telling the truth. Rick arrives just in time to see the aftermath. He was delayed by watching Aaron get his ass kicked at the gates after failing to remove one of the survivalists’ smartass notes from a box of supplies.

Negan rightfully points out this is all on Rick’s own people: Carl jumped bad first, Spencer was being a weasel, and Rosita tried to kill him knowing his way is to punish someone else. Negan finally takes his leave with Eugene and the supplies Rick and Aaron gathered.

Later, Michonne makes her case for fighting back against Negan, but Rick has already decided it’s the right thing to do. They all head to Hilltop where they’re reunited with Maggie, Sasha, Enid, and Daryl.

Group hugs for everyone! See you in February.

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18 Comments on The Walking Dead - S7E8 - Hearts Still Beating

  1. Short & sweet for the Podcast…

    I’m REALLY hoping all of these drawn out world-building episodes are going to be worth it come February, because this was the best ep since the premiere — & that’s not saying much…😒

    Christmas came early — Spencer is GONE, finally

    They haven’t killed nearly enough folks so far this season to justify all of those extended episodes

    I squeezed out a thug tear for the Rick-Darryl BroHug

    Best Side.eye of the ep Awards:
    Runner-up — Rosita to Sasha at Hilltop
    WINNER! Baby Judith & Carrr-ul to Negan in the kitchen

    Love yawl! Can’t wait for the podcast!

  2. For the podcast

    The good: Rick got his groove back. Daryl escaped. The band is back together and on the same page. Spencer is dead. Gregory finally remembering Maggie’s name but a right hook tends to do that to a man. The fact that Negan cooked a full meal in Rick’s house & taught Carl how to shave. Loved the side eye both Judith & Carl gave him.

    The bad: everything else.

    Who is the boots dude spying on them at the end? Friend or foe?

    Who’s fault is it that Negan & his people killed all those folks? Spencer is responsible for his own death cause he’s a fuck boi but if Carl hadn’t done what he did, would things have turned out differently? And Rosita is directly responsible for Olivia’s death. This is what happens when folks don’t communicate and plan things together.

    Where was Ezekiel?? And why are all these men basically playing tribute to Carol at this point? And how is she gonna react when the crew rolls up and they tell her what’s happened.

    I don’t like Negan completely clean shaven. A little scruff is necessary.

    So basically the first 60 minutes were boring with a little humor here and there but then it got more interesting toward the end. Seriously tho, these episodes are TOO DAMN LONG!

    That’s it. It was ok. Not the best but not the worst either. Just meh. Would have been nice to get some life affirming sexy times with Richonne but of course we can’t get what we want.

    That’s it! Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And everyone have a very Merry Christmas & Happy New Year! Basically Happy Holidays!

  3. For The Podcast:

    - I swear, it had been so long since we’d seen Carol that I was expecting Morgan to open the door and find her already raising Zeke and her’s “Woke Mocha Babies”. Speaking of which, WHERE THE FUCK WAS ZEKE?!?!? Also, if Carol wants to stay away from the stupidity that is Alexandria, or The Kingdom that has white folks butchering choir music on the reg, then more power to her.
    - This episode was trash. After six and a half seasons, folks still haven’t learnt anything. It’s just boring at this point. #TeamSaviours all the way.
    - Olivia is so bad at looking after shit that she doesn’t even look at the baby she’s holding. It was no wonder she didn’t see that bullet coming. Trash Ass Character.
    - It cracked me the fuck up when C-Tier Character Gabriel was tryna convince C-Tier Character Rosita that she was needed on the show. Trash Ass Characters.
    - Aaron gets beat up because…reasons? Why the fuck didn’t Rick step up and help him? They had just bonded with their “Brokeback Rafters” experience! It really sucks that this year is shit for no real reason to LGBT characters on-screen.
    - Meanwhile Daryl put on a SHIRT?!?!? That is the first time in his LYFE that Daryl has even thought about wearing a proper shirt!!!! Daryl did go crazy after all.
    - Pour one out for Fan Favourite Fat Joey. I hope he gets all the awards, considering he had a gun and could have shot Daryl but instead decided to give the TWD version of an Emmy-worthy performance.
    - So happy Spencer is dead. If I was there I would be applauding, but instead these folks are getting SAD after literally just hearing him talk shit about Rick. Negan is taking out the trash in Alexandria, and I am all for it.
    - Rosita is just as good at getting OTHER people killed as Daryl, which is why DoRito is once again on the rise!!! Still, I’m pretty sure I would have loved this episode if Rosita had missed Lucille and managed to shoot Carl’s other eye out.
    - Yall just know Eugene is getting a Bethisode in the second half. Fuck this show.
    - Tobin not being in this first half completely fucked my death predictions. Fuck him.

    Last note, just want to thank yall for a great year of podcasts and also to thank the PF community for welcoming me with open arms. You got some hilarious people in the group that I’m happy to have been able to laugh with. And the podcasts have been FIRE! Cheers 😛 Have a great holiday period and catch yall in the new year!!!

  4. What up Nina, Donny and John? Appreciate the reviews your network has been putting out for the year. Happy holidays to you and yours. Now I guess I can get into the review / thoughts

    I liked the last quarter of the episode. Negan’s knife seemed absurdly large, but seeing Spencer disemboweled made me cheer. Bye Spencer. Next time you wear a polo to a job interview — well guess there isn’t a next time. To hell with his character.

    As for what worked? Daryl being Free and going to work on Fat Joseph. I wasn’t expecting that, at all. Good for him, hopefully in the second half him and Maggie can get their feelings out about what happened in episode 1. Second, I might need a half hour dedicated to how Arat was recruited by Negan. She is ruthless!

    As for Gripes? I was kind of blown away by how the Kingdom’s ambassador had Carol and Morgan completely fucked up in terms of the levels of violence they were capable of. Had I written that episode, I would’ve had Carol and Morgan break the 4th wall and look into the camera with a “C’mon bruh, really” look. The fact that Richard said to Carol, “You don’t look like you’ve seen a lot of violence” had me in tears. Richard doesn’t want to know Carol’s kill count.

    I’ll keep it brief, but I think the first half of the season was extremely bloated. Some editor was in a room throwing up the shoulder shrug emoji ¯_(ツ)_/¯ asking, “What the hell am I gonna do now, Robert?” In turn Robert probably responded with, “Fuck it, make it a 90 minute episode. It won’t be 90 minutes, but AMC will fill it up with ads. We’re good.”

    Once again, thanks for the reviews — catch y’all later.

  5. Fo the Cast.

    Let’s have a moment of silence for important characters Spencer and Olivia.

    Ok. I liked the episode for the most part. However. These people are fucking themselves up with doing dumbshit like they’re new to the game.
    On one have why show your hand like that Rosita? Especially after seeing Darryl do pretty much the same thing with almost the same results.

    On the other the writers have told us Negan will kill. But when and who changes with each episode. Why tell that pissant to kill…someone? He didn’t even use Lucille.

    What I’m glad about is Rick finally having enough and deciding to stop taking shit.
    I didn’t mention Carol and Morgan because I just do not care anymore.

  6. You don’t have to use this but I did like Negan’s odd bit of honor when he killed Spencer for trying to backstab Rick.


    These 90 minute ad revenue episodes need to stop. They had Michonne in a car for 3 hours for no reason. The best part of this episode, as always was JDM doing his thang, Judith’s epic Shane side eye (she looked like she was sizing him and that razor up waiting for her opportunity), and the Richonne reunion. The end was a bit cheesy, but I get it…this is Gimple. He can’t help himself. Spencer’s death was what I was waiting for-painful…torturous…

    So finally-question: what are they going to do with Eugene? What happens when Negan discovers Daryl is gone?

  8. For the podcast:

    I enjoyed this episode and I got some good Richonne loving, so I’m excited for the second half of the season so we can finally see these communities come together to fight Negan. I’m so pissed with Rosita because She was so busy calling Eugene a punk and bringing up all the old shit that happened that she couldn’t hear him when he told her exactly what would happen when she tried to kill Negan with her one bullet. Poor Olivia gets shot in the face and fat shamed again but, oh well, at least Negan killed that piece of shit Spencer and we’re finally rid of the last member of the mediocre Monroe family.


    Hey Nina girl, Donny and John! I enjoyed this episode, but it didn’t need to be 90 minutes. It just seemed like the commercials were longer than usual.

    Spencer finally got a gut check by Negan and now we don’t have to see his punk ass anymore. I noticed Rick had zero issues killing his zombie ass. 🤗🤗🤗

    Eugene told Rosita trying to kill Negan would have consequences. She didn’t listen, so thanks for that homegirl. 🙄🙄🙄

    Rick looked like he wanted whoop Carl’s ass when Negan told him how Carl snuck out and killed Negan’s men. Carl tried to hide a bit like I did when I knew my ass was in trouble.

    That’s it! Can’t wait til everyone teams up! Negan is still awesome and Rick is back! Thank you, Jesus! 😎😎😎


    👋🏾NiNina PérezDonald & JoJohn Elrod II
    I’ve only watched 3 episodes this season and only really paid attention to 2 cuz Westworld.

    Even though JDM is sexy af, he is not enough for me to watch the season AND I just wanted to see homey with the Tiger so…

    So I have decided listened to you guys and gauge whether or not I should watch the episode based on ya’lls reactions.
    Your podcast is way better and tells me all I want to know.

    Keep up the great work and love you guys.


    So we all agree that Rosita is the villain, right? She’s ridiculous. Sniveling snotty sobbing ass Eugene told her dumb ass. And Pastor G told her ass during bible study. Even Omar from The Wire told her ass. You come at the king, you best not miss. I’m sick of her. She really thought she would be able to sacrifice herself when EVERYBODY TOLD HER ASS. Negan told her ass when he killed Glenn instead of Daryl for that punch. I didn’t care about Spencer, and I know the group better not be crestfallen about that. Olivia…meh. Should have been useless ass Tobin. BTW I so called that the bullet was goinig to hit the bat. I called that shit.

    AND WHERE IS THE NIGGA WITH A TIGER? I want to speak to the manager.

    SUP FAM 👋🏾
    I really loved this episode!! I couldn’t believe how some people who shall remain nameless( Donald Robinand Jamelle) shaded it!! It’s like the gimp finally heard 👂🏾 us and did what he should’ve been doing all season and that’s jump around!! I did however not appreciate the out right disregard for my fat brethren throughout this episode!! From fat Joe being forced to lean back and say he’s all the way up, to that lovely Olivia getting a hot one to the head by that beautiful Arat!! The disrespect is noticed and the walking 🚶🏾 dead 💀 is now on my list 📝!!

    But on a positive note Spencer is dead 💀 and Rosita can now focus on her true love Eugene, who I assume will come byke to Alexandria a man!!

    I have more but I’ll end it by saying 🗣WHERE IS THE NIGGA WIT DA 🐯❓❕❗️❔ inquiring minds wanna kno!! That’s all I got can’t wait to hear 👂🏾 the podcast ✌🏾️

  13. For the podcast:
    So this maybe an unpopular opinion but, isn’t this ALL Carl’s fault? I don’t understand why this isn’t addressed.
    None of this would’ve happened if Carl didn’t take it upon himself to stow away on a savior truck, manage to kill two saviors despite the fact that he had a clear shot at Negan, doesn’t take it and essentially becomes Negan’s hostage.

    I got what the show was going for in that everyone in ASZ wants to fight except Rick but, all of this is reminiscent of season 2 Carl and I hated season 2 Carl.

    Carol needs to shit or get off the fucking pot. I know if I decided that I didn’t want to kill anymore and didn’t want to be near people I would leave like a thief in the night and just be gone.
    I think it’s safe to say that Carol will reprise her role as the ultimate assassin but I’m troubled by how the writers are going about.

    I initially had a problem with Michonne just rolling out to go after Negan by herself but she was most likely thinking about when she went to fight the Governor and shank him in the eye, believing that she could do the same again.

    Lastly Judith.
    At the end of the episode all of her immediately family is right there at Hilltop ready to go to war.
    Judith has been left in the hands of everybody else except her family.
    This is troubling to me to say the least because if I had a toddler by way of my wife fucking my best friend or becoming a step-mother or even if I was a half-brother, I’d be very much concerned about her first and being very insistent that one of the immediate family members stay behind to make sure that she’s safe.
    I’m probably over-thinking it.

    I do like the correlation and the relationship they’ve built between Sasha and Maggie. I wonder if the writers wrote it purposely or if they felt ass-backward in to it.

    Congratulation John and I hope you all have a great holiday and a very, very Happy New Year.

    If you do a spoiler section: Do you think they should/will kill Negan eventually? Have a great holiday and a very, very Happy New Year.

  14. For the Podcast

    Poor Spencer dressed up for a job interview with no references. …Now who didnt see that coming . they gave you way more screen time/ chracterdevelopment then usual. The moment he started talking to rosita i new it was over …thats a dead give away man …That shit was hilarious . Well technically he did follow in his moms footstep…dying on the ground becoming a dumb zombie . great episode

  15. Hello Nina, Donny,and John,
    ·I’m pretty pissed that we only got one tiger-ific episode this first half.
    ·I’m happy that they’re finally letting Judith grow up a little. That little baby’s face was everything!
    ·I don’t like Negan without his scruff. He doesn’t look as scary.
    I liked that he wasn’t here for Spencers ass kissing.
    · I’m more than happy that our group is done being Negan’s bitches.
    · yay for Richonne love
    · Tara HAS to bring them to Oceanside, right??
    That’s it.
    RIP Fat Joseph, we hardly knew you.

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