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The Walking Dead - S8E3 - Monsters

Previously on The Walking Dead, “The Damned”

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Reunited with Morales, a man he only knew for three days, Rick tries to appeal to Morales’ better angel as Morales points a gun at his head. Morales left his better angel in Atlanta. He’s lost his family. He’s a Savior now. He knows if the roles were reversed, his brains would already be cooling on the wall and Rick would be continuing his weapons search. Rick insists this isn’t true. Rick is lying. If he hadn’t seen the photos, if he had just walked in the room and gotten the drop on Morales, Morales would be dropped. The only reason Rick isn’t dead is because Negan gave instructions to bring Rick, the Widow, and the King in alive. Daryl interrupts with an arrow to Morales’ head because Daryl got the damn memo that they weren’t showing up to fuck around.

Rick: “That was-”
Daryl: “I know who that was. I knew him before I knew you. Doesn’t matter. Not one little bit. Where dem guns at?”

That backup Morales called was the Saviors from the courtyard embroiled in a gunfight with Aaron’s group. They switch gears and directions and head inside to take care of Rick, pinning him and Daryl down inside a hallway. Rick and Daryl prevail with an assist from Aaron (who had previously left a bleeding Eric under a tree).

When Aaron returns to the tree, Eric is gone. He finds him shuffling off to join his new zombie brethren. RIP, Eric. We didn’t know you not one fucking bit. Aaron is stopped from following him by Scott. Grief stricken, Aaron offers to take baby Gracie — freshly orphaned thanks to Rick — to Hilltop.

Rick and Daryl prepare to leave and split up, but are fired upon by one scared, young Savior who somehow managed to survive this long. With a herd on the way, they convince him to drop his weapon and tell them where the guns are — they were moved to Gavin’s compound the day before. Daryl thanks him for this info with a bullet to the head because DARYL GOT THE FUCKING MEMO.

Jesus and crew make the slow march to Hilltop with their prisoners in tow. Tara keeps herself busy by imagining putting bullets in all of their heads and Morgan has to listen to the taunts of the Savior he should have killed four times over already. But Jesus is being all Jesus like and won’t let anyone have any fun.

In one of the most absurd scenes in The Walking Dead history, they’re surprised by walkers who come rolling down a hill on the side of the road. In the confusion, a group of prisoners — all tied together — escape and Morgan follows. He kills one, but before he can finish off the rest, Jesus stops him. The two fight. Morgan is relentless and fueled by insanity. ClearMorgan is a fucking beast! But Jesus is wearing his Matrix coat so he wins.

They arrive at Hilltop to find that Maggie has already relented and given Gregory safe passage in his former community; she doesn’t know what he did to Gabriel, though. Despite not getting the approval of any other community members, despite the fact that there are families in there that have already lost loved ones to the Saviors, and despite the fact that you can’t trust a Savior for shit, Maggie lets them in.

Ezekiel’s group sees one success after another, skillfully ambushing the Saviors in the woods. When they finally arrive at their destination (Gavin’s compound), even Ezekiel is amazed that his prophesying was accurate: they lost not one of their ranks.

That is until those transported guns are used from inside Gavin’s compound.

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Starring: Andrew Lincoln, Danai Gurira, Lauren Cohan, Chandler Riggs, Melissa McBride, Lennie James, Jeffrey Dean Morgan, Norman Reedus, Alanna Masterson, Josh McDermitt, Christian Serratos, Seth Gilliam, Ross Marquand, Khary Payton

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15 Comments on The Walking Dead - S8E3 - Monsters

  1. Broadcasting ok………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………………..Why did it take so many episodes for Eric to die? I had him on the death pool from his second episode. I’m sorry Aaron, but he was dead weight and it was just a waiting game.

  2. Rick is always lookin like he just got out of the damn shower with that one droplet hanging off his curly lock! Look, I know he’s schvitzy (with good reason), but either up everyone else’s schvitz game, or knock his down a peg.

    Ok, that said…

    Jesus! What. The. Entire. Fuck?!?! When did he get so high & mighty, and WHY are Tara & Morgan listening to him?! They’re holding big ass guns. I’m all about this ‘not-right’ Morgan of 0 fucks, but he should’ve just been like, “Step aside, dude…” pew pew

    And WHY did Maggie not tie Gregory to a post IMMEDIATELY? Hog tie that motherfucker & hang him from the fence.

    Maybe now there will be a little At less Kang-ing goin on. “And still I smi— oh shit…!”

    You guys make me snort laugh every time I listen. Thank you! Love you!!

  3. Daryl was dropping bodies cause HE PAID ATTENTION DURING PREP.


    I now only hope that Daryl, Michonne, and Tara survive. They are the only worthy. Oh and my man Kal for ratting out Gregory about the pancakes. Morgan was doing good-til they revealed that he had relapsed again. That storyline is played.. YOu said this on the last podcast but rehashing the same storylines from previous seasons is played. Jesus is the Feds, and as someone in the group mention, he is called our Lord and SAVIOUR! (MESSAGE!)

    Thanks for keeping us laughing.


  5. For the podcast: Jesus is the feds I’m done with him now he better be a traitor or something because he is wrong. I was enjoying the Kang wining all his battles this episode with Carol just smiling. I feel like since Tobin still ain’t dead I don’t feel like the kang is completely safe this season. Also MVP of the episode is Daryl and it doesn’t matter who it is they need to die way. Finally Maggie is stupid and I hope she dies this season she’s to soft to let Gregory back in because he gonna betray them again.

  6. For The Podcast:

    I don’t know what my favourite part of the episode was: Jamelle almost calling me the n word for mentioning the possibility of a Morales Bethisode, Walkers rolling down that hill like White Girls in the summer, Gregory White-Womaning his way back into the Hilltop, Rick probably sending Negan some polaroid nudes with that camera 😉 , or me thinking that Aaron already had his eyes set on adopting a baby in the Zombie Apocalypse.

    White Jesus has a lot of explaining to do. I’m gonna need him to wipe out all of those Saviours, bitchslap the fuck out of Gregory, let Morgan punch him a few times, and apologise to Tara before he’s allowed anywhere near pounding A-A-Ron’s voluptuous cakes to smithereens and something something booty like groceries. It’ll be even better if they fuck on that tree where Eric died, because that would some up how much of a fuck the show gave about him.

    Finally, why are we trying to keep these Trump voters around? This smells like Dishwasher Chicken on the Alt Right to me. 😒😒😒

  7. For The Podcast:

    This show is so frustrating because I don’t understand why people do the things they do. Maggie got infected with Glenn’s stupidity so she decides to let Gregory come back even though she said last season that his cowardice was dangerous. I think I agree with Nina and John about Jesus being an undercover Savior because that’s the only explanation for why he’s willing to risk everybody’s safety to protect them. I had Eric in the death pool so I’m happy he died, and now I need Aaron to hurry up and get over Eric so he can get with Jesus. I hope this isn’t too long I’m on my phone so I can’t tell.

  8. for the podcast: oh my god nina! Did you see how they threw themselves on top of Ezekiel when the saviors started shooting? What is he putting in those cobblers to make them buy into his act? is it cause he got shiva? cause I don’t get it. Even Rick’s own people aren’t that loyal. See if it was me, he would have been shot, several times over. But I guess I’m not a true believer. King Zeke sure is committed, he didn’t break character not once. he couldn’t even say the word run. He had to tell everyone to scatter. ughhhh.
    I enjoyed this episode except for two things: Jesus and Maggie. I hate the way jesus stopped Morgan from rightfully shooting those saviors. Again! They aren’t worth all this work. They don’t deserve this level of mercy. Jesus brought 25+ saviors to maggie’s doorstep and this dumbass went right along with his stupid plan. but I guess I shouldn’t expect much from the same person who let gregory’s lying pancake eating ass back into the hilltop. Now they have to waste resources feeding these people and devote energy to watching them and making sure they don’t escape. As if they don’t have enough to worry about. WHY? WHY? This is so stupid.
    oh and aaron better not be adopting that baby after he left his undead boyfriend to roam around the streets of alexandria. didn’t even have the decency to put him down and bury him and scott was absolutely no help.
    “that’s not him” the fuck it ain’t. Go get his body!
    Do you think Negan moved the guns to Gavin’s place b/c it was Gregory who told them what Rick and the others were planning or was it just bad luck on the group’s part? And Do you think the writers got inspiration from Bill Clinton for Gregory’s pancake line? 😂 That’s it for me. Can’t wait to hear the podcast.

  9. FOR THE PODCAST: Daryl is the real MVP of this episode, he had no fucks to give and i was so here for it. I’m just sad i can’t ship Jaron anymore because Jesus is a fucking idiot but at least i still have Daron.

  10. Hey girl! FOR THE PODCAST:

    White Jesus and Maggie gotta die. The saviors gotta die for taking away Ezekiel’s #BlackBoyJoy. Where the hell is Negan, are he and Father G having a tea party?!

    This whole episode was stupid.

  11. For the podcast:
    Morgan can’t be Kunfu Jesus. Daryl is shoot first ask questions later. And we got zombies rolling down hills. Why? It’s the walking dead that’s why. Love the podcast!

  12. For the Pod:

    I have just come to the conclusion this show has reached it’s saturation point because everything is happening again but with people in different roles. Morgan is on the other side of killing this time y’all and he crazy… again. Oh and he left the group 🙄

    My wife was literally screaming at the TV “What are they doing? What the fuck are they doing, this is stupid” the entire time Jesus and Morgan started fighting and that is saying a lot cause she had the patience to stick with Fear The Walking Dead.

    Do you guys like these flash forward scenes this season? Cause They are kind of annoying and then the Put Zeke on the scream and it feels like a Broadway production in the middle of a different TV show.

  13. For the Podcast

    I liked the episode. Sure there wasn’t much forward momentum but I was entertained.

    Daryl & Tara have absolutely no fucks to give and I am here for it!

    So where is Morgan going? Carol’s house?

    What is the plan? To get guns. But then what?

    So do you think Negan is onto Dwight or is Dwight playing Rick & then? Plus who are Gracie’s parents?

    That’s it. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  14. for the podcast:
    enjoyed this episode yet it left me feeling angry 😡
    1. Jesus/Morgan aka the matrix-wtf was that!!? They re in the middle of a war & they’re fighting each other in front of escapees?!?Kudos to Tara 4 taking the escapes out but did she only kill the annoying one-did the others escape? Morgan should’ve shot that annoying savior on the spot like….
    2. Darryl who killed w/o a thought. He was cold blooded but u kill or u die cause they don’t give two f**ks about u! I had 2 chuckle how Rick was giving Darryl “what’s wrong w/u look”
    3. Morales cameo short & sweet courtesy of Darryl-what was the point of bringing him back?
    4. Gregory ,that weasel, has 9 lives;they need to throw his cowardly ass in prison w/the other saviors.
    5. Eric dead or alive? I thought the former but that seems 2 predictable. Maybe he was saved & is @ hilltop awaiting that tearful reunion w/Aaron.
    6. Kang E (nor even going 2 try & spell his name 😁) everything was cool-nary a soul lost until the ambush! I think kang e & carol made made it-hope jerry, shiva did as well.
    That’s it for this week.

  15. “ugh Aaaron i’m dying”
    “you want me to get some help and put some pressure on the wound?”
    “no lets walk a half mile to this conveniently sunset lit tree while i babble out some nonsense to make the viewers slightley care about me “…news flash still dont care
    oh man Morales is dead ….who cares!!
    Here’s my question: Do you guys feel like the show thinks its viewers are dumb?
    Ezekiel had to say 5 times the phrase” were not loosing a single person like we would forget when… surprise !!…he looses a chunk of people at the end…. very Subtle..and layered writing . show don’t tell.

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