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ProWrap: Riverboats, Code Pink, and Mountain Life

ProWrap consists of quick reviews of the television shows we don’t cover with full reviews or podcast episodes during the week.

Outsiders - S1E12 ‘All Hell’ | Tuesday at 9pm | WGN 

In the series’ penultimate episode of the season, Sally Ann discovered mountain life isn’t as romantic as Hasil described. He’s then forced to choose between her and his family. Big Foster continued to hallucinate and then terrorize the clan members who oppose him. Wade finally remembered he’s a police officer and made a long overdue arrest. Lil Foster finally took his shot. Grade: B+

Image: WGN

Underground - S1E6 ‘Troubled Water’ | Wednesday at 10pm | WGN

The Macon runaways steal a riverboat in their quest for freedom, and Pullman suffers yet another injury in his attempts to catch them. Back at the plantation, Tom does his best to earn the Reverend Willowset’s endorsement. But the nosy Willowset has his eye on Ernestine, and accuses her of being a jezebel tempting Tom. (We pretty much hate Reverend Willowset.) John and Elizabeth find themselves under suspicion once more. Despite Cato’s constant attacks, Rosalee proves herself valuable to the runaways. Grade: A

Image: WGN

The Path - S1E4 ‘The Future’ | Wednesdays | Hulu

Under the watchful eye of two visiting Elders, Cal tries to assert his leadership over The Movement. Miranda, worn down and recovering from her unburdening session, tells Cal what really happened in Peru, but Cal allows Eddie and Sarah to believe she admitted to the affair. Hawk gets closer to the girl from school, even though he’s warned she will corrupt him… which she does, with her mouth, all over his face. Cal continues his inappropriate, creepy (yet oddly sexy) sexual encounters with Mary, even while pushing her into the arms of another man. Grade: B

Image: Hulu

Grey’s Anatomy - S12E18 & E19 ‘There’s a Fine Fine Line’/’It’s Alright Ma (I’m Only Bleeding)’ | Thursday at 8pm/9pm | ABC

In its 12th (you read that right; ‘twelfth’) season Grey’s is still pulling out all the stops and breaking our hearts. In this week’s double episode, a code pink locks down the hospital for a few minutes and in a moment of desperation, Ben cuts open a laboring mother and gives her a C-section in a hospital hallway. But was it really the last choice he had or has Ben become too scalpel-happy? As the Chief of Staff, Bailey has to set aside her role as wife and get to the bottom of this. The two-hour event showcased amazing performances by Chandra Wilson and Jason George as well as some other couples whose fates were left in turmoil by the end of the night. If you jumped off the Grey’s train you’ve missed an exciting ride. Season 12 has been a highlight of this television season. Grade: A

Images: ABC

Empire - S2E13 ‘The Tameness of a Wolf’ | Wednesday at 9pm | FOX

The Lyons keep it classy, celebrating Camilla’s death and removal from their company. Lucious wastes no time in shooting a music video for “Boom, Boom, Boom,” and just like the house in which he threw Jamal into a trashcan, the childhood home where is mother tried to kill him is still in the same condition. Of course, that’s where they shoot the video, and that’s where Cookie finally learns the truth about his mother and her mental illness. When Lucious shares his story with his children, Andre is furious. Despite knowing his mother was bipolar (and took her own life) Lucious continued to treat Andre like crap after his diagnosis. Lucious gonna Lucious. Always. Grade: C

Image: FOX

Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt - S2E1-E4 | Netflix 

Kimmy is back with her out-of-date pop culture references and unique view of the world. In the first four episodes of season two (all episodes are currently available on Netflix), the series quickly settled the matter of Titus’ marriage and Jaqueline’s desire to connect to her Native American roots. Still not sure some of the jokes involving Asians and Native Americans are as nuanced as they should be, but the series giving Titus a real romance is, so far, the highlight of the second season. Grade: C

Image: Netflix

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