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ProWrap: Week of January 15th, 2017

ProWrap consists of quick reviews of the television shows we don’t cover with full reviews or podcast episodes during the week.

Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. - S4E10 - “The Patriot” | Tuesdays at 10pm | ABC

It was a jarring shift of sorts when S.H.I.E.L.D. returned from its winter break. After focusing intensely on the supernatural, the Darkhold was put on S.H.I.E.L.D’s back burner for the growing threat against Inhumans. This works in Dr. Radcliffe’s favor, who not only has Aida (Mallory Jansen) around as support but his latest LMD in the field to seek the tome’s location. Concurrently, Fitz began working behind Simmon’s back to correct Aida 1.0’s faulty programming in spite of the risk to their professional and personal relationship (and we all know Gemma will find out). While everyone was busy with the recent terrorist attack and finding their missing agents, no one was aware that “Agent May” is a far more advanced Life Model Decoy programmed with all of Melinda’s memories, nuances and combat experience.

In the meantime, Coulson and Mack were caught in a sophisticated trap meant for Director Mace (Jason O’Mara) and the mysterious “package” he receives on occasion. By the end of the second act, we learned Mace isn’t an Inhuman at all but an enhanced individual that needs a funky concoction of steroids to “put on a show” for senators and other VIPs. Word spreads among the group and naturally, they’re all pissed. But that isn’t all! Mace continued to spill the beans about his “heroic” efforts in Vienna: he literally fell on top of a bombing victim and was photographed at the perfect moment. That was all General Talbot (Adrian Pasdar) and the top brass needed to recruit Jeffrey into Project: Patriot and worm their way into S.H.I.E.L.D. Dejected, Mace was going to resign but Coulson wasn’t going to let an opportunity like Jeff skulk away. He’ll continue to be the face of the agency for Talbot’s sake… but Phil will call the shots once more. Game. Set. Match.

Ultimately, “The Patriot” was one of the more solid episodes of the fourth season, providing plenty of action and unveiling satisfying answers for every narrative in play. Also, it reaffirmed our general dislike for Glenn Talbot. It’s possible no other character in contemporary television has said as many corny metaphors in a single episode. Grade: A

Photo: ABC

Elementary - s5e12 - “Crowded Clown, Downtown Brown” | Sundays at 10pm | CBS

In its five seasons, the popular CBS procedural has earned a reputation for weaving some oddball mysteries for Holmes and Watson to solve. Occasionally they fashion some real whoppers for the dynamic duo to tackle and this week was no exception.

Sherlock visits Westchester Country to examine a long dead clown after a citizens patrol was only chasing one in identical clothing the night before. After learning it was all controversial advertising for a horror movie, the true reason for the victim’s demise had to do with a shadowy photo on his phone. This is all Holmes needs to jump down the latest rabbit hole and discover his murder was connected to a layered conspiracy involving New York City’s water supply, a bioengineered virus and forming a media panic to kickstart a financial windfall.

At the same time, Watson assisted Det. Marcus Bell (John Michael Hill) with a problem that could totally derail the DA’s career-making murder case. Three dates in their burgeoning romance, Bell and Chantal Milner (Chasten Harmon) must not contend with her dishonest ex-husband that sets Marcus up in a bar and places more stress on Milner because he makes a scene the next day at her office. Thanks to some minor sleuthing, Joan learned the ex not only works for the opposing counsel in the murder trial but likely defrauded the state to collect an early pension. Bell wastes no time to use this intel in his favor and clears out any complications for Chantal’s case and their future.

As for the water conspiracy, a man was killed to ensure another made hundreds of millions from water filters. The threat of a poisoned water supply gave a government employee overseeing the investigation the means to recommend his own patent and be approved for federal money. Pretty sneaky, but not sneaky enough! Overall, “Crowded Clown” wrapped up nicely and gave nearly every lead considerable screen time to prove their mettle among a remarkably singular being like Sherlock. Grade: B+

Photo: CBS

Colony - S2E2 - “Somewhere Out There” | Thursdays at 10pm | USA Network

The focus remained solely on the Bowman family this week as Katie (Sarah Wayne Callies) struggled to keep Bram (Alex Neustaedter) from being sent to the factory and Will (Josh Holloway) encounters Charlie (Jacob Buster) and finds his son has changed.

With Devon’s (Carolyn Michelle Smith) help, Will navigates the seedy politics of the Santa Monica bloc to locate Charlie, this time without getting stabbed for his troubles. He only has to apprehend a woman who’s being sent to The Factory. Unfortunately, their reunion isn’t all tears and hugs. Charlie’s been living on the streets for a long time and has more faith in his boss’ ability to harm his father should he leave than his father’s ability to free him.

Meanwhile, Katie turns to Maddie (Amanda Righetti) when she fears Bram is being transferred to The Factory. The best Nolan (Adrian Pasdar) is willing to do is have Bram sent to a work camp instead. Of course, Katie goes behind Maddie’s back to push Nolan for more, and in doing so, alienates herself from Maddie. And because things can always get worse, Jennifer (Kathleen Rose Perkins) uses what she knows about Katie’s involvement with the resistance to get close to Broussard, hoping that will save her career. Grade: B

Image: USA Network

Star Wars Rebels - S3E14 - “Trials of the Darksaber” | Saturdays at 8:30pm | Disney XD

Things could be a lot better for Phoenix Squadron. Grand Admiral Thrawn’s tactics have been wholly effective in shutting down the rebel operations and supplies are running thin. In their lull, Kanan contacted Fenn Rau (Kevin McKidd) and revealed Sabine found the darksaber of House Vizsla, one of the prominent clans that controlled Mandalore during its golden era. Kanan and Fenn agree that Wren should be trained to wield the darksaber, and in turn, lead Mandalorians to oppose the Galactic Empire.

Rebels has been on a tear lately by creating a deeper connection between the prequels and original trilogy. Though the show’s purpose wasn’t meant to be a bridge between the two but showcase the adventures of the first rebel cells, Rebels has drawn upon the nostalgia viewers have for A New Hope while creating an actual, flourishing universe. Rebels, like Lucasfilm’s recent hit Rogue One, has proved that the Skywalkers were key to turning the civil war to the Alliance’s favor but there were thousands of soldiers responsible for their success.

That all being written, “Trials of the Darksaber” was like a shortened homage to Luke’s lightsaber training in A New Hope, as Sabine (Tiya Sircar) learned quickly that her old tricks won’t fly when it comes to saberplay. Mandalorians are renown for their confidence as well as their abrasiveness, which was in full display by Wren this episode. Eventually, frustration turned to realization as Sabine’s doubts faded with every strike of her blade. Seeing as Wren could become the other new hope the Alliance needs to push the rebellion to its first major victory, we’ll be delving further into Mandalorian lore and likely seeing a few old enemies from seasons and series past. Grade: A+

Image: Lucasfilm

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