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Lucifer - S2E11 - Stewardess Interruptus

Previously on Lucifer, “Quid Pro Ho”

Images: FOX

Images: FOX

Do I Make You Horny, Honey?

For the past season and a half, Chloe and Lucifer have had a relationship that vacillates between platonic and romantic. Recently, they had an almost date that Lucifer skipped out on because he was afraid to admit his feelings for Chloe. This time it’s the detective who runs out on Lucifer when an errant stewardess shows up to the house and reminds Chloe that Lucifer is a man-whore. And while Lucifer tries to convince Chloe that he’s more than just a pumper and dumper, he has a hard time when two stewardesses that he’s slept with turn up dead. Also we get confirmation that Lucifer is an equal opportunity man-whore because one of the stewardesses is male.


Since Lucifer is the only link between the two deaths, and because Chloe is reaffirming that she and Lucifer do not belong together, Chloe decides that the killer is probably one of Lucifer’s jealous exes which leads into a hilarious version of This Is Your (Sex) Life. They call every person Lucifer has slept with over the past 2 months into interrogation. Although every person raves about Lucifer’s bedroom prowess, none of them cares about him enough to actually be jealous. It’s a blow to Lucifer’s ego and makes him question whether he’s worth loving. But it does prove that he’s not the motive behind the murder and deeper digging leads them to a drug smuggling ring.


Self-Worth Comes From Within, Bitches

While Lucifer is questioning his worth, The Mother and Amenadiel are working to bring Lucifer and Chloe closer together; they know that Chloe is somehow connected to God’s plan and want to see what happens. They’re still scheming to get back to heaven, and now instead of an obstacle Chloe seems like she might be their ticket.

The other unlikely team-up is Dan and Maze. Maze desperately wants someone to acknowledge that she and Dan set up Chloe’s father’s killer, but Chloe is upset that he didn’t get the legal punishment he deserved and Dan doesn’t want anyone to know that he set a man up to get murdered. Since Maze can’t tell the secret she wants to, she does let it slip that Dan slept with The Mother/Charlotte. Since Dan is definitely still in love with Chloe, this should make it harder to get back with her.


Not that Chloe is thinking about Dan. Even though Lucifer doesn’t think he’s worthy of Chloe, she recognizes that the relationship they have isn’t like the one night stands he’s had with the rest of L.A. Although I’m not quite sold on the romantic chemistry between the characters, it was satisfying to see these two actually go there instead of dancing around it.

The Devil Is Laughing 

Honestly, there’s too many to choose. I laughed full out for the first 30 minutes of this show. The scene with Lucifer’s ex-lovers was the best. Apparently, Lucifer can work wonders with a Pan flute and a butternut squash, and he does something with Vaseline and a car battery called “Gentlemen Start Your Engines”.

This week’s episode deepened the relationships between all the characters. I’m impressed with how they’ve built up the characters so that all the interactions seem organic and true. The writers also seeded a new arc with the “drug trafficking” stewardesses. It seems like whatever they were transporting was celestial more than narcotic, so I’m sure that will loop back around to the main plot. It’s just a matter if it’s another red herring or a part of God’s plan. What will be sad to watch is when Lucifer discovers that The Mother and Amenadiel are plotting against him. Lucifer and his brother finally have a good connection and eventually it will come crashing down again if Lucifer feels betrayed.

Lucifer S2E11
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“Stewardess Interruptus”

Lucifer – S2E11 – “Stewardess Interruptus” | Starring: Tom Ellis, Lauren German, D.B. Woodside, Lesley-Ann Brandt, Kevin Alejandro,  Rachael Harris, Tricia Helfer, Aimee Garcia | Guest starring: Jamie Kennedy

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