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Van Helsing - S1E11 - Last Time

Previously on Van Helsing, “Stay Away”

Van Helsing - S1E11 - “Last Time” | Starring: Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl, Rukiya Bernard, David Cubitt, Vincent Gale, Hilary Jardine, Aleks Paunovic, Alison Wandzura

Magdelena has to explain to Julius why he’s not currently feeding on the human newborn he was promised. She puts it all on Vanessa, and says her deal with the folks at Eden is done. Julius, hungry and petty, makes plans to attack Eden in retaliation. Poor Flesh.

Rebecca’s also in a bit of trouble since she’s failed to come up with a solution to their pesky sunlight problem. She wants a group of Dmitri’s best soldiers to hunt and capture Vanessa, as she believes Vanessa vampiric qualities may be the key. He denies her request, and has his own plans for capturing Vanessa.

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Speaking of our vampire slayer and curer, her group has found their way to Susan’s family’s farm. Susan’s dismayed to find her estranged mother died a few years before The Uprising, but she’s less concerned about her missing father seeing as how he was an abusive asshole. When he shows up on the farm as a feral, and eating a horse, Susan finally gets closure by blowing his head off.

In the woods, Susan gives in to the tears and Sam arrives to comfort her. Aw, we love Sam. He’s so- Whoa! Sam, what the fuck are you doing? Sam chokes Susan to death and cuts off her finger. Welp. Guess they should have believed him when he confessed at the hospital.

Mohamed discovers Sam’s finger collection shortly before Sam confesses. They take Sam into the woods where Sam admits he’s been this way since he was a boy. He also says Susan was weak and all he’d ever done was protect Mohamed. This Mohamed into a rage and he pummels Sam’s face until Vanessa makes him stop. Vanessa shows him more mercy than she probably wanted to by slicing the back of his knee and leaving Sam in the woods for the ferals. It’s not long before Sam is bitten and turned.

Vanessa and Mohamed hear his cries in the woods after they bury Susan next to her mother. They realize what Sam is now and take off. Sam taunts them, yelling that “I can hear you!” Before he tracks them down, though, he stops to snack on Susan’s corpse.

Oh, Sam.

And then there were two.

Van Helsing S1E11 = 8.8/10
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