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Van Helsing - S1E9 - Help Out

Previously on Van Helsing, “Little Thing”

Van Helsing - S1E9 - “Help Out” | Starring: Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, Christopher Heyerdahl, Rukiya Bernard, David Cubitt, Vincent Gale, Hilary Jardine, Aleks Paunovic, Alison Wandzura

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After killing John last week, Vanessa said, “I hope to God we were right.” This suggests she understands there’s a chance - no matter how small - that John was telling the truth. At the start of “Help Out” Vanessa is also questioning whether killing him was her only option. She later admits to Susan that she missed killing. There isn’t much time to suss out what it all means because Axel and Flesh find a pile of decomposed bodies when preparing to dispose of John’s corpse.

Since our crew can’t catch a break, Doc quickly discovers the soldiers died from radiation poisoning thanks to whatever experiments were being conducted at The Farm. Oh, they’re all suffering from infection as well, and need to vacate the premises post haste. But first, we need to take care of some personal business. And seeing as how they all involved Axel, we should have seen where this episode was going.

Axel admits that Flesh has come a long way and even gets the ex-vampire to crack a genuine smile. Then Axel gets into it with Vanessa when he reveals she had a military file with a ton of redacted info. She knows there’s more to the story, but Axel isn’t saying. Finally, Doc confesses that she wasn’t being a hero the night she was bitten and breaks down in Axel’s arms. He alleviates some of her guilt by admitting she never claimed to be a hero; he put that on her.

Thanks to an observant Sam, they locate a chute to safety and begin to climb, but Doc insists on making one last pass through the facility to locate a missing Gorman (last seen going off to take care of a stray vampire on the premises). Of course, where Doc goes, Axel follows, right after promising Vanessa he had something to tell her when he returned.

Oh, famous last words.

With the radiation levels rising, Axel ends up in a fight for his life against a turned Gorman. Just when it looks as though he’s going to make it, time runs out, the radiation levels have gone too high, and Doc is forced to seal Axel to his fate with Gorman.

What the fuck, Doc? What. The. Fuck?

Top side, Vanessa quenches her thirst for killing by going HAM on approaching vamps. When Doc surfaces, Vanessa doesn’t take the news about Axel well, but is immediately less sorry when she realizes Axel lied about her records.

This episode started slow, but ended up being jammed pack with developments. Rebecca returns one of the resistance members to their group, planting a seed that she told Rebecca valuable info. Sheema appears and puts the nail in the woman’s coffin by showing her torture marks. Why did the vampires torture her and not the other woman? Sheema watches as the woman is executed, and then takes her place back inside the resistance, officially a mole. Elsewhere, Mohamed finds a young girl and possibly romance.

But seriously, who can focus on that other stuff when poor Axel is left behind and presumably dead? I really, really don’t know if I like Doc anymore.

Next week’s episode should be a good one. Tom Cavanagh (The Flash) guest stars!

Van Helsing S1E9 = 8.5/10
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