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The Flash - S3E6 - Shade

Previously on The Flash, “Monster”

The Flash - S3E6 - “Shade” | Starring: Grant Gustin, Candice Patton, Jesse L. Martin, Tom Cavanagh, Carlos Valdes, Danielle Panabaker, Keinynan Lonsdale, Tom Felton, Violett Beane

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We Need to Talk About Wally

Barry is forced to tell the Wests about what happened to Wally in Flashpoint, thanks to Doctor Alchemy paying Wally visits in his dreams. Even though they all agreed they didn’t want to know about their Flashpoint lives, Wally still feels betrayed that he wasn’t told his was a speedster. On top of that, he takes exception with Joe being so dead set against him having powers. Joe cites the danger, but Wally just sees it as Joe not trusting him the way he trusts Barry.

This is a valid criticism, and not totally unsurprising. Parents treat their kids differently because they’re different people, and Joe just happens to be overprotective as hell. Thankfully, Joe is able to explain to Wally that he doesn’t trust what’s happening because Alchemy is involved, and because Wally can be just as reckless as Joe was at his age - not because he cares about Barry more.

While the team tries to focus on stopping a meta-human named Shade, who turns into a giant shadow form and kills people, Alchemy continues his assaults on Wally’s psyche, eventually showing him what happened when The Rival mortally wounded him. Joe reluctantly allows Wally to act as bait for catching Alchemy. Since his mental attacks are becoming stronger and more frequent, this course of action is all they have.

Despite the assistance from CCPD SWAT, Alchemy gets away, Wally is seduced into picking up a stone that will restore his powers and is immediately encased in a cocoon; and Barry is gripped up by Savitar, the God of Speed. Something tells me Savitar won’t be inviting Barry to sit and talk about his feelings.

Cold Comfort

Caitlin finally reveals her powers to Cisco and asks him to vibe the future. He lies and doesn’t tell her that he saw the two of them fighting each other. Much like he did when he first got back from Earth-2, Cisco begins to act weird around Caitlin until she finally gets him to admit what he saw. Later, Cisco goes back on his word and forces Caitlin to admit her abilities to the team.

She eventually forgives Cisco, but it felt way too soon. As she pointed out, it wasn’t his secret to tell. Still, the friendship between the two is one of the more endearing parts of the series, so it’s nice that they’re not going to be at odds over this.

Go Be Joe West

Joe finally has a date with Cecile, but it’s with other members of Team Flash, including HR - who straight up dirty-macked on Joe’s date.

Face Off

HR’s contribution in the team comes in the form of re-opening S.T.A.R. Labs as a museum with him as the face of it. When the team breaks the news that Harrison Well’s face is supposed to be dead and a murderer, HR uses tech from his home world to temporarily change his face, and later gives everyone on the team a cornea alteration that allows them to see Harrison but everyone else sees the very handsome face of his Earth-19 business partner. This is a silly gag, but it works. And HR’s new goofy persona is growing on me.

Quick Hits

  • HR was downright giddy when confirming Earth-19 has psychic gorillas like Grodd.
  • HR is a sexual freak and I’m here for it.
  • I’m also here for giving Wally West more to do.

Speed Bumps

  • I’m calling shenanigans on a grown-ass black man asking others to ride shotgun on his first date.

Leave your thoughts on the episode below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast.

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3 Comments on The Flash - S3E6 - Shade

  1. For the podcast

    I liked this episode but it wasn’t as good as I was expecting. There seemed to be too much going on.

    Wallace: I’m sure there were a lot of happy people over hearing Wally called Wallace. Personally, that’s gonna be evil Wally’s name. Cause of course he touched the damn stone! So how long is he gonna cook in there? And will he be evil?

    Joe: since he inexplicably needed backup for his date, I totally believe that man hasn’t dated in 20 years. He definitely never introduced Iris to any chicks he was dating. Joecile is adorable tho!!

    Killervibe: I don’t ship them in a romantic way but I do enjoy the friendship. Cisco was wrong to put her business out there but he did it out of love and genuine fear for her.

    WestAllen: it was short and sweet and adorable. A little repetitive tho. They’ve already as this convo in season 1. Iris is more than his love interest and his lightening rod. I don’t want her to have powers tho. Somebody has to be normal! Does she get powers in the comics?

    Savitar: HOLY SHIT!!! Now that’s how you make an entrance! And basically just killed the entire CCPD SWAT Team. Dayum!

    This is already long. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And I’m looking forward to next week if for no other reason than seeing Caitlin call Barry out on his shit.

  2. For the podcast: Y’all, Barry done messed up the timeline so much that transformers exist now!! I forgave the weak meta of the week cos the Alchemy reveal was great. Is the god of speed evil cos there was a strong ‘religious/cultish’ vibe going on there? Wally needed to catch them hands because damn. Props to Iris and her mean right-hook. If he wasn’t acting so ‘crackish’ for the speed, Joe wouldn’t have worried so much. But I’m here for this new development. I’m glad that petty Malfoy is back, but Barry needs to work on those comebacks. I’ll say it again, he’s a serial killer y’all!!! Yay for HR, Cisco and Cisco’s future powers. I’m still not here for Caitlin. She takes up too much screen time and I just don’t care. It was an overall good episode and it feels like we are finally heading somewhere. Though I’m a little worried after seeing the promo for next week. Yay for the Flash and yay for y’all too.

  3. For the podcast:

    Hey Y’all! We back, and was it just me or was this episode really quite spiffing. Jolly good show! *tips top hat*

    Wallace - Dude looked like a crack-addict. Then he quite literally got shafted into a shaft of speed goop. He can’t catch a break.

    Iris - She was amazing. That punch tho! Don’t test Miss West!!!!

    HR - He wasn’t kidding when he said he likes coffee, was he? Joe looked like he was about to beat the fuck out of his interdimensional ass. He’s pretty great tho. Cisco is so mean to him, throwing shade on anything he does, and he just lives with it. What a guy.

    Caitlin - Surprisingly not that bad…that’s it I guess.

    Villain List - So along with Baltimore Rival, Edgy Teen, Great Value Frank and Nerdy Teen, we now add A Shadow. Barry fought a shadow this episode by turning the lights on. The slow motion was dedicated to Caitlin throwing handcuffs. We need better villains. I guess we’ve got transformers now tho.

    Can I make some crazy ass predictions?
    - Wouldn’t it be cool (pun intended) if Caitlin wasn’t the evil one this time around, and that she is actually fighting Cisco because HE’S turned to the dark side this time? Instead of rehashing the Killer Frost plot, my gut feeling is telling me that we’ll find out Caitlin is going to remain true to the team, and that the reason they are fighting is because Cisco is bad. Why Cisco would be bad is a mystery right now to me, but it could always be due to something happening with his brother (until we see the flashback, I’m gonna stay thinking Dante ain’t dead!).
    - Julian is not Alchemy. It’s too obvious. And yep, Julian’s girlfriend will be revealed to be none other than….Patty Spivot. Yep, the pettiest of scientists deserves the pettiest of girlfriends, and we’ll find out it’s Petty Spivot. *cue Nina groaning*

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