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Van Helsing - S2E7 - Everything Changes

Previously on Van Helsing, “Veritas Vincit”

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If you’re going to title an episode “Everything Changes,” you better deliver. Van Helsing did that and then some. By hour’s end, many of our beloved characters are in precarious positions that guarantee they’ll be different people… if they survive them.

Like the prior two episodes, “Everything Changes” was filled with developments and more backstory, this time revealing Dmitri’s own experience inside the bunker at The Farm. In the ’70s, he was captured by a Van Helsing, taken there, and tortured. In the present day, he taunts Vanessa and Scarlett with what he knows about their mother and their past. When they refuse to join him for more information, all hell breaks loose. In order to survive Dmitri’s army — with their newfound key — Vanessa bites Scarlett for a bit of a blood energy boost. Topside, Axel deploys one of Scarlett’s grenades to slow down Dmitri from following them.

Flesh is frustrated to find that someone made off with Wanda, and wonders who the hell would steal a rolling fortress with no gas in it.

(Photo by: Dan Power/Nomadic Pictures Corp./Syfy)


Doc and Julius return to Vanessa with Wanda, but there’s still the pesky matter of curing Axel to contend with. Vanessa eventually agrees and bites him, and it seems to work momentarily, but Axel flatlines in the ambulance. At this point you’re thinking they surely wouldn’t bring Axel this far to kill him for real, but the title is “Everything Changes.” And they bury him, so it feels like a done deal. That is, until Vanessa orders Julius to turn Wanda around because she can hear Axel’s heartbeat. Scarlett hears it too, so they dig him up and he’s alive! At this point the group needs to come up with an agreed upon length of time before writing each other off because my nerves can’t take it!

Fully healed and newly alive, Axel forgives Doc, who promises never to let him down again. I hope this is true. On the one hand, it’s nice having a character react in a totally realistic “this is some scary shit, and I’m scared, and I’m going to do whatever it takes to live — including making bad decisions — because scary shit is happening, people,” way… on the other hand, I want Doc to find her inner badass and not be so cowardly and untrustworthy.

With the news that an elder is awake and most likely seeking Vanessa, the group ponders their next move. They don’t get far because they’re attacked my a military unit that deploys sleeping gas and whisks Vanessa away in a helicopter.

Bits and Bites

Dmitri said that Vanessa and Scarlett were “born of the same blood. Van Helsing blood.” This doesn’t rule out that they weren’t conceived and born the traditional way. Were Van Helsing fighters being created?

Scab puts forth Dmitri’s offer to Maya, who isn’t hearing it. He kills her before she can kill him. Her followers in the Sisterhood then pledge their loyalty to Scab. How does that work now? Are they with Scab and Dmitri by extension or are they Dmitri’s? Scab with his own army is a very scary thought.

Sam took Mohamad from Lucky and Flesh. Mohamad has the worst luck.

Van Helsing S2E7
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"Everything Changes"

Van Helsing - S2E7 | Starring: Kelly Overton, Jonathan Scarfe, Trezzo Mahoro, Vincent Gale, Rukiya Bernard, Aleks Paunovic, Paul Johansson

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