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Game of Thrones – S6E10 – The Winds of Winter

Previously on Game of Thrones, “Battle of the Bastards”

This was a beautifully directed episode. The opening alone was unlike anything we’ve seen before on Game of Thrones: It was wonderfully paced with haunting piano chords that lulled us into moments that weren’t just episodes in the making, but seasons. If last week’s penultimate episode was satisfying with Daenerys squashing the Great Masters of Slavers Bay and Ramsay Bolton finally getting his comeuppance, this finale almost left you feeling like it was more than you deserved. It’s still Game of Thrones so I doubt things will be all Dornish wine and lemon cakes from here on out, but I am savoring these victories and looking forward to season seven.

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Queen Petty, First of Her Name

As Cersei is accessorized by her handmaiden, the sept fills with spectators for her and Loras’ trials. Tommen prepares to leave his quarters, but is stopped by The Mountain with a forceful hand on his shoulder. Whatever Cersei has planned, she at least has the decency to spare her only living child.

Loras confesses his sins, renounces his title and family name, and agrees to serve The Seven for the remainder of his days. A brutal new forehead carving seals the deal.

Cersei is late, so the High Sparrow sends Lancel to fetch her, and he seeks reinforcements, because The Mountain. But he’s distracted by one of Varys’ Qyburn’s little birds, who leads him to and through the catacombs under the sept. A stab to the back puts Lancel out of play, but still he crawls past barrels of wildfire towards a glowing light ahead.

Meanwhile, Maester Pycelle (fresh from refusing to pay a prostitute for her services) is lured into a trap by another little bird where he finds Qyburn awaits. Qyburn delivers a false apology for what’s about to happen and then Pycelle is murdered by other little birds.

Just what did Qyburn put in those candied plums? At least the old pervert went down swinging.

In the sept, Margaery is aware something isn’t right. She warns the High Sparrow that they should probably all skidaddle, but his holy arrogance refuses to see reason. He has his sparrows bar everyone from leaving. At this point, the music has swelled with frantic violins.

By the time Lancel makes it to the dying candles sitting in a puddles of wildfire, it’s too late. The explosion takes him first.

The sept shakes. The High Sparrow and Margaery only have a few seconds to realize their fates before it takes them, and everyone else in the sept, as well.

Cersei watches from her balcony, sipping the blood of her enemies wine. She smiles.

Tommen stares at the ruins in shock. When he’s alone, he removes his crown and jumps out of the window.

In case you weren’t keeping a body count this season:

  • Doran Martell
  • Areo Hotah
  • Trystane Martell
  • Roose Bolton
  • Fat Walda Frey-Bolton
  • Baby Bolton
  • Ramsay Bolton
  • Balon Greyjoy
  • Grand Maester Pycelle
  • The High Sparrow
  • Kevan Lannister
  • Mace Tyrell
  • Loras Tyrell
  • Margaery Tyrell-Lannister
  • Lancel Lannister
  • Some poor guy who got obliterated by the sept bell
  • Anyone unlucky enough to live in the blast radius
  • That one guy talking shit where The Mountain could hear
  • That one Sparrow who should have checked himself, but lost his head
  • Alliser Throne
  • Olly
  • Random Night’s Watch traitors
  • Mansplaining Dothrakis
  • That one Dothraki Daario pulverized
  • The Great Masters
  • Slaves manning the Great Masters’ ships
  • Sons of the Harpy
  • Meereenese people just tryna get by
  • Wun Wun
  • Smalljon Umber
  • Many soldiers in the Battle of the Bastards
  • Tommen Baratheon
  • Rickon Stark
  • Osha
  • Shaggydog
  • Summer
  • Hodor
  • The Three-Eyed Raven
  • Leif
  • Black Walder Frey
  • Lothar Frey
  • Walder Frey
  • The Waif
  • Lady Crane

Cersei wineboards Septa Unella because someone has to live to suffer. Cersei offers her up to be The Mountain’s plaything and chants, “Shame” as she leaves him to his games.

Game of Thrones - S6E10 - Cersei and Unella

Cersei views Tommen’s body and orders Qyburn to burn his body and bury the ashes at the site of the explosion so he can be with his grandfather, brother, and sister. Cersei with no children or damns left to give is a very scary thought.

Jaime returns to Kings Landing just in time to see Cersei anointed Queen of the Seven Kingdoms. This is not going to end well… for Cersei. My money’s on Jaime having to put down another mad ruler.

Frey Pie

Walder Frey toasts his recent success in his great hall, and also boasts of his new alliance with the Lannisters as Bronn and Jaime look on. After Jaime offers up his castoffs (serving girls making eyes at him) to Bronn, Jaime sets Walder straight: Everything he has now is thanks to the Lannisters, no one fears the Freys, and how intimidating can they really be if the Lannisters need to come and literally fight their battles? Welp.

Oh, remember how Edmure was promised to live out his days with his wife and son? Nah. Walder put his ass back in his cell.

Alone, Walder digs into a meat pie and slaps his serving girl on the ass – the same serving girl who’d been making serious eyes at Jaime earlier. She’s new, but pretty so he doesn’t mind. He barks for his sons, Black Walder and Lothar. The serving girl informs him that they’re already there, in the pie he’s been eating. A peek at a finger under the crust confirms she’s not lying.

She removes her mask, declares she’s Arya Stark and that her smiling face will be the last he sees. Then she slits his throat like an adorable little psychopath.

Sam Arrives at Hogwarts

Really. That’s all that happened. Sam arrived at the Citadel and until his credentials (and Jon’s) can be verified, he’s given access to a big-ass library. Gilly and baby Sam have to wait in the lobby.

The King in the North

Jon is in the Winterfell Great Hall with Melisandre when Davos comes for his pound of flesh. He makes Melisandre admit that she burned Shireen at the stake, but she reminds them that Stannis endorsed it as did his wife. Davos has no time for that and asks for her to be executed. Jon shows mercy and sends her south with the promise that she’ll be hanged if she returns to the north. Davos cosigns that he’ll do the deed himself.

This feels so useless. Stannis’ practice of burning people at the stake and using other blood magic was widely known. If you believe in her god and accept her readings of the flames when it suits your purpose (resurrect Jon), it seems rather hypocritical to take a Well, I Never! attitude now.

Still, Melisandre goes. That’s fine. She has a date with Arya anyway.

Jon tells Sansa the main suite that was once her parents is now hers. She apologizes for keeping secrets, and he warns that they need to trust each other. She reveals the arrival of a white raven from the Citadel. Winter is here. Finalfuckingly.

Littlefinger approaches Sansa at the Weirwood tree. She point blank asks what he wants and he finally admits he wants The Iron Throne… and her. Sansa is all, “Good luck with that.” Before she walks away, he plants another seed of doubt in her mind about Jon leading her house when he’s only a bastard.

In the Great Hall, the Northern houses meet to eat some crow, and I don’t mean brothers in black. Some don’t want to fight with wildlings, and some want to run home and wait out winter. Lady Mormont makes it rain a ton of bitchass receipts and properly shames them to get in formation.

Jon is declared King in the North. Sansa looks pleased, until she locks eyes with Littlefinger.

Oh, Joy!

Uncle Benjen prepares to leave Bran and Meera at the wall, because he can’t go any further. He’s dead and the magic of the wall keeps him out. He’ll be fighting the good fight beyond the wall and leaving them without a horse, which is pretty fucked up. At least he left them at a Weirwood tree so Bran could touch it and finish his Tower of Joy vision. So, for that, we thank you, Uncle Benjen!

Just as we’ve all suspected since reading book one, Ned Stark found his sister Lyanna dying after she’d just given birth to a baby boy. Rhaegar Targaryen’s son. She makes her brother promise to keep her son a secret so Robert Baratheon won’t kill him. Ned cradles the baby he’d name Jon Snow and promises.

Queen of Shade

In Dorne, Lady Olenna meets with Ellaria and the Sand Snakes, who offer up an alliance. Well, Ellaria does. Whenever the Sand Snakes try to speak, Olenna is all:


However, Olenna has no desire to survive now that her entire family is gone. She is down for some sweet, sweet vengeance, though. Good thing Varys is there with news of where she can find some and it rhymes with Baenerys Pargaryen.

Let’s Ride! 

Ashes to ashes; dust to sidedicks.

Daenerys is ready to leave the city of Meereen to handle its own affairs and vote for their own leaders. She wants Daario and the Second Sons to stay behind and oversee it. He refuses at first because Daario is whipped with a capital W and a capital hipped. Daenerys remains firm and they say their goodbyes; he sure that he’ll never find another woman like her (he right) and she just ready to get the hell up out of there. Oh, Dany. We’ve all been ready.

Later, she confesses to Tyrion that she let go of a man who truly loves her, yet she felt nothing. She does have a bit of fear for what’s coming next, which Tyrion says is a good thing. He expresses his faith in her and she returns the same by making him Hand of the Queen. Then someone started cutting onions in my bedroom. Rude!

Daenerys and her army finally set sail for Westeros. If you weren’t keeping count: She has ships from the Great Masters, 100 ships from the Iron Fleet (plus Theon, Yara, and other Ironborn), Tyrion, Grey Worm and about 9,000 Unsullied, Missandei with the Good Hair, a horde of Dothraki (no word yet on what they did with those horses), Varys (who hit that fast travel like he’s playing Skyrim), and…


Cersei won’t know what hit her.

Game of Thrones S6E10
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25 Comments on Game of Thrones – S6E10 – The Winds of Winter


    This episode was pure perfection. And I was so caught up in the Tower of Joy sequence wondering “well hell, who is alive who can confirm who Jon is? Will it be Drogon snuggling up to him like a happy puppy that gives it away?” I forgot that this was Bran’s vision, so HE’S THE CONFIRMATION!

    Lady Lyanna Mormount reading those grown ass haters for filth was everything. EVERYTHING! I love how after they denied Jon three times she strolled up like “you ain’t shit, you momma ain’t shit, your house ain’t shit. Where were you when he needed you? I gave him 62 men. And a Shield he used to kick Ramsey’s ass out of Winterfell. Where were you?” I love that little girl.

    I am really starting to wonder based on Cersei’s reaction to Tommen’s death if the purpose of the Mountain keeping him in the Keep was not to keep him safe, but to make him pay for betraying her by watching all he had “built” go up in flames?

    Dany and Tyrion had the best heartfelt moment of the episode. Watching Tyrion finally be acknowledge, appreciated, and rewarded for his wisdom and counsel instead of belittled and written out of the annals of history got to his little heart and brought tears to my eyes. I love Dany and Tyrion’s growing respect for one another.

    The rest of the episode was great in ways I’m sure you guys will cover on the podcast. It was a great conclusion to the best season of the show. Not an episode was wasted. It’s going to be along winter before we get it back. But I will be watching this season on repeat until we do! Thanks so much you guys for your podcast dedication!

  2. For the podcast:

    Going to keep my stuff short because I know there will be a ton of feedback:

    Jon and Sansa better not Stark this shit up. They got their home and Jon going to take a position he claims he didn’t want. And Sansa looking like she will do some shit to get it.

    When Sam went into that library I was really expecting a giant owl to come flying up. Last Airbender and Legend of Korra fans know what I’m talking about.

    Also, what you think Jamie does after seeing his sister on the throne and finding out his son dead?

  3. I wanna know how the hell Dorne has this magic teleportation spell on it that lets characters just magically poof to where they need to go without even needing to change their clothes (i.e., the princesses were at Westeros in like an hour, and Vaerys was on the boat with Danny even though we LITERALLY JUST SAW HIM IN DORNE)

    But overall the absolute best finale to any season of any show ever

    HOLY SHIT!!!!! This episode was so dope. What a fuckin season. This is hands down the best show on TV and they were not fuckin around at all this year. I loved every minute of it. Here are a few highlights.
    1. Cersei Is A Bad Bitch – I fuckin hate Cersei, but I gotta give her props. She’s a bad mutha fucka. This heffa set the whole world on fire and drank wine while watching it burn. And did y’all peep her trolling the High Septa with that “Shame” shit when she closed the door? SHIT!!!
    2. Lady O – I love this old bird. She has the shade of an old black woman, and I’m here for all of it. Talk yo shit and avenge your family, Lady O!!!
    3. Arya Still Faceless??? – One of the things that bothered me most about Arya leaving the Faceless Men was the fact I didn’t think she’d be able to beast out like she did in this episode. WELP, I was wrong. I am glad to be wrong too. Wear those masks and kill all these niggas, Arya!
    4. Carcetti Finger Is A Dirt Bag – This is Self explanatory. This man is a creep. I hope Sansa kills him or gets him killed.
    5. Lil Mormont – I love this little girl. She’s the real MVP. Toughest 10 year old ever!!! John owes her lil ass some chocolate milk and cookies for the way she stepped up for him.

  5. For the Podcast.

    So many thoughts I know some will get cut but I’m so amazed.

    I mean I was Oberyn’d (mind blown) as fuck. This was epic. Cersei’s Fuck-Give-O-Matic shut completely down and she massacred a shit load of people just to avoid her own death. Destroying the Tyrell line.

    And Tommen can’t even die without looking lame. Damn kid.
    Finally, Pycelle gets his as Chullen of the Corn Swiss cheese his ass to death.

    Varys uses his hidden teleporter to hop from Mereen, to Dorne and back in time to hop on a boat with the Queen who has to cut her fuck buddy loose, but we get an amazing with Tyrion warning her of The Game.

    Lady Mormont calls back to the Catelyn scene with Tyrion and calls the punks out. Melisandre and Davos have it out and I’m here like “He has a point. Oh. But yeah she has a point too. Her parents were ok with burning that kid.” And Jon in the middle wondering who the fuck is Shireen.
    It was a great exchange between these characters.

    Did Ayra’s 5ft self kill, dismember, and bake those guys by herself?

    It’s like I just met a woman who can do that Meereenese Knot thing and I’m left drained of all life but happy as fuck.

  6. Sorry. I know it’s long but…WOW! Just WOW!

  7. Podcast: Wow. So first off I was not expecting Arya would be there but a girl knows how to take some revenge. The efforts she would have had to go to do do all that was impressive but worth it for the reaction. She was totally like NEXT!

    I feel bad for Margary. The only one in that whole building with any sense. Cersei got her revenge on. I don’t think she actively wanted tommen to die but she saw it as inevitable and probably expected it because of that prophecy. When he cut her off from him I think she stopped stopped caring about his life and started focusing on revenge and her next steps. Jamie did not look pleased.

    I think Jamie has been coming to realization of what kind of people he and his sister are. I can totally see this coming to an epic end when Danny and Tyrian make it to kings landing. Cerise is still expecting Tyrian to kill her but I wouldn’t be so sure about which brother . Jamie has proven he can do the right thing and cersie has proven she doesn’t care about anyone . I mean their last kid just died. I think he would be expecting she needs comfort and he will be surprised at how cold she is.

    Poor Jon. How many times can he say he doesn’t want this? I believe it too.he seemed totally at a loss for what to do . He knows he needs their loyalty . Sansa and her side eyes there . She seems like trouble.i hope her good sense wins out over little fingers tempting.

    Hey maybe the sand snake will be useful after all? Nah. I still don’t care about them.

    Bran. Your uncle just told you about the wall being a magical barrier. Do you not remember what happen the last time you were on one side of one now that the night king marked you? Sure. Going through the wall seems like a great idea.

    Tower of joy. BOOM. There it is. Lol

    Great episode. All the players have taken their positions.

  8. For the podcast: I’m sure Nina already told Cersei about herself so I’ll skip that. So…I’m honored that I get to watch this show it is my favorite show ever currently no one can top this. I love how all the ladies are getting in formation to fuck Cersei up. I loved Oleanna reading the Sand Snakes for absolute filth let the adults talk slayed me!
    Lyannas stay protecting Jon first his mother now Lyanna Mormount who came and snatched the edges I had left after all the stress of Kings landing…. I am now bald. She told everyone that they ain’t shit! BTW did anyone notice that Jon looked like he was just there to get his dinner and all of the sudden he is king of the north? His exact expression is that Mr.Krabs meme.
    So next season prediction what do y’all want?


    Game of Thrones finales are notoriously lackluster. It’s usually just a lot of wrap up of the current season and set up for the next, but they took a sledgehammer to that whole notion with this one. Easily the best season finale since Season 1, and maybe the best in TV history.

    Cersei going all Godfather on the Tyrells and the sparrows was pretty horrifying to watch, and she’s just completely alienated herself from the rest of the Seven Kingdoms. This will be the shortest reign in Westerosi history. The score at the beginning of this episode was unbelievable, too.

    Lyanna Mormont continues to run away with the Rookie of the Year award, and her dressing down the Forgetful North was one of the better scenes of the season. I was super surprised to see Jon crowned over Sansa, though. I really hope this doesn’t effect their relationship. I am not here for Starks fighting each other this late in the game, especially over some shit that won’t matter real soon.

    So let’s tally this up: We’ve got The Night King, The Bastard King, The Mad Queen, and The Dragon Queen all about to get in each other’s shit these last 2 seasons. I have no idea where all of this goes, but this season totally redeemed the show from the horror show that was Season 5 in my opinion.

    There’s so much more to say, but I’m trying to keep this as short as possible. It’s nice to love this show again, and I can’t wait to hear the podcast!

  10. For the podcast

    First let me just say I love you guys and thanks for putting out this outstanding podcast!

    Ok! Basically everything I ever wanted happened in this episode and I loved it! This may be my favorite season so far.

    I’m gonna try and keep this short.

    RIP Margary. You didn’t deserve to go out like that. Not that sad about Tommen tho. Bye boy!

    I knew Arya was gonna kill Walder Frey! Just didn’t expect her to feed him his sons tho! Nice revenge! So who is Arya going after next? And will she let her punk ass uncle Edmure out of prison? Will she go after Cersei or head home? Btw, I think Jamie is gonna kill Cercei cause he definitely had a WTF did you do look on his face at the end.

    Happy Dany dumped the dead weight of Mereen & Daario 2.0. So she’s finally on her way to Westeros to take back what is hers! She has Dorne with her! Plus what’s left of the Tyrells. Yara’s Iron Born. Plus the Unsullied & Dothraki. Awesome! Lady Olleana made Dorne so much better and now she’s aligned with Dany! But how the fuck did she & Varys get there so quickly?

    Lady Mormont is the leader we all need! Love that little girl! So now that Jon is King of the North & unknowingly also a Targaryean, what does that mean for Sansa? If Jon is off fighting White Walkers, that means she’s in charge of Winterfell, right? But damn Littlefinger putting doubt I her head! So what is his next move? And who will kill him? Cause he will die if the Starks find out about his roll in Ned’s capture. And I’ve been seeing folks wanting Jon & Sansa to hook up. Ewwwwww!! Wtf is that nonsense! And will Jon & Dany ever meet?

    Sorry this got too long! Cut what you need to. Can’t wait to hear the podcast! And thanks again! Now it’s time for the long ass wait till next season.

  11. Margaery Tyrell-Lannister…. shaaade

  12. PODCAST:
    I loved the shifts in power that culminated in the finale.

    Eternally Pretty Jon Snow
    A bastard became the King of the North, crowned in large part by a young girl. I love that Jon Snow is allowed to show tenderness, fear, love, bromance (with Sam), and humility. I have forgiven Jon for racing to save Rickon; had that been one of my children, I would have ridden a person as a horse to try to save them.

    Queen Deadly Mother Cersei Give No F*cks Lannister – That Girl Is Poison
    A woman (although just as evil, baleful & incompetent as kings) became the ruler in King’s Landing. (enjoy your five minutes of fame.) The Lannisters have been on a downward spiral of self-destruction and Cersei will sacrifice everyone to make sure their losses continue to pile up. She is ruthless and she corrupts everything she touches. When Ramsay Bolton & Sansa spoke of starving beasts & loyalty, Cersei & Jaime are definitely members in this sad club of unloved children. Clearly Tywin was a sh*t father and did not hug his kids, and Cersei became a sh*t mother.

    Sansa. Oh, Sansa girl, so proud of you.
    With all the brutality Sansa has endured, she could have taken a swan dive out of a window just like Tommen (cause there are no screens in Westeros). With every childhood dream crushed, Sansa is creating a new vision as a powerful survivor. Go, girl. Get you a fine man of the North to keep you company during this long winter.

    Daenerys & Tyrion – my fantasy couple
    When Tyrion told Dany many men would love her, and that he believed in her, I so wanted them to jump in bed together. I think Tyrion’s intellect and common sense combined with Dany’s compassion and desire to do the right thing would make them a very cool ruling team for Westeros.

    I’d love to see Dany & Tyrion as co-rulers, along with Grey Worm & Missandei as their Hands. I’d love to see them Knights of the Round Table this group with Bronn, Brienne, Varys, & Lyanna Mormont.

    The Music.
    I’ve already watched the episode twice. The cellos in the background brought me life – melancholy, heartfelt, beautiful – they soared, along with my heart. Whomever scored the last two episodes deserves wild applause and mo’ money.

    Very satisfying finale. Good to see some evil-doers get their comeuppance. Crazy to see women in that medieval era acting like bosses.

  13. I think I caught multiple flies during this episode! I am excited for the next season because this finale didn’t leave me hanging or unfulfilled. But how the hell did Varys get his ass from Dorne to Mireen so God Damn quick! And Arya is the shit and I can’t wait for her to blossom into the Killer I am sure I will love! I want Jamie to slice up Cersei. Oy vei I could go on! Going to rate the podcast now too!!!

  14. For the podcast
    Vengeance is mine says queen cersei & it was epic! Slice/Dice/Boom & all her enemies vanquished 4 ever though she lost her only child as was prophesized. .shes now the mad queen of the iron throne…..Jamie better beware.
    Scene w/septa & thing was cringe-creepy.

    Walter Freys last supper-I didn’t see this coming-had 2 applaud/so who remains on aryas kill list??

    Preach Lady Oleanna! thought we were done w/treacherous 3 plus 1 of Doran

    Gilly the maester-not the biggest fan but that place was breathtaking-liked the way that man gave him who/say what now look.

    Dany & Dario are no more-he stays behind 2 keep order while she sets off for new adventures & relationship with Tyrian, her trusted kings hand, her ships, her allies & Dragons-what an ending!

    Littlefinger gives me the creeps-he’s that “dirty old man” lusting after Sansa

    While JS has that perpetual lost/sad look, It took young Lady Mormont to stop all the bitching/whining-when that “king of the north” chant grew stronger, i couldn’t help but give the black power salute like Tommie smith in the ’68 olympics ?

    Bron worg/young Ned stark/lysanna-Was a possible reveal made re JS? I have not read the books but I’ve read discussions/theories-Nina, if this is considered spoilers, please delete this paragraph.

    That’s all I have-what a fantastic & too quick S6. Someone posted in another thread about a queen off in S7…..who ya got?!? ??
    Can’t wait for podcast!

  15. FOR THE PODCAST: Hey Nina, Anton, John and Donny! We made it y’all! It was lit, it was (wylde)fire, it was how you do a finale! [looks at Gimple]. I’m so excited for next season. The ladies have taken over and they’re all about to clash. I’m wondering what you guys predict for Jon and Sansa. Can they truly trust each other? Also, will the alliance with Dorne, Olenna and Dany hold. (I think it will). And now that Cersei has basically eliminated all her detractors in King’s Landing, does she head south to get revenge for Myrcella or north to try and get Jon to bend the knee? All I know is everything is a surprise and I’m so ready. [Pour one out for LS though]. Love you guys!

  16. For the Pod

    Hello all,
    Was I the only one annoyed by the use of piano during the early scenes?
    Apart from the music that ended the episode when Jaime’s hand was cut off, the soundtrack has always felt true to the time. I assumed this was down to the fact that they only use instruments that were around in the time being represented.
    I know this is all a fantasy story with dragons and zombies, but (to me) it felt like this was breaking the rules.
    I was as surprised to hear the Muskets and rifles are older than the piano.

    I have zero issues with the rest of this episode. I don’t get why Loras had to spend his last hour alive getting his head carved up. Maybe that made his demise more of a surprise.

    The music that linked Bran’s vision to Jon’s meeting was perfect and the face Tyrion pulled when Dany made him her hand almost made me cry.

    Rest in peace King Tommen. Even if he was a bastard.

  17. For the Podcast: Hi Nina, Jon, and Anton! Last night’s episode was incredible! This season was the equivalent of presenting a book report on a book you haven’t read and getting an A+ on it. There is so much to touch on but y’all and the fandom fam have it covered so I’ll mention my favourite scenes. Cersei is a bad bish, she may be rotten to the core but she wears her stupidity with style (that Matrix revolution power outfit was on point!) Davos as Ms. Ceile and Melisandre as Mister was riveting…he cursed her entire generations. The Jaime and Walder Frey scenes had me cackling, Jamie’s self-righteous stance on nobility seemed hella small when Walder spit that hotep knowledge like “the subtraction of 1 from 2 will always equals 3“ he wasn’t ready. Sam and Gilly visiting the world’s biggest book store had my book reading heart in awe. Dany standing on the boat with them dragons in the air like she was on her way to perform with Beyonce at the BET awards was formation worthy. Bonus points to Lady Mormont and Lady Tyrell, their level of shade can only be found in the book of Petty chapters “Don’t come for me unless i ask for you” and “You came to show out but i got receipts for your ass.” Loved this season and can’t wait for season 7. Thanks for the amazing recaps! byeeeeeeee

  18. For the podcast:

    Quick points:
    “The faith and the crown are the two pillars that hold up this world. One collapses, so does the other.” (Insert evil laugh)

    Listen, if you didn’t like this finale, maybe life just ain’t your thang. Take some time and reevaluate your options.

    It’s cool Lyanna Mormont spoke up for Lyanna Starks baby boy

    I loved how Davos walked in the room like an angry mama

    All those books and still no Winds of Winter

    If there was a Bad Bitch contest would Cersi be in first place?

    Don’t fret LS lovers, Brienne getting hemmed up in the first episode

    Do you think the little bird who stabbed Lancel got away in time from the explosion?

    Where Kevan at?

    Me and Claire called that Walder Frey death down to Arya pouring Bronn’s drink.

    This episode was fire and it paired very nicely with the latest Preacher episode

    Love you guys and the podcast

    Nina don’t forget to do Danys Dothraki speech!

    It’s one thing to blow up the Sept, and quite another to waste wine with such abandon. Clearly Cersei has truly gone mad.

    Cersei speech to Shame Septa had me wondering if this was the worst crossover with Any Given Wednesday…I like drinking wine, I like fucking my brother, I believe soup is the perfect food.

    Davos /Melisandre/Jon such a great scene. I thought it turned out the best it could.

    I have to hope that Sansa has learn enough about manipulation to keep LF at bay until Ghost can rip his throat out.

    Dammit now I have to worry about Lady Mormont getting killed.

    So The fleet went over to Dorne and picked up Varys and the crew.

    I mean Dany is going to show up and win the throne in like 10 minutes. What’s going to stop her? Shouldn’t littlefinger know about the Dragons?

    It appears that things are in line for Jamie to possible have to kill Cersei!

    It’s going to be a long winter.

    So excited for your podcast!!


    It was LIT!!!! S/O to the show for having the money to show us all 3 dragons two episodes in a row! Cersei’s outfit was badass! I don’t care about Tommen. Sorry, I’m watching little ass Lady Mormont tell grown men about themselves, ain’t nobody got time to worry about Tommen.

    I’m sure a bunch of other folks said the same things I want to say, so I’ll leave it at that.

    Great job, Nina boo and crew!! <3

  21. For The Podcast:

    Walder Fray & Ayra did there best DMX rendition of where my dogs at with ” Where my Kids at?” “They right here my Ni…” you get the gist”

    You remember when they said that story line didn’t matter? It did! And she got the faces!

    Margery Disappointed me, I thought she was playing the game better than that, be she was warning people and not saving her own ass.

    oh And TOmen favorit Song is Ron Browz jumping out the window? Cool.

    What a fanfuckingtastic episode – no better yet what an amazing season! This episode left me on such a high. They gave me everything I wished for and more. Yes, there are still questions that have yet to be answered but that’s OK. I still enjoyed every? damn ? second.

    Oh and for you book readers who keep complaining about D&D I’m ringing the bell for you. **shame** ?**shame** ?**shame** ?..

    Thanks for all the great work you guys do. I love the podcast.

  23. Tyrion! The third head of the dragon. His love for her is so pure…wouldn’t hurt her cause to marry a Lannister ?

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