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Game of Thrones – S7E7 – The Dragon and the Wolf

Previously on Game of Thrones, “Beyond the Wall”

If anyone tries to tell you this wasn’t the best season of Game of Thrones, cut that person off immediately. You don’t need that kind of negativity in your life. I bet they’re the same person who complains about how fast ravens arrive, able to stretch their imagination to include dragons and ice zombies, but not enough to accept that time passes between scenes and episodes. Fuck ’em.

This was the best season of Game of Thrones. It is known. Season four was second best; that is also known. So, how did the best season ever end? Glad you asked.

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A Show of Force

This season has given us some of the best reunions and first-time meetings of the series, and this episode did not disappoint on that front.

As The Unsullied and Dothraki stand guard outside the capital’s gates, Bronn and Jaime oversee the Lannister army’s preparations, and Tyrion and the rest of Daenerys’ inner circle arrive by sea. Inside, Cersei wonders why Daenerys hasn’t been spotted with them and the audience collectively thinks, “Oh, bitch. Just you wait.” She instructs Ser Gregor to kill Daenerys first, then Tyrion, and then Jon, should anything go wrong.

The interested parties head for the Dragonpit where the meeting will take place. Missandei asks why the structure was built like she didn’t witness the aftermath of Drogon eating someone’s kid and the dragons’ subsequent confinement because of it. It was a bad idea both times, and the first time it played a part in their extinction.

The best high school reunion ever continues as Podrick sees his former boss, Tyrion, and both express gratitude that the other has made it this far. Tyrion reminds Bronn of his offer to double whatever he’s being paid by Tyrion’s enemies, but Bronn insists he’s doing just fine. That man has more faith than he should that Cersei will give him a castle.

Brienne sees that she did not kill The Hound and informs him that Arya is alive and well in Winterfell, probably killing people as they speak. He’s happy to hear it, and says he has no intention of getting back on Arya’s murder list.

The Wight Who Saved Christmas

Once they’re in the Dragonpit, Bronn and Podrick go off to have a drink for no other reason than to fuel those rumors that Jerome and Lena won’t have scenes together.

The possibility of an ambush is not far from anyone’s mind. The Hound makes sure to let Tyrion know he’ll blame him if he dies in the capital after all he did to leave there. Tyrion reminds him that there’s always a Clegane helping a Lannister pull off a scheme, and enters Cersei, Qybrun, Jaime, Euron, and The Mountain. The Hound tells his brother that he will be the one to eventually end him, and just like that: CLEGANEBOWL CONFIRMED!

“I wanted to be the fashionably late one!”

Cersei pouts because Daenerys isn’t there yet, but the Dragon Queen never disappoints and soon arrives with her dragons, riding Drogon. Everyone looks appropriately impressed and Jaime looks like he hopes Drogon doesn’t recognize him.

Once everyone is seated, Tyrion prepares to explain why they’re all there, but Euron has to frat bro it up first by challenging Theon to rescue Yara or else he’ll kill her. When that fails to get a rise, he makes dwarf jokes and does everything short of making fart noises with his hand and armpit. No one is amused and he only sits his ass down when Cersei says so.

Despite Tyrion’s and Jon’s passionate speeches about the Army of the Dead, Cersei thinks they’re full of it. Enter The Hound, wearing the wight’s crate like it’s a damn backpack. When he removes the lid, nothing happens and it’s just like when toddlers refuse to do that adorable thing they do when no one else is around when mommy asks them to do it in front of company. That child will sit there like they have no idea what the fuck you’re talking about. But Thoros ain’t die for this! The Hound kicks over the crate and the wight goes straight for the most evil motherfucker in the joint: Cersei. Everyone is shook and Qyburn’s dick is hard.

The Hound cuts the wight in half, yet it continues to screech and crawl. He cuts off one of its hands, and it still moves once unattached. Jon demonstrates that only fire or dragonglass will kill it (after making sure to get that hand back from Qyburn’s creepy ass). Euron is happy to learn the wights can’t swim so he heads for Pyke where he will wait out the Great War. Good riddance.

Cersei agrees to the truce, but asks that it extend past the Great War with Jon in the North. Once Daenerys resumes her play for the throne, Cersei wants Jon and the Northern houses to sit it out and not choose a side. But Jon has already privately declared for Daenerys and does so publicly now. Cersei stomps off declaring the deal dead.

Tyrion meets with Cersei alone to get her to change her mind, while Daenerys tells Jon she appreciates his loyalty, but Viserion ain’t die for this! Curiously, when Tyrion challenges Cersei to have him killed by The Mountain, she doesn’t. This could be due to the immediate battle that would start (which she would lose), but I’d like to think some of it was owing to the fact that deep down, Cersei knows her brother is right and doesn’t deserve it.

Lena Headey and Peter Dinklage have always done an outstanding job projecting a history between their two characters that feels genuine, and it’s there every time they share the screen. This is no exception. They rehash her feelings that he’s always wanted to destroy their family, which he denies, and his murder of their father. He expresses true grief over the deaths of Tommen and Myrcella (but not Joffrey, because fuck him; that’s why), even though she doesn’t want to hear it. He figures out that she’s pregnant, and this makes all the difference because the two soon return to the Dragonpit where Cersei not only agrees to the truce, she offers to provide soldiers in the fight without asking for assurances in return.

They all shoulda known this was bullshit.

To Catch a Littlefinger, Part II (a.k.a I Was Right, Bitches)

Many were concerned that Littlefinger was, once again, whisper manipulating friction and chaos. And it certainly appears that way when Sansa receives a raven from Jon announcing that he has declared fealty to Daenerys, and Littlefinger (again) suggests that she usurp her brother. Sansa worries what Arya might do to retaliate, and Littlefinger dismisses Arya’s skills as a Faceless Man. They play a little game where Sansa imagines the worst case scenario for Arya’s motives and actions, and in the end, Sansa has to consider that: Arya wants to kill her, will kill her if she suspects Sansa will go against Jon, and all to become the Lady of Winterfell while wearing Sansa’s face.

She Listens to Jon, I Know That! 

Team Daenerys plot their next move in fighting the White Walkers, with Jon suggesting they all meet at the Kingsroad to travel into Winterfell together. Worried about her safety, Jorah thinks Dany should fly in. Jon thinks being seen arriving as allies will go a long way in getting the Northern houses to accept answering to a Targaryen. Daenerys listens to Jon because they’re in love. *giggles*

You’re a Greyjoy and You’re a Stark

Alfie Allen has been so under appreciated for what he brings to Theon Greyjoy. He has been, for me, one of the more complicated characters in the A Song of Ice and Fire saga, and any sympathy mustered for Theon is completely thanks to Allen’s portrayal.

Perhaps because Jon also felt like an outsider within his own family, he seems to understand Theon and why he betrayed the Starks. Important distinction here: he understands it, he doesn’t like or approve of it. But he does forgive the sins he’s able to, and releases the former Stark ward of having to choose between the family he was born into and the family he was placed in with no say from him. Theon is both a Greyjoy and a Stark. We’ve seen this to be the case over the course of seven seasons. Had Theon not been taken as a ward (hostage) at the end of the Greyjoy Rebellion, and had been raised by Balon, would he be capable of the good we’ve seen in him? Probably not. Any good he’s done, any steps he’s taken to right his wrongs, is all due to the influence of Ned Stark. It’s a beautiful scene that ends with Jon giving Theon his blessing to rescue Yara from Euron.

To convince the rest of the Ironborn loyal to Yara to help (they were ready to sail away for some rape and pillage), Theon takes a brutal beating by one of his own. When he wins, broken and bloody, his brethren respect him and vow to help him save his sister.

To Catch a Littlefinger, Part III (What Did I Say?)

Sansa has Arya brought before her in the Great Hall and announces the charges of murder and treason, but they’re not levied at Arya. She’s talking to Littlefinger. Oh, dip! Turns out, Benioff and Weiss weren’t about to let seven seasons of character development get pissed away with a silly sister catfight. It was all a ploy to expose Littlefinger. They got ALL THE RECEIPTS, with Bran providing backup in the form of mental security cam footage of Littlefinger’s treacherous purchases. The Lords of the Vale turn their back on him, and ignoring his pleas for mercy, Sansa sentences Littlefinger to death. Arya quickly, and smoothly, carries out the execution by slitting Littlefinger’s throat with his own dagger.

And I was right.

The Stark children watch him die with no emotions on their faces: Bran because he’s a robot, Arya because this is just another Sunday for her, and Sansa because she is finally, officially, a G.

The Moment Jaime Realizes Just How Ain’t Shit His Sister Is

Jaime is strategizing with his generals and making preparations for their march North to Winterfell. Cersei puts a stop to ALLADAT because she has no intention of honoring the agreement. Not only that, but Euron’s cowardice was all an act. He’s on his way to Essos to purchase the Golden Company and escort them and their elephants to Westeros to fight for her.

Jaime has tried really hard to keep his oaths since that time he killed his King. Plus, he’s not tryna be a golden-hand wight. He’s going to fight. The Mountain prepares to stop him, but Jaime calls Cersei’s bluff and walks out unscathed. As he rides out of the capital and heads North, snow finally falls on Kings Landing.

Gurl, Guess What I Heard? No, Me First; Guess What I Heard? 

Sam returns to Winterfell and becomes that guy in the group project who doesn’t do shit, but takes credit for the work. When Bran tells him that Jon is a bastard born in Dorne to Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark; therefore named Jon Sand, Sam says he read about Rhaegar’s annulment with Elia and secret wedding with Lyanna (that was Gilly, Sam!). Bran confirms this by having a vision of the ceremony and Lyanna telling Ned that Jon’s true name is Aegon Targaryen.

This is all going down while Jon and Daenerys have sex as they sail for the North, and Tyrion stands in the hallway like a creeping creeper who creeps.

“When the snow falls and the white winds blow, the lone wolf dies, but the pack survives.” 

It’s okay, guys. Arya and Sansa are totally BFFs now. A family that kills together, and all that. They each declare each other strong and brave, then quote their father who they both miss. *sniff*


The Army of the Dead arrive at Eastwatch as Tormund and Beric watch from atop the wall and the alarm horn sounds. Then the Night King swoops in on undead Viserion, whose blue fire brings down a huge chunk of the wall. The army marches through the opening.

All I know is: Tormund bet’ not be dead!

Send a Raven (Other Bits of Notes and Season 8 Predictions)

Bronn is offered double his pay for a chance to join the side with the dragons and says no? Come on! Hopefully he’ll follow Jaime once he learns he’s defected.


How amazing was it when Drogon went stalking through the Dragonpit, no doubt keeping an eye out for bitchass scorpions? Very fucking. The answer is very fucking amazing.

Speaking of which, Daenerys should only arrive by dragonback everywhere she goes forever and ever. Amen.

Seriously, one of the best scenes in the finale was the one between Theon and Jon. Great writing delivered by even better acting.

Am I the only one a tad let down by that sex scene? I was expecting a bit more fire than ice and Bran’s narration made it about 48% less sexy than it could have been. I would like a do-over in season eight.

Did you check when Cersei low key admitted that her people in the capital live pretty shitty lives?

Daenerys: “I can’t have children.” Jon: “Who told you that?” Daenerys: “The witch who murdered my husband.” Jon: “Jorah, hold my beer.”

Soooo, season 8… ice elephants, right?

Leave your brief and spoiler-free thoughts on the episode and season 8 below or on our Facebook post for this review, and we’ll read them on tonight’s podcast. 

Game of Thrones S7E7 Review Score
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    Plot – 9.5/10
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    Dialogue – 10/10
  • 9/10
    Performances – 9/10

"The Dragon and the Wolf"

Starring: Kit Harrington, Sophie Turner, Maisie Williams, Emilia Clarke, Aidan Gillan, Peter Dinklage, Gwendolyn Christie, Rory McCann, Richard Dormer, Hannah Murray, Pilou Asbaek, Alfie Allen, Lena Headey, Nikolaj Coster-Waldau, Nathalie Emmanuel, Iain Glen, Paul Kaye, Liam Cunningham, Isaac Hempstead Wright, John Bradley, Kristofer Hivju, Conleth Hill, Daniel Portman | Directed by: Jeremy Podeswa | Written by: David Benioff and D.B. Weiss

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28 Comments on Game of Thrones – S7E7 – The Dragon and the Wolf

  1. Can’t wait to hear the podcast!! Y’all make my daily drives so much more fun when I have you to listen to! ❤️

  2. for the podcast: holy SHIT it’s been almost 12 hours and i’m still MCFREAKIN LOSING IT NINA DID YOU SEE? DID YOU SEE THE THING WITH THE OTHER THING!!!! and THAT OTHER THING! losing it!!!!!

  3. The longer episodes are much more impactful. Each episode feels more epic.

  4. It was everything I had hoped for, Nina on point as per usual with her comments on last weeks podcast- the best GOT podcast out there- My faith in certain people was rewarded and ah it was amazing. Hope that Anton is able to be part of the pod this week! xoxo

  5. For the podcast: Ice Dragon?? Ice Dragon?? Ice Dragon?? That is all.

  6. The finale had everything, I wanted in it. The episode should have had 5-10 min for the last montage ?

  7. FOR THE PODCAST: LISTEN! We got the Tag team of Arya and Sansa, on screen spoken confirmation of the heir, MORE reunions (proud Papa Bear Hound and Proud Mama Bear Brienne), Drogon letting Jamie know he ain’t forgot a damn thing (and Jamie looking appropriately shook) -this was everything! I was nervous til the credits rolled-but sad cause I need Gendry, Berric and Tormund to have survived that wall coming down. And yes the incest sex was awkward but the looks they gave each other were so sweet I’ll allow it. Now we have to wait for a new fiscal year so they can close this out cause the blew ALL the budget. Great finale, great coverage by you guys.

    And now we have TWD. And the Flash. *sigh* We will make it to 2019 together fam!

  8. FOR THE PODCAST: *insert that gif of Lady Gaga saying it was amazing, brilliant, unique* I really loved this season and so much of what we love and wanted coming to fruition. I have one gripe about the Sansa/Arya stuff because I think the show makes it unclear when their alliance began and if it was from jump some of the lines/actions contradict that and if it was later than some of those convos were way harsh. I get that they wanted a huge double-cross shocking scene but I would have been ok knowing LF’s demise was coming and watching my girls work together. Now that this is out of the way, I can’t wait to see the Stark girls helping to defend and rule the North.

    I know y’all enjoyed it. Love the tweets and the commentary. You are the best people to watch with. Love y’all ?

    ETA: Jon’s booty was GLORIOUS!

  9. FOR THE PODCAST: If you would’ve told me that this show would’ve given me everything I asked for plus more in the season 7 finale, I would’ve said to shut your mouth and shame the devil!

    I assume Dany will get pregnant by Jon and Cersei and Jamie will die via murder-suicide next season. S/O to Sansa, Arya and Bran for finally killing that petty bish, Littlefinger. Good job on getting your balls back, Theon.


    Thanks for the podcast y’all!!! <3

  10. * Cavesex beats boatsex
    * Samwell Tarly needs to headline the Westeros Comedy Club (kudos to John Bradley-West)
    * Alfie Allen’s Theon/Reek has been amazing. Can he please save an non-raped, non-tortured Yara?
    * No more listening to Aidan Gillen whisper every consonant and every vowel in every word as creepy LF—thank you Lil Killer Arya!
    * Jon Aegon Snow-Sand Targaryen is too good for Westeros.
    * Nina, John, Anton, thank you for another superb season of podcasting Game of Thrones. I appreciate Anton’s knowledge of the subject matter, John’s jokes, and Nina’s expertise. Love y’all.


    This was an excellent return to form of Game of Thrones when it’s at its best. High-stakes political maneuvering, biting dialogue, gripping tension and layered character moments capped off a season that went mostly with sizzle over steak. I’m still not sure how I feel about the Sansa/Arya/Bran stuff all taking place off screen just so we could get the dramatic TV double cross, but it was still a satisfying end result to see Baelish dying in a puddle of blood and tears.

    Lena Headey showed up to this finale like she heard a rumor that people forgot she was the best actor on this show. Well, they’re good and well re-educated now, because holy shit. Her and Dinklage on screen together again was powerhouse stuff, and she stayed gloriously petty throughout. What do we make of her inability to kill either Tyrion or Jaime?

    I hope everyone got their fill of creepy ass boat sex to tide you over for the next year and a half, you bunch of freaks.

    And now our wait begins.

  12. When Cersei first tells her Brother/Lover ‘no one leaves me ‘ I hollered “OH SHIT!!!”
    I am so relieved the stark girls weren’t as stupid as we feared.
    I miss the show already <3

  13. For the podcast: this was one of the best episodes of game of thrones except 1 thing idc what people think I’m not here for this incest. I’m here for ice the ice dragon I’m here for the hounds future revenge. I’m here for Theon growing some balls thanks to jons pep talk. I’m happy that jamie finally realized his sisters crazy and is ready to join the right side of the fight. We even find that Jon snow can finally chuck his name to the winds but no this incest is bothering me and I feel like dany will die next season. Also ice dragon ice dragon ice motherfucking dragon

  14. I loved this episode and people who are still complaining can kick rocks. Based off the directors’ comments I’m afraid the reveal of Jon’s identity may draw a wedge between Jon and Danni. But I’m hoping that since Danni kept saying she couldn’t have kids, that this means she will get pregnant and John and her will get married and rule together (although dani may not want to share). Also the next epic scene I want to see is danni on her fire dragon fighting the night king on his ice dragon. Thanks ahead of time guys for what I know will be a fire pod cast.

  15. For the Podcast:We can have nice things!! An ice? dragon? spittin that laser flame, dat Jon/Dany smash (sorry to be excited about the cest but hey, they hawt ?), an end to that weaselly bitch Littlefinger, and Cersei being shook by that walker zombie mofo coming for her. It was glorious and I am so happy with this entire season. Sad that we gotta wait til 2019 for more GOT recaps with you guys but when it comes back WE ON!!!! Thank you guys for doing such a great job!!!
    PS: Ice?”mother?fukkin?dragon?

  16. For the podcast

    Loved it! And despite a creepy lurking Tyrion & Bran’s voiceover, #boatsex was hot! Plus Jon has a nice ass! But why was Tyrion lurking?

    I love it when a plan comes together and Littlefinger gets kilt!

    Loved Cersei being shook by that white but why did any of them believe her? Tyrion knows his sister ain’t shit! Like she wouldn’t let the kingdom freeze to death as long as she & hers survive.

    This is too long so I’m ending it with ICE FUCKING DRAGON!
    Thanks for putting on this fabulous podcast! As always, it’s been a pleasure listening to y’all.

  17. FOR THE PODCAST: Great Fucking Season and can’t wait for Season 8. Thoughts 1. I agree that Sex scene sucked. They were both so stiff like they were afraid of fucking for real or something or maybe I’m just spoiled by Lawrence and Tasha of Insecure. 2. I’m going to assume Tormund escaped (he’s too much of a fan favorite to die offscreen) and with Jamie heading North we’re getting that Triangle with Brienne right? Also, Where the fuck is Bron and why isn’t he going north with Jamie. Speaking of which I lowkey want Jamie’s golden hand to turn real mayhaps Melissandre can show up and hook it up. Anyway, fuck all other Critics and their criticism I stopped listening to those motherfuckers when they tried to make Twin Peaks a thin (THAT SHIT IS GARBAGE).

  18. For The Podcast:
    – Jon has trash ass parents and apparently all three of them will stay making bad decisions throughout their lives. Jon did not make a single good choice in this episode, but managed to show his entire ass in King’s Landing AND on that boat. #TheAssThatWasPromised
    – Is this what being a parent feels like?. Sansa did the great reveal “j’accuse” Scooby Doo style to LittleFinger, then Bran the Three-Eyed Receipts came thru with the HBO GO back-catalogue to school the drunk snake. Arya with the “Bye Felicia” execution had me cheering. All we needed was Lyanna Mormont spitting on his corpse. It’s a miracle what a gap year away from the University of “Starking It Up” can do for your education.
    – Anyone else notice that Sansa and Arya only talk about missing Ned and never Catelyn? Even the Stark kids realise how ain’t shit their momma was!!!
    – The Hound fucking came out here and promised CleganeBowl next season!!! What is Hype may never die!!!
    – So with all this show in King’s Landing are we getting a Christmas special?
    – Jaime is such a fucking lad, leaving his woman because he hears the sesh calling in the North and REALLY wants to crack open a cold one with the boys.
    – Michelle might have fallen down on stage, but she’s back with a vengeance to wreck havoc on the Destiny’s Child fans who can’t remember her as anything more than “Beyonce, Kelly and the other one”. Beyonce needs to go keep her in line, maybe go roast her a bit on Westerosi Twitter. Viserion wants some repekt on his name, but Drogon is gonna be like “New Flame? Who dat?” to him.

    Lastly, you guys have been awesome! Anton you’re amazing! I feel so blessed to have this great television in my life, and great people to talk about it with!

  19. Hello Cousin Nina, Anton, and John,
    Wow, what an episode! I don’t care what anyone else says, this episode was so lit!
    Did anyone else notice Qyburn’s outfit get tighter when he picked up the wight’s hand. I ? you Q!
    When I saw Rhaegar, I immediately thought, more like Rhaggety! Also, I don’t know if that’s the incest I was looking for. ?
    That’s all I got. Love you three. Until next year, or the one after,

    1. Ice ??mutha ?? fuckin?? dragon??!
    2. Bye Peter creep voice Baelish.
    3.Get to fuckin your auntie Jon Snow or should we say Aegon Targaryen? We really have to wait 2 years for the last season? Sigh… I’m sure it’ll be worth it. Love The podcast!

  21. For the podcast:
    Awesome! What a finale! For me I’m not sure what was more amazing J&D throwing down or the white Walker riding like a G on that ice dragon as itspewed blue fire.
    Other highlights:
    2 LF meet karma-on trial pleading 4 his life w/those fake ass tears-never trusted the man.
    3. Cersei is that B! & will always be that B! I feel it’ll be Jamie who finally deep 6s her ass! I luv 2 hate this woman.?
    4. Dragon pit meeting of the kingdoms was cool. All the reunions b/t old friends, family-I’ve forgotten many of these people.
    5. Theon (REEK! In that Ramsey Bolton voice) finally re-grew a pair.
    6. Jons true heritage finally confirmed via Sam Tarly & brann thanks Gilly!
    That’s it in a nutshell. Eagerly looking 4 ward to the podcast-there’s so much good stuff-will it cross the 4 hour mark????
    Thanks Nina/John/Anton for very entertaining podcasts this season.

  22. Hey Hey Nina, Anton and John,

    I felt ALL of the emotions. Everyone is going to say some version of what I am thinking so I’ll just keep it quick.

    I thought I was okay with the Auntie-Nephew incest until they were fuckin’ to the narrative of Jon’s true lineage. Now I’m a bit grossed out.

    They dressed the shit out of the cast. Everyone looked beautiful.

    That is all I got. Thanks for a great podcast to accompany an amazing show.?

  23. For the podcast: Everyone who’s saying “cavesex beats boatsex” knows deep down inside it’s because…. incest. Dammit!

    But it was a little hot when Bran narrated “he’s the heir to the iron throne” at the same moment Jon rolled on top of Dany and, um, snow-plowed her. I’m not gonna lie.

    I loved the reunion between Brienne and Sandor Clegane.

    And how fucking sweet was it that Sansa got to expose LF’s sins. Bran had his receipts, but the two girls, the daughters of Catelyn, took him out. Beautiful. That scene was perfection.

  24. I have a quick question: Who is the Golden Company? Mercenaries from Essos – will we see any familiar faces?

  25. For the podcast:

    Nooooooooo! More Thrones!

    ***Loved all of the reunions, especially, though The Hound and Brienne acting like proud parents when discussing Arya.

    – I can’t wait for Euron to die a bloody horrible death.

    – Loved Jon calling Cersei out on her snide joke. ::steps forward:: This is serious.

    – Of COURSE Qyburn was like OOOOO FASCINATING. Creeper.

    – Jaime was like, “You had me at One hundred thousand at least.”

    ***I loved seeing Tyrion show his strength by being his most vulnerable self. In fact, I love that about people’s in general, and Theon later with Jon.

    – Cersei did that thing in acting we call “indicating.” She was far too obvious about that belly rub. She knows the kids are Tyrion’s soft spot and she exploited it.

    ***When we were all focused on Jorah’s reaction, there was a little girlish sigh of excitement after Dany announced they’d sail together. That’s why I love Emilia Clarke.

    – Bronn: What do cockless men fight for?
    Theon: Hold my beer.
    (Answer? Redemption.)

    ***My most important scene was this one at Winterfell. I needed the Stark sisters to be smarter than all of this. And they delivered. I knew when Sansa made a decision and when we saw Bran seated next to her. The acting here is exquisite. Littlefinger playing all of his manipulation tricks one after another, and Sansa throwing them in his face… all while Arya’s patiently waiting for swift justice. Loved. It. All.

    – Jaime saw an honorable man in Jon Snow, “son” of an honorable man. He saw the risk of a man keeping his word and not resorting to lies. Then he saw Cersei go the opposite direction. He gone.

    ***Close-up on Jon at door: “He loved her.” Close-up on Dany opening door: “And she loved him.” For as ick-factor as the rest of that scene was, this was beautiful.

    – Sansa and Arya admitting honestly their strengths, the survival of the other, and again, showing vulnerability… I loved this.

    ***That ICE DRAGON ICE DRAGON screams like it is painful to shoot the blue flames. Ouch. Sorry kiddo.

    ***Everything about this show – the costumes, the sets, the lighting, the music – it’s all an elegant, elaborate tapestry of world-building and I so admire them all for their hard work and vision.

    **********Thanks y’all, for another glorious Thrones season.

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