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Haven – S4E1 – Fallout

We’re jumping right into the fourth season of Haven, ProFans! Haven is a series loosely based on Stephen King’s The Colorado Kid; it follows the story of Audrey Parker (Emily Rose), an FBI agent who finds herself investigating a murder in Haven, Maine. While there, Audrey discovers the town may be a safe-haven for people with supernatural abilities. The first three seasons of Haven are available on home media: the first season, the second season, and the third season.

Now for the season four premiere: “Fallout”.

Dunk Tanks and Tornadoes

We return to Duke six months after he dove into the magical barn to save Audrey. He appears in the tank of a Boston aquarium.  He has been arrested and detained by police at the local hospital. Duke keeps taking all this crazy business about magical barns and claiming the identity of someone who was presumed dead six months ago, because he is a sketchy character who walks around with fake IDs. The officer assigned to his case is ready to nail him to the wall. His savior comes in the form of Spunky Jennifer (Emma Lahana). She saw Duke on the news as he was screaming Audrey’s name to the heavens, she started hearing voices from the magical barn on repeat six months ago. She heard conversations and names of people in Haven.  Duke believes she has her own Trouble and convinces young Jennifer to break him out of the hospital. Duke’s plan involves him sneaking out disguised as a doctor. Put on a white coat and NO ONE knows who you are.

They track down Nathan outside of a biker bar, getting the shit kicked out of him by bikers for money. Because there are so many biker bars on the road from Boston to Haven.  He is filthy and wearing a wife beater and scraggly beard.  The gang returns to Haven. Two steps into town they are surrounded by The Guard wielding anger and guns, because “Everybody Hates Nate.”  Neither Nathan nor Duke is particularly welcomed back to Haven after the way things went down at the end of season three. Nathan explains he has returned to find Audrey, so she can kill him and be rid of The Troubles forever.  The Guard stands down.

Dwight is now Chief of Police. There have been some meteorological disturbances in Haven over the past few weeks.  Tornados and other storms are tearing apart the town. Dwight, Dave and Vincent covering up the incidents and reporting them as gas leaks.

Nathan puts his detective hat on and deduces the storms are caused by a certain type of Trouble.  Maryanne from season one has lost her husband and is grieving in such a way that she is causing all of the weather issues every time she sniffles. Nathan channels his inner Audrey and talks her off the ledge. She settles down enough for her home to thaw out and be taken into custody by Dwight.

Sooo…What About Audrey?

We see our lost heroine as a bartender in a hole-in-the-wall bar.  Her name is now Lexie Dewitt, armed with a push up bra and chunky highlights, she is the new girl and is fitting right in as a Hooters-esque bartender.  Lexie is just a girl looking for the right man in the wrong places. Sheriff Carter… I mean William (Colin Ferguson) walks in the door and saddles up at the bar.  He has a creepy interest in Lexie and makes awkward flirty conversation until an Unmasked Kickass walks in. Lexie notices the gun in his waistband and hopes he doesn’t want any trouble.  William reassures her that she can handle herself. The patron calls Lexie over to the table and pulls a gun on her, William pops up out of know where kicking ass and taking names without breaking a sweat. Lexie is hiding under a table, she is scared of guns. She should be scared of that home highlight and hair extension kit, but that is another story. William is has been dropping hints about Haven and the woman Lexie used to be. He explains that man doesn’t want him to tell her the truth, and he is here to help her discover who she is or many people will die.

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